tagLoving WivesThe Speeding Ticket

The Speeding Ticket


It had been quite some time since my wife; Dana and I had been able to go on a weekend alone. We had planed a quiet get away in the mountains. The excitement of being alone was more than we could control as we drove through the wooded countryside. We both had been laughing and fondling each other and I had lost my attention to the road, more especially, to how fast I was driving. We were quickly brought back to reality by the flashing red lights in my rearview mirror.

"Is there a problem Officer?" I asked the young Sheriff's Deputy.

"Sir, do you know how fast you were going," he asked.

"No Officer I guess I was preoccupied with my lovely wife," glancing over at Dana.

"Sir, you were going 80 in a 65. May I see your license and registration?"

"Officer is there some other way we can handle this?" I heard my wife ask.

I was surprised at what I heard my wife say.

Dana had unbuttoned the tight blouse she was wearing to reveal more of the cleavage she was already showing.

I caught on to what she was doing and looked back at the Officer who I could see had an eye-full of my wife's chest.

"Yes Officer, is there some other way we can handle this?"

Trying to regain his composure the Officer cleared his throat and said, "Excuse me?"

"What my wife is saying Officer... Is there some other way we can handle this?"

To let him know there was no doubt what we were offering, I reached over and brushed my wife's nipples with my finger. Dana moaned seductively causing the Officer to clear his voice again.

"Sir, if I could see your license and registration to make sure you have no warrants, we can all get on our way."

Giving him what he had asked for, he went back to his car. I could tell by looking at him in my mirror, we had gotten to him. I could clearly see him adjusting himself as he was walking back to his car.

"I can't believe you Dana. You are so naughty," I told my wife.

"Do you mind honey? I mean, after all, it is your fault I'm so horny," she replied. "I mean after all, he is cute and we had talked about doing some wild-things this weekend!"

"True, it is my fault, but you are so damn beautiful I couldn't help myself. As far as the young cop is concerned, if he wants to play then that's cool with me."

"Sir, your record came back clean but I need you to step out of your car."

Looking over at Dana with a quizzical look, I did as the officer asked.

"Sir, I will need you to come back to my car and lean against my car. There has been a rash of drugs coming through this county and I need to make sure you're not carrying anything."

"Ok whatever you need," looking at his name badge, "Officer Daniels."

I leaned against his hood as he gave me what could be at best considered a very quick pat down.

"Officer, are you going to search my wife as well? There's no telling what she's carrying on her," I added.

Clearing his throat again, he said, "Yes I'm going to search her as well. Is there a problem with that?"

"Oh no," I told him, "Go right ahead."

"Ok don't move from the car," he said as he started walking towards her door. "Ma'am, I'll need you to step out of the car please," Officer Daniels commanded.

Opening the door for my wife I could see the Officer getting a good look at her legs as she stepped out of the Suburban.

Dana was wearing a white blouse that was very tight and had button's in the front that were straining from popping off. The black skirt she was wearing wasn't doing much better to hide the rest of her body as her ass was practically hanging out. The black high- heels I had her wear completed her outfit. I could tell that Officer Daniels liked her outfit just as well.

"Ma'am I need you to face your car and lean against it spreading your legs."

Damn, even from where I was standing I could see the incredible view she must have been giving him.

Starting with her wrists, Officer Daniel started searching Dana much more thoroughly than he had done me. Working his way in, he ran his hands over her shoulders and then down her back. Then moving around and up her front his hands cupped my wife's luscious 38c breasts.

Mmmm, I could hear my wife moan as his hands searched her breasts even more. I watched as my wife arched her back throwing back her head and stepping back further until her ass was against him. With his left, he squeezed her breast as his right moved down her stomach to her right hip pulling her back against him.

Dana moaned out, "Oh yes baby!"

After a few minutes of the cop grinding against my hot wife's ass, he stepped back to continue his search. Running his hands down Dana's legs, there was no doubt he was no longer searching for drugs. Starting at her ankles he ran his hands back up on the inside of her legs until his hands went under her short skirt. I could just imagine the full body-cavity search he was giving Dana by the way she was moaning and moving her ass around.

Grabbing Dana by her upper arm, I could hear him telling her she was coming with him as he walked her back to his car. Opening the passenger-side front door to his cruiser, her he put my wife inside.

I looked into my wife's seductive eyes and new she was about to give him the best fuck of his life.

Walking around to the driver's side he told me I could follow them or whatever I wanted but I was free to go.

No sooner had I stepped back away from his car when he pulled out and got back onto the highway.

I thought it was ironic how I was now speeding again just to catch up with them. Just as I got on his bumper, I saw my wife's head disappear into his lap. I recalled the many times she had done that very same thing to me and how incredibly good it felt. I could now tell by his erratic driving that she was having the same effect on him.

He drove another 2 miles like this before he pulled off onto a dirt road that led to a small-secluded area in the woods. As he stopped and turned his cruiser off my wife's head reappeared just long enough to give the deputy a kiss before stepping out of the car.

