tagFetishThe Sperm Donation Ch. 06

The Sperm Donation Ch. 06


Sometime later Jack awoke to find himself lying on the same paper-covered table, still nude with his clothes still somewhere in a different room. For a few moments he just rested quietly on the table musing about his recent experiences. So far it seemed that each visit Jack made to the clinic was better than the previous one.

Almost immediately after Jack woke up Mei walked in wearing only a smile. Unknown to Jack at the time every room in the clinic contained concealed observation cameras which were how the women knew Jack had awakened. Whenever a room was occupied there was always at least one woman observing using the monitor cameras and usually any of the women who were not occupied with something else could be found in the monitoring room watching the sessions.

Mei walked up to the table and climbed up onto it. She drew herself over Jack full length until she was laying on him full length. Jack moved his hands to the Asian woman's bare bottom and took her buttocks into his hands as Mei bent down and kissed Jack. Their tongues played together for a few moments as Jack returned her kiss. Then Mei pulled away from Jack and lifted herself up on her arms.

"Are you ready to service another client for us, Jack?" Mei asked as she looked down at him from above.

"Sure! It's been a lot of fun so far," Jack replied.

"That's great! The client is already waiting for you on another room," Mei said as she lifted herself off Jack. "Please follow me," Mei instructed as she turned toward the door.

Jack got up and followed the Asian woman out of the room. They crossed the hall to the room directly across from where they were before. Jack enjoyed the view of the naked girl walking ahead of him as he followed her across the hall to the next room.

Inside the room Jack immediately noticed Karen standing next to the treatment table and to his pleasure she was naked. On the table he saw there was another Asian girl and after a moment he recognized she was the same one he had the cock sucking session with. She also was nude and he noticed this time her thick, black public hair had been removed, leaving her with a bare pussy. With her pubic hair removed the girl looked even younger, almost as if she was barely in her teens. However the girl was actually a month past her 18th birthday.

"Hello Jack," Karen said as he and Mei entered the room. "Our client today is here to experience sexual intercourse for the first time. I'm sure you remember her from the other day when she sucked your penis. This client has specifically asked for you to assist her with her first vaginal sexual experience."

The girl laying on the table was already very excited and ready from both her excitement at meeting Jack (who she had already developed a secret infatuation for) again and from the attentions of Karen. For the past fifteen minutes the older woman had been doing her best to excite the little Asian girl and by the time Jack entered the room she was hot as a fire cracker. When the girl saw Jack come in the door she spread her legs wider to expose her freshly shaved pussy to the man who would soon be fucking her.

"Please lie on the table next to our client, Jack." Karen instructed. Jack climbed up on to the table and lay down with the girl on his left side. The girl immediately turned toward Jack and pressed her nude body to his side. "Please allow the client to control everything Jack. All you need to do is lay back and enjoy yourself but don't do anything else unless the client requests you to. You can begin now."

The excited Asian teen snuggled up next to Jack immediately reached down and grasped his erect penis with her right hand. She slowly and gently slid her hand up the shaft of Jack's cock and a surge of pleasure came as her fingers brushed across the sensitive underside just behind the head.

Then the girl moved her body until she was on top of Jack with his erect cock between her legs and the head of it near her pussy. Jack just lay under her passively for the moment curious what the girl would do. The feel of her soft, smooth, and slightly cool skin on his was wonderful.

After lying on top of Jack without moving for a moment the Asian girl moved her knees and hands to either side of Jack's body and then pushed her body up until she was kneeling erect on Jack. His hard cock was pushed up against her pussy and Jack could feel the heat and wetness of it on the shaft.

Fully supported by her knees which were straddling Jack's hips the girl reached down and grasped the shaft of his cock. The teenaged oriental girl lifted herself up until there was room so she could move the head of Jack's cock upwards to her pussy. The girl rubbed the head of Jack's penis across her clit a couple of times which gave a surge of pleasure to both of them. The girl was so excited a few drops of her fluids leaked from her pussy and dripped down on Jack.

The girl finished rubbing Jack's cock on her clit after a moment and she moved it back toward her vaginal opening. She had already practiced what to do next several times with a dildo so she didn't hesitate. She moved the head around a little to get the perfect fit of the head to her opening and then she started to slowly lower her body down. This pushed the head of Jack's cock into her wet pussy.

Jack could feel the girl's pussy spread open around the head of his cock and then slide up a little into her. The girl stopped for a moment, lifted just a little, and then pushed down further which drove Jack's cock even deeper into her virginal vaginal canal. For Jack the feeling was wonderful as his penis pushed further and further into the teenage girl's pussy. The girl continued to work the man's cock into her pussy until she was finally sitting on Jack with his cock completely buried in her pussy.

