The Spoilt Brat


With all of the grace of a teenager he rammed the toy in and out like a piston; but it was just what I needed and I repaid him by gobbling and sucking his fat cock in earnest as I desperately tried to make him cum. My darling son and I were laughing and groaning and gasping all at the same as we rocked and rolled in sexual seventh heaven. It took him a couple of minutes to work out how to turn the vibrater on – but when he did – I thought that my cunt was going to explode!

Eventually his fucking me with the dildo was so furious I couldn't catch my breath, so I had to stop sucking him and placed his cock between my red hot tits.

Seconds later Freddie cried out, "Yes!" With that his cock began jerking and a jet of milky white spunk shot out and splashed on my chin followed by a torrent that poured out onto my big sweaty tits which I was pressing together around his shaking dick.

Freddie sighed with exhaustion, mumbling something about the best sex ever (he was only 18 but I suppose he had already screwed plenty of girls!).

Still with the dildo vibrating inside my hole I moved my head forward and licked and sucked the last drops of cream out of his shrinking knob.

I wasn't finished; so with my face resting against his soft cock I slid my hands beneath our bodies and began slowly fucking my pussy with the pulsating sex-toy as I rubbed my clitoris only inches away from my son's face!

"Oh shit!" he groaned as I fucked myself as hard and fast as he'd been doing moments before.

My love-button felt like a diamond as I feverishly flicked it, rubbed it, pressed it and nipped it as I desperately tried to make myself cum while nearly fucking my dildo to meltdown as I rammed it so hard and fast into my inflamed cunt.

"Go on mam! Go on!" Freddie called out, "Faster, faster!"

"Aaaaaggghhh! AaaaaaAAAGGGGHHHHHH SsssshhhIIIITTTTT!" I screamed as my orgasm felt like an electric shock that was burning every sinew in my lower body as my cunt muscles clamped around the vibrating toy!

When I opened my eyes my son's cock was rock hard again and half an inch away from my mouth. Of course I sucked it!

We were like this for the next hour – fucking and sucking like two love struck teenagers. of us was a teenager!

A couple of weeks later on a Friday night I was in the kitchen putting a bottle of wine back into the fridge after having a couple of little drinks before going out with some friends from work when I heard Freddie's key in the door.

"Fucking Hell mam!" My son drunkenly slurred, "You look as game as fuck! Are you on a promise tonight?"

"Not really!" I giggled as I straightened my dress, "I just felt like dressing up for once".

I hadn't been out with my friends for ages but because the 'regular sex' that I'd been having recently was making me feel so good I'd decided that a night on the town was in order. So I'd dressed up accordingly with a nice low cut dress that comes about 4 inches above my knee and a pair of slinky high heel shoes.

"Come here!" He growled, "I'll give you something to think about when you're getting chatted up!"

He pounced on me; virtually ripping my dress off and pushing me backwards onto the table!

"You dirty fucker!" He spat out as he 'smiled that smile' as he roughly stroked my stocking clad legs.

I had to cling onto the sides of the table as soon as he pulled my knickers to one side and jammed two fingers into my sticky hole and pulled his jogging pants off with the other hand. His big boner sprang into action as soon as it smelled my pussy juices.

Even though I had a taxi booked in twenty minutes I knew that it would be futile to try and stop him when he was in this drunken mood.

With a look of evil intent on his face my son forced his stiff cock into my newly trimmed pussy.

"Ooh!" he sighed as his spunk fuelled balls bounced against my arse.

His mouth hung open and he growled like a dog and his eyes glazed over as he pounded his cock into me like a jackhammer.

I don't know what noises I was making because I very quickly began to lose control as the feeling of his massive cock going deep inside me was absolutely fucking awesome. He eventually pulled my tits out of their cups and pressed his face against them and sucked long and hard on my prickling nipples.

"Turn around", my son croaked as he gulped in some air, "bend over and I'll fuck you like the bitch you are!"

He pulled his rock hard dick out of my bloated hole with an audible 'pop'. I dutifully did as my son asked and faced away from him with my arse waving in the air.

"Fucking hell!" I gasped as he plunged his fleshy dagger back inside me, "that feels bigger than your dad's cock!"

This amused him and he began fucking me faster and harder than before. I was in raptures as his big fat bell-end bashed against my cervix.

He pounded away like this for an age then eventually slowed down; letting me catch my breath as he seemed to lean to one side and pick something up.

I turned my head to see him holding a bottle of olive oil that I'd used on my salad. Before I could say anything he grabbed my hair and pushed my face back against the table. I suddenly felt the cold and sticky liquid running between my arse cheeks and down the crack onto my stretched pussy.

Breathing heavily Freddie withdrew his monster from my shaking cunt and pressed the fat plum against my arse hole.

"What do you think you're doing?" I whimpered.

"You know what I'm fucking doing," my son coldly whispered, "I'm putting it up your arse...just like dad used to!"

"No son, no! You're too big," I continued, "You'll split me in two!"

"I don't fucking think so!" He moaned as he forced his knob against my greasy sphincter muscle. With one jerk of his hips his cock slid straight up my arse unhindered.

"Oooooohhhhh," I sighed as he filled my backside with his huge cock.

Years earlier I had learned to love being buggered by my Ex and, to tell the truth, had missed that glorious dirty feeling of having my arse getting absolutely stuffed.

"Ugh! Ugh!" Freddie grunted as he slowly fucked my arse.

"Yes, yes!" I grunted with every grubby push, "harder baby harder!"

Freddie tried to fuck me more rapidly but my sphincter was too tight so he angrily resorted to twisting and tugging at my inflated brown nipples making me squeal with painful delight.

"You dirty cunt!" he drunkenly slurred, "You can't get enough cock, can you?"

"No, no!" I panted as he stretched my intestines with his 7 inches of love, "fuck me baby! Fuck mummy's arse!"

I was now trying to meet his vicious strokes with backward pushes of my own but found it difficult because my grip on the table made it move around the room with us!

"That's it!" I gasped as he pulverized my bowels with the most violent thrusts that he could muster, "faster, faster FASTER!"

"Ugh! Uuuggghhhh!" he grunted then sighed long and hard as my arsehole filled up with enough creamy man-juice to sink a battleship!

We remained joined like this for a minute or two until Freddie got his breath back and yanked his deflating dick out of my aching insides; leaving me feeling empty and sore.

As I lay wheezing on the table with my knickers now torn in two and his youthful spunk dribbling out of my puckered hole Freddie groaned, "I need a beer," and pulled his pants up with one hand as he opened the fridge door with the other.

As he swigged from the can he grinned at me, "I thought that you were going out!"

I grinned back and shook my head in disbelief at his cheek.

I hobbled to the bathroom and wiped my arse clean as I heard the taxi toot for my attention.

It only took a couple of minutes to change my panties and put my dress back on. It was a rather uncomfortable journey as I shuffled my tender arse on the backseat of the car as we sped into town.

My slightly dishevelled appearance and odd walk raised a few questions from my friends but I managed to put them off the scent by making up a story about a 'bad back'!

That was three months ago. When my son stays at my flat we now share a bed, but he is still as insufferable as ever and still goes back to his dad whenever he wants some money or new trainers or whatever, but at least he no longer tries to blackmail me.

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