tagIncest/TabooThe Sperm Donor Ch. 01

The Sperm Donor Ch. 01


18-year old Vinod stood outside his parents' bedroom. It was early in the morning and the young boy was thirsty and had got up to get a drink. As he crept back to his room, he heard voices coming out of his parents' room. At first, he thought that they were possibly going to fuck. However, to his disappoint, all he could hear was them talking. Then his curiosity was aroused when he heard what they were talking about.

"I hope this time it works. " said his mother.

"I know it will." said his stepfather.

"Are you sure? How do you know?" asked his mother.

"I just am. " replied his stepfather, "besides, if it doesn't work I can always have that fertility treatment the doctor suggested."

Vinod suddenly realised what they were talking about. His parents were trying to have a baby. He knew that they have been trying for a long time and there were difficulties. It was something about his stepfather having a low sperm count his mother had once told him.

"I do hope this works, " his mother said, "I do want a baby."

"It will, darling. Oh that reminds me, I better get up and fill that bottle. I want to make sure that there is enough when we go to the hospital lunchtime."

Hearing his stepfather starting to get up, Vinod quickly (and quietly) scooted up the stairs.

An hour later, the Chowdry family was up and about.

"Vinod, we are going up the market and then we'll come back before going to the hospital. Now can I trust you to behave until your aunt comes round?" asked his mother.

"Yeah, sure, Mum." replied Vinod.

The boy looked at his mother. Although still young, he was starting to become interested in girls. Though nothing like the girls in the magazines, his mother was not an unattractive Pakistani woman who at 38 had managed to keep most of her figure. Being a teacher in a local secondary school (his school), she always dressed prim and proper.

"Be good. See you in two hours." instructed his mother as she and his stepfather left the house.

Vinod looked at his watch, he had half an hour before his aunt came over. He went to the fridge to get some milk. It was then that he noticed a white paper bag standing at the back of the shelf. Picking it up, he found that there was a glass bottle inside. On the bag was a label which read: "Croydon Road Hospital". He suddenly realised what he was holding, it was a bottle containing his stepfather's sperm which they were going to take down to the hospital later on that morning.

His first inclination was to put the bottle down. Then curiosity got the better of him and he wanted to see what was inside it. Slowly, the boy pulled the bottle out of the bag.

The bottle was transparent so he could easily see the white substance (his stepfather's semen) inside. The first thing he noticed was that there was not very much nor did it look as creamy as his own. Perhaps that was why his stepfather could not get his mother pregnant, it wasn't creamy enough.

He put the bottle back in the bag and then in the fridge. He then pulled himself a glass of milk and took it into the living room.

He was seating down, drinking the milk when the perverse idea suddenly struck him.

Why not replace his stepfather's spunk with his own? It certainly was creamy enough to get his mother pregnant and he was sure he could produce more of it then his stepfather. The thought of his mother going around with his baby inside her almost made him cum on the spot.

His mind clouded with lust and his legs shaking, the boy got up and walked stiffly back into the kitchen. His hard-on was so stiff, it hurt as he moved.

He looked at his watch. 9.45. He had ten minutes before his aunt got there. Shaking, he took the bag out of the fridge and took it into the toilet with him, locking the door behind him.

Taking the bottle out of the bag, he looked at it. If he wanted to back out now, this was the time. Taking a deep breath, he opened the top and rinsed the contents out with the tap. There! Now he had no choice but to through with it.

Trembling, he pulled down his trousers and pants and took his aching tool in his hands. Over the last few years, his body literally grew up. This included his cock which reared up pass his belly button. He was proud of it, especially when comparing to the guys appearing on his mate's porn videos. He looked forward to the day that he would for the first time shove it up some girl's cunt. Imaging naked tits and cunts, the boy started to stroke himself. Harder and harder he pumped his erection.

Suddenly images of his mother sprung in his mind. He could picture himself naked on a bed with her equally naked, gasping out loudly as she pistoned herself up and down his hard aching prick. Her tits were stuffed in his face as he fondled them.

"Oh you are so bloody big. Cum in me, honey. Give your old mother a baby!" she was groaning.

He could then picture images of him shooting his potent spunk into her fertile womb, making her stomach stretch with his baby. Suddenly, he felt himself about to cum. Quickly picking up bottle with his left hand, his placed his trembling cock against the lid, making sure it covered the head. Then he started to cum. Groaning, he watched as the white creamy liquid started to shoot out of the tip of his cock into the bottle. In his mind's eye, he could picture that liquid being shot into his mother's unprotected belly.

Moaning out load, he shot one last volley of spunk into the glass and then he collapsed on the toilet seat. Never before had he cum so hard.

He looked at the bottle. It had a lot more spunk in it than before and it was creamier too. What if his stepfather noticed?

Before he could worry further, Vinod heard the sound of a car pulling up outside. Shit! It was his aunt. He had no choice, he had to get the bottle back in the fridge before she came in.

Quickly fumbling with his clothes, the shaking boy rushed into the kitchen and placed the paper bag containing the glass inside the fridge, in the same place where he had originally found it.

Moments later, his aunt came into the kitchen.

"What have you been up to?" she said, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Nothing." Vinod replied.

His aunt continued looking at him. "Hmm! You'd better not been up to anything."

"I haven't! Honest!" he said, hoping that his aunt did not notice him shaking.

She looked around but finding nothing out of the ordinary, she just smiled.

"Alright, I believe you. Millions wouldn't. Now I'm going to make a coffee and watch QVC."

Two hours later, his parents came back and shortly afterwards left to go to the hospital. One glance in the fridge told him that they had taken the bottle.

He was full of regrets now. What if they found that he had tampered with the bottle? What if they noticed that the spunk inside it wasn't his stepfather's?

He was still shaking when they came back.

"How did it go?" asked his aunt.

His mother smiled. "Fingers crossed. The nurse said that this latest sample was the best looking one yet."

With a silent groan, Vinod realised that his mother was now walking around with a belly full of his, hopefully, very potent teenage spunk, which was even now diligently searching out her egg to fertilise.

One month later, Vinod came home to find his parents celebrating.

"We got some news, Vinod." said his mother, "That last attempt worked! You are finally going to have a brother or sister."

That night, Vinod had to jack himself off three times before he fell asleep exhausted.

The End?

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