tagMind ControlThe Spider Pt. 33

The Spider Pt. 33


Heather took one last pull from her bottle of beer. Empty. She put it on the glass top of the coffee table with a quiet clink of glass on glass.

"I don't know," she told the couple sitting in front of her. "What is it that you expect me to be able to do for you?"

"Just talk to Anna," John said, leaning forward intently.

"Don't do that," Heather said.


"Don't look at me like that. Makes me think you are going to mess with my head again, make me do things I don't want to do."

Amanda sat back on the couch, looking at John, shaking her head.

"I'm sorry," John said. "I told you. I knew that Anna was going to need some kind of control or she would seek it out either from me or some other dangerous place. I wasn't in any condition to be able to look after her since I was being stalked by Red Eyes- "

"What the fuck? 'Look after her?' What kind of bullshit thing is that to say? You mean you weren't able to make her be your little slave."

"Right. Whatever you want to call it. I was going to put her to work for me, yes. I told you I was going to have her use her powers to let me get control of all the crime bosses at once and shut down each cartel by having them turn themselves into the police. It was taking me too long on my own, and her ability to span time and distance would have allowed me to get it done at once."


"She wasn't listening to me, wasn't willing to work with me, so I was going to take control of her, use her powers, and then release her."

Heather shook her head.

"I don't believe you."

"It's true," Amanda said quietly.

Heather looked sharply at the blonde woman on the couch. Amanda looked exhausted.

"How do you know?" Heather demanded.

"I know everything about John," the other woman replied. "We connected. I don't know how else to describe it. But when we did, I saw every bit of his, I don't know, soul? Whatever you want to call it. It's like we are one person now."

"I still don't know why I should help you, 'Just' John. You're a fucking asshole. You made me leave my life and my apartment behind and move in with Anna-"

"You're happier here."

"That's not the fucking point!"

"It was for me, after a while. You told me that you loved her on one of our phone calls- you won't remember this- but when I heard you say that, I realized I had to leave the two of you alone. And I wanted to. I did! But the Detective won't leave you two alone. He wants the Spider, and he'll get her. I have no idea what he will do with you at that point but judging from what he did to my... my Lynda, I wouldn't bet on it being good."

"What was that, exactly?"

"He made that superheroine- you know, the Power? He made her take my Lynda up into the sky and drop her to her death. She tried to save me like she always had before and she couldn't and he killed her. I loved her more than anything in the world, and he threw her away like she was nothing. That's what he'll do to you. That's what he'll do to both of you."

"Fuck," Heather said. She got up and went to the kitchen and got out three more beers. She opened the bottles, the gentle cold spray bursting across her hand.

Walking back, she handed two of the bottles to her company.

"And let's say I talk to Anna, not like I even know where she is," Heather said. "Let's say I do, then what? Then you go back your bullshit mind control games, what? How do I know that next time you get in a fucking jam- and you sure seem to get in over your head- that you won't just show up here, or make a phone call, or whatever and take control of me and Anna again?"

"He won't do that," Amanda said, taking a sip of her beer.

"How do you know that? Shit, you follow him around, you take care of him, you look like you haven't slept in weeks, woman. How do you even know that he hasn't mind zapped you, made you his little slave also?"

"He can't do that to me anymore, even if he wanted to. I'm a lot more powerful than he is at this point, anyway."

"Better hope so."

"John and I want to get free of the Detective. We want to get out of the City. We want to go to a quiet place and live our lives together. I won't let him do any of this shit anymore."

Amanda leaned forward and put a hand on Heather's knee.

"I'm going to need the father of my child in my life, Heather. Please help us."

Heather looked into the other woman's pleading eyes, saying nothing. She nodded her head. The two women turned and looked at John.

"Wait," John said, taking a gulp of his beer. "What?"

Amanda looked across him and gave a shy smile.

"Yep," she said. "You know, now that I think about it, I should not be having this second beer."


The Hawk dropped the glass on the floor of the domicile. It shattered with a metallic crash.

"Crush the pieces with your boot," he said from above her.

The Detective was losing control of his physical form again on Black World, growing longer, his body distending. At this point he was around eight feet tall, his head bobbing well above the woman. He was standing very close to her.

She crushed the glass.

