tagLoving WivesThe Sporting Goods Store Ch. 03

The Sporting Goods Store Ch. 03


So if you have read my first two chapters you will understand the routine I settled into at my job. Steve my boss would get a blow job from me almost nightly and he being 10 years younger than me seemed to be what he was mostly interested in getting. A treat for Steve would be a tittie-fuck which would ensure an early night for me.

My husband was starting to get a little upset about the frequency of my oral affairs so I stopped telling him about all of them and he believed that they had slowed down over time and I would suck Steve's cock seldom. He usually didn't get upset at my extra marital affairs but I guess daily was a little too much for David.

Within two months I had given blow jobs to every employee at the store. That was the reward for employee of the month and even though there were 5 other employees all male, they couldn't wait their turn based on the viewing of Steve's video which I destroyed. All the employees Carl, Sam, Howie, Tony and Steve had at one time or another had my lips attached to their cocks. Only Tony and Carl had actually fucked me. The others seemed to be satisfied with just blow jobs.

For the first time in my marriage I was keeping these "working relationships" secret. Carl was a young black man, 23 and Tony was 24 and fully Italian. Of the two I preferred Tony. He seemed to be a little less rough than the others and especially Carl. Of course as you might have guessed Carl had the biggest cock. I guessed him at about 12 inches and thick like a soup can.

Today's story is about a recent employee meeting. One Saturday I went to work and was allowing Steve to play with my tits in his office when he told me "We have an employee meeting tomorrow before the store opens and Tony will be getting the employee of the month award."

"Well I guess I'll be busy." I answered. I knew the arrangement, I would suck the employee of the month off and the bonus would be mine. Not a bad deal since at this time in my life I could have used the extra cash.

Steve glanced at his watch then looked at the monitor with the video store pictured on the screen. No customers just Sam, a skinny white kid rearranging some merchandise. "I will be right back." Steve said, "Time to close."

Steve left me sitting on his desk and opened the door to his small office and quickly walked through it and I heard him tell Sam he could go home. Sam grabbed his things and I could see him say a couple things to Steve and he headed for the door. Steve locked the door behind Sam and came back towards his office.

Steve opened his office door and went straight for his tiny closet. He pulled out the air mattress and put it in a familiar location on the floor. "Lay down I want to fuck those tits again." He flatly stated.

"Damn you just got a blow job when I got here at 4." I answered while unbuttoning my blouse. What the hell Steve had closed an hour early and my husband wouldn't expect me home quite yet. I had come to enjoy the attention of these younger men. All at least 10 years younger than me. "Don't you have a girlfriend, Shannon?" I asked.

"I ditched here a couple weeks ago, why I need her bitchy ass." He said. "You are way better at everything and a lot easier to get naked with." Steve was taking his pants off at this point. His familiar 8 inches poking through the front of his boxers.

I had seen Shannon twice while working here and she seemed a bit prudish. She had long red hair and was a bit on the skinny side. She had cups at best and Steve is a total tit fan. I on the other hand had some 36 C's which all men find attractive. It is my second best attribute the first being my lips which when I am in the mood and a few twitches will brings most men running.

After removing my shirt and bra I lay down on the air mattress and cupped my tits. I pushed them together while rubbing the nipples for Steve. He loved this and within seconds he took a familiar position straddling my abdomen and pushing his cock between the natural tunnel I had created. I spit a little on the end of his cock as it would poke close to my mouth.

"Oh yeah, this is some good shit." Steve moaned while watching my face. "Suck on it some more."

Steve moved up and pressed his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and as usual he started grunting and fucking my face. He always would grab my head and force his cock down my throat. When I would start to gag I would extend my tongue to tickle his balls. Steve would always pull back some when I did this. I thought to myself this is getting to be the same with Steve and I was starting to get bored with it. But I knew tomorrow I could talk Carl into a good fuck. After several minutes of my boobs getting hammered and my mouth, Steve stiffened and I could feel the powerful orgasm in his groin. White ropes of cum covered my upper chest with a couple burst hitting my face.

"Shit that felt good." Steve said while sliding off me. His breath whistled through his teeth.

