tagIncest/TabooThe Sperm Donor Ch. 03

The Sperm Donor Ch. 03


"What was that!?"

Still gripping his now shrinking erection, Vinod froze. His ears straining, he listened for any more noises but he couldn't hear anything.

"Maybe it was all in his imagination." He thought to himself.

Finally he getting up, he put on his pyjamas and got into bed though it took him a while to fall asleep. His mind wondering whether there had been someone listening outside.

Next morning, Vinod woke early. Feeling his hormones kicking in, he automatically reached for his papers inside his pillowcase. To his horror, he could not find them.


Shaking himself awake, he gets on his knees and starts to inspect the pillow only find his papers on the bed underneath.

"But he always puts them in the pillowcase to stop his parents finding out."

He felt sick.

Getting out of bed, he dashed over to his desk and opened the drawer containing his secret stash. Going through he found it was all there but that doesn't mean that it hasn't been gone through.

His heart was beating hard as he clambered back onto his bed.

"What if his mother had found them? Or worst still, his stepfather?"

No, not his stepfather. He would have clobbered him as soon as he had found out. But his mother? How would she react? What would she do if she knew that he wanted to desperately fuck her?

Disgusted? Excited even? Oh God! If only she was excited!

Maybe she would then realise that he could take care of all her sexual needs. Including giving her that baby she has been trying for all those years. He groaned as he felt himself becoming hard.

Oh fuck! He did want to make his mother pregnant. But not by artificial insemination as he had written in his story. He wanted to give her his sperm the old-fashion way. Directly from his cock into her cunt.

Even though he knew that what he was thinking is perverted, he instantly became erect.

If only he had one night with her, he would make her fat with his seed. Oh how much he wanted to take his stepfather's place in his mother's bed. To fuck her and keep on fucking her.

Pulling down his pyjama bottoms, he started to rub his aching erection. In his mind's eye, he could imagine them naked with him on top of her fucking away.

"Oh! Mum!" he gasped as he stroked himself harder and harder.

He could hear her crying out. Shouting for him to fuck her harder and harder! Suddenly his cock exploded. Sperm leapt into the air as the boy moaned in orgasm. Within seconds, he was soaking with semen.

Wow! He had never cum like that before!

"If only she would let me fuck her!" he groaned to himself, frustrated.

After a few minutes, he got up and showered. Going downstairs, he found her preparing breakfast.

Despite his recent cum, he found himself hungrily looking at her body. His penis twitching in his pants.

"Morning, Mum!" he said taking his place at the breakfast table.

"Good morning!" she replied as she served him his plate of food.

Strange, why isn't she looking at him? Not once has she looked him since he had come down.

While he ate his breakfast, she hardly said a word.

"Wash your plate. I'm going to have my bath." She finally said, getting up.

"Okay." the boy replied as he watched her walk out of the kitchen.

She knows! She must do. Why else act strange like this?

The idea that his mother knew that he liked reading/writing incest stories (particularly about mothers and sons) got his pulse going. His poor cock yet again started thickening and stiffening.

Getting up, he put his plate in the sink and was about to wash it when it dawned on him what she was doing.

"She's taking a bath!"

His lust clouding his thoughts (or encouraging them), the boy realised that this was a chance he could possibly see her naked. If only he could see her naked body. He groaned at the thought. Unable to resisted, the boy wiped his hands and made his way (very quietly) up the stairs.

At the far end of the landing was the bathroom. As quietly as possible, he knelt down and peered through the keyhole. What he saw made his blood surge.

The keyhole gave him an unrestricted view of his mother's naked body. Her back towards him, she was bending over as she was stepping into the bath. He hungrily looked her thick, compact body. Paying particular attention to her large arse and heavy boobs which were swinging under their own weight. Though he had seen naked women in magazines, as far as he was concerned, none measured up to his mother's matured body that he was seeing now.

The mere sight caused the shaking lad to pull down his jeans and pants, freeing his aching tool. For the second time within an hour, the young boy was wanking himself off, the image of his mother's flesh burning into his brain as he stroked himself up and down.

He watched as she soaped her body. He growled as he saw her cup each of her breasts in turn, rubbing the soap in deeply. His cock thickened further as she washed her legs, her head thrown back.

If only he was in there with her, giving her the shafting of her life. He hoped that once they had fucked, she would become as obsessed with him as he was with her.

Gasping out his lust, Vinod's hand went into overdrive as he whipped it up and down his hard shaft. Suddenly he gave a deep throated groan as he came, his semen splashing against the door.

Still looking through the keyhole, he saw her react to his noise, her hands covering her boobs.

"Who's there? Vinod?" she cried out.

But the boy, not caring at the moment, could only groan again, caught in the throes of his orgasm.

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