tagInterracial LoveThe Squirter Ch. 02

The Squirter Ch. 02


I plopped back onto the bed in a post orgasmic heap. My head was still spinning in part from the first round. The other half was a nervous anticipation for the goddess I just fucked to emerge from the shower so I could show her, what I like to think, is my real specialty: licking pussy. She emerged from the bathroom, her body slightly glistening from her shower.

"So...not done with me huh?" she said with a smirk as she walked toward the bed, eventually laying on her side next to me and giving my cock a few strokes.

I just shook my head, leaned down and gave her a passionate peck on the lips. That peck turned into a series of pecks, starting from her lips, running down her neck, down to her tits to her perfect and now erect nipples (I've always been a fan of big nipples), leading all the way down her body until I reached my goal just above her clit. The combination of the scent of her arousal, the sweet smell of her body wash and her soft moans damn near made me high. I wanted this to last, even at the cost of her delayed gratification. I planted kiss after kiss around her inner thighs and pussy lips, making sure not to touch her clit. Every so often, I would widen my tongue and run it from her hole, gently parting her lips, to just below her clit. I felt her thigh muscles tighten. She was begging for more! She grabbed the back of my head and bucked her hips up and down in an attempt to direct my tongue to that sweet spot. I know better than to not listen to my partner, so I widened my tongue and ran it up to her clit, giving it a slight graze at first, then wrapping my lips around it and giving it a few slight flicks. Her hands went from my head to clutching the sheets.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!" she moaned deeply.

I spread her lips apart, wrapped my lips around her clit again and slid my head back and forth on it, running my tongue underneath as my head came back. Her body trembled, enjoying every minute of the blowjob her clit was receiving. Her hands clutched the sheet tighter and tighter, bracing for her first orgasmic wave. Before she could even let out her first moan, I felt her cum squirt my lower lip. My God, it tasted wonderful! I just had to have more!!! I slowed my pace down slightly, taking in more and more of her cum until her orgasmic contractions subsided...for the moment.

My lips went back to kissing and massaging her inner thighs, giving her soft, warm pussy a temporary rest. After a few minutes, she started rubbing her thighs and moving her hips back and forth. I knew she was recovered and ready for round 2. I gently licked between her lips, spreading them gently and letting her moans be my guide on how firm to go. Then, unbeknownst to her, I reached into the sheet and grabbed the same toy I showed her earlier. It was a favorite of hers; a purple vibrator with a thin shaft and what seemed like an egg at the end. She let in a slow, drawn out gasp of pleasure as I slid it into her, let the egg rest on her g spot and turned it on to a low hum.

I rested my tongue against her clit and let her rock herself against it, using the vibrator and my mouth as her toys. Her hands once again found the back of my head as she slid her pussy against my tongue.

"Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh fuck...OH....FUCK!!!!!!!!!!" She let out in a deep moan as she bore down for another orgasmic torrent. Her nails clutched my hair, holding my head in place to receive her cum. My tongue was steadfast, lapping up every drop thrown at it. Drop after drop landed all over my mouth, my face, my chin. It felt fucking amazing! It was then that I realized I was laying on an erection just as massive as the one I had when I walked in the room. My cock ached for her pussy again. Just then, as she started coming down from her waves of pleasure, she grabbed the sides of my head, gave me a sloppy kiss, reveling in her own juices from my lips, and whispered,

Fuck me! You have to fuck me again!"

To be concluded...

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