The girl sat without moving for a few seconds and then she leaned down and put her hands on each side of Jack's shoulders. Then she started moving her hips up and down slowly, which started moving Jack's cock slowly inward and outward in her pussy. The girl fucked herself slowly for a couple of minutes, rubbing her clit on Jack's body with each in-stroke of his cock into her pussy. The oriental girl soon started speeding her movements and soon she was moving herself on Jack's cock as fast as she could.

All this felt really good to Jack and at the current rate the girl on top of him was moving it would not take him very long to cum. The little Asian girl was so hot already that it would not be long for her either. Her hymen had been torn away with a dildo and healed far enough in the past that it had been no impediment to her pleasure now. Jack's cock in her pussy felt far better than her previous experiences with a dildo and she had really enjoyed those.

"Play with my tits, Jack!" the girl gasped as she rode his cock, speaking to him for the first time. Jack reached up with both hands and placed his hands on the bouncing girl's small breasts, her hard nipples pushing against his palms. This excited the girl even more and she rode Jack's cock wildly as she approached a powerful orgasm. The oriental girl's pussy squeezed and milked Jack's cock as she rode him.

Jack moved his hands so that he started gently pinching the Asian girl's nipples and this was all that was needed to trigger her orgasm. Jack felt her pussy clamp down on his cock and then massage it with the spasms of her orgasmic ecstasy. This quickly brought Jack to his orgasm and as the girl's cum subsided Jack's started.

Jack's cock erupted inside the pussy of little oriental girl. She moaned with delight as she felt the cock inside her stiffen and then buck as the first jet of Jack's semen shot out of into her unprotected pussy. For Jack this was one of the better orgasms he had experienced in a while and knowing he was the first guy to fuck this exquisite little girl made it even better. The little Asian girl pushed herself down as far as she could go to drive Jack's cock as deeply into her pussy as possible.

Matching the girl's movement and desire Jack pushed his cock up deeper into her pussy as it shot spurts of his hot semen into her. The Asian girl could feel Jack's cock throbbing inside her pussy and the warm feeling of his cum splashing the walls of her unprotected vaginal canal. Despite this being her first complete sexual experience the little oriental girl already had a desire for semen even greater than that of the other women in the clinic. And her rapidly growing infatuation with Jack increased her pleasure even more.

Finally the orgasmic contractions faded for the couple on the treatment table and the girl dropped exhausted into Jack, his slowly softening cock still within her pussy. Jack just lay there enjoying the pleasant weight of the girl upon him and the feel of her soft skin against his. After a moment Jack's cock softened enough to slip out of the girl's pussy and with that the girl move off Jack to lie against his side. The girl quickly fell asleep like that and Jack soon followed.

The two older women who had watched the whole thing quietly left the room and left the sleeping couple lying there for more than an hour. Mei returned a little later and quietly awakened the girl who was initially quite reluctant to leave Jack's side. But after a moment of quiet gentle persuasion the little oriental girl was persuaded to get up, get dressed, and leave the room quietly, leaving Jack still sleeping on the table.

Jack slept for another half hour and woke up to find Karen sitting in the swivel chair in the room with him. He was a little disappointed to see she was dressed this time in her nurse-like dress.

"Well hello there sleepyhead!" Karen said when she noticed Jack was awake. "That's all we have for you today Jack but can you come back tomorrow?"

"Sure, no problem," Jack replied.

"Ok, do you remember where you left your clothes?" Karen asked.

"Yes, they are in the room across the hall," Jack replied.

"You can make your own way out then. See you tomorrow!" Karen said, turning her chair toward the desk and seeming to resume some paperwork there.

Jack got up from the table and crossed the hall to the room where his clothes were. He felt less self conscious now about walking nude inside the building. He quickly dressed and walked to the entrance. He waved to the receptionist as he left the building.

Meanwhile the little oriental girl, who was named Lorie, did not go home when she left the clinic building. Instead she had positioned herself where she could see the entrance to the clinic without being seen from there. Impelled by her growing love for Jack and the still freshly fucked feeling in her pussy Lorie settled down to wait for Jack to make his exit from the building. She reasoned it was only a matter of time before he came out to go home. After her session today she could no longer resist the idea of spending more time with Jack.

Jack walked around the front of the building toward the parking lot where his car was parked. As he walked toward his car he noticed a girl running toward him. The girl was wearing a red mini-dress that came down to mid thigh and sandals. As she got closer Jack realized it was the little Asian girl that he had sex with just a while ago.

"Jack, wait!" Lorie called to him as she approached.

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