"Smaller pieces, please," he directed. "Grind it up to almost powder."

"Yes, Master," the Hawk said.

He said nothing for a minute.

"You call me 'Master'", he said absentmindedly. "I didn't finish making you mine, however."

"I want to serve you," she said simply. "I don't know. Maybe it's all I've been through lately- getting beaten and hurt out there. I was scared, and when I'm with you, I'm not. I know you can punish all the evil out there and I want to serve you while you do it."

She crushed the last of the glass, and looked up at him, into his black and expressionless eyes.

She gave him a wan smile.

"If you'll have me, Master. I can serve you well. Maybe later, after we send the Red Eyes to kill John Claire as a demonstration of your power, you can finish making me yours."

She lowered her eyes to the floor.

"Sweep up the broken pieces," he instructed her. "Dig a hole in the sand and bury the debris. No more glass here."

"Yes, Master."

He walked over to the wall and dragged his long finger across the stone. A red and cold fire burst from it as he prepared a portal to take him back to earth.

He paused by the wall and looked back at the Hawk.

"What you say is acceptable to me."

She smiled as he stepped through the portal.


The Hawk laid the small shovel next to the hole she had dug in the black sand. She poured all the broken glass into the hole, and covered it back up.

She looked up at the alien sky, shuddering slightly. Although there was nothing out there that she could see, it felt wrong, this world. This place.

Maybe I'll get used to it someday, she thought. She stretched her wings up towards the sky. He would be gone for who knows how long. She didn't know where the Spider was and didn't want to talk to her anyway.

Maybe flying would help. Clear her mind. Make her feel free again. It had been so long she had been able to soar.

She heard a footstep behind her. The Hawk spun around, alarmed.

She breathed easier when she saw who it was.

"Good morning," she said. "If it is morning. I never can tell here."

"Hi," the Fist said, almost shyly.

"What are you up to?"

"I'm getting the Red Eyes ready for tonight. The Master wants a special one he's been working on. This one is big... fucking huge. Makes the one he used to send to earth to kill people look like nothing. That one wasn't so big. I killed that one- fucked him up!"

She laughed nervously.

"But this one," she went on. "I can barely control this one. She's a monster. She's going to tear that motherfucker up!"

Again with the laugh. It was getting a little hysterical, the Hawk thought.

"OK," the Hawk said. "Sounds good. I'll be happy to see the Master's plan work and -- "

"Oh, you call him 'the Master' now, do you?" the Fist said with a sneer.

"Well, I -- "

"It's fine, whatever. He gets off on that shit, you might as well."

The Fist took a step closer to the slender woman before her.

"I really liked you licking my pussy earlier," she whispered, bending down and putting her mouth closer to the Hawk's ear. "Made me feel really good."


The Fist took the other woman by the hand.

"I want you to suck on my tits," she said, pulling her top down slightly, revealing a thick and erect nipple. "Look how big my tits are. Do you like them? Most people like them."

"I'm a little busy --"

"Shh," the Fist said, pulling the other woman closer to her chest. "There you go. Just lick on it a little bit. That's it. Fuck, that feels good. You make my pussy so fucking wet when you do that..."

The Hawk tried to pull away, but the Fist held her head close.

"Suck on my nipples! Yes. Like that. I'd like to shove my finger in your asshole while you suck on my titties, make you cum that way. You'd like that. I finger-fucked my boyfriend's ass once while I sucked on his dick, he came so hard. I bet you'd cum hard, too."

The Fist pulled her head back, enjoying the sensation of the forced licking. She firmly guided the other woman's hand to the middle of her legs, forcing the Hawk's fingers inside her.

"Fuck, I'm so wet- do you feel that? You make me so fucking wet. Rub my pussy. It's funny- I used to think butt stuff was gross, that it was... dirty. I never did it. Now I love it. The Master fucks my ass, he thinks it punishes me, but I cum so hard I love it. I beg for more. God, that feels good. Keep touching me there. I want you to make me cum again."

The Hawk slipped the nipple from out of her mouth, but the larger woman wrapped her arm around the Hawk's head and held her face close, running her breast up and down the Hawk's wet face.

"Come on, come on, suck on my titties, little Hawk. Don't you want to make me cum? I'll make you cum later. That's it. Good girl. Suck on my tit and rub my pussy."

