tagInterracial LoveThe Squirter Ch. 01

The Squirter Ch. 01


We had been chatting for a few months. She was a young, playful college student from the next state over. Everything about her exuded sexiness, even her soft erotic voice, though she'd never admit it. Her body, nice and thick in all the right places and her ass, from what I gathered from various playful picture text messages, was divine! After months of chatting, I finally found myself outside of a bed and breakfast in the suburbs waiting for her car to pull into the lot. I'm a bit nervous, but even more horny and excited that we were finally meeting.

I see her car pull up and I take a deep breath. "This is it!" I thought as she parked and walked up to me, sporting a smile that hinted at the same emotions I felt.

"So what's up?!?", she asks confidently.

"Oh, you'll see in a minute...", I quip, as we embrace and share the first of many kisses we would eventually share that weekend.

We walk into the establishment and pay for the room. These people can't swipe my credit card fast enough I'm so damn horny at this point! I feel her eyes sizing me up as they're running my card and could have sworn I heard a low but erotic moan from her, which put my nervousness slightly at ease. I almost snatch the key card from the guy at the desk. He looked at the sexy woman with me, and gave a smirk as if to say "I understand, bud..."

As we're walking to our room, she says, "it's been kind of a long drive, so I probably need to hop in the shower". My mouth said, "that's fine", my head, "Ha! Yeah, like you'll get that far when you're naked in front of me..."

We get to the room after what seems like forever! After we drop our bags, she walks over to the bathroom and I hear the shower start. I look that way and see her just outside of the doorway, pulling down her pants to reveal the smoothest, roundest white girl ass I've ever seen! Those pics didn't come close to doing it justice! My cock didn't think so either, as it was hard and pressing against my zipper. I was able to slip my pants off just in time to get behind her before she stepped into the shower, pressing my pulsing cock against the crack of her wonderful ass. She let out a slight moan of approval. "Shouldn't I shower first" she whispered erotically. "Let me give you a reason to first..."

With that, she lifted one leg onto the rim of the bathtub as I slid the head of my cock between her pussy lips, relevling in every subtle splash of her juices. She let out a deep moan, grabbed my cock and directed it inside of her sopping wet pussy. My GOD she felt amazing! I grabbed her hips and slowly slid my cock back and forth inside of her, relishing in every squishy noise her pussy juices let out. She let her leg down and grabbed the sink for more leverage, now giving me a perfect mirror view of the both of us as I fucked her. She was so tight, so wet, so...perfect! "Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me with that black dick!" She moaned. I took a deep breath, clutched her hips and started ramming my cock inside of her, my pelvis smacking against her ass. People in the next room had to have heard us, but I couldn't have given any less of a fuck! I felt her pussy start to tighten around my cock head, contracting in anticipation of a toe-curling orgasm. "Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh... FUCK!!!!!" She screamed as she squirted on the floor, cumming in waves on my cock. It was too much for me to take. I couldn't hold it any longer! My dick head swelled, my body felt the warm tingle past the point of no return. "Oh SHIT!!!!!" I screamed as my thick, hot cum filled her squirting pussy. Wave after wave filled her hot, teenaged pussy. We both grabbed for something to hold us up in lieu of our weakened legs. She sat on the bathroom floor in a pool of her cum, her legs spread eagle. "Now can I get in the shower", she asked through exhausted breaths.

"Make it quick", I answered with an impish smile as I briefly left the doorway, went to my bag, pulled out a small vibrator and returned with it. "I'm not done with you..."

To be continued...

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