tagErotic HorrorThe Spawning - Chapter 1

The Spawning - Chapter 1


The Entity was old. It was older than the idea of names and therefore had none. It existed and that was all it cared about. It had been trapped in a place beyond places, but at last it was free. It had no knowledge of how it came to be free once more, but it cared not. That it was free again after countless eons was knowledge enough.

It explored the new consciousness that it found itself inhabiting and discovered nothing. The being whose body it inhabited had no mind, no thoughts and no amount of prodding by the Entity could bring forth a response.

The Entity explored the host body of the being and found memories and a physical form. It was a human male. Not the best for its purposes but it would do for now. The Entity initiated changes. Rearrangements began in the reproductive centers.

The Entity accessed the memories and found much that it could use. However the host body was weak... too weak to be of much use. It needed to find a better host, one that was strong and vital. A female host would be best for its purposes. With a strong young female host it could begin.

This body was torpid, its muscles unused. The eyes had received no impulses in the short memory of the body. Its muscles had not moved for what the memories said was a long time. But this "long time" was but a blink for the Entity. It could afford to wait. It gathered its strength and started to build the nerve connections and muscle mass that it would need to find a new host.

The sack between its legs began to fill with seed. Seed that would contain the essence of the Entity. Seed that would be needed to secure a new host.

Soon it would control this entire host and then it would begin. With a new host... a female one... nothing could stop it. The Spawning would begin.

*   *   *   *

Claire Howard sat in one of the two chairs in the private hospital room beside her father. It was late at night and she was sitting vigil on her father. She had been there ever since he had been brought here two weeks ago with only short breaks to go home and change. Her constant presence had become a feature that the night nurses had taken advantage of and she was seldom disturbed. The nurses relying on her to alert them of any problems and so far there hadn't been any.

She was conflicted with emotion. The insurance company had informed her that the money was running out. By the end of the week there had to be some sign of improvement in her father's condition or they would cease covering the hospital bills.

She was not a poor woman as she had access to her father's millions, but the cost of keeping his body alive was immense and as of Friday that cost would be born by her alone. Her mind told her to let go, but her heart wouldn't let her. He was her father for Christ-sakes!

The doctors had repeatedly told her that there was no hope. That he was brain dead and would never awaken from this coma. But still she held out. She had this idea that if she wanted it bad enough he would come back to her. She would do anything... pay any price... if only her father would wake up and say her name.

*   *   *   *

The Entity was dismayed by how weak this host was. It cast its mind outward, seeking another, stronger being. It found one. And this new one was female... young... strong. The Entity could not have asked for a better host. It was time to act, before the strength of this weak host was all used up. It diverted blood flow to the necessary organs, felt them react. It was working.

*   *   *   *

She thought she heard something other than the standard hiss, wheeze and pings from the machines and jerked her head up. There was no change. Her father lay there, flat on his back, eyes closed with respirator tubes shoved into his mouth, IV lines leading into his arms and wires from his head and chest trailing off to the bank of machines at the head of his bed.

There it was again. Claire noticed something this time. There was a movement beneath the sheets. She couldn't think of what might have caused it. She carefully pulled the sheets down to see what was going on. There was nothing there save for the naked form of her father.

As she looked she saw her father's penis twitch. It moved again. It seemed to be growing! She stood there in shock. She knew she should alert the doctors. It could mean that he was getting better.

*   *   *   *

It was working! The female was aware of him. But she was preparing to flee. It must do more to keep her here as its mind sent out tendrils of force to wrap themselves around her own weaker mind. It gripped the female's mind tightly. It was too weak to keep the young girl frozen long. It attempted to access the memories of the female; perhaps there it would find something.

*   *   *   *

She stared at her father's cock. She wanted to run, to get the doctors, but something kept her there. Looking. She watched the cock swell as blood rushed to it. With little jerks it grew and grew. As it filled, it twisted about, rising from its resting place between his legs and sliding along his thigh. The foreskin pulled back as his penis thickened, revealing the tip of his glans all wet and glossy.

