tagFetishThe Sperm Donation Ch. 02

The Sperm Donation Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Jack Makes Another Donation

A few days after his first donation Jack received another call for a donation appointment. On the appointed day he returned to the same non-descript office As before and was told to wait until he was called. He sat down and started looking at the magazines to pass the time.

After waiting in the reception area for a few minutes Jack noticed Mei approaching from the corridor where the examination and treatment rooms were located. She was wearing the same short white skirt as she had been on his last visit. When he saw that Mei was definitely walking toward where he was sitting Jack dropped the magazine he had been browsing and stood up. Mei smiled as she came up to him.

"Welcome back, Jack!" the Asian woman greeted enthusiastically. "Are you ready to give us another donation?"

"Sure!" Jack answered.

"Good! Please come with me," Mei said, turning and leading the way down the hall to one of the closed doors. Opening it Mei stood aside to allow Jack to pass and enter, leaving just enough room for him to slide by her. As he passed her Jack could smell her perfume and he felt his anticipation of what was to come start to grow.

Inside Jack saw the same paper covered exam table as before. Alongside one wall was a narrow desk with an armless office chair next to it.

"Please undress and have a seat on the table. I'll just be a minute," Mei instructed as she sat down in the office chair. She puttered around for a few minutes at her desk while Jack removed his clothes. He sat down on the exam table, the paper making crackling noises as he moved. Jack's cock was already hard in anticipation.

Mei worked at her desk a moment longer and then swung her chair to face the exam table and Jack. Jack noticed her skirt had ridden on her thighs but not quite far enough for him to tell if she was wearing panties this time or not.

"I'm sure you remember your last visit with us but today I have something different on the agenda, if you would care to volunteer," Mei told him.

"Sure! What do you have in mind?" Jack asked.

"Some of our female clients dislike artificial insemination and prefer instead to use the natural method. In order to serve these clients we have created a special program to meet their needs. Would you like to participate in this program, Jack?"

"Ah, yes. What is involved?" Jack asked.

"The first thing to understand is just as in the case of our artificial insemination clients, the women in this special program often wish both themselves and the donor to remain anonymous. To accomplish this, the client's face will remain hidden for the entire session. Do you have any problem with that?"

"No," Jack replied.

"Good. Our client today will be one who wishes to remain anonymous. It is also a requirement that I will have to remain in the room and observe the procedure for the entire time. This is to assure the safety and security of our client."

"I don't have any problem with that," Jack said, smiling. The conversation was starting to send some pleasant feeling to his cock and he felt it growing even harder.

"Very good. You must adhere to these requirements at all times. No exceptions will be allowed." Mei said, a bit sternly.

"No problem at all," Jack replied.

"Then we can get started now. We already have a client waiting, I just have to make sure you are ready. But before we do that I want to take my panties off."

Standing up, Mei reached under her short skirt and pulled down her skimpy thong panties. She pushed them down off her hips until they fell to the floor. Stepping out of them, she bent down, picked up her discarded panties, and set them on the desk. This increased the lustful anticipation Jack was feeling, which was what Mei had intended.

Her panties now removed Mei walked up to where Jack was sitting on the examination table. She looked down at his penis and saw he already had a nice erection. She reached out and closed her hand around it, stroking it for a moment as she judged its readiness.

After a moment Mei released Jack's penis and turned away. "Please follow me," she said as she headed for the door. Jack got up and followed her, conscious of his nudity and engorged cock as he followed her.

Jack followed Mei across the hall and into another room similar to the one he had been in. But in this room the examination table was already occupied. A woman lay on the table, her entire head hidden behind a surgical shield, hiding her identity. She wore a patient's gown but that was pushed up above her breasts, leaving her entire body exposed. The woman's legs were spread and seated in examination stirrups which left her pussy completely open and exposed. She had one hand kneading her own breast and the other was between her legs, slowly rubbing her clit. Her pussy was shaved allowing Jack to see every detail of her sex.

