tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Squire and the Succubus Ch. 02

The Squire and the Succubus Ch. 02


Author's Note: Warning, this story has VERY LIGHT cheating/cuckholdery stuff. Some people really hate that.


Harp stretched his arms behind his back as he slowed from a run to a walk – and spent just a few moments marveling. He was alive. Not only was he alive, he was free. His hand went to his broad neck and he grinned slightly to himself. That damn bridle had leashed him to humanity for far, far, far too long. He shook his head slowly as he stepped around a tree and found himself near a brook that was making its way slowly to the sea, burbling and laughing happily. Harp smiled and knelt down beside the brook, splashing some water on his face and chest.

Shame about abandoning that cute succubus chick, he thought. Eh. She'll be fine.

Harp heard a faint crack – the sound of a twig snapping. His brow furrowed and his ears twitched up as he looked around, his body tensing.

A voice remarkably similar to his whispered in the back of his mind.

She was a bitch, wasn't she?

Harp frowned slowly. He...well, she had been a little-

Fucking humans. Humans. Fucking humans, tying me up? Use me as a horse? Me? Harperias, a Golden Horned Unicorn. Didn't even let a virgin ride me-

Harp put his hands to his head, his own thoughts coiling and twisting around in his mind. He heard the snap of a twig again – something was drawing closer. He staggered to his feet from the side of the creek, one of his hooves dipping into the water. He shook his head, gritting his teeth as he tried to get in a thought edgewise around his own voice.

Enslave me, will they? There's only one good thing about humans – their pussies. Mm, their women are fucking fine. Want to hold them down. Push them down. Fuck them. Fuck em. Fuck. Fuck.

His cock was hard as a rock – the flat tip welling with pre-cum. He could practically feel how good it would be to plunge it into a struggling human woman, to take back what had been stolen from him. Years of indignities. All of it. He'd get it back. He'd get it all-

Harp gritted his teeth, his eyes closed up tight, his horn glowing as the dark shape from the bushes grew larger – and a pair of glowing red eyes flared as Harp screamed and screamed and...



The village that Albus found took the better part of two days to reach, even with flight to get over the worst parts of the terrain. By the time she had arrived, Sam was tired in places she hadn't known could get tired. Her wings ached, even tucked away inside of her body, and her shoulder and spine ached in tandem. Her butt ached from holding her tail in the proper place for aerodynamic flight. And worst of all, her sex ached – and knowing why didn't make it any easier to deal with. She had had to hold her hands before her during the entire flight to keep one from reaching between her legs.

But now, she was able to wander into town and get a bunch of villagers looking at her as if she owed them something.

Sam had decided to go for something more conservative than a skintight leather outfit that showed off her sex and nipples, even if part of her would have loved it. Instead, she walked in wearing the same kind of metal brigandine and tabard that a wandering warrior would have, with her sword sheathed in a scabbard at her hip. She waved at the villagers who looked at her, smiling shyly. "H-Hey!" she said.

A tall, limber looking woman with a spread of freckles across her cheeks walked forward, her hands on her hips, her dress swishing a few inches above the muddy ground. She looked tough, like she had worked her whole life. She also had an amazing rack. Huge and juicy and straining against the dress. Sam bit her lip slightly, already picturing laying her – sucking on those nipples, maybe finding out if she was- no! Focus!

"Who are you?" The woman asked. "And what brings you here?"

"I'm a, uh, squire," Sam said.

The woman narrowed her eyes.

"W-well, I was...my knight master got, uh, killed," she said, trying to look as crestfallen as possible. "By trolls."

"Oh, very convincing," Albus muttered from behind her – his spectral form invisible to everyone but Sam, thankfully.

The woman looked as convinced as Albus' sarcastic voice predicted. "Uh-huh." She said.

"I can pay for board and room," Sam said, nodding. "I just need to rest here, to gather my strength for the next step of the trip." She reached into her belt pouch, getting out some of the gold she had salvaged from the saddlebags that hadn't been damaged in the battle. She laid some of the gold coins in the woman's palm. Her demeanor changed entirely – the woman went from narrowed eyes and suspicious looks to beaming at her.

"Well, then!" she said, gesturing. "Come on – I can kip you in my place. My name is Vela and I'm the headwoman of this village."

"Samantha," Sam said, smiling.

Vela lead her into the small home that she made her own. It was a single story house, and the interior was filled with the smell of animals. A large goat stood in the corner of the room, and a few pigs were walking about. The floor was strewn with straw, and there was a pair of beds in the corner of the building, one of them containing a sleeping baby of about six months of age. Sam bit her lip slightly – looking around at the squalid chamber. She had grown up her whole life in the palace – this was, uh.


"This is my home," Vela said. "The animals keep us warm during the winter – which is coming soon." She sniffed, slightly. "My husband should be home soon."

Sam's brain twinged. She heard a dozen tiny permutations of tone and meaning in that one sentence. The slightly dismissive sniff? Vela wasn't happy. Dissatisfaction came easily to married couples, especially those who felt they had little choice in being partnered with someone their whole life. But there was still a hint of warmth and a mixture of feelings that denoted some measure of lust. She may be irritated with elements of her husband, but other aspects were still quite pleasing. There was also a tiny element of suspicion in there – but Sam wasn't quite sure what. All in all, Sam's brain felt like she could have Vela in bed with a few choice words and a grope or two.

Sam bit her lip hard.

On the one hand...infidelity was wrong. Cruel, even.

On the other hand, that ass. She watched as Vela went to the stew-pot that burbled in the corner of the room, starting to stir it. Vela's dress didn't exactly hide the fact that she had an ample, cushy rump that Sam could easily see sinking her teeth into. She breathed in happily at the thought – and then started when the door behind her opened. Albus ghost – glaring at her with clear loathing – floated in behind Vela's husband. He was a bulky bear of a man, with a large bushy beard, an exposed chest that had quite a bit of hair, and a body built for tearing tree trunks out of the ground with his bare hands. His shoulders were slabbed with muscle and while his belly was large, it wasn't the fat of corpulent nobles.

It was the expanse of fat that came from someone who ate heartily.

"Vela!" he boomed. "I don't remember us owning a kitten this attractive!"

"Hey!" Sam squeaked – and tried to resist the urge to grow a pair of cat eats.

Vela laughed. "Gordon, you're home early. Good."

Again, that whisper of suspicion. Sam's brain twinged again.

Gordon closed the distance between him and his wife with a few easy strides, picking her up and planting a kiss on her mouth. It was quite a kiss – long, involved. Deep. Sam felt the ache inside of her actually fade someone as she watched them intently. Gordon squeezed his wife's butt, his fingers firm and assertive. Sam almost sighed – the ache had faded from a deep need to a mild itch with such speed that it felt...well, it was the same relief that she felt when she bit down on a juicy apple after going without food for days.

She crossed her arms over her chest and tried to not look too disappointed as Vela squirmed out of Gordon's grasp.

"We have company, honey," Vela said.

"You don't, uh, actually need to stop on my account," Sam said, coughing quietly.

Gordon looked at her skeptically. "Oh? And who are you, exactly? That blade – you're a noble?" His eyes were quick and attentive, despite his size. Sam put her hands on her hips, smiling slightly.

"Well, not a noble exactly," she said. "I was the squire of a knight." She tried to remember to look sad. "He died a-and I've been on my own since then."

"That's tragic – you have my deepest condolences, young miss," Gordon said, quietly. He stepped over and patted her head. "Well, I'm Gordon – this fearsome woman's wife. And so long as the gold she showed me is good, you're welcome to stay here long enough to get rested and ready to keep going." He smiled.

"Thanks." Sam paused. "S-So, I wasn't kidding, you two really didn't need to stop."

Gordon laughed.

Sam, though, hadn't been joking. The need started to grow inside of her again. It intensified, growing between her thighs as the two farmers started to get the stew ready for eating. It became warmer and warmer with every interaction between the two – the caresses, the kisses, the sitting side by side. Sam was almost panting by the time dinner was over, her head ducked forward as she spooned soup into her mouth...but for the first time in her life, she realized she didn't actually need what she was eating.

Not really.

Food wasn't what would damp this hunger. She glanced over at Gordon.

I need his cock, she thought.

"Harlot!" Albus said, for the fifth time that evening.


Sam lay in bed, with a baby nestled against her back, and tried to not listen to the sounds coming from Vela and Gordon's bed. The faint squeak. The quiet gasp. The schlick noise of fingers caressing, stroking, curling. She closed her eyes and curled up slightly, her face resting against the side of the scratchy pillow. Then she had to bite her lip as hard as she could – because something was caressing the edge of her clit. She recognized the spade shape. It was her tail. Her tail was caressing her. Teasing her. Sliding along the moist, plump lips of her sex.

She whimpered very softly, turning her head to breathe into her pillow as the creaking from the next bed over started to get louder. Gordon made a quiet grunt of a sound. It wasn't as deep and masculine as the sounds she had heard from Harp, but it was still oh so delicious to hear. Sam lifted one thigh with the ginger slowness of a mouse creeping across the kitchen while the cat was sleeping on the counter. With more open space to move, her tail didn't waste any time.

It plunged into her. It filled her sex, coiling and twisting so that it pressed against her G-spots, bumping and brushing against her depths.

Sam bit down on her billow, trying to not rock her hips in time with the plunging motion of her own tail.

But it wasn't enough. She needed a real cock – or she needed her own cock to plunge into someone else. Whatever it took, she wanted it. She bit down harder on the pillow and felt something tear as her slightly too sharp canine dug into the rough cloth. She froze – but her tail had different ideas. It fucked her faster and faster and faster, the slick sounds of it plunging into her cunt clearly audible. She tried to not whine in fear-

And then the creaking from the other bed paused. Gordon had put his hand over his wife's mouth from the faint 'mmph' noise that Sam heard. Sam slid her leg down and caught her own tail between her thighs. She squeezed her thighs together, the pressure against her own tail making her tense even more. She saw a white spread of sparkles before her eyes and had to lock her muscles to not arch her back. Her jaw ached as she tried to not scream in pleasure.

Gordon whispered. "We're good."

The creaking started again.

After a few agonizing moments, Sam spread her thighs again – and, her face burning with shame, she let her tail get to work again. It slipped back, then slithered upwards, bending almost into U-shape as the tip of the tail teased the pert rosebud of her ass. Sam closed her eyes tightly and rolled gingerly to the side, trying to keep her tail under the blanket as she carefully crooked her legs up, spreading her ass slightly. If she had told that she would ever be this wanton, she would have smacked herself. But now...

Now she whispered, softly. Very softly.

"F-Fuck me."

Her tail, as if it had a mind of its own, plunged into her tight ass. Her juices had slicked her up, and she felt her anus stretching slightly around the tail that thrust into her, filling her with a delerious pleasure. It wasn't just that it felt good – her tail caressing something deep inside of her that set off tiny fireworks behind her eyes. No, there was something more: The tail moving within her was wrong. She had been taught to follow the Lord of Restraint or whatever the fuck his name was. At the moment, she could barely remember her seminary lessons – save that being taken in the ass? Having pleasure without procreating.

Immense sin.

And that was why she came even faster with the tail fucking her ass than it was fucking her pussy. Her juices soaked the bed as she lay there, quivering and twitching under the blankets, making noises so soft and so desperate that they might have never existed.

Then, finally, the ache faded...

A little bit.

Enough to sleep.


The next morning dawned bright and early. Gordon headed out for the fields, Vela went to organize some new community service, and Sam sat with the baby. She looked down at the wide eyed, innocent looking thing. And for once in her life, she didn't feel a sudden, intense urge to do something naughty and sexual with it. She smiled slightly and breathed out a sigh of relief – she wasn't sure how she would have lived with herself if her wicked desires had dragged her that low.

"Whoooooooore!" Albus howled. "How dare you consider this infant child for your abomination!"

"I was not!" Sam squeaked, shaking her head. "I-I was..." she looked at the baby. "I was wondering how I happened." She paused, thinking. "W-Well, Dad did love fucking scullery maids."

Albus frowned. "I knew he was a bastard."

"No, that's me whose the bastard," Sam muttered, quietly. "Except that Mom raised me as her own. S-So, uh, maybe she dallied with, uh, a succubi."

"Impossible!" Albus said. "Women cannot enpregnoricate women. It is simply im-"

He stopped as Sam spread her thighs, thrusting her hips out slightly as she planted her hands behind her on the bed, letting her ghostly former master see the large bulge growing between her legs. She grinned at him, wickedly.

"You were saying?"

"Fiend!" Albus squeaked.

"So, why haven't you gone to Mount Celestia or wherever lawful good assholes go?" Sam asked, kneeling down to pick up the baby – who had started to whimper softly. She slapped the baby's back gently and after a moment, the baby burped up whatever was distressing it. Fortunately, none of what it burped up landed on Sam's shoulder.

"I, uh, reasons," Albus said, sniffing.

"You're scared you didn't actually earn a happily ever after in heaven, did you?" Sam stuck her tongue out at him.

"I beg your par-dins!" Albus spluttered.

Before Sam could continue nettling him, a commotion sounded from through the open window. Sam frowned and walked to it, kneeling down and looking out on the village. The villagers were stepping out and moving towards a large figure who had approached them from roughly the same direction that Sam had come from last night. Her eyes widened as she saw it was Harp. The unicorn looked to be as fresh and ready as she had ever seen him, but he was staying in his humanoid form. He towered over the men in the village. Fear bloomed inside of her – fear accentuated when Albus scoffed.

"Hah! Now my loyal mount is here! He shall reveal to the world what a fiend you are, fiend!"

Sam perked up her ears – and heard Harp's voice. Her brow furrowed. He sounded...different, but she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was.

"Yes, I'm a unicorn," he said. "And you're the first human village I've run into – whose in charge here?"

"I am." Vela's voice carried to the house as well. As she stepped out, Sam could see Harp eying her. Then, to her shock, Harp slapped Vela's ass with one hand, laughing.

"You'll do," he said.

"I beg your-" Vela started. But then her dress was being torn off her by a pair of powerful white hands. Villagers gaped in shock as Vela was stripped and Harp started to grind his cock against her. Vela whimpered – her cheeks bright red, her body frozen in shock – as that immense golden cock slid between her thick, delicious looking thighs. Her sex – covered with a light fuzz of black hair that matched the hair on her head – was spread ever so slightly with the grinding motions as Harp looked at the villagers.

"I've been ridden by you walking apes for two centuries," he said, his voice thick with anger. "And recently, I got two things. Freedom..." He slapped Vela's ass again, his free hand squeezing and caressing her breast. "And a taste for human women. So, this is my village now."

"Let her go!" a man – not one that Sam recognized – ran forward.

He flew backwards a moment later, his makeshift weapon flying with him. She hadn't even seen Harp move. One moment, his hand had been groping and squeezing Vela's breast. The next, his knuckles had met the man's chin and he had been knocked backwards. Sam stepped backwards, grabbing her sword off the ground, scowling as she did so.

"I knew he was a dick," she muttered.

"Whoa!" Albus flew down between her and the door. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to save the day!" Sam said. "From your mount, I hasten to add."

"W-Well, you can't. You don't stand a chance! He's a unicorn. Uh, specifically..." Albus rubbed the back of his neck. "He's a veteran of the Mageblood Wars. Trained war mount! He'll kill you!"

Sam frowned. "I'm not going to stand here and-"

"And he knows what you really are!" Albus added, pointing his finger at Sam's chest. Sam closed her eyes. She heard the faint sound of Vela struggling – her voice faint and muffled by what sounded like a hand. She shook her head, the urge burning inside of her. The need to get fucked. The desire to ride that asshole's golden cock like her life depended on it. She took that urge and balled it up.

"I don't care," she said.

Then she headed out of the door.

Harp, by this point, was surrounded by several more knocked out villagers, his hand still on Vela's tit. He shook his head. "You're braver and stupider than most villagers..." he said, dryly. "Still, it'll feel fucking great to lord it over you assholes for once." He chuckled. "Now, are you ready, bitch?"


Harp looked up, his eyes narrowing.

Sam sprang down from the small hill that the headwoman's house was planted on, her feet thudding into the ground, Albus' sword in her hand. She stood, aiming it at Harp as she did so.

"But I am," she said.

Harp blinked.

Then he laughed.

"Oh my fucking gods, really?" he asked, shoving Vela away from him. She staggered to her knees – then glared at Harp, her eyes flashing venomously. "You dragged your ass to this stupid fucking village too?"

Villagers who had been watching with horror – including Gordon, who had come running from the fields he had been tilling – started to look hopefully. Sam stepped forward, her sword in her hands, her eyes unwavering as she glared at the unicorn. Villagers drew back, but she heard their murmurs as they told one another who she was. Reassurance flared through her as Harp crossed his arms over his chest.

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