The Hawk surrendered, pulling on the erect nipple with her lips, shoving her fingers in and out of the larger woman's sopping pussy. She shoved her fingers and out, hard, fast, trying to get it over with.

It didn't take long. The Fist moaned, grabbing the Hawk's head harder as she came, grinding her hips against the Hawk's hand.

"Fuck, you little fucking bitch. Fuck that feels good. I'm cumming. I'm cumming."

Finally, the Fist shook her head, the let the Hawk go.

She leaned in and put a hand on either side of the Hawk's head, and pressed her lips to the other woman's mouth, forcing her way past the Hawk's lips with her tongue in an approximation of a kiss.

"Fuck!" she yelled, letting the Hawk go. "You make me cum good."

The Fist pushed the Hawk up against the wall of the domicile with her larger and powerful body.

"Listen to me," the Fist whispered. "We are going to get out of this. Do you hear me? You and me. We aren't going to spend the rest of our lives in slavery to that fucking asshole."

The Hawk was shaking her head.

"What we are going to do is," the Fist continued, "What we are going to do is to kill him. I don't know if that will free me of him or not. But I can't go on like this. You can take care of me when we get back to earth. We'll make that Spider bitch take us back, and then I'll kill her, too!"

The Fist giggled and pushed her mouth to the Hawk's unresponsive lips again.

"I hurt him before. Cut him up with a bunch of broken glass. Fuck, he screamed. I can do it again, especially with your help. We'll do it tonight, when he's busy with his Red Eyes."

That explains the glass, the Hawk was thinking.

"My super powers aren't any good against him, but I have a knife I stole from the kitchen. I keep it at the stable. I've had it for a while, but haven't had any good reason to use it. But now I do. I've been scared, but I'm not scared anymore."

The Fist pressed even closer to the smaller woman, and put her lips to the Hawk's, shoving her tongue into the other woman's mouth again.

"I love you, Hawk. We're going to get out of here together."


The Spider watched the red slit appear in the wall.

He's back, she thought.

She watched him step through the slit, into the main room of the domicile. The red slit closed up behind him.

"Come out, Spider," he said to the room. "I know you are here and watching me. It's time."

She did.

"Ah," he said. "Soon I'll have the Fist bring the Red Eyes up. You will open the window, and send the Red Eyes. It will kill John Claire, and you can bring it back."

"You promised that no one else would be hurt."

"You mean your little Heather," his face split open into an unpleasant smile. "I'll keep my promise. It will only kill John Claire, and no one else."

"She'll try to fight it."

"She can't hurt it. None of them can hurt it. It will only kill John Claire."

"If she gets hurt, I'll kill you. Is that clear?"

He stepped towards her, the red streaks in his black eyes crashing across them.

"Is it wise for you to make threats like that, Spider?" he hissed. "I don't think you can fulfill them."

"I just want you to know."

He sat down on his stool.

"Listen to me," he said evenly. "One more word out of you like that, and I'll grab you, and twist your little mind until you are nothing more than a dumb little slut who does only what she is told, without a thought in her fucking head. I want you as a partner. But I'll tear you down until you are nothing but a terrified little girl who will do nothing except what she is told. You saw what I did to the Fist."

"I'm not the Fist."

"You'll break exactly the same. I'm starting to hope that you disrespect me again, actually. I'm tired of you. I offered you a chance to fulfill your life goal of ending crime in the City once and for all at my side. But you reproach me instead. I tell you now, if you threaten me again, I'll twist your body and your mind until you don't even recognize yourself. You won't even remember what it is you were before. All you will know if you are my... thing. Go on. Say what you have to. Say one more thing. Let's get it out of the way. I'm looking forward to it."

His black eyes flashed with red, his long fingers grabbing at the thin air in expectation.

Just then the door cracked open, ugly bright light filling the windowless room. The Hawk stepped in, breathing hard, her hair disheveled.

"Ah, good," the Detective said. "Hawk, run and tell the Fist to bring the Red Eyes here. We will meet outside; our dear Spider here can open the window out there on the wall. Tell her to be quick about it."

The Hawk shot a quick look at the Spider.

"Yes, Master," she said, turning and closing the door.

"Let's get ready, little Spider. Come outside."