I grabbed at a roll of paper towels Steve kept on his desk just for these situations. "Do I have to stock the shelves?" I asked while wiping cum from my cheeks.

"Nah, the guys will do it before the meeting tomorrow." He answered. He then grabbed for his pants and started to get dressed.

"Does David know about our arrangement?" Steve asked.

I grinned and answered while wiping the remaining amounts of cum off my chest. "No, he knows some but not all. He doesn't even care too much, it turns him on. But he was getting a little upset from every night. So now I just tell him about some things."

"Do you like it or something, cause honestly we aren't overly nice or anything?" Steve asked.

"It isn't so bad. I have had worse in my past. This is just sex for you guys more or less. I am much older than you and I like the fact you guys find my sexy." I answered.

"Well we do and you are making coming to work a lot funner." He added "I can't believe how much cock you suck and just keep going. It is unbelievable. Shit Shannon wouldn't even suck my cock."

We finished dressing during our conversation and Steve opened the door. I walked through and headed for the front door.

Oh my god, David was walking up to the front door. I opened the door and Steve was right behind me. How would this kid handle this?

David smiled and Steve said "Hello sir, just closing up. See you tomorrow, Susan." And he headed towards his car. David shook his head at me.

"What have we been up to?" David said walking towards our own cars.

"Want me to tell you here or at home?" I asked smiling.

"At home." David said and jumped in his car.

I hoped in my car and followed David. "hmm" that went well I thought to myself. We arrived at home about 10 minutes later and David went through the front door without even glancing my way. This worried me some.

I walked to the living room to put me stuff down and David said from the hallway leading to our bedroom "The kids are at moms. Come with me I think I need to perform some husbandly duties." While waving me towards him.

I walked into the bedroom where he was taking off his pants. "Have you been a naughty girl?" he asked while grinning.

I nodded and started to get undressed while pulling my clothes off. "A little." I said wondering about his mood. I was still unsure if he would be jealous or not.

"Did you fuck him?" David asked.

"No, just a blow job." I answered "It had been a couple weeks since he asked for one."

"Really, I am going to eat your pussy to see if you are telling the truth." He said.

Wow this is working out better than I thought. Hopefully David would eat my pussy to a mind shattering orgasm and then I could fuck Carl tomorrow without my pussy all sore. I lay down on the bed with my legs hanging off the edge and David knelt between my legs. We were both totally naked and I felt bad about lying to David but it really had me horny as hell.

David sniffed at my pussy; he would never eat me out after I had sex with another man or even him. Just one of his things he didn't like.

"Wow, you were telling the truth." He said then he started lapping at my slit and clit. David is an expert pussy eater. He takes his time and I have always cum to a screaming orgasm when he services me.

For some reason I was a lot more responsive to his licking than usual. He pulled back and said "Damn you are hot right now."

I said back "Please don't stop, I am turned on right now." And I pulled his head back in place. Well more like forced it back and he continued his tongue lashing. I was beyond the norm here, was it because I had been untruthful to David or was it because I was just turned on. I would try my lying ways again to find out.

My legs started squeezing the sides of his head and instinctively David started to concentrate on my clit. My toes started to go numb and then I started moaning. I thrust my pelvis into David's face and his tongue pressed into my clit. Bursting lights shattered the darkness on my closed eye lids and my body contorted to the side. Ever muscle in my toned body contracted to include my pussy.

"God damn." David said while trying to escape my leg lock. "Easy you're going to smash my head." David grinned and stood up with his 9 inch cock waving to me. I got on my shaky knees in front of him, my breathing started to subside. It was just amazing.

"He must taste good for you to be so turned on." David said while reaching for my head. David grabbed my pony tail and I started to lick the underside of his cock. He was going to get the best bj I could offer. No hands and I was going to let him 'punish' me with his cock. I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in hard and started pulling his cock into my mouth. Each pull and thrust from him forced his cock deeper into me. I am able to deep throat David at 9 inches but the cock I would be sucking tomorrow was at least 3 inches longer and an inch in diameter more.

Within 5 minutes of my gaging and sloppy sucking David was filling my mouth with cum. "Swallow that you naughty wife." He said while grunting.

He had no idea and I didn't either.