Jack followed Mei up to the examination table until he was standing between the woman's wide spread legs. He noticed on a tray next to the table lay a tube of lubricant and a vibrator. His erect penis was now only a short distances from the woman's exposed pussy.

"Please wait a moment," Mei said as she picked up the remote control for the table. Using the controls of this device she adjusted the height of the table until the woman's pussy was at the same height as Jack's cock.

"I have already prepared her vagina for you," Mei told him. "But you will need to start slowly. I will help you."

Mei reached down and gently took Jack's penis in her left hand. With the fingers of her right hand she spread open the woman on the table's vaginal lips to expose her opening. Then Mei moved the head of Jack's cock to the woman's vaginal opening.

"Enter her vagina slowly, let her get used to your penis first," Mei instructed.

Following instructions Jack pushed forward slowly and gently. The woman's pussy was very wet and he was able to enter her easily. He felt the head of his cock spread open her opening and then slide inside. He gently worked his penis into her pussy until finally he was completely inside her.

Seeing that Jack was now fully inside the woman on the table Mei moved back a step to give him room. "Take your time and enjoy yourself, Jack. There is no need to hurry," she told him.

Slowly Jack withdrew his penis until only the head was inside the woman. Then he slowly pushed forward, burying his penis inside her pussy once again. He began to fuck the woman with slow steady strokes. Her pussy was exquisite, warm, wet and tight.

Jack was starting to enjoy this very much and looking down he could see how the woman's pussy clung to his cock. As he pushed in he could see her inner lips pushed in with each in stroke of his cock and then stretched a bit as he withdrew, as if they were reluctant to give up the penis they clung to. As he watched the woman reached down with her right hand and began to play with her clit. At the same time her left started playing with her right breast, squeezing it and then pinching her own nipple gently.

Mei watched carefully as Jack fucked the woman on the table. He was doing quite well and she was enjoying watching Jack fuck the other woman. Mei thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of her work and especially watching the special donation sessions like this one.

The woman's playing with her clit caused her pussy to squeeze Jack's cock delightfully. He increased the speed of his movements as he felt the woman's pussy massage his cock as he fucked her. He looked at Mei for a moment and saw she has her right hand under her skirt playing with her pussy. This excited Jack even more as he turned back to the woman he was fucking.

The woman's hand was moving faster now on her clit and that was making her pussy massage Jack's cock in a very delightful way. He felt the preorgasmic tingling start to build and he started moving faster. It seemed like both Jack and the woman were going to reach orgasm at the same time. Mei watched the couple with avid and lustful interest. She could sense the two were about to reach orgasm together.

"When you reach orgasm be sure your penis is fully inside her vagina," Mei instructed. "Keep as much of your semen inside her as possible."

Suddenly Jack felt the woman's pussy tighten on his cock and her hands moved on her breast and clit in a frenzy. The woman he was fucking was cumming and this pushed Jack into his own orgasm. He felt his cock begin its final pre-orgasmic tensing.

Then Jack began to cum, his cock shooting blast after blast of semen into the receptive woman. His movements became uncoordinated as he was lost in the pleasure of his powerful orgasm. Mei smiled as she saw the Jack was ejaculating into the woman.

Finally Jack's orgasm faded and he slowly pulled out of the woman's pussy. As soon as she sensed him withdrawing she removed her feet from the stirrups and pulled her knees to her chest in order to keep Jack's semen inside her.

"Please return to the other treatment room, Jack. I will see you in a few minutes once I am finished with our client here." Mei told Jack.

Jack returned to the room where he had left his clothes and sat down on the treatment table to wait. He wondered what was going to come next. He didn't put his clothes on since he wanted to see if Mei had anything else in store for him.

After a few minutes Mei returned to the room. She took a seat at the desk and spent a couple of minutes writing. Jack waited patiently for the woman to complete her paperwork.

"You did very well Jack, our client is pleased with your donation and we hope she will become pregnant. If not then she will return for you to give her another donation," Mei said.

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