tagBDSMThe Spanking Couples CFNM Party

The Spanking Couples CFNM Party


Chapter One:

Two days after one of the monthly Spanking Parties, Debbie and Marion were sitting in Marion's home office discussing their sexual appetites. Both were dressed as normal when relaxing in one of their respective houses. Both had casual clothes – for them, at least. Both sported normal, everyday bras and tops, but were butt naked below the waist (unless you count their stiletto heels as below the waist clothing). And both were enjoying the ministrations of their respective subby hubbys, who were naked and on their knees lapping away at their respective spouses' cunts. Both ladies were nearing climax as the two male slaves continued to pleasure their Femdom mistresses.

"Look at this!" Marion exclaimed as she was reviewing one of her many emails. :"I don't know where this came from, but someone sent me an 'anonymous' announcement about a special party this weekend. The party is described as an 'OWK-CFNM' party, and is limited to couples only."

"What's an 'OWK-CFNM'?" Debbie asked as she was about to cum from her subby hubby's cunt lapping. "Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooh! Yes! Yes! Yesssssssss!" Marion cried as her climax took her to that special pleasure place. Suddenly Debbie was feeling it, too. Neither lady was interested in the email invitation on Marion's computer any more, but only in their spasmodic delights. Both guys continued lapping away, and soon each was sporting a face covered with female cum. "WOW! That was great!" Marion exclaimed as she came back down to earth from her heavenly delight. Debbie shortly nodded her head in agreement. Both were just starting to breath normally again and slowly focused on the images on the computer screen. Debbie was the first to notice that the screen depicted a bunch of totally naked men serving an equal number of fully clothed ladies. The ladies were sitting around a parlor, chatting away like normal female friends at a social gathering. The unusual thing in the photo is that each lady was accepting refreshments from a totally naked male servant.

"You do know what 'CFNM' stands for?" Marion teased.

"Fuck you, bitch?" Debbie replied. "Yes, I do! It stands for Clothed Female, Naked Male," she added. Debbie just hated it when Marion developed that condescending tone.

"Have you ever heard of the OWK?" Marion asked. Debbie had to admit that is one term she had not learned yet.

"Well, OWK stands for Old World Kingdom," Marion explained. "The Old World Kingdom is a femdom sex resort somewhere in the Czech Republic. I think it's in a refurbished medieval castle. It's primarily for femdom couples. One of the rules is that all men must strip when entering the castle and remain totally naked during his stay. And he is nothing more than a naked slave – sexual or otherwise – to any and all women staying at the castle. Its life the way it should be, with women in total control of everything. And, if the guy does not do as he is told, he gets punished. There are even jail cells in the castle dungeon and misbehaving slave may end up spending nights alone in one of these cells while awaiting punishment."

"Sounds cool," Debbie replied. "But isn't that almost how we live here? Haven't we trained Bill and Rob to be our bitches whenever we're together?"

"Yea," Marion answered. "But in the OWK, you can order a perfect stranger to kiss your ass or lick your pussy. And according to this email, at this party all the women must be clothed – well, partially clothed, at least. At this party we could enjoy ourselves and not worry about if anyone saw us making these two eat our pussies."

"Sounds great," Debbie replied. "But why don't we do a trial run with our new friends Ray, Joy and Carol. We also could invite Carol's friend, Linda, but her mother is still pissed at you from last weekend's party."

"Well, we can give them a call," Marion replied. "But does Carol have a boitoi to bring along? And, will Ray submit again?"

"There's only one way to find out," Debbie answered as she reached for the phone.

Chapter Two On her way home from school that same day, Carol was walking on cloud nine. At last weekend's Spanking Party, she learned several things about herself. Although she still likes to bottom now and then, she also learned that she likes to be in control in sexual play situations a lot. After switching from her bottom role to that of a top at the party, she really enjoyed spanking the three men and making them eat her pussy at her command. Not only that, but she also discovered that she really likes one of the two submissive boys she met at the registration desk. Yes, he was one of the males she spanked then had service her pussy. Afterwards she spent some time with him alone, and they eventually ended up fucking in one of the private rooms.

Although the reason she did not go to Europe with her parents was to stay with her ex boyfriend, she eventually found out that he did not share her love for the kinkier side of life. In fact, he broke up with her after discovering her alternative lifestyle. But, she also had realized that their relationship was headed in that direction anyway.

