tagMind ControlThe Spreading Darkness

The Spreading Darkness


Warning: this is a work of adult fiction; all charachters are over 18 and this should not be read by anybody under that age.

Dedicated to Lady Izzabelle and all those who follow Her


The Spreading Darkness

Part 1

The office was deserted at this hour on a Wednesday morning. It would be at least another half an hour before his colleagues began streaming in for the day. But right now, just as planned, Ian had the entire office to himself.

Without even pausing for a second Ian marched straight into the small kitchen area just off the open plan office. He opened a cupboard above the small sink area and rummaged amongst the various mugs and cups within. Finally, right at the back he found what he was searching for. A garish red, white and blue souvenir mug with a caricature of the Eiffel Tower on one side and the Arc de Triomphe on the other. Ian quickly took the mug out of the cupboard and placed it in his briefcase. Then, carefully he unwrapped an identical mug, one that had been delivered to him specially for this purpose, and placed it in the cupboard.

Only after making sure that everything was back in place did Ian proceed to his desk and readied himself for another day of work. But first he took out a sleek silver mobile phone. Unlike other phones this one had only one button in the centre of it. Without hesitating Ian pressed the button and held the phone up to his ear.

A man's voice answered. "Report slave," the person at the other end commanded.

Ian knew that this man was another of his Goddess' slaves. Like ian, the person he was speaking to was a mere shell of a man. The infinite corruption of Lady Izzabelle's Dark Ream had consumed every fibre of his being. Every action, every thought, every desire revolved around his Goddess. Just like ian.

"Phase one has been initiated," Ian answered calmly.

"Very good slave," the man acknowledged. "Proceed as planned. Goddess wills it so."

"The will of Goddess is my will," Ian replied reverentially before hanging up.


As the afternoon wore on, Jennie found it more and more difficult to concentrate. The computer screen seemed to be moving in front of her eyes. It was proving to be extremely difficult to form a coherent thought. Every little task caused her to furrow her brow in deep concentration. Right now Jennie was putting all her energy into stapling the sheets of paper she'd printed off for the quotations on the new flat screen computer monitors they needed for the office.

Suddenly a voice burst through her concentration. Somebody was standing over her desk.

"Hi Jennie, I'm just having some trouble with my mouse. Is it ok to grab a spare one from stores?"

Jennie's head felt like jelly. It seemed to take an inordinate effort to look up towards the speaker. She recognised him immediately; Ian from the accounts section. He was standing over her expectantly, a faint smile tracing his lips.

"Sss..uuuu..rrr...eee," Jennie managed to slur eventually in response.

"Thanks. Say, are you ok Jennie?" Ian went on with a trace of concern, "you don't look so great. It must be that flu that's been going around. You know what this office is like, as soon as one person catches something then it does the rounds. Maybe you should take a few days off and rest," he suggested mildly.

Jennie nodded her head slightly. What Ian said made perfect sense. It was the flu, nothing else. That was why she was feeling so wretched. Maybe a couple of days off would do the trick. Besides, the company owed her big time for doing all that extra work in setting up the new system. It was about time they showed her some appreciation. She'd ask her supervisor later.

Ian turned away from the confused woman. A hot tingle of pleasure glowed within him, but outwardly his normal demeanour appeared unchanged. It had all worked perfectly as planned. He had noticed the dregs of coffee in the tacky souvenir mug on Jennie's desk. It had been so easy. Everybody in the office used their own personal mugs so it had been simplicity itself to substitute Jennie's holiday mug for an identical one provided by Lady Izzabelle. Although it looked the same as the original, the interior of Lady Izzabelle's mug had been coated with a fine film of a powerful drug which had seeped into the coffee that Jennie had filled it with. Slowly, over the course of the day, the drug had worked it's way through Jennie's bloodstream until now she was feeling the full effects of it. The drug was part of Lady Izzabelle's Dark arsenal of servitude: tasteless and odourless it could be added to anything that was to be eaten and the subject would remain completely unaware as they consumed it. A combination of sedative and hypnotic, the drug would render whoever took it completely open to suggestion and powerless for hours afterwards.

Taking the spare mouse out of the stores cupboard, ian couldn't help but smile. The Will of Goddess was being done.


