tagBDSMThe Spanking Couples

The Spanking Couples


Chapter 1, The First Meeting

We were both nervous. Two middle-aged, married lovers who finally had decided to try something new. He always had a fetish side. She was always a pure vanilla. His name was Bill, hers Debbie. Both were in their mid 50s, and had been happily married for over 30 years.

One day about six months ago, after a long argument about Bill spending too much time on internet porn sites, Bill acquiesced. In a fit of passion, he finally yelled, "Well, OK, then. If you hate it so much, 'Spank me!' If it will make you feel better, then spank me!" Also in a fit of passion, Marion immediately marched into the kitchen, grabbed a spatula, and returned. She immediately sat down and said "OK, big boy. Drop your pants and get over my lap!" This was the last thing that he expected, but the die was cast. And, thus began their experiment in the world of sensual spanking. By the time she was done, they were both naked and horny as hell. By the end of the evening he had a sore butt and she had a sore pussy.

That began their trip into the world of fetish lovemaking. Together they began reading the various sites dealing with spanking and other fetish lovemaking lifestyles. And, they even included Domestic Discipline into their lifestyle, with her in control and him on the receiving end. He got spanked every time he broke a household rule. And, now all discipline sessions began with both of them naked. And, Bill was also required to thank her afterwards – with his tongue. After each session, he was required to service Debbie orally as a thank you. Sex usually followed, but that decision was always hers. She was always in control.

Then, one day when they were browsing the internet, they came across a Spanking Yahoo! Group. They had always talked about possibly adding a third or forth person to their playtime activities, but never had the nerve to follow through on those thoughts. The more they read about the spanking group, the more they realized that there were many others in their fair city who had the same desires--Spanking as foreplay. Suddenly they both began to wonder if talking to others would give them some ideas. Finally, they saw it: An open invitation to the monthly meeting of the local Spanking group. It was always held in a hotel on a three day weekend. And, the next meeting was next weekend. They both decided to give it a try.

Debbie was always the top, Bill was always the bottom. Never reversed. But, they also agreed that Debbie might want to try the bottom if they met the right person. With that in mind, they walked into the room. There were tables everywhere. Actually, the room was set up like a restaurant – with a bar along one wall. But, there were a few extras, too. In the front of the room there was a spanking bench in one corner, and a St. Andrews Cross in another. In the middle was a large, straight-backed chair. Most of the tables were filled with people – some young, some older, some male, some female, some couples, and some singles. All talking and having a good time.

Suddenly, Debbie spotted the registration desk. They explained that they were new to the club, and would like to give it a try. The couple manning the desk both had red name tags. They explained that the name tags also identified your spanking preference. Blue signified a top, red a bottom, and green for a switch. They also explained that there were some unwritten rules that said anyone alone is considered available. But, if two people were together, then they should be treated likewise. So, anyone wanting to experiment with a new partner really needs to roam around the room alone. And, the Number One Rule is "No Means No!" No exceptions. Once you are told no, you must move on.

With that in mind, Debbie placed her blue nametag over her left breast while Bill placed a red one on his chest. They spotted a vacant table, and decided to set and observe. They went and got a couple of drinks from the bar, then sat down at the vacant table to watch. Suddenly, a couple of people walked up on stage and walked over to the spanking bench. He was carrying a paddle. She was only wearing a sexy, black string bikini style bra and tong panty set. And, the sting in the back of the tong was buried between her cheeks, leaving her ass totally naked.

A second look revealed that she was one of the ladies working at the registration desk. He introduced himself as the club president, and she was his girlfriend. Suddenly he yelled "How Many?" The crowd yelled back "20!" She immediately laid face down on the spanking bench and positioned her naked ass towards the crowd. The spanking bench had handcuffs attached to the legs, and he attached them to her ankles and wrists.

"Count Off!" He yelled.

Suddenly Debbie and Bill heard WHACK! as the paddle struck her white butt.

"One!" she exclaimed.


"Two" she shouted.

Her ass was getting a rosy red color now.


"Three!" she shouted.

Suddenly, another couple appeared at their table, and introduced themselves as Ron and Marion. Both appeared to be in their 50s, and Marion was sporting a blue nametag while Ron wore a red one.