Carol now had serious feelings for George, the submissive she met at the party. She just was not sure if he would top her from time to time, or would she need to find someone else to do that for her. But for now she was enjoying her role as his sexual better, and was looking forward to their date tonight – knowing that before the night is over she probably would have him over her knees for a good spanking and pussy worship session.

As Carol entered her Uncle Ray's house, she heard a blood-curdling scream. But, it was not Joy's voice she heard. The scream came from her Uncle Ray.

"Ninety-Eight! Thank you Mistress Joy! May I have another?" Ray shouted.


"OH, FUCK! Ninety-Nine! Thank you Mistress Joy! May I have another?"


"DAMN! One-hundred! Thank you Mistress Joy! May I have another?"

Carol could hear her Uncle crying as he was receiving a sound strapping from his girlfriend, Joy.

"That's it for now, you worthless worm," Joy replied. "Now crawl over to the Punishment Corner and assume the position (naked, on his knees, facing the corner of the two walls, hands clasped together behind his neck). Stay there until I release you!"

Carol had stopped in her tracks, not knowing whether to enter her Uncle's study, where all punishments were given. She did not want to interrupt anything – especially if Joy was really mad. Suddenly Joy came out of the study, and Carol was surprised to see she was not naked. Normally both she and Carol are naked from the ankles up when at home. Their normal household uniform consisted of six-inch stiletto heels and nothing else. But, today Joy was dressed the same as she was the night of Carol's first spanking. She was wearing a very sexy bustier – one that highlighted her curves, but also exposed her tits, ass and pussy. She also had on thigh-high six-inch stiletto boots. And, she did not look happy.

"Carol, we need to talk," Joy said when she spotted Carol in the front entryway. "Let's go into the kitchen and have a cup of java and I will explain some changes that just occurred in this house."

As Joy was brewing a new pot of coffee, Carol ran upstairs to relieve her bladder and change into her normal household attire. When she returned and entered the kitchen, Joy was sitting at the table with her Uncle's laptop computer and was starring at a picture of a guy in a French Maid's uniform on his knees sucking another guy's cock. And, Joy appeared to still be pissed.

"Look at this shit," Joy explained. "I can't believe that I found this on your Uncle's computer earlier today. And look at this shot!" (Joy advanced the screen to a different angle of the guy in the French Maid's uniform sucking a cock.) Carol could not believe what she was seeing on the computer screen. The guy in the French Maid's uniform was her uncle! He was sucking another guy's cock! Carol was speechless.

"I thought it very strange when your Uncle volunteered to change from a top to a bottom at the Spanking Party last weekend. And when we ordered him to lick our pussies, I thought he was enjoying an awful lot. In fact, I saw his dick get rock hard when we were spanking him. That has never happened before. I've spanked him in the past, but it was always a disciplinary spanking. Hard, rough, and painful. He never enjoyed it before. But, last Saturday at the party he seemed to enjoy it – even when he was spanked by you and Linda. I thought at the time that was strange, but I was so horny all I wanted was someone to eat my cunt."

"What happened since then?" Carol asked.

"Well, all day Sunday and yesterday I kept remembering Ray's sudden attitude change," Joy replied. "So after he left for work this morning, I snuck into his study and started checking out some of the files he stored on his personal computer. I found several where he was on his knees and either eating a pussy or sucking a cock. In all of them, he was wearing this silly French Maid's uniform. As you can see, this caption refers to him as Maid Ramona. So, I called him at work and when he answered, I told him he needed to come home quickly because Maid Ramona was in serious trouble." "When he arrived, he explained that he has been fantasizing about serving others as a French Maid. He has even advertised on Craigslist. The last couple of times he said he was on a business trip, he really was visiting some men and women and serving as their French Maid whore. So beginning now, your Uncle Ray no longer exists in this house. From now on we will refer to him as Maid Ramona. He will either be naked or wearing his favorite French Maid's uniform, and he will be serving us as a French Maid whore should," Joy explained.

Joy looked at Carol and saw a look of pleasant surprise in her face. Carol appeared to be in deep thought, as she was. Carol was actually thinking that everything was falling into place. She was wondering how she could play with her new boytoy, George, when her Uncle was such a domineering man. Now everything had changed for the better.