The Detective pointed to the outside wall of the domicile.

"Open the window right there," he said. "Make it big. This is a large Red Eyes. It will need a big opening."

Anna put her hand to the wall, and watched it become translucent.

I can't believe I can do this, she thought. Have I always been able to do this? It explains so much, how I've always been able to travel from darkness to darkness. I never thought about it.

Soon, her apartment came into view. She could see the three of them sitting on her couches, bottles of beer on the table.

Heather- her Heather- was hugging the slim blonde woman.

John Claire just sat there watching them, a bottle of beer in his hand, a wide-open smile on his face. Beaming. Radiant.

What the fuck was he so happy about, she wondered.

He wouldn't be for long. This was going to be his last night alive.

Fuck him, Anna thought. Time for you to die, Just John.

But she didn't really mean that. Anna didn't want John Claire to die, she didn't want anyone to die. Not anymore. She was tired. Seeing Heather made her realize how much she missed the woman she loved, how much she wanted to sleep next to her, safe in the warmth of Heather's arms, waking up first and sliding her tongue into her lover...

I need to be with her again, Anna told herself. Sorry, Just John.

Anna's thoughts were interrupted by an inhuman shriek behind her.

She spun around.

Walking towards her and the Detective was the Fist and the Hawk. The Fist was pulling an incredibly large Red Eyes by a chain, venomous saliva dripping from its fangs, its leathery wings closely cropped to its scaly torso. Its clawed forearms hung close to its body, the claws making a dreadful clicking sound as the creature ripped the air in front of it apart in its eagerness to kill.

The Red Eyes shrieked again.

Oh my God, Anna thought. What the fuck am I doing.

"Make it bigger, little Spider," the Detective hissed.

Anna could see the Hawk, walking uneasily by the Fist and the Red Eyes. The heroine's wings drooped to the ground, dragging in the black sand. She looked scared, defeated.

Join the club.

The Fist, though. She looked even... worse. Even more crazy, even more dangerous. Her eyes had a fire in them that hadn't been there before.

Seeing those eyes, Anna was more scared of the Fist than she had ever been before.

The Detective walked silently up to the Fist, taking the leash from her hand. Anna could not make out what the Fist said, but whatever it was, the Detective did not like it. Anna watched as he struck her down to the ground with the back of his elongated hand.

The Detective wrapped his hands around the Hawk, pulling her close to his grotesquely stretched body. He pulled the Red Eyes, snarling and spitting, towards where Anna stood.

"Make it bigger, Spider," the Detective growled. "Don't forget what I'll do to you if you disobey. Get to working."

She turned to the wall.

"That's a good choice, Spider," the Detective hissed. He turned to the Red Eyes and put his long hand directly on the creature's face. He closed his eyes, concentrating.

It snarled, spit. For a second Anna thought that it would tear his arm off.

But then it subsided, closed its own eyes.

He is programming it, she realized. Changing it.

The Fist picked herself up, wiped blood from her lips, and slunk back towards the group.

Finally, the window was big enough. Anna's living room was dark now. There were six bottles of beer on the table still, one of which was almost full.

They probably all went to bed, Anna thought. Heather would have put them up in the spare bedroom and gone to bed herself.


There was nowhere in all the worlds that Anna wanted to be more than warm in that bed next to her.

Anna looked at the Fist, approaching the group. There was a rage on the Fist's face, a determination, that Anna had never seen before. There was no pain there, anymore. No fear.

No hesitation.

"Master," the Hawk said quietly.

Anna looked at the Hawk, who seemed scared. Of what?

"Master," the Hawk said again.

The Fist came closer.

"Master!" the Hawk yelled. His eyes opened. "She has a knife!"

The Fist lunged, plunging the knife. The Detective twisted his long body, attempting to avoid the stab.

He was unable.

The Fist sunk the knife into his belly. Dark blood spurted out of the wound, jetting onto the black sand.

He screamed. He fell to his knees, putting his hands up to protect his face, which the Fist slashed and stabbed.

"You motherfucker," she sobbed. "I need you to die!"

Pushing away from her, the Detective stumbled backwards in panic, falling to the ground. He lay on his back, blood pouring from him, his chest rattling with painful breaths.

The Fist paused, and looked at the Hawk.

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