As the paddling continued near in the front of the room, Marion asked if they were new to the club. Bill explained that this indeed was their first visit to the club. Marion explained that they have been coming for about a year, but she found very few couples where the lady was the top. Debbie began to blush. She was delighted to find another couple who might possibly tell them about their relationship, but she also was shy in front of strangers. The thought of baring her sole to another suddenly scared her.

Marion explained that they were a true Female dominant couple. She explained that they do use Domestic Disciple as part of their lifestyle, and that she never bottoms to anyone. Ron, on the other hand is a pure bottom. He has never spanked her or any other woman. He has, however, spanked and been spanked by other men – always upon her orders. Then, Marion shocked both Bill and Debbie by telling them that Ron also has been forced to perform orally on other men.

That admission shocked Debbie. Here face was not redder than the lady's butt up on stage. But, she looked at her husband and got shocked again. She looked at his face and his eyes were as big as saucers. He had a grin on his face. Then she looked as his lap and saw a tent in his pants. He was definitely turned on by this talk. She suddenly got afraid of where this discussion was heading.

Then, Marion realized that she had gone too far and apologized to Debbie. She admitted that sometimes she forgets that some couples are not as kinky as them. She explained that she had not meant to embarrass anyone, but just sometimes tells others more than they want to know. Again, she apologized.

Debbie suddenly felt the need to change the subject, and commented that they could never perform a spanking in public. She could never spank or be spanked with others watching. Surprisingly, Marion agreed. Marion also noted that Debbie said "...spank or be spanked...." She said that they have played with others, but never in the center of this room. She said that she has spanked her husband in front of others, but always in a privacy setting. In fact, she refuses to bring her spanking implements down to the Spanking Club common area for that reason.

Marion then switched the subject and began asking about where they lived, kids, family, jobs, etc. All the boring stuff that new friends exchange. Surprisingly, they learned that they now only are almost the same ages, but that the two couples live about 10 miles from each other. The more they talked, but more they began to like each other. The guys made several trips to the bar together, and by midnight all four were acting like long lost friends. And, all four were feeling no pain.

All evening the conversation was periodically interrupted by the activities in the front of the room. As the evening wore on, and the alcohol began to take its toll, both couples were curious where this evening would end. Then at midnight, the club president got up front and announced "It's time for the spanking contest!" As the announcer explained the contest rules, Marion noted that the contest was a club tradition. And, the winning couple received a free club membership for the next month. The rules were simple. Couples volunteered to perform a spanking. When all the competing couples finished their spanking, the club members then would vote on who was the most entertaining. No sex or blood was permitted. If a spanker drew blood or demanded sex, the couple was immediately disqualified.

Then, Marion commented that they have never competed, and that the room usually gets quite noisy during the contest. She then invited Bill and Debbie to join them in their room for another cocktail and more conversation. She then leaned over to Debbie and whispered into her ear "Ron is not allowed to wear clothes in our room, so don't be surprised when he strips in front of us". By now Debbie was feeling no pain and replied "I can't wait". Marion then asked Debbie to give them 5 minutes before joining them so that they could clean the room and Ron and Marion got up and left.

While they were alone, Debbie and Bill began discussing their new friends. Both agreed that they had a lot in common, and that Ron and Marion probably could teach them a few spanking tricks. With that in mind, Debbie then told Bill that Ron would be naked when they got to their room. Then, in a move that surprised them both, she added "And, since Ron will be naked, I think that you should join him!" Bill stepped back and starred at his sexy wife, then smiled. This was going to be an interesting evening.

When the door opened, Bill and Debbie got another surprise. They expected to find Ron greeting them in his birthday suit. But, instead they saw Marion greeting them wearing only a sexy string bikini style tong panty. The only other thing she wore was six inch stiletto heels. (aka Fuck Me Pumps). Her large naked boobs were still jiggling from her walk to the door. When she turned to lead them into her room, Bill and Debbie saw that the string from the tong bikini disappeared in her ass crack. From the back she appeared totally naked. Then as they entered the room they saw Ron standing naked in a corner with a very red, freshly paddled ass.