Just as they were about to finish their coffee conversation, the phone rang. Carol could hear Joy talking to her new friend, Debbie, and she detected that they were planning to get together tonight. She also heard Joy explain about her Uncle's lifestyle change and then invite Debbie, Bill, Marion, and Ron over for dinner. She also told them to have the guys dressed appropriately. Carol knew that meant that they would be naked.

After she hung up, Joy explained that the girls were coming for dinner to discuss a party invitation they had received for this coming weekend. Something about an OWK-CFNM Party. She quickly explained to Carol the meaning of those terms, and said that they would be having a similar party tonight. "And, that means that we must be wearing some form of clothing. Only the guys will be naked," Joy explained.

"Can I invite my new boyfriend, George?" Carol asked. She explained that they had a date scheduled tonight anyway, and George loves to serve women naked. He's a natural male submissive." Joy agreed, and then left the room to tell her now submissive boyfriend to go get busy in the kitchen. "You've got a dinner for four to prepare for tonight." (It was decided earlier that only the women would be allowed to eat food tonight. The guys were going to either have cum for dinner or starve.)

Carol quickly called her boyfriend, George, and informed him to be at her house naked at 7:30. She also informed him than he would be publicly punished if he is late. She could hear him breathing heavily when she added that stipulation. Actually she hoped that he would be stylishly late just so she could spank him in front of the other women. With everything set, she headed up to her room to pick out a sexy outfit for tonight. One that would make pussies wet and keep cocks rock hard.

Chapter Three Bill was still a little perplexed. Both he and his partner in Femdom Slavery, Ron, were in their normal attire – totally naked. Both had their wrists handcuffed behind their backs and shackles that limited their ability to walk on their ankles. Both also had three inch ring gags wedged into their mouths. Both also sported rock hard cocks that were augmented by cock rings that were designed to keep the blood in their organs – thereby insuring an almost permanent hard-on while wearing the device. And, both also had cock leashes attached to the rings. These all were devices that both he and Ron were used to wearing during their mutual evening sessions with their Mistress wives – Debbie and Marion.

But, what was unusual was that they were also lying face down in the back of Marion's van. All either of their Mistresses would tell them is that they were going to a CFNM dinner at Carol and Joy's. Carol and Joy? Wasn't that house owned by Carol's uncle, Ray? Bill did remember that Ray had voluntarily become a bottom at last Saturday's monthly Spanking Party. But, what else had changed?

All of Bill's questions were multiplied when they arrived at Carol and Joy's house. He and Ron were led into the house and were greeted by its real owner, Ray. Only Ray was no longer Ray. Ray was standing there in a very subservient position wearing a very skimpy French Maid's uniform. He was totally sissified. The uniform was a very sexy, skimpy Maid's uniform – with a few modifications.

Like most kinky French Maid uniforms, it was very low cut in the front, very short in the bottom, and completely open in the back. It was black with an overlaying white apron around the waist. The white apron was attached in the front, and the only thing that held it on was the apron draw-string that tied at the waist in the back. It also did not include any panties. Ron's cock was easily accessible under the apron, and his back and ass were totally exposed. And Bill also saw that Ron's ass was a very bright red. He obviously had recently received a good spanking from Joy.

"Welcome, Mistresses Debbie and Marion," Joy greeted the two ladies and their submissive hubbys. "I see you've already met our new French Maid, Ramona. Ramona will be serving us this evening, but feel free to take advantage of her 'charms' whenever you wish."

Now both Debbie and Marion were surprised. They had expected to find Joy and Carol dressed in very erotic, sexy attire. Joy was wearing a one-piece vinyl cat-suit, complete with six-inch stiletto heeled boots. She also had a leather strap-like paddle hanging from her left side waist. And the cat suit had cut-outs that exposed both her tits, her pussy, and completely bared her ass. She was ready for almost anything the night could offer.

Carol was dressed in a more traditional bedtime outfit. A very sexy and skimpy black baby-doll nightie, sans panties. It was completely see through, but did officially cover her tits, ass and pussy. That is, if she were standing upright. When she walked, bent over, or sat her pussy and ass became very accessible. And her tits were bared when she leaned forward.

