tagBDSMThe Spanking Agency Ch. 02

The Spanking Agency Ch. 02


2: Anal Annie and Her Amazing Anus.

"THE LUBE, MR BAXTER," yelped Annie in alarm, "USE MORE LUBE!!"

The young woman grabbed the white pillow at each end, scrunched it up, and buried her grimacing face into it as she felt the man wriggling around above and behind her searching for the plastic bottle of green goo.

Good grief. This is ridiculous. That thing was never going to fit inside her bum no matter how hard they both tried to force it in. Her client's equipment certainly gave "taking a fat cock up the old poopsie" a whole new meaning. Annie winced as she felt his stubby erection flop out from her widely stretched outer ring with an audible "POP" that made her gasp and giggle in equal measure. He had managed to penetrate her only an inch at most as her rubbery sphincter held firm.

She twisted her head and looked over her shoulder as the rather rotund gentleman staggered around the motel room looking like a drunken marshmallow.

"Mr. Baxter," she sighed, "It's over THERE."

She pointed to the wash basin hanging lopsided from the far wall under a stained mirror that could probably tell a tale or two. The room was as basic as they came with very little in the way of creature comforts. No wonder it was cheap.

Turning over on the bed, she gave a surprised squeak as she eased her sore backside back down onto the mattress. God. Her poor bottom throbbed painfully in more ways than one. First, because of her well strapped and spanked cheeks and, second, because of their frustrating attempts to bugger her bumhole.

Mr. Baxter returned looking slightly frazzled as he stood next to the bed giving the bottle of lube another shake. The man was in his early fifties and had obviously "made merry with the pies and sherry" over the years. He was wheezing like an old steam train as he stood there in his black socks and nothing else. "Sorry," he muttered as he ran his hand through his thinning gray hair, "Are you alright?" he asked concerned.

He grabbed his stiff pecker and gave it a shake, "This thing has always been a pain in the arse. No pun intended. My late wife used to slap me silly whenever I tried it on with her. "God gave me one hole and one hole only for that sort of thing!" she always used to tell me. You should have seen her face on our wedding night when I dropped my underpants and showed it to her for the first time. I'm still surprised she didn't run to her mothers screaming blue bloody murder," he sighed, looking crestfallen at the memory.

Annie smiled and tried not to laugh. She felt kind of sorry for him as he was a decent bloke by all accounts. She scooted to the bottom of the bed and took his six-inch penis from him. "Listen, Stanley," she said, looking up at him as he stood before her twiddling his thumbs, "I don't mind getting shagged up my arsehole, okay?"

She waggled his member back and forth with her fingers nowhere near encompassing his comical girth, "But this thing. This thing is as fat as it is long. It's like trying to push a can of Tizer up my bum. I think I can take it but you just need to be careful and take your time. And use MORE LUBE for Christ sake!!"


Everything starts somewhere.

Autumn was on her way out with the dull gloom of a late afternoon downpour soaking the great metropolis of London as nineteen-year-old Annie Jones made her way home from the local college where she was studying for her secretarial diploma. The rain began to fall harder as she skipped between people and puddles as she pulled her coat tighter around her. Her long brown hair was soaked and stuck to her head as she reached up to wipe the water from her face. A face with wide blue eyes, firm nose, and rosebud lips. A pixie face as her mother often told her. Naughty but nice.

"Shit, shit, SHIT!" she muttered to herself as she saw her bus pulling into her stop. "Don't you dare leave without me!!" she cursed as she started to run. But there was enough time. She skidded to a halt and stood gasping behind the line of passengers waiting to get on. She gave herself a quick shake and did a little dance on the spot as the conductor helped her onto the bus.

"Hurry up, Luv!" the older woman urged, "Get yourself upstairs. More room up there. I'll be up in a tick to give you your ticket. Eeeh, what a horrible day."

Annie blew her nose as she climbed the stairs to the upper deck and made her way to the back seats where she dropped her wet bag and flopped down exhausted before trying to brush the water off her coat. The first thing she was going to do when she got home was to have a hot bath to ease her aches. She used her hand to wipe the condensation from the window next to her and watched as the rain swept streets of London faded away into the gloom as the bus pulled out from the stop.