Ian timed it carefully to appear to bump into Jennie again at quitting time. The attractive, slender framed girl was struggling with her long camel coloured coat. She had managed to pull the left sleeve on but seemed completely unable to co-ordinate herself at all. The right sleeve was empty and Jennie tried in vain to thread her arm through the opening of the coat.

Smiling as always Ian approached the helpless woman. "Here, let me help you," he purred, lifting up the empty coat sleeve and guiding Jennie's arm inside.

"Thhannkss.." Jennie responded listlessly.

Ian smiled again. "No problem," he went on. "Are you going to take a few days off?"

"Yeessss.." Jennie managed to reply in a weak voice. "Told Andy about... about fluuuuu," she answered with considerable effort.

"Good, I think that's for the best," Ian soothed. "Say would you like a lift home? I have my car with me and I don't think that you're in any fit state to get the bus tonight."

Jennie slowly nodded her head in agreement. "Yesss...pl...pl..eee..sssee.."

"Great," Ian went on placing his arm within hers, "my car is just outside." Jennie nodded again. Ian's smile grew broader.


Ian opened the door of his apartment and guided the docile woman inside. Once inside the car Jennie had just stared into space and said nothing. She was fully under the influence of Goddess by now. Jennie would obey any command or do anything he told her. The girl was completely pliable and open to suggestion.

Once inside, he manoeuvred Jennie towards his spare bedroom and opened the door. Jennie calmly walked inside and just stood there. Her pretty face showed no emotion at all. Jennie's eyes stared ahead sightlessly while her mouth hung slack and slightly open.

Everything was ready. Ian had prepared the room as commanded. The centrepiece of the otherwise empty chamber was a padded, steel framed upright chair. A series of leather straps hung ready from this uncomfortable seat.

Behind and underneath this fiendish piece of furniture a number of gleaming metallic devices lay ready and waiting for the Dark process that was about to be unleashed.

"Remove your clothes," ian commanded the entranced woman.

Jennie stared vacantly ahead. The drug had completely removed her ability to make a decision. Any command would be obeyed.

Slowly and unsteadily, Jennie managed to pull off her coat, followed by the trouser suit and finally her underwear. Naked and vulnerable, Jennie stood ready.

"Now sit in the chair," he ordered next.

Jennie, as commanded, walked the few steps towards the chair and eased her naked body into the padded seat. She sat still. Her glazed expression never waivered.

ian set to work immediately. He began to fasten the thick leather straps around her naked body, binding Jennie to the hard chair. Straps ran around her waist and upper torso, while her arms were bound to the rests and her splayed legs were firmly secured to the metal framework of the chair itself.

Jennie sat quietly. She remained completely passive all this time allowing ian to proceed unhindered.

ian now produced a long, thick silver coloured vibrator. Kneeling between Jennie's spread legs ian pressed his lips to her stubble encrusted pussy and thrust his tongue into the soft folds of her sex. He worked his tongue slowly and patiently. Jennie's body began to respond instinctively. A low plaintive moan erupted from the bound captive. Jennie was ready. Carefully, ian drew his face away and slid the long dildo deep into Jennie. She moaned again loudly as her body registered the intruder being pressed inside her. Her body writhed in pleasure but the restraints pressed her firmly to the chair.

A thick black lead ran from the back of the dildo to a metal box under the chair.

ian stood up. Jennie gazed up at him, her eyes moist with pleasure but still without thought. Now he took the thick leather item up off the table and went round the back of the chair. Carefully, ian placed the massive black leather neck corset around Jennie's neck before buckling it tightly at the rear. The hard, unyielding neck corset gripped Jennie's neck in a snug, firm embrace, preventing any possible movement and locking her head in a forward facing position. A small metal bar ran from the chin cup of the neck corset down to the front of the black leather garment. Jennie's head was completely immobilised.

ian now locked the headphones in position around Jennie's head. Attachment points on the bottom of the headphones were designed to meet the neck corset and ian fastened them securely over her head.

It would be impossible for Jennie to remove them.

Jennie's soft glassy blue eyes stared vacantly ahead.

ian proceeded to the control unit device located behind the chair after securing a series of pads to Jennie's body and head, designed to relay information on her vital signs and monitor her progress. Activating the control unit, ian keyed in the required sequence.