Debbie and Marion were also dressed appropriately for the evening's theme. Both were wearing very skimpy outfits that allowed easy access to their most intimate body parts. Debbie was wearing a white bustier that supported, but did not cover, her tits, and left here lower areas exposed. She also was wearing white six-inch stilettos and white stockings held up by a white garter belt. The garter belt was also at waist level, keeping her pussy and ass totally exposed. Marion was wearing a matching outfit, only hers was red instead of white.

"Ramona, please take our guests into the 'Entertainment Parlor' and take their drink orders so that we can begin the evening's festivities," Joy ordered her sissy slave boyfriend.

Debbie, Marion, Bill and Ron were all surprised when they walked into what used to be Ray's study, only to find a spanking horse in front of the desk area and a young, high-school aged boy bent over the horse with his hands shacked to the back legs of the spanking horse and his ankles shackled to the horse's front legs. "Ladies," Joy explained, "Meet Mistress Carol's newest toy, Boy George. If you remember, Boy George was one of the two young submissive boy toys that we spanked near the end of the Spanking Party. Since then, George has submitted to Mistress Carol and has agreed to be our boy toy for the evening. But, please don't worry. He, like Carol, recently celebrated his 18th birthday, so he's legal and has consented to the evening's activities."

Marion, who usually was the ring leader of the group, stepped into the center of the room.

"The theme for this evening's activities is 'OWK-CFNM," she explained. "Like the OWK, all Mistresses will be in charge and have total access to all male slaves this evening. Ramona has agreed to serve us whatever we wish all night long, so that we can have uninterrupted fun with our slaves this entire evening."

"Ramona will be serving dinner in about an hour, so let's start the evenings fun with a little slave contest," Joy added. "Boy George has been prepped and is ready for a good ass fucking. Now, the only question is who will be the fuckee? It appears we have two good candidates available, so let's have a contest to see who gets to do the honors."

"Mistresses Debbie and Marion, if you would be so kind to lend us your slaves, let's have a little Slave Cocksucking Contest," Joy explained. The slaves will simultaneously such each other's cock, and the first to make the other one cum wins and gets to ass fuck Boy George. And to make the contest more meaningful, the loser – that is, the one who cums first – will get whipped while the winner is fucking Boy George. So slaves, do your best to win or you will be receiving your first of many whippings before dinner."

Chapter Four

While Joy was positioning the two male slaves in a 69 position, Debbie got a dirty idea.

"Marion, how about a side bet?" she queried. "I bet that Slave Ron (Marion's subby hubby) will cum first."

"You're on," Marion replied. "What's the stakes?"

"Loser has to eat the winner's pussy while her slave is getting whipped," Debbie replied.

"How about the loser gets whipped along with her slave by the winner?" Marion replied.

"You're on," Debbie answered. "It's been a while since I whipped your big ass."

"Well, since your ass is bigger than mine," Marion replied, "I am going to enjoy watching you eat standing up later tonight."

While Debbie and Marion were debating, Joy and Carol were whispering in each other's ear.

"Do you two want in on the action?" Debbie asked Joy and Carol.

"Well, to keep things interesting," Joy replied, "we just agreed to a side bet ourselves."

"But I know that Joy is still pissed at Maid Ramona, and she wields a mean whip when she's pissed," Carol explained. "So, we decided on your first proposal. Joy is betting that Bill will cum first, and I am betting that Ron will lose his load first. The loser of our bet will lick the winner's pussy." Carol paused momentarily, and then added, "And Joy's an expert cuntlicker!"

The boys were now in a 69 position, with each positioning his cock directly over the mouth of his cocksucking partner. They were ready for action.

"Ready!" Joy announced. "Aim! Suck, your cocksuckers, suck!"

Bill and Ron quickly reached out with their lips and encompassed their opponent's manhood. In and out, up and down. Bill, on the bottom, quietly reached with his free hand around and began to massage Ron's ass. Ron, not to be outdone, began to massage Bill's balls, and then slowly let his middle finger snake forward into Bill's asshole. Both were now sucking on their opponents cock, and fingering their opponent's asshole.

"Suck harder, you bastard!" yelled Marion to her subby hubby, Ron. "If that bitch whips my ass, yours will get it twice as bad when we get home!"

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