She sat back and let her mind wander as the motion of the bus helped ease the stress of the day. She was about to close her eyes when something caught her attention on the seat in front of her.

It was a newspaper. Well, at least it looked like a newspaper. Annie sat up and frowned. Except it wasn't the sort of newspaper you'd buy in your local newsagent or store.

Annie glanced towards the front of the bus. There were only two other passengers sat on the upper deck with her and they were both in their own little worlds. She inched further forward and reached over the back of the seat and gingerly picked the newspaper up. She quickly resumed her seat and huddled down so no one could see what she was doing.

In that moment, her world changed.

The life that she lived and thought she knew would soon become something much more vital and alive. Annie gasped as she looked at the front page where a rather bosomy lady sat naked with two huge stars covering and censoring her splendid bust and imagined nipples. "More of Titanic Tessa and her Tremendous Tits INSIDE: page 3" said the headline.

Annie Jones had just discovered the latest issue of Adult Monthly News.


"So how did you find out about the Spanking Agency?" asked Molly as she sat behind her desk interviewing the young woman before her, "Can I call you Annie?"

Annie nodded. "Well, it's kind of like this, "she began as she retold the story of how she found that newspaper on her way home from College, "And I sort of smuggled it upstairs to my bedroom where I could read it in peace. Don't get me wrong, my mom and dad are great but they're your typical suburban mom and dad. There are rules. And rules about rules." she laughed. That was true enough. They gave her enough rope to swing but not enough to hang herself. In by ten meant in by ten. Her love life was ruled by the clock.

That love life had revolved around a couple of sort of serious boyfriends and the odd brief fling from College. The first, Simon, had been her first proper boyfriend and had, after the initial excitement, turned into a disappointing affair. They had both been reluctant virgins and the taking of either prize had been a nervous and tense coupling one Friday evening in her bedroom when her parents had gone to visit an elderly Aunt. The feel and sensation of an impatient condomed cock in her pussy hadn't exactly been the earth shattering event she thought it would be. Further fucking and sucking improved their technique but she had always felt that something was missing. Their three-month relationship inevitably faded away and died on the vine as they both realized it wasn't meant to be.

Her second boyfriend was a more intense experience for one particular reason. He was a long-haired rocker called Dougie who always wore a leather biker jacket and chewed a toothpick to make himself look sophisticated. He was the kind of guy who talked a good game but rarely delivered on the promise. Sex with him had been a sweaty fumbling thirty-second thrill ride without the thrill. She was amazed they had lasted two months. But there was one thing he was into that switched on the light in her head. He wanted to do her up her bottom.

"You what?" she had spluttered wide eyed as they sat naked on his single bed. They were in his rented first-floor bedsit with its faded wallpaper and black and white tv in the corner. God knows what his landlady thought below them when the brass bed began to squeak like a demented mouse as they fucked themselves this way and that.

Dougie took a long drag of his rolled ciggie before dropping it back into the ashtray which was on a table next to the bed. "Up the crapper, sweetheart," he drawled, "Ain't you done it like that before?"

Annie shook her head. No, she had not! Though she did know it was a thing. She wasn't that innocent. Did she want to try it? She glanced down at his medium sized cock. Could she take that thing up her rear end?

"Is that what you want me to do?" she asked hesitantly. Shafting her pussy was one thing but rogering her poop chute was quite the other. She could feel her tight hole twitching at the thought. She always did say she'd try anything once though.

Dougie rolled off the bed and went to the small bathroom where he opened a mirrored cupboard above the sink and took out a jar.

"What's that?" asked Annie as he came back and sat on the bed beside her.

He unscrewed the lid, dipped in his finger and pulled out a gloop of goo on the end of it. "Vaseline, Luv," he said, showing it to her, "Rub a wedge of this on your arsehole and suck my knob for a bit to get my todger nice and wet and, bingo, we're good to go. Might hurt at first but you'll love it. Promise."

Uh huh. Sure. Pull the other one. Annie frowned at him as he held the jar up for her.

"C'mon," Dougie urged, "First time for everything."

Annie stuck her tongue in her cheek and carefully scooped out a large dollop of lube and rolled onto her hands and knees. Reaching between her legs, she probed and prodded around her anus as she smeared her pooper making sure it was well greased up for its first penetration as her boyfriend presented his slim Whitman to her mouth.

