tagIncest/TabooThe Sperm Donor Ch. 04

The Sperm Donor Ch. 04


Anju had been trying to relax in a nice hot bath while she still tried to come to terms regarding the revelation about her teenaged son, Vinod and just as importantly, how she had reacted when she heard him in his bedroom last night.

"You are a pervert, Anju Chowdry." She whispered to herself. She couldn't believe what she imagined what it would be like...

A tremor ran up her spine at the thought.

Anyway, surely he can't really think of her like that? She had found her almost laughing out loud at the very thought. Although not ugly by any means, she has never been one to attract a lot of male attention. Even her husband had long since stopped looking at her like that and that the only reason they did have sex was to have a baby, nothing more. Even then, it took her a lot of coaxing to get him to 'perform'.

No, Vinod was just going through a 'phase'. That's all. Young people his age, especially boys, are full of hormones. She closed her eyes and chuckled to herself as she remembered what boys were like when she was his age.

"All boys are sex mad!" Her friend at school at the time had told her and she was right too.

She stopped as she heard what sounded like a moan from outside the door.

"Who's there? Vinod?" She cried out as she sat up straight, her arms wrapped around her heavy brown breasts.

Her response was another moan.

By God! Is Vinod spying on me? With that thought, another shiver ran down her spine as she clambered out of the bath. Pulling on her robe, she quickly went to the door and opened it.

The hallway was deserted.

Surely it wasn't my imagination was it? Am I going mad? She thought to herself as she stepped outside, into something wet and sticky.

"What on Earth...?"

Moving her foot away, she saw that there was a large stain on the floor where she had only a moment ago stood. Then across the floor, she sees more stains. This time as white globs.

Oh my God!

And there was globs on the wall and even on the door.

"Oh Vinod." She sighed.

Suddenly feeling very vulnerable, Anju pulled her robe tightly around her as she walked to her room. With the door closed, she quickly dried herself and got dressed. All the while, her mind going round and round with the knowledge that Vinod was not only spying on her but playing with himself too.

Once changed, she then cleaned up the stains by the bathroom before going downstairs. She did briefly consider going to his room and speak to him (unless he had left the house) but decided against it.

Besides, what could she say to him without totally humiliating the boy. It's not his fault, she reasoned. He is a growing boy.

Warming up some milk in the microwave, she took it into the living room where she slowly sipped it.

Even so, she continued, she must stop it. It's not right for him to act like that. What will he do next?

She felt another shiver.

"See you later, mum!" Shouted Vinod as he shot out the door for school.

Anju gave a sigh of relief know that she was now alone in the house. Putting her thoughts to one side for the moment, she got on with doing the housework.

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