Jennies gasped loudly as the vibrator buried inside sprang to life.

ian made his way towards the exit, switching the light off as he left, entombing Jennie within the inky blackness of the brainwashing chamber.

By the time Jennie saw light again, the Darkness would have been branded into her soul.

ian produced his phone again and rang the number. Another voice answered, a different slave. Goddess had a multitude of devoted slaves of which ian was just one.

"Phase 2 has been initiated. The subject is secure and the brainwashing process has begun," ian told the operator slave.

"Very good slave. You have served the Darkness well." Hearing those words, ian's cock immediately thrust forward against his pants. "Proceed with your nightly ritual, slave. Report again in the morning. Goddess wills it so."

"The will of Goddess is my will," a very aroused ian responded.


A long, loud chime roused the devoted servant of Darkness from his deep, restful slumber. ian stirred in his latex sleepsack as he felt the familiar warm stickiness against his body. The tight black rubber sleeping bag completely encased his body from his neck down, trapping him inside for the night. A pair of heavy black earphones had cupped his ears tightly constantly feeding the voice of his divine Goddess, Lady Izzabelle into his empty brain.

A control box lying nearby was linked directly to the sleepsack and his headphones allowing his Goddess to control him throughout the night. As well as the headphones, Goddess cemented Her control by stimulating and teasing his firmly aroused cock within the sleepsack. His erect member was firmly encased within a heavy rubber sheath attached to the latex sack which kept him on the cusp of orgasm all night long while his Goddess toyed with the helpless slave's mind. The constant arousal cemented the association within the devoted slave's mind that only through his unswerving obedience to Lady Izzabelle could he find pleasure. Only after a night of constant brainwashing and stimulation was the slave finally allowed to cum.

The computer unlocked the steel bonds that had bound him to the sleepsack during his night of brainwashing. Twisting his arms within the tight latex sack, ian found the zip fastener and slowly opened it. Part of him was reluctant to get out of this warm, safe rubber cocoon of slavery, but his greater need was to start his new day of obedience and service to his Goddess. ian detached his penis from the stimulation sheath within the latex sleeping bag and clambered out of it.

He wore the sticky residue of the night's devotion on his lower torso like a badge of pride.

ian sank to his knees on the floor. On a low table beside him was the thick leather collar of servitude. A symbol of his complete submission and devotion to his Goddess. Carefully he raised the heavy collar to his neck and buckled it tightly around him.

"The Sweet Darkness of Your Divine Will is my will," ian exclaimed loudly to the otherwise empty room, "Thank You Goddess!"

His daily profession of faith completed, ian rose to his feet. He had tasks to perform this morning. Padding across the hallway in his bare feet he opened the door to the brainwashing chamber where Jennie had been locked in all night.

A pungent aroma of sweat and sex assailed his nostrils. ian smiled as he entered the chamber. It was still pitch black inside but his eyes adjusted quickly to the gloom. Jennie was still strapped into the chair where he had left her last night. Her body glistened with sweat. She writhed slowly on the chair, her body responding automatically to the ministrations of the dildo buried within her sopping vagina. She stared ahead at the giant swirling pattern that was projected on to the wall faceing her. A twirling spiral slowly twisted on and on, sucking the helpless woman's consciousness into oblivion. Interspersed amd entwined within the spiral, large words flashed quickly before her eyes.


Jennie stared wide eyed at the display. The headphones were dripping the sweet voice of Goddess into her thoughtless mind.

The endless visual, audio and sexual bombardment was beginning to take it's toll on the powerless captive. Without even being consciously aware of what she was doing, Jennie was speaking aloud the words flickering in front of her.

With every passing moment Jennie's will to resist the Darkness grew weaker and weaker. Her identity was being stripped away. Everything that she knew and held dear would be peeled away by Lady Izzabelle's sweet brainwashing. Only then would the empty head of the needy new convert be ready to be filled with the true understanding and corruption that Goddess granted all Her loyal slaves.

Jennie gave no indication of noticing his arrival. ian checked the monitor on the control unit. The display indicated that there were no unexpected difficulties in Jennie's treatment. Everything was proceeding as planned.

