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The Spy Who Fucked Me


Nadja Vladimirovna Petrova saw her target enter the office and her heart fluttered in her chest. He was handsome, like the photos in his file, but seemed much taller and more muscular than she had imagined. Seeing a man in a photograph is much different than seeing him in real life, no matter how accurate the photo.

She schooled herself and began the mental exercises she had mastered over the years which allowed her to control her physical reactions to what were usually unconscious responses. Before he finished approaching her desk she was in a positive, neutral frame of mind and ready to "meet" him for the first time.

"Good afternoon sir, may I help you?"

"Well I certainly hope so. A lady as lovely as yourself could be most useful." He smiled and his craggy masculine face softened and she allowed herself to feel lust bloom inside. She was very adept at looking flustered and embarrassed. It was one of her specialties.

It seemed to work, because his smile broadened and his pupils dilated.

His eyes scanned her face and body taking in her fine, long blond hair, her green eyes and fined boned symmetrical face. Nadja was beautiful, that was why she had been chosen for this mission. Her face and body were sculpted perfection, her 5'7" frame lithe, nubile and toned, with just enough flesh to keep her from looking too skinny.

"I'm here to see Mr. Blowfield." He winked at her audaciously. She made herself blush and check her hair quickly, autonomic responses for females when aroused. She looked away at her book and then back quickly letting him see her being flustered and pleased with his attention.

"You must be Mr. Fischer." Fiddling with her pen she pretended to be nervous while actually taking photographs of him.

"I must be." He agreed. His suit was impeccable, his hair perfect and his body language utterly casual, no hint that he was a spy here to pry for information from her employer. His file said he was an incorrigible flirt, and he had a history of extracting information from females. Often they had gone out of their way to aid him in escaping death, or supplying him with information. He was cocksure and arrogant, so she was the bait to trap him once and for all.

So far it seemed to be working.

"I'll tell him you are here." She spoke in an excellent French accent, hiding her natural Russian, and as she spoke into the phone telling Mr. Blowfield his appointment was here she glanced up and down at her target flirting with him as subtly as she could.

"He will see you right away, Mr. Fischer. Do you care for any refreshments?"

"Depends on what's on the menu?" He spoke dryly, just the slightest hint of sexual innuendo, and she allowed herself to receive the implication of his offer.

"We can get anything you desire, given some, very few limitations due to time and convenience." She looked him square in the eye as she spoke, then glanced away quickly right at the end. Then back. She was playing the game as best she could and he loved it.

"Martini. Shaken, not stirred." Then she opened the door for him and he brushed against her as he passed. Just the lightest of touches and she shuddered and let him feel her slight tremble.

Then he was inside and she left alone.

While she prepared his drink, as requested, she couldn't hep anticipating the next phase of the plot, which in turn took her mind back to the beginning of this life. The life of espionage.

As a young girl in the Soviet Union, she and all children were screened for aptitudes in various skills that would bring glory to the Republic. Initially she showed promise in dance and so for three years, from five until eight she was sculpted as a ballerina. When she fell behind in those skills it was noticed she had a flare for acting and from nine until sixteen was trained in the dramatic arts.

At some point a member of the KGB saw her perform and pulled her out of her theatrical company and for one month she was assessed rigorously in a series of bewildering tests she had no idea the outcome of.

When she was done, drained and mentally exhausted, she was informed that she was being enrolled in the KGB.

Her life felt torn from her. For eleven years she had imagined a life of public adoration and accomplishment, and now she was informed she would be invisible, unseen and unknown. It broke her heart.

She was taken to a remote training facility in Siberia where she found herself in a dorm with fifty other girls aged sixteen to twenty. The fifteen or so other girls who had just arrived were all tearful and scared, but the older girls made them welcome and within days friendships formed and Nadja, for one, eased into this new life.

Then she had begun her training in weapons, martial arts and controlling her emotions and reactions. Nadja loved this work. The lack of public affirmation was worth the power and confidence these new skills brought out in her.