"Ron, why don't you get our guests something to drink" Marion said to Ron. Then, he turned and walked over to the mini bar. Marion then turned to Debbie and said "That's just a warm up. In a few minutes I will give him his real spanking."

Then, with a grin on her face, Marion said the Debbie "We have no rules here. So, feel free to get 'comfortable'." Debbie knew that Marion was asking her to remove her clothes, too.

All the booze had taken its toll, so Debbie turned to her husband and said "Bill, 'Strip'! I want you naked now!" Bill immediately stripped to his birthday suit. "Now, go help Ron get us some drinks!" she ordered her husband.

While they were waiting, Marion walked over to Debbie and whispered into her ear "Why don't you join me. I want to see your tits, baby!" That request scared Debbie. But, it turned her on at the same time. She then felt Marion reach behind her and unzip her dress, and then pushed it to the floor. Next, Marion reached up and unbuttoned her bra and pulled it from her shoulders. Debbie now stood in the center of the room wearing only a tong panty and heels – just like her hostess.

Marion then turned to the two naked guys, took their freshly mixed drinks, and said, "OK, you two naughty boys. It's time for your spanking. Lie down on the bed together."

Once the guys were lying side by side on the bed together, Marion then turned to Debbie and asked if Ron had ever been spanked with a belt. When Debbie replied that he had not, Marion pulled a belt out of her suitcase and handed it to Debbie. "Go on. Try it. There's nothing more exciting than listening to a grown man cry after a good belt whipping."

Debbie was once again nervous. Where was this going? When Marion saw the hesitation, she told Debbie "Do It! Or I will Do It to you!" That comment scared Debbie. But, she also was getting excited. She could even feel wetness between her legs. Debbie then reached out and took the belt from Marion and stepped over to the side of the bed. She swung the belt and cracked her husband on the ass with the belt. He let out the loudest cry that she ever heard from him. She swung it again, this time hitting Ron. Ditto. She was now getting turned on. She kept hitting them and hitting them until both guys were crying like babies.

Chapter 2, The Bet

Suddenly, Marion stepped forward and took the belt. She had a devilish grin on her face and announced "That's OK for a start, but let me show you how it's really done." She then stepped over to her husband's side of the bed, swung the belt, and landed a vicious crack on his ass. He screamed at the top of his lungs. Then it was Bill's turn. Within five minutes both guys were lying on the bed begging her to stop.

Marion then leaned into Debbie and whispered "OK. Now let's have a contest of our own. I bet that I can make my husband use his "Safe" word before you can make yours."

Debbie was now in the spirit of things. She thought a bit, and then said "Well, what's the stakes?"

"Well, for starters, the first guy to use his Safe word must suck the cock of the other guy, and swallow his load. I love to watch guys giving blowjobs, and I think your husband is a natural." Marion answered.

Debbie was now getting a little POed at Marion's overconfidence. And, she needed to support her husband. "Never happen!" she exclaimed.

"OK, how about a side bet?" Marion replied. "How about the wife of the losing guy eating the pussy of the wife of the winner? If your husband is as good as you think, then he'll get a blowjob and I'll eat your pussy. But, if he uses his 'Safe' word first, he gives Ron a blowjob and you eat my pussy."

Debbie felt that she was backed into a corner now, and immediately agreed. Marion knew that her plan was right on schedule, for she knew that Ron had never used his Safe word. She also knew that once Debbie was forced to perform, her submissive side would come out. What she really wanted was three, not one, bottoms to enjoy all day tomorrow.

Both of the guys overheard the conversation, and Ron began to grin ear to ear. Although Bill wanted to see his wife eat her first pussy, the thought of giving Ron a blowjob to completion – including swallowing his cum – was not something he wanted to do. But, if he objects now they would both be embarrassed, and his wife probably would disown him. After all, she was participating in his fetish, not the other way around.