The next morning I got up and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Cool shower, shave and about 20 minutes in the vanity had me looking great. David rolled out of bed and asked "I'll go get the kids. What time you going to be home today?"

"5ish, but I have to hurry, I don't want to be late." I said.

"See you then babe." David said. He grabbed at my ass and pulled me to him for a good bye kiss. I pecked him on the lips and pulled away. I was at odds about lying to him.

I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. The short drive to the sporting goods store was uneventful. I got there and everyone had showed up except Sam. I guess Steve had given him the day off last night at closing in payment for his time with me. Tony, Steve, Carl and Howie were stocking shelves. I knocked on the door for one of them to unlock it. Carl looked up and smiled and walked to the door and opened it for me. I walked in and he said "Hello there."

"Hi" I quickly replied and walked towards the break room. I could feel my womanhood getting ready for Carl. My clit was sensitive just from walking in my tight shorts to the break room. Everyone followed me to the break room and we all jammed into the confined space.

Carl squeezed in close enough to whisper in my ear. "I aint taken no money."

I smiled and turned my head toward him and softly said "Good because I have the day off and my husband doesn't expect me home until 5." I then winked and licked my top lip.

"Damn, I am off after this stupid meeting too." He excitedly replied looking at my lip show.

Steve then said while watching us "Congrats to our new employee of the month, Carl. I have the check or you know or you can take the time with Suzan."

"Time with Suzan." Carl answered not looking away from me.

Steve handed the check to me and it had my name on it. "How did you know he would say that?" I asked.

"No one in this room would take the cash over what you offer." He said half smiling. Everyone chuckled a little and the sexual tension was building among these young men.

I didn't want to spend my time here like I usual did sucking all these guys off. "Well gentlemen, Carl's day is today and we are going now."

I brushed past Steve rubbing my tits across his back as he turned to allow room for Carl's large dark frame and me.

"See you tomorrow Suzan, and don't be late." He said while nodding to Carl.

Carl just grinned back and followed me out to the door. Steve was behind us with his keys to let us out. "Have fun."

Steve let us out and I asked "What are we going to do?"

Steve said "I know what we are going to do but let me call my bro and see if we can go over to his place."

"Is it that Randolph guy?" I asked. Randolph was Carl's friend who he called big R. He had been in the store a couple times and I knew Carl had told him about me just from the comments he would make and the way he would undress me with his eyes constantly.

"Yeah, he is cool. Hop in." He answered.

I got into the passenger's side of his car and he hoped in the front. Carl was a clean young man which I appreciated. Carl turned the key and started to back out. I looked over at the store and Steve was in at the glass door still waving. Well none for him today, I thought to myself. My pussy was getting moist and I was getting really hot thinking about fucking Carl and deceiving my husband at the same time. Damn this was going to be good.

I reached over and grabbed at the bulge in Carl's shorts. "Damn bitch, can't wait for it?" He asked while driving and unbuttoning his shorts at the same time.

"We only have about 6 or 7 hours until I have to be back at the store, so why wait." I answered pulling his monster from his shorts.

"Well suck it while I call Big R." He said after turning out of the parking lot.

I lowered my head on his hardening cock and sucked him in. His hands where fumbling with the phone. I sucked about 5 inches in and raised my head and continued my best to get this monster black cock down my throat. I felt the car stop and I looked up with his cock in my mouth still. That is when I realized his cock was so big that the people next to us at the stop light could watch me suck him. My pussy got wetter as I looked at the older man in the car next to us watching me. Carl rolled down his window and said "Nothing like a Sunday morning blow job, huh?"

I didn't hear or see a response cause the light turned green and Carl sped off. I continued sucked and slurping on his monster cock.

I heard Carl say "Hey big R, I got that milf in my car sucking my cock now, I think she wants to fuck, you at home?"

I felt the car begin to speed up some.

Cart then said to the back of my head "Say hello to big R, bitch, but don't stop."

The phone was placed on the side of my head and I managed a "UH HO."

Carl Chuckled "Here that. Ok meet you there in 10 minutes."

Carl said "Hurry this up some; I want to finish before we get Big R."