It was a simple matter for ian to change the drip attached to Jennie's left arm and replace it with a full bag of the Dark liquid of Goddess. It would be enough to last until late tonight.

Closing and locking the door behind him, it was time for ian to get himself ready for another day in the office.


It had been a busy morning. The quarterly figures were needed in a rush as usual. He was grateful to get a break away from his desk and grab a sandwich. Finding an empty bench in the small park opposite his office, ian sat down. He cut an unremarkable figure, just another office worker out for his lunch. Passers by paid him no heed.

ian produced the phone from his pocket and dialled the number.

"Report slave," a male voice ordered.

ian's body automatically stiffened to attention as he responded to command.

"All is proceeding as planned. The staff in the office assume that Jennie is off sick with the flu. They suspect nothing," ian answered down the phone.

"Good slave. You are serving the Darkness well. Return to your normal routine. Goddess wills it so."

"Her slave will obey," ian droned in response.

He put the phone back in his pocket and now looked down at the plastic wrapped sandwich. ian's nose wrinkled in mild annoyance. Tuna salad was all they had left by the time he'd got there. He hated fish.


The crisis meant that ian was an hour late leaving the office. It wasn't a big deal really. As usual is boss was making a mountain out of a molehill about this quarter's figures. They were fine as far as ian could see. No dramatic improvements but equally no big losses either. They were holding their own.

Locking the door behind him ian returned to his apartment. An eerie silence greeted him but he knew that was deceptive. The room where Jennie had been imprisoned for so long had been soundproofed as a precaution.

After removing his work clothes and dressing as a slave should, ian opened the door to the midnight world where Jennie dwelled.

Whereas before the smell had been unpleasant, now the moist damp air within the room was completely saturated with Jennie's exertions. The bound, sweat drenched girl remained bound to the unyielding chair. The pattern in front of her had changed since his last visit. A series of random colours and patterns flashed before her eyes, captivating her consciousness and emptying her mind.

Like before a series of words flashed in front of her. Words that were being burned into the very fabric of her being.


Jennie's monotonous voice filled the otherwise silent room. As each word appeared before her, she uttered it aloud in a calm, clear voice that echoed off the bare walls.

The Sweet Darkness of Goddess was entering her soul. There would be no going back. Jennie's path was clear. Goddess would have a new slave very soon. ian rejoiced at the thought.

Skilfully, ian changed the drip for the night and left the helpless slave to her fate.

It was time for ian to perform his devotional ritual to Goddess. Striding into the living area, the hypnotised slave approached the altar to the Supreme Goddess of Darkness.

Kneeling before the portrait of Lady Izzabelle, ian stared up at her magnificent face. He gasped in awe at being so close to the source of the Dark power that had consumed his soul. ian's body trembled at the thought of the Sweet Darkness that coursed through his veins. His cock throbbed at being so close to Goddess.

The glassy unblinking eye of a camera lens stared back at the enraptured slave from above the altar. The thought that at any time Goddess could choose to observe Her devoted slave filled ian's mind with ecstacy.

ian held his arms outwards, palms upward and began to chant the mantra of obedience and servitude. The words were the outward expression of his absolute faith and devotion to his Goddess.

"Lady Izzabelle is the Supreme Goddess of the Sweet Darkness."

"Lady Izzabelle is my Goddess."

"Goddess owns my body and mind."

"i am the property of Lady Izzabelle."

"i must serve and obey my Goddess."

"i am a slave. i want to be a slave. i need to be a slave."

On and on he chanted, slipping quickly into the trance of Darkness that Lady Izzabelle had bestowed upon him. The words sprang from deep inside his corrupted mind. The inky Darkness that Lady Izzabelle had placed there could never be removed.

ian continued kneeling and chanting long into the night.


It was Friday evening at last. The weekend was here and work was over for another week. All the accounts had been finalised and signed off. The panic was over for another few months at least.

The sweet smell of slavery greeted ian as he entered the brainwashing chamber. He smiled widely at what he saw before him.

Jennie was still sitting in the chair; her naked body bucked and writhed in time to the intense vibrations coming from the dildo embedded deeply inside her. Instead of the random spirals or patterns she had experienced before, now Jennie was basking in the full glory of her new Goddess, Lady Izzabelle.

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