tagGroup SexThe St. Georges at Home

The St. Georges at Home


Victor St. George rode, and rode hard, the fibers of his leg muscles mounting an ever-growing chorus of discontent. He ignored the pain, kept pedaling, knowing the summit of Black Mountain was near. It was Saturday morning, and he was glad to be out in the fresh air, working his body.

His first week at his summer internship had gone well. Victor had finished up his first year of college at U.C.L.A., where he was majoring in business. He had secured an internship with a marketing firm, and although the work was not challenging, in that he was making copies, delivering mail, and answering phones, he was learning a great deal and liked the company he was working for. The company did product placements for movies, so the job had an element of glamor that Victor thought was cool.

He reached the summit of Black Mountain, offering a 360-degree view of San Diego. He breathed in the air, smiled. He was feeling good, more like his old self, not that he was old at eighteen, but breaking up with Maria had not been easy, and he was really down for a while. Until his visit from Aunt Carol. He allowed himself a quick grin at the memory of their encounter.

There were a few other riders up at the summit, and Victor glanced over to see one of them was none other than Gabby Patterson. She was wearing a spandex cycling suit which showed off her athletic body to maximum effect. Gabby had lettered in soccer and volleyball in high school, where they met. She was also one of Victor's ex-girlfriend Maria's best friends.

Gabby had noticed Victor as well, smiled and waved to him. She pedaled over and gave him a warm hello. Victor smiled, "What's up, Gabby? It's so nice to see you," Victor said, enjoying the sight of Gabby in her tight cycling outfit. She was pretty, and Victor was definitely feeling like his old self again, giving Gabby his best smile.

"Victor St. George, on top of the mountain! Hey, I was so sorry to hear about you and Maria. I want you to know that she told me that you will always be.."

"Gabby, it's cool," Victor said, calmly cutting her off. "Maria and I are split, and that's just how it is. I can't get too worked up about something like that, it's not worth it."

He looked at her steadily. Gabby met his gaze, and said, "You're right. You just have to, you know, move on. I guess."

"Yeah, well, I think I know how to do that. There's, uh, more than one fish in the sea, you know?" He gave Gabby a look.

She smiled. "Yeah, I guess there is."

▲ ▲▲

Martin St. George and his wife, Samantha, sat having coffee and reading the papers. It had been a hectic time for them, with Martin preparing to take his robotics company public and Samantha's work at her art gallery having them put in a lot of hours since their return from New York.

Martin asked, "Victor go out?"

Samantha replied, "He said he was going biking. Black Mountain."

"Good for him. He seems to have bounced back completely from his break-up with Maria. That internship keeping him busy helps. He told me he really likes it," Martin said.

Samantha smiled, "Yes, it looks like he's back to his old self." Samantha knew that while she and Martin were in New York, her sister-and-law Carol had seen to it that Victor would forget all about Maria.

Maria and Samantha were due to have lunch later that afternoon, as Samantha had invited Maria to work at the gallery for the summer, prior to her having broken up with Victor. Samantha thought Maria might be nervous about it, so she wanted to assure her that everything was fine. But before she met with Maria, there was something she wanted to do.

"Yes, Martin, Victor will be gone all morning, what do you think of that?" Samantha then parted her robe, spreading her legs so that her pussy was fully exposed.

Martin turned away from the paper, looking at his wife's flawless vagina. She kept her pubic hair trimmed, allowing Martin a full view of her sex. He licked his lips. He put down the paper, got up, and opened his robe. Martin then pulled his cock through the opening of his boxers, and for a moment the two of them just stared, then started laughing.

Samantha rose to her feet, and they engaged in a long, deep kiss, Martin putting his