Once she had lathered him up with her spit, he stepped awkwardly around her as she knelt there and got himself into position. A little adjustment of his hips, then she felt him press the head of his member against her nervous bumhole.

"Ready?" he asked.

Anne dropped her head and buried her face in a pillow. Oh shit. What the hell was she doing? This was probably going to hurt a whole lot and would sting for a month of Sundays. Maybe she should just tell him to roll on another condom and shag her up her cunt again. She was absolutely positive she was going to hate doing it this way.

Up her arse.

She mumbled a muffled, "Okay, go on then. But be fucking careful!"

To her complete surprise, she eventually discovered she absolutely positively LOVED anal sex.


"And you saw our advert," smiled Molly. The girl was pretty with a nice smile. A tall, thin figure with small breasts, narrow waist, firm compact bottom, and long legs. She was dressed in an elegant dark blue trouser suit with a plain white blouse and a silver Janus necklace

"I sure did. I can't begin to tell you what I felt when I saw it. I was like WHAT?" she grinned as she looked at her new Boss, "Is this for real?"

"What made you give us a call?" asked Molly, "It's a big step from seeing it and doing something about it. Spanking is still pretty much taboo in this day and age. Even if it is 1972."

Annie thought about her response. She wanted to say something profound that made the simple act of getting her cute boyish bottom soundly thrashed somehow more important. "I'm not exactly sure. I think I'm just curious, to be honest. It was something I've only recently thought about for some reason and found that I quite like the idea of it. I'm not into being a naughty girl or anything like that but the thought of being spanked or whatever does something to me inside. The way it makes me feel is just so amazing that I want more of it. Sorry, I'm not making much sense am I?"

Molly knew exactly what she meant. She had discovered the exact same feelings all those years ago herself when he had come into her life. The thought of him still made her catch her breath and her heart sing. "You're making perfect sense, sweetie. Some things don't need to be explained. Well, I think we're just about done here. I don't see any issues with your application. Do you have any questions?"

Annie bit her lip. "Um, a couple I think. I'm still at College part-time. Will that be a problem?"

Molly shook her head. "No, not really. We'll just arrange things to suit your schedule. Since you're still living with your parents, Dolly will make sure your clients either see you at their own home or she'll arrange a room at a motel or somewhere appropriate for your session. Remember, all our customers are thoroughly vetted first to make sure all my girls are safe. We have all their details on file and I've hired someone who checks them out in person first."

"How will you get in touch with me?" Annie asked. It could be awkward with her parents around or whatever.

Molly picked up her phone. "Dolly is as discreet as she is sweet. You have nothing to worry about on that issue. If you're not home, she'll leave a message telling you to get in touch when you can. I'm expecting a few hiccups at the beginning as we get into the swing of things on the admin side so be prepared. You may find yourself dealing with a rush of clients or you might find yourself waiting a few days as we try to find you a suitable match we think you'll be comfortable with. We'll see how it goes"

Annie sat listening quietly as she took everything in. "Um, can I ask about how we get paid?"

Molly nodded and pulled out a folder from her desk drawer. "Absolutely. I'd be surprised if you didn't. You'll get a check at the end of each month. How much you earn will depend on how many clients you see during that month. We charge a standard fee and by the hour. We have rates based upon what the customer wants you to do. A spanking is £10 an hour. Strapping, belting and slippering is £15. A caning is the most expensive for obvious reasons. We charge £20 an hour for that because of the recovery time." she explained.

"Some girls have a high pain threshold and will be able to take a harder caning. Say a nine out of ten on a pain scale. While some girls can only take a light caning, say five out of ten. That's something you need to discover for yourself if you're willing to go that far. Find your limits as you go along. It's important you tell your client how much you can take and agree a "stop" word. Once you say that word that's it. End of session. No questions asked. You're the one in charge remember. Be sensible. For example, for my limits, I'd say I'm a seven out of ten for the cane. Spanking probably an eight along with taking the belt, strap, or whatever being the same."

Annie looked surprised. "You like getting spanked and caned as well?"

Molly laughed at the look on the girl's face. "Of course. Why else do you think I created the Agency!"

"Blimey," mumbled Annie.

"Happy?" asked Molly.