"Ok boys, let's get to it. Ron, turn around and face the bottom of the bed." While Ron was turning, Marion reached into her suitcase and pulled out four sets of handcuffs. She also had two pieces of rope. She then told the boys to place their hand on the middle of their backs, and attached handcuffs to each. She then tied one end of a rope to the handcuffs, and pulled their arms forward towards their neck. She then wrapped the rope around their right shoulder down their chest, and back out from under the left shoulder. She pulled the rope tight, pulling their arms higher on their backs, and then tied it off on the handcuffs again.

"That will keep them from covering their asses when the whipping gets serious. She also handcuffs their ankles together, keeping their lets closed. She explained that this is to protect their balls from the belt.

She then pulled a fifth set of handcuffs out of the suitcase, and dangled them on one finger in front of Debbie's face. "These are for you after your wimpy husband submits." She had another evil grin on her face while staring at Debbie's tits.

"OK, boys," announced Marion. She turned to Debbie and said, you stand on that side of the bed, and I will be over here. As you can see, their asses are aligned, so that each swing of the belt will strike them both at the same time. We will alternate strokes until one of them uses their Safe word. Ignore everything else. The belt whipping will only stop after one of the uses their 'Safe word.

Marion then asked Debbie for Bill's safe word, and learned that is was "creampie". Marion told Debbie that Ron's is 'cocksucker'.

"Interesting," Debbie replied. Maybe you can eat Bill's creampie from my pussy while Ron sucks his cock."

"Be careful what you ask for," Marion said.

"OK boys, let's see which of you is the biggest pussy and wants to suck cock the most!" Marion yelled, then swung her belt forward and cracked both boys on the ass. Ron yelled, but Bill yelled louder. Debbie knew then that she would be eating pussy before the night was over.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

Debbie was amaze. Both guys were crying like babies, but neither wanted to give in. The belt whipping was turning their asses purple. Neither would be able to sit down tomorrow, but neither was giving in. She was almost on the verge of submitting herself, when Marion delivered her hardest blow of the night. Suddenly, she heard Ron scream "Cocksucker!"

"What did you say", Marion replied.

"I said 'Cocksucker'!" He replied. "I'm nothing but a pussy boy who loves to suck cock!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

Marion was shaken. She had never lost this bet. She also had never eaten another woman's pussy. She did not know what to say.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Debbie asked. "It looks like Ron is the loser, so get prepared to eat pussy. But, first, drop those panties and put your hands behind your back."

Marion, now staring at the floor in disbelief that she had lost, reached down and started to pull her panties down.

"Stop!" Debbie shouted. "I have a better idea." She then walked over to Marion, pulled her hand behind her back, and then attached the handcuffs. "Marion, crawl over to your husband and have him remove your panties with his teeth!"

Now, Marion began to smile. She was beginning to like Debbie more each second. She walked over to her husband, whose head was now hanging over the end of the bed, and placed her twat directly in front of his face.

Debbie now walked across the room, and picked up the paddle Marion had used on Ron earlier in the evening. She walked back to Marion and announced "OK, bitch. I'm going to give you one whack every five seconds that those panties are on your body. So, you had better help your husband now!" And with that, she smacked Marion on the ass with the paddle hard.

The smack on Marion's ass caused her to lurch forward, pulling the panties out of her husband's mouth and causing them to spring back into place over her wet pussy. She leaned forward again so her husband could get another grip on her panties with his teeth, then suddenly WHACK! Another blow to her ass. Again, the panties pulled out of his mouth and snapped back over her pussy. This time, the panties landed directly on her clit, causing her to scream.

"Pull the damn things off!" Marion screamed. "I don't care if you have to rip them, just get them off!"

WHACK! Another hard blow to her lily white ass. This time, when she lurched, Ron kept the panties in his teeth and one of the straps on the side broke. She still had the strap stuck between her cheeks, though, and the panties were still officially attached. When her husband pulled, the string only went deeper into her ass crack.

WHACK! Again Marion lurched with the assult on her butt. But, this time she got wise and guided here forward lurch to the other direction, causing the second of the two side straps to break. Her thong panties now hung from between her ass cracks, between her legs, between her pussy lips, and over to her husband's mouth. She wanted to reach between her ass cheeks and allow the panties to drop to the floor, but the handcuffs kept her hands too high. Finally, she spread her legs as wide as possible so that the tong string would come loose from her ass crack.

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