Memories came flooding into Claire's mind. Things that happened long ago... Memories that she had long forgotten. Memories that had shaped her life...

*   *   *   *

She was eighteen. She was on a double date with her best friend. She had no illusions that she would have gotten the date without Krissy's help. It was painfully obvious to the chubby girl that Krissy had only agreed to date Brad if he would supply a date for her friend. And so it went that Claire and her date Gordon were in the back seat of Brad's car with Krissy and Brad in the front.

They had been to see the new Stars Wars re-issue and had talked afterward about whether or not Gredo should have shot first. Claire had enjoyed herself and she really liked Gordon. He was quite handsome and seemed to like her. So when Brad had suggested parking in the Lions Valley Park parking lot (a notorious lover's lane), Claire was excited about the idea. She was a bit nervous, as at eighteen she was still a virgin and hoped that Gordon wouldn't want to do anything she wasn't prepared to do. But she was still excited by the prospect that Gordon might want to neck with her.

Brad parked the car at the end of the parking lot under the highway overpass. There were other cars in the lot, all of them parked away from each other to ensure the necessary privacy.

Claire saw Brad lean over and kiss Krissy and she melted into his arms. At the same time she felt Gordon's arm go around her shoulders and he pulled her close. His lips sought out hers and she relaxed against him surrendering her mouth to his. His lips were soft against hers and she felt his tongue part her lips and tentatively explore her mouth.

She was lost in emotion and hesitantly responded to him, moving her tongue to meet his in a light touch. Sensing her acceptance, his tongue became surer of itself and simultaneously she felt his free hand rise and cup her small breast. She stiffened momentarily, and then relaxed as he started to caress her.

Her nipple stiffened under his hand. She wasn't sure how to respond. How she was to indicate her arousal to him. Finally she placed her free hand on his hip and he shifted on the seat so that her hand dropped into his lap. His hand moved to fumble with the buttons of her blouse.

She pulled away from him to allow him easier access and he brought his other hand around to assist in undoing her blouse. She glanced between the seats and saw that Krissy already had her top off and Brad was sucking on her tits. Claire found this sight quite stimulating and was even more aroused when Gordon slid his hand into her blouse and kneaded her bra-covered mounds.

Gordon leaned over to kiss her again and simultaneously he pushed up her bra, sliding it off her tits. His tongue invaded her mouth once more as his fingers manipulated her hard nipples. His mouth left hers and descended to her tits. He sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and a rush of excitement flowed from the contact. Claire looked between the seats and caught a brief glimpse of Krissy's hand stroking Brad's cock. She moved her hand to Gordon's crotch and felt his hardness.

Gordon pulled back at her touch and his hands flew to his belt. Within seconds he had his pants and underwear down and had guided Claire's hand to his hard cock.

Claire was amazed at the softness of the skin on his cock as she slid her hand back and forth pulling the skin of his prick over the rock hardness beneath. she felt so in control, she finally had a boys cock in her hands and she felt wonderful that he was so hard for her. He desired her and she wanted him. She wondered if he would fuck her. She hoped he had a condom because she wanted him inside her and if his erect cock was any indication he wanted to fuck her as well.

Gordon moaned and leaned close to her, one of his hands roughly kneading her tit and the other fumbling at her waist. She was so hot for it; he knew he was going to get some tonight. He pulled open her pants and shoved his hand down under her panties.

Claire gasped as Gordon's fingers invaded her pussy. His rough handling of her intimate parts both repelled and excited her. He breathed in her ear and she knew he was going to ask to fuck her and she knew she would say yes.

"Suck my cock," Gordon whispered into her ear.

Claire pulled away in shock. Gordon's lips followed her ear.

"You'd better learn how to suck good 'cause it's the only way a fat chick like you is ever gonna get laid," he continued.