For two years she was rigorously molded into a perfect weapon. Starting her training with the other girls they had learned how to fight and use weapons. Then they were introduced to the one hundred or so young men in the facility and the training began again with the new differences in weight height and strength.

Then her spy training had taken a turn.

The week after her eighteenth birthday Nadja began her most difficult and specialized training of all.

The art of seduction.

The KGB were well aware of her lack of sexual experience, they had been watching her night and day for years. They had been counting on it.

Now she was initiated into the world of sexual espionage.

Nadja was told to masturbate and explore her passions. She was ordered to explore the things that made her most aroused and to bring herself to orgasm as often as possible. She was given every type of pornography to read, or watch or look at.

For the first time in her life she was indulged and pampered. She was given hours of the day to herself to pursue her sexual awakening. When she wasn't pleasuring herself, which she found wonderful and delightful, she was taught to do her hair and make-up and given clothes to try on in the hopes of finding the very best ways to show off her body.

Nadja was a toned athletic woman; her training had given her lean, long muscles and a fit hollowed look. Now that she was ready they fed her more and plumped her up a bit. For over a year she was taught how to walk, to talk and to move in the most seductive ways. She still trained at weapons and hand to hand combat, but now she was given elocution lessons and taught accents as well as grooming and poise.

Yet her ongoing quest for the richest inner sexual life was beginning to wear on her. She found herself constantly getting aroused as she worked closely with her male contemporaries. Her sexual appetite grew enormous and she wanted nothing more than to consummate her desires.

As her nineteenth birthday came and went she was taught to control her passions.

Nadja was shown methods of meditation that enabled her to swallow her lust and transform it into a cold deadly focus. She was taught to expose her sexual desire in a cold clinical environment, ordered to masturbate in a classroom full of other trainees, a scientific lab and other random within the secret KGB workstation.

There were numerous high ranking agents there witnessing her embarrassing displays. Before long she was able to reach a full state of arousal and even achieve orgasm in these public performances. Then she was taught to turn her arousal on and off in faster and faster cycles.

By the end of her nineteenth year she could climax in seconds, or utterly shut off her sexual response in a fraction of that time.

At the age of twenty she was finally allowed to take a lover, but it was not a lover in the same sense any other young person would experience. She was paired with another young male agent and they were told to make love. They were placed in a room that had a large bed in the middle and there scientist and army officers observed them as they had their first sexual encounter.

The two young agents were both virgins and as the lights dimmed in the strange bedroom, the people behind glass merely said "You may begin."

Nadja turned to her lover, a young man she hardly knew other than a face in the crowd, and they reached for each other and began to kiss. In moments it became passionate as they allowed their bodies, and the years of pent up sexual energy to swell.

He was a handsome man, well built, his body hard and toned from years of training, the same as herself. As the kissed their hands began to roam around each other's sculpted bodies, exploring, hungry to at long last be feeling flesh in ways not designed for combat.

And yet Nadja was aware that this too was part of her training for exactly that. Combat.

When his hands found her breasts Nadja sighed and felt tension seep from her body. She relaxed against him, softening, urging him to continue. In these subtle ways she lured him into making love to her the way she wanted this first time to be. Gentle, caring and compassionate.

That was the plan she had worked out with her trainer.

Her lover began to kiss her neck and Nadja felt tingles all up and down her body as his lips and tongue tasted the length of her neck, her nipples ached to receive the same treatment.

The man's hands caressed her breasts and then one went lower and began to massage her buttocks, pulling her sex to his. When Nadja felt his hardness pressed to her groove she almost lost her focus. Suddenly she felt more of a woman and less a soldier.

Pressing her sex to meet his thrust she grew warm and wet, her body opening for him even though they were still clothed.

Those clothes, t-shirts and army pants, suddenly felt more restrictive than anything she had ever worn. She reached for his shirt and began to pull it over his head eager to see his chest, to taste his skin.

Even before his shirt was over his head she was licking and kissing his rock hard abdomen, running her hands over his pectoral muscles and groping the meat of his chest. There was a mania to her actions that she was hard pressed to control. She felt the need for more contact with him, she needed to taste his flesh, to imbibe his smell and flavour and while he finished pulling off his shirt and then to remove her own she kissed and licked him all over the chest and stomach.

Pausing to let her shirt pass over her face she passively allowed him to strip her torso and then resume her exploration of his body with her mouth and hands.

When he removed her bra and exposed her compact breasts the air felt wonderful on her aching nipples. His hands pried her head from his chest and he lifted her face to kiss her mouth, their tongues grappling with each other, eager for stimulation.

Then his hands crushed her breasts flat to her chest and he laid his palm across her mounds , rubbing his palm on her sensitive nipples, she moaned into his mouth signaling her delight at being manhandled like this.

Then it was his turn to taste her flesh. His mouth moved down her neck and across her chest to her breasts. He moved quickly, licking and kissing her, but it took far too long before he had a nipple in his mouth and was sending electric pleasure arcing along her nerves.

After months and years of thinking about sex, imagining what it would be like, pleasuring herself in anticipation of this moment none of it prepared her for how good it actually felt to be here with another person.

Her skin warmed and every sensation was silky and special. She wanted to feel everything fully and take her time analyzing how it all felt, but in equal measure she wanted it to be faster, she wanted him inside her now, driving inward and filling her. She had never had anything bigger than her fingers inside her body but she ached for his never-seen penis in a way that went far deeper in her mind and body than any of her imaginings could have foretold.

As her lover moved his mouth back and forth from breast to breast she tangled her fingers in his hair and held tightly, torn between wanting him to stay there forever creating the tingling pleasure she felt and the compulsion to move his head lower to find out what else his mouth could do.

When he did move his mouth lower kissing down her taut stomach Nadja gasped for air, her body releasing tension as she was released from the tight grip of her lust. She slowed her breathing and eased into accepting this bliss, letting it flow through her rather than crush her.

When he began to undo her pants Nadja suddenly felt embarrassed. For years she had been seen naked by many people, observed in every intimate detail of her life, but suddenly she was shy about being exposed before this man. Somehow his opinion of her body matter more than anyone else's ever had.

She allowed him to remove her pants, but she stopped him when he went to remove her panties. She reached or his pants and when he realized what she was doing he stood still and allowed her to take them off.

As she lowered his uniform she was mesmerized by his erection straining against the material of his boxers. Her face was less than a foot from it and it filled her view spectacularly. As he stepped out of his trousers and adjusted his stance his cock came even closer to her face.

Without thought she reached out and took hold of it through his underwear. It seemed enormous to her, it filled her hands and radiated heat to her chilled palm. She stared at the way her hand looked filled with manhood. Its length was greater than the height of her hand and as she wrapped her fingers around it as far as his boxers would allow. Nadja was stunned to realize that her fingers would likely not be able to reach all the way around him.

Needing to see it she pulled down his underwear.

Seeing a live erection for the first time was both thrilling and oddly mundane. It looked exactly like all the photos and videos she had seen, but this one was for her. She held the shaft and felt the amazing nature of the soft skin and heat. The rigid musculature underneath the silky skin was sending signals to her body making her tremble with desire.

Squatting in front of her training partner she gazed at his cock and stroked her hand up and down the length of him, mesmerized by his penis and all the subtle ways it reacted to her touch. Then after a few moments of exploration and discovering that her partner was also enraptured by her touch, she gathered the courage to begin licking him.

Taking her tongue and letting saliva gather on it she lapped at his head and tasted a man's cock for the first time. It did taste differently from the rest of his skin in subtle ways and felt very nice on her tongue. Allowing her mouth to kiss his tip she kissed and licked him daintily all around the head and then moved her mouth along his shaft.

The intoxicating combination of sensation on her lips and the reactions she was getting from him made her squirm with pleasure. She was driving him wild by using her mouth on him. His hips quivered and bucked periodically as he tried not to thrust himself into her mouth deeper.

Understanding things were heating up for both of them Nadja opened wider and let him move past her lips and into her mouth.

Running her lips along the length of his shaft taking him into her depths she bobbed her head over him and enjoyed the sordid feeling of having him fuck her face. Focusing on the first three or so inches of his pole she slipped her wet embrace over his tip and the glans under the head and varied her pressure experimentally.

Nadja found that her lover enjoyed a faster pace and more suction and so she did that for a while to see what happened.

His breath grew shallow and faster. His hips bucked rhythmically and he reached down and took hold of her head almost but not quite taking control of the action.

Nadja opened wider and allowed more of him within on the in-stroke. She enjoyed being passive and allowing him to do the work and while she lapped and sucked on his member he humped in and out of her mouth and moaned his pleasure.

They were both aware of what the result of this was going to be and as she sensed he might actually be approaching climax she began to anticipate tasting his sperm. In the videos she had seen the woman seemed to enjoy the taste of cum a great deal so she began to grope his balls and stroke his shaft as it entered her mouth eager to taste his jism.

Before long Nadja felt her lover tense, his entire body grow rigid, his penis swelling in her mouth. His balls retracted and then his warm cum spurted into her mouth. The shot had far more velocity than she had anticipated and she flinched but held her mouth over him. Then more spurts shot into her mouth and she tasted sperm for the first time.

There was no way she could describe the taste accurately, the special chemical flavour both natural and foreign at once. Allowing her tongue to roam over his knob as she swirled the viscous fluid around in her mouth Nadja savored the tang of his cum trying to understand the flavour she now experienced.

Her lover grew too sensitive to her explorations and pulled his cock from her grasping mouth leaving her to fully sample his sperm.

He removed his underwear completely and sat on the bed catching his breath. Nadja looked at him, enjoying the view of his sexy body while swallowing his cum and finding she quite enjoyed the strange taste of it.

He reached for her and Nadja rose and climbed onto the bed as well.

Her lover kissed her breasts some more and then, his intention clear, he pressed her down and licked and kissed down her stomach to her pants. He then stripped her of her clothing and exposed her well-trimmed, sopping wet sex to his hungry gaze.

Prying her legs apart her lover lowered his face to her vulva and began to lick her all over, exploring her folds of flesh and then shocking her when his mouth finally found her clitoris.

His soft wet mouth was nothing like her fingers and she was thrilled by the sensation of his tongue lapping at her slick opening. As he sucked her nether lips into his mouth and slid his lips over her she lifted her hips and twisted and writhed trying to get his mouth where she wanted it, or away from too intense and intimate a sensation.

It was glorious.

After a few moments she felt the beginning tingle of an orgasm. In her mind she considered whether she wanted to continue this experience or if she wanted to hurry up and take him inside.

Just pondering being penetrated made her body shudder with need so Nadja allowed her years of training to push her orgasm to the forefront. She embraced her pleasure whole-heartedly as she climaxed from another person's attention for the first time in her life.

It was glorious. Easily the best orgasm she had ever felt. Her body trembled and she burned under his mouth, each lick a delightful torment. She felt just then that she had the best job in the world.

When her climax subsided she reached for her lover's head and pulled him from between her legs and kissed his mouth. This unnamed man had just given her a gift and she happily kissed him tasting herself on his mouth.

His body draped across her intimately she felt his erection press into her leg and she squirmed until she could wrap her legs around his hips and feel him pressed against her opening.

"Now." She whispered and he maneuvered so that he was aimed at her slippery juncture. He took hold of his cock and pointed it at her pussy, then he slipped the head of his cock along the groove of her sex teasing her unwittingly as he tried to find the way inside.

Gently Nadja moved her hips until she felt him in the right place and he popped inside her opening. They both froze at the new sensation.

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