Annie smiled and nodded. "Have I, um, got the job?"

Molly grinned. "Sweetheart, you had the job even before you entered the building."


In the Jones household, the telephone rang.

Annie's mother answered it. "Honey," she shouted up the stairs, "It's for you. Someone called Daphne, I think."

Annie felt her heart leap into her throat as she jumped up from her bed and pulled off her headphones before switching off her record player. Oh shit. Here we go. She was out the bedroom door and down the stairs like a shot where she grabbed the phone out of her mother's hand.

"That woman has such a squeaky voice."

Annie raised her eyebrows and pressed the red handset against her chest. "Uh, that would be uh, whatshername. She said she would call me about my uh whatdoyoucallit uh, stuff." She shooshed her mom away and sat down on the bottom stair breathing hard.

"Hi, er, hello?"

Annie suddenly realized that everything was now so very real. It was happening. She grabbed a pen and notepad from the small table and sat taking notes as Dolly explained the details of her first appointment with a customer.


"His name is Mr. Baxter. Stanley Baxter. He's fifty-two. A widower. He has asked for someone who likes to be spanked and can take a good strapping across her bare bum. Bob has already checked him out. I've arranged for you to meet him at a local cafe first and I've booked a room at a nearby motel for a couple of hours. It's a privately owned place so there shouldn't be any funny business. Are you alright with that, Annie?" asked Dolly over the phone.

Annie could hardly speak. She was an excited bag of nerves. "I think so," she replied hesitantly. Oh, wait. There was something else. The other thing, "Uh, did he sign up for a service afterward?"

There was a slight pause on the phone. "Yes, " said Dolly, "Yes he did. He asked for er someone who would take it up her bum. Her thingy. You know, her bumhole."

"Oh, anal," said Annie feeling herself turn bright red.

"Is that okay, hon?" asked the secretary, "You did tick that on your would do list."

Anal sex. With a complete stranger.

"It's fine, Dolly," she replied quietly, "Just tell me what time I have to be at that cafe."


Molly looked at the application form.

"I see you've ticked anal." she noted, looking up at the young woman sat on the other side of her desk.

Annie turned beetroot. Yes, she had. Ticked that box. The anal box. With a pen.

"Uh, yeah. I guess I did," she mumbled as Molly sat looking at her.

"Only a couple of the other girls have done that. It's a very specific and personal thing to admit to. Can I ask why you did that?"

Here we go. Annie shifted in her seat. Anal had always been a thing. "Well, it's sort of complicated and weird. I had a brief fling with a guy from College about eight months ago when I was eighteen. He got me into it when we were together one day in his digs. He was the first to do me properly up my bum. It turned out to be nothing like I had expected. It was so much more personal to me. I was just so surprised that I loved it as much as I did. I mean, we did it the ordinary way but I think I enjoyed it more up the arse," Annie put her hand over her mouth, "Sorry, I mean up the pud."

Molly laughed. "I think you can say arse around here."


Luigi and his cafe sat in the middle of a row of small shops just off the main high street in Old Camden Town. It had gone ten and the early rush of commuters and traffic had eased as the day, a Tuesday, got into its stride. Outside, it was a bright and sunny late Autumn day as Annie sat in a window seat trying to enjoy her coffee and cream bun but failing miserably.

She was on edge. Under the table, she was tapping her feet nervously and every time someone entered the cafe her heart skipped a beat. She was not afraid to admit she felt a little apprehensive and scared. But it was a strange kind of scared. Like being on a rollercoaster just waiting for the big drop to happen. Her body was buzzing with nervous anticipation.

Who was this man? This Stanley Baxter. What would he look like? Her imagination was starting to run riot. What would he think of her? Miss. Malone had said that first impressions made all the difference. She had dressed sensibly. Smart yellow blouse under her black jacket. Brown knee-length skirt to match her long hair. Tan stockings and suspenders because even she knew that men loved stuff like that.

She glanced at her reflection in the window and suddenly began to wonder what on earth she was doing as she felt the first self-doubts beginning to creep in as they always did when she had to make a serious life choice. Maybe she should leave and just forget about the whole Agency thing. Go back to living a normal life with disappointing boyfriends and unsatisfying sex. So wrapped up was she in her own little world, she didn't hear the door open behind her.

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