I downed more of his cock. I was at my limit and because of the girth of his monster I could only get about 6 inches in. I slowed my bobbing slightly. I was actually thinking about finishing Carl with his friend in the back seat. Perhaps I could get these two to train my ass today just adding to my deception. I had to focus on keeping Carl from cumming I was totally turned on. Beyond the norm and my pussy was wet enough to leak out some juice on my upper thighs. I moaned.

"Damn, you are a cocksucking bitch." Carl said.

I grunted "Uh, huh."

I felt the car slow down some after a few minutes and a bump from the entrance to a parking lot caused me to gag.

Carl lightly laughed "Yeah, swallow my cock."

The car stopped and I glanced out the driver side window still sucking on Carl's cock and could see that Big R was walking towards us. He looked into my eyes when he got close and opened the back door to the Carl's car.

"You weren't bullshitting me, Carl." Big R said. "Let's go to my house."

I then felt some unfamiliar hands on my tits. "These are nice." I heard Big R say.

"This bitch gives the best head and she has a tight pussy." Carl said. "The bitch married some white dude."

Hearing a reference to David cause me to almost wet my panties. I began moaning and humming while sucking this cock.

"You going suck my cock bitch?" I heard Big R say.

"UH hmmm." I answered.

"Sounds like a yes to me." Carl said while driving out of the parking lot.

"Man I am going cum." Carl said and I pulled down on his cock with my hand totally exposing his sensitive cock head. I kept my pace rubbing the edges of his head with my teeth. The car stopped at another red light. I glanced up again out the window and saw another man watching me.

He was watching me suck Carl's dick and Big R fondling my breasts. My pussy contracted and I had a small orgasm. Carl pushed down on my head and while looking into the strangers eyes cum filled my mouth.

"Swallow." Carl stated.

I began gulping down a healthy load of cum. He released the grip on my hair and Big R stopped pulling on my nipples.

"Oh yeah, that was good." Carl said while exhaling sharply.

I leaned back in my seat as Carl pushed on the gas and I waved to the guy in the car making a left. He just stared.

Carl made a right and drove a little ways and made another right.

"How old are you?" Big R asked.

"35, does that matter." I answered looking back at him.

"No matter to me bitch, but I have never fucked a bitch that old." He said.

"Hey, are we going to party or talk about how old everyone is." Carl said.

"Yeah lets party baby." I said stroking his leg.

"Fuck yeah." Big R said. He then leaned forward and reached between the front seats and rubbed my pussy through my shorts.

"Yeah." I breathed. I was so fucking hot.

Carl turned into a driveway. I could see a house and we drove around to the back. I could see a garage with some steps leading up to an apartment over that garage. Carl parked close to the steps and we all got out and hurried up the stair. Big R opened the door and followed me in.

Basically it was a loft apartment with one large room. It was furnished with a couch, recliner, a nice plasma, what I knew was a PS 3 from being married and along the far wall was a sink, small table and a frig.

I noticed a door off to the left and asked "Can I use your bathroom?"

"Yea." Big R said while waving to that door.

Carl made his way to the couch and grabbed a remote. He then said "Might as well come out of it naked, Susan."

"Be right back." I answered while heading for the door. I went into the bathroom; quickly I noticed how unclean it was like the rest of this place. I opened my purse and got my lipstick out. I applied a generous amount to my ample lips. Glancing into the grime covered mirror, "Perfect you slut." I thought to myself.

I undressed and put all my cloths into my purse and I opened the door and walked out into the living room. Carl was watching TV and Big R was staring at me. He stood from the chair he was sitting in and began unbuttoning his pants.

"God damn, this bitch is almost too easy, you weren't bullshitting, Carl." He stated. He dropped and kicked his pants and boxes off. And then he removed his shirt. Both Carl and Big R had rock hard bodies and I was impressed with the growing cock Big R proudly sported.

Big R walked towards me. "Knees." He aggressively said.

I knelt down and puckered my lips. "You guys get until 4 then I have to get back to the store." I said.

"That is about 5 hours. "Plenty of time for me to get all of ya, ho." Big R said. He shoved his cock into my face and I opened my mouth. He shoved all 8 inches into my throat. I gagged a little but his cock began to get bigger as I sucked on his ebony shaft.

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