When Daniels stepped out, I could see that I was right in that Dana had been giving him a blowjob. His pants were undone and a very hard cock was now exposed. I looked over at Dana as she came around to the back of his car with her blouse and bra undone, exposing her supple breasts.

I started to step out of the car myself when he hollered at me to stay in my car or leave. I closed my door and looked back at him to see he already had his holster belt on the car hood along with his bulletproof vest and shirt and was walking back to my wife with a white T-shirt and his undone pants still on.

With one quick motion, he grabbed my wife's shirt and bra and ripped them off throwing them to the ground. He then took her nipples into his hungry mouth sucking and licking them so loud I could hear him 20 feet away from where I was.

Dana looked over at me blowing a kiss and mouthing she loved me.

Dana's nipples were so hard and erect by the time he was finished with them. He then told her to finish undressing for him.

With the skill of an exotic dancer, Dana stepped back and seductively lowered the zipper on her skirt, letting it drop to the ground. She was now down to her skimpy white lace t-back panties. Facing him she spread her legs a little, slid her hand inside her panties and started messaging her pussy.

Not missing a thing Dana was doing, Daniels had taken his shirt off and dropped his pant's down.

He had started stroking himself when Dana pulled her hand up to her mouth and sucked the wet juices off her fingers. She then turned around and spreading her legs, bent over baring her nice, round, firm ass and the thin string that prevented him from seeing more.

She then asked him if he liked naughty girls.

"Oh yes, I love naughty girl's. The naughtier the better," he replied.

"Mmmm, good because I'm feeling very naughty right now!"

With that, she pulled her panties all the way down and off throwing them at him. He caught them and placed them against his nose so he could smell her wetness. He then put it over his head and wore it like a necklace.

Dana was still bent over with her ass facing him when she ran her middle finger all the way inside her hot, wet pussy... going in and out getting it nice and wet. She then pulled her finger out and started pushing it against her own asshole.

I knew Dana enjoyed anal sex when she was really horny but I had never seen her finger her own asshole. I couldn't believe how wild and sexy my wife was being and how turned I was getting myself. Like the deputy, I too had my cock in hand and was stroking to the show I was getting.

Dana was now fingering both her pussy with one hand and with the other, she had her middle finger in, up to what appeared to be her 2nd knuckle when she started moaning loudly from the orgasm she was giving herself. When she finally came, the orgasm was so intense her legs were so weak she dropped to her knees.

Daniels took this as his opportunity to get some more relief for himself. He walked over in front of my wife and grabbed her hair pulling her head up to his erect cock, which he stuck in her face. She opened her mouth and took as much as she could of him. She sucked in more and more of his cock as he fucked her mouth in return. Dana looked so incredibly hot as she sucked this lucky guy's cock for all it was worth.

How he could keep from blowing his load was amazing to me, as I wouldn't have been able to hold out so long.

He then picked her up and practically body slammed her onto the trunk of his car. Daniels then grabbed Dana by her ankles and spread her legs wide as he buried his face into her crotch.

Dana was flopping all over the place from the pleasure he was giving her with his mouth. She was moaning and screaming as she pulled and twisted on her own nipples. It wasn't long before she was cumming again and pushing his head away from her with little success.

Daniels knew her pussy was sensitive now and he loved torturing her even more. He finally relented, only to pull her pussy closer to the edge of the car so he could get inside of her.

At first, he slowly fucked her by going in and out until he was able to get all the way inside of her. Then his fucking rhythm started to increase as he was fucking her harder and deeper with every stroke. Although the fucking he was giving Dana was intense, it wasn't enough for him. He wanted my wife from behind so he pulled her off the car. But, Dana's legs were so weak by now that she was having a problem standing up. Holding her up he gave my wife a deep wet kiss and then spun her around and laid her over the car. He then grabbed his hard, erect cock and guided it back inside Dana's wet pussy and started fucking her with all he had.

It was so hot seeing her ass ripple with every stroke this guy was slamming into her.

Dana was screaming and moaning from the pounding she was receiving which just turned-on Daniels and I must admit myself, even more. When he couldn't stand it any longer he pulled out, stroking himself until he shot his hot cum all over my wife and the back of his car.

When he had regained his composure, he said he was glad we had decided to speed through his county and please come back again.

He then grabbed all his stuff and threw it into his car and drove off still with my wife's panties around his neck.

Dana was barely able to walk when I got out to help her back into our car. I couldn't wait myself, to get inside of her as I had her lay over her seat.

With her ass exposed to me I licked my hand and rubbed it over the head of my cock. Placing it against her asshole I gently pushed my way in until I was deep enough to start fucking her ass well.

I kept telling my wife how much I loved her until we both came hard together. Me pulling out put just in time to shoot my load all over her red-hot ass.

I knew after that day, as long as Dana was in the car with me, I would never get another speeding ticket again.

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