Claire's spirits fell. He thought she was ugly. He just pretended to like her to get his cock sucked. Part of her wanted to slap his face and get out of the car, but she discovered that the insecure little girl part of her mind agreed with him. She was ugly and the only way she would ever have a man was to do dirty things for them. With tears welling in her eyes she bent her head to his lap and took his cock in her mouth.

Gordon was in heaven. This fat girl was sucking him off. The warm soft wetness of her mouth engulfed him and he knew he wouldn't last long as he pumped his throbbing cock between the young girl's lips.

His cock thrust itself in and out of her mouth. She grabbed his balls and kneaded them. All of her previous excitement had fled. She just wanted him to cum so she could be finished with him. She just wanted to go home, curl up with a nice bowl of Rocky Road ice cream and cry all night long. The excitement she had once felt was gone and when he finally emptied himself into her mouth she felt only relief. Spurt after spurt of warm cum flooded her mouth and she mechanically swallowed it all.

*   *   *   *

If the Entity could be said to feel joy it did so now. Its manipulations of the female's mind were bearing fruit. She was almost completely under its control.

*   *   *   *

Claire shook off the memory and with a shock she realized what she was doing. She was stroking her father's cock! Somehow, while lost in her memories, she had grabbed his erection and started jerking him off! She tried to let go, but she found that she couldn't. It was as if someone... something... had control of her muscles. She continued to stroke his cock and although she tried with all her might to focus, her mind slipped back into another memory.

*   *   *   *

It was her best friend Beth's bachelorette party and someone had hired a male stripper. He came to the door dressed as a postman and asked if someone had ordered a "very" special delivery.

Claire wasn't very experienced in sex. Her only previous experience was the one with that prick Gordon in the back of a car. After that traumatic incident she had turned to food as a substitute for sex. In the five years since then she had avoided men and packed on the pounds. In hindsight she realized that at eighteen she hadn't really been fat. That was just the stupid opinion of a horny teenage boy. She also knew that now at 220 pounds and only five foot six inches she was very fat.

She found the idea of a male stripper very exciting and maybe she would get an eyeful that she could use later when as she fantasized and masturbated.

The stripper was tall and muscular. As he ripped off his "uniform" he displayed a tight body with rippling muscles. Claire found herself beginning to get turned on. When he finally pulled off his last piece of clothing and stood there in his bulging g-string she knew she was wet between the legs.

"Take it off!" cried one of the other girls.

He took hold of the g-string and slipped it down and quickly back up again, teasing the crowd of women. They called out louder for him to take it off and to Claire's surprise she realized one of the voices calling out was her own.

"Fuck that!" the maid-of-honor Cassie yelled and dropped to the floor in front of the startled stripper and ripped the g-string down to his knees. His large soft cock sprang free of its confinement and in a second Cassie had swallowed it whole.

The rest of the girls went wild. At first the stripper stood there in shock, but after a second a stupid grin found its way to his face. He started to pump his rapidly inflating cock in and out of Cassie's mouth. Before long he was fully erect and she popped his shaft from her mouth and asked the rest of the girls:

"Anyone else for a piece of this?"

The other girls all wanted a mouthful of the stripper's hard cock. Claire didn't speak up but she certainly wanted to. She knew she wasn't as attractive as the other, slimmer girls and didn't want to kill the mood by having the stripper refuse to let the ugly girl suck his cock, so she just sat there and watched while the other girls took turns sucking on his lovely prick. She just sat and watched and got hornier and hornier.

Cassie had been the first to have the stripper's cock in her mouth but she wasn't through yet. Claire noticed that once she had relinquished his cock, she had taken off the pants of her pants suit and Claire watched as Cassie removed her panties as well. Cassie then sat back on the couch with her hands moving between her legs and watched the others as they took turns sucking his large hard cock.

Claire watched as Cassie got to her knees on the couch and pointed her ass at the stripper. All of Cassie's sex was on display with her neatly trimmed bush and her protruding cunt lips. It was easy to see that Casssie was very excited.

"Come on over here and fuck me!" Cassie called to the bewildered stripper.

"Oh yes, fuck her," the other girls urged him on.

The last girl to suck him still had hold of his cock and she dragged him by it over to where Cassie knelt on the couch. He positioned himself at her entrance and Cassie lunged back impaling herself on his cock.

The stripper groaned, grabbed Cassie's waist and started fucking her in earnest. Claire watched the stripper's hard cock plow in and out of her friend's cunt and her hand went to her crotch and started pressing against the heat that was building up.

She glanced around at the other girls to see if anyone had noticed that she was rubbing her fully clothed crotch and was happy to see that she wasn't the only one. Even the bride-to-be Beth had her hand down her pants and was frigging away madly as she watched Cassie and the stripper fuck on the couch.

Claire was shocked to see that two of Beth's other friends, women that she didn't know, had their hands down each other's waistbands and were playing with each other's pussies.

"We want to see him cum!" exclaimed Beth.

The two on the couch had picked up the pace and he was really slamming his cock into Cassie at an incredible rate. All of a sudden he pulled out and huge gobs of cum flew from the head of his prick. Jet after jet of the thick white fluid splattered all over Cassie's back, the couch and the faces of the two girls closest to the action.

Claire wanted so badly to go over and wrap her mouth around that spewing cock but she sat there and rubbed herself to a less than satisfying orgasm. Later she would relive the night and use her toys to bring about a more spectacular conclusion.

*   *   *   *

Claire snapped back to reality and nearly fainted when she realized that she was leaning over the hospital bed and had her father's cock in her mouth. She was licking the engorged head and tasting the sweet saltiness of his pre-cum as one of her hands stroked his hard member.

She tried to pull away. What would she say if one of the nurses came into the room? Why was she doing this? She was so confused. She knew that it was wrong but she couldn't stop herself. Her other hand pulled her dress up and sought out her wet crotch. Her head kept bobbing up and down on his hardness as her fingers came in contact with her silken panties.

*   *   *   *

It was time. The Entity twisted the mind of the young female. It was time for the female to release it from this worn out shell.

*   *   *   *

Claire tore at the fabric of her panties, ripping them away from her swollen flesh. Once her pussy was free she plunged her fingers into her wet cunt and started to fuck herself. It wasn't enough. She needed more.

Claire released her father's cock from her mouth and climbed up onto the bed. She pulled her skirt out of the way and straddled her father's crotch. Still holding on to his cock she guided it to her aching cunt. She felt the pressure of his glans against her opening.

I shouldn't be doing this! At twenty-six she was still a virgin and she shouldn't be losing her "treasure" to her own father! She was using him while he was in a coma! It didn't make sense!

She lowered herself and felt his cock slip inside her. She had used many different dildos in her years of self-gratification but this was different. She felt herself being opened up by her father's hard shaft. As she lowered herself his hot cock filled her up more than she believed possible. Her erect clit made contact with his pubis and she rocked back and forth to ease the itch that was rising from there. As she moved her father's cock slipped in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

I must stop this. She tried and tried. She started to cry knowing that she was helpless to stop what was happening. His cock began to throb and she rocked faster. I'm going to cum! Perhaps afterward, I'll be able to stop this! She felt the familiar sensations and knew it was close. She moved faster and faster. All of a sudden she was cumming! She pressed her clit hard against him and her cunt locked, clamping down on his cock within her.

She gasped and her hips jerked to and fro. This is the most intense orgasm I've ever had! As the thrill of her orgasm suffused throughout her body she sighed and tried to climb off the hard prick within her. She tried again. She still couldn't move!

On their own, her hips started to move again. Again her father's cock slipped in and out of her. Faster and faster she rocked. Again she felt the building of heat that signified another orgasm was fast approaching. Her father's cock throbbed within her. His cock exploded! The hot fluid spewed into her. Wave after wave of pulsing warmth filled her cunt. The jerking ejaculation filling her up brought her to her second orgasm and she fought back a scream of pleasure as it ripped through her body.

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