tagGroup SexThe Squirrel and the Corncob

The Squirrel and the Corncob


It was Halloween and we were going to do something crazy. There we were, like fish out of water and dressed as a squirrel and a corncob in a swinger's bar. You looked really hot in your little squirrel costume and wearing your little red cowboy hat. Looking around, it seemed everyone knew everyone else and there we stood, watching, drinking our beers, and smoking. As we were watching a lady being pleasured by two men at her table, a large black man dressed as a carebear walked up to us and we started a conversation. His name was William, and he seemed very nice. I remember thinking "he's probably well hung too". It came up in conversation that we had never been to a swinger's bar before and we asked him where the play area was. He immediately took us over there and proceeded to show us around.

We walked through a large play area with a stripper pole surrounded by sectional sofas and into a hallway. There were private rooms to the left with the doors closed, and to the right there was a room with a large window, with lots of people looking inside, like it was an aquarium. Then we walked further into a locker room and saw hot tubs. Neither of us were interested in the hot tubs, ewe, scary! We walked back the other direction and stopped at the aquarium room again. There was an older couple laying on a large bed in the middle of the room, completely naked and not moving. There were other people in the room also, around the edges of the room. One lady was on her knees giving her man a blow job, while another couple were sitting, with the her riding his lap. We watched for a few minutes and moved on. We walked back into the main area and stood by our cooler and had another smoke.

Again we were standing and looking around with beers and smokes. I looked at you and said "we are in a swingers bar"... I then started kissing you and proceeded to slide my hand up your squirrel costume. I could feel you were definitely wet, so I started to caress you between your legs and kiss you deeply. To this, you responded by feeling my very hard cock through my costume. We did this for a little while when you suggested we head to the play room.

Once in the play room we looked for somewhere to sit. We found an open spot in the corner of the large sectional and sat down. We immediately began kissing and caressing each other. I was caressing your breasts while you were rubbing my cock through my costume. I felt your hand go under my costume and into my tights. Still kissing, your hand moved into my tights and I felt it squeeze my cock. After a few minutes of this you pulled up my costume and proceeded to suck on my cock. You said "help me out here" and I pulled my costume up some more. I couldn't take my eyes off of you, your head going up and down, your cute little squirrel hat still on, and just enough light to see your face. When I was able to look away, I noticed people around us starting to watch. I felt for your pussy but was having a hard time reaching it. When you moved so that I could reach it, I could feel you were dripping wet.

This continued for a while, until I absolutely had to get your costume off. When you felt me pulling at it, you pulled it off, revealing a brightly colored bra, illuminated by the black lights. Extremely sexy!! Still with our beers in my right hand, I leaned forward and set them on the floor, then I removed my costume. I began sucking on your left nipple and uncovered the other. I left my hand off of it for a minute, making sure all of our onlookers could get a good view of your gorgeous breast, before I started squeezing your nipple between my fingers. You pushed me back in my seat and started to suck my cock again, you sucked for what seemed an eternity. My eyes were going from you, to all the people watching, then back to you. I was getting really excited, almost too excited, so I flipped you over and pulled down your panties and hose then proceeded to lick you. I looked up at you, and your hands were pulling on your nipples. There were a bunch of people behind you watching us make love right there on the sofa. I continued licking and inserting my fingers. You were moaning a lot, and I could tell you were getting very turned on, dripping all over my fingers. I stood up and squeezed in next to you and a couple having sex. She was sitting on his lap, rising and falling. Every time she came down, I could feel her butt cheek firmly against mine. I stuck my fingers in your pussy and began to stimulate you while I was kissing you. You almost squirted and told me to slow down, so I did.

There was a cute couple behind us, and I was thinking about inviting them over, but about that time you noticed another hand on you, and you pointed that out to me. I saw a blonde with large breasts, with her hand on your leg. I looked at you and you seemed to think that was OK, so we continued. With one of her hands on your left breast, her lips on your nipple, and my hand between your legs, I started to pick up the pace again. This must have been too much because you immediately started squirting. I saw a heavy spray and heard you moan loudly. I kissed you and continued. I watched the blond move her hands all over your body, and suck hard on your nipples. At one point your breast was stretched out from her sucking as she was pulling up with her lips.

Then I looked up at your face. There standing behind you was a man and you had your hands on his belt buckle. Your head was turned to the side away from me so I moved back and continued to suck on your nipple. The blond and I were both on each nipple and both of our hands were between your legs. As I was guiding her hand across your clit, we bumped heads. When I looked up again, I noticed you had the man's pants undone and his cock was in your mouth!! OMG!! I didn't know what to think! You looked at me and asked if it turned me on. My face must have told you yes, I don't remember responding, then you went back to work. I was amazed, right there in front of me was the love of my life, sucking on a stranger's cock, with my hands on you, and a woman's hands we didn't know. The whole scene was surreal. I moved closer to your face, you turned and we kissed, your hand moved to his cock as you kissed me. I could taste his cum in your kiss as your wet hand continued pumping him, keeping him very hard. I moved my head away from your kiss and nibbled on your ear as you went back to sucking on his cock. I reached between your legs and there was a hand there. It was her hand, and her fingers were inside. You moan loudly on his cock and begin to squirt again. I was imagining how your moan would feel on my cock when I remembered You had told me not to let her in, so I moved her hand away and inserted my fingers, which kept you moaning.

I sat back to watch for a moment. You were still sucking his cock, using one hand to help, and your other hand moved to your breast. The Blond saw this and sat up as well. She reached across you to hold my cock. I wasn't quite as hard as I was before, and about the time I noticed, your hand moved to my cock which immediately made me get hard again. This continued for a moment then you motioned for me to get up on my knees. With one hand still on his cock, you started sucking on mine. You moved back and forth like this a couple of times then you noticed I was about to cum. You started focusing on me with your hand still on his cock. With my hands on the back of your head, I exploded in your mouth! I quite simply could not take any more. I was about to whisper in your ear and tell you to finish him off, when he walked around the sofa.

I am not sure what the blond was doing at this time, but you laid back into the sofa as he inserted two fingers inside you. I started to kiss you and I could taste my own cum in your mouth. He was moving his hand vigorously as his fingers were inside you. You moaned loudly again while I was kissing you, as a complete stranger was making you cum. He started to get a bit too vigorous it seemed so I moved his hand away. At about that time you say to me you are done, but then you start caressing the blonde's breast. You were sucking on her nipples and started moving your hand to her clit. You lifted your hand up and I spit on your fingers, then you moved your hand back to pleasure her.

With your hand on her clit, I inserted my fingers in her. She started to moan as her man re-inserted his fingers into you. You moved back to touching her breast, then suddenly looked at me and I could see in your face, you were done.

We sat up and started putting on our clothes, while the blonde started sucking her husband's cock. The crowd was still quite large at this point, but started to break up as we put our clothes back on. I grabbed the cooler and we walked to a table. You went to the restroom and I lit up a smoke. I could not believe what we just did. Yet another amazing sexual experience we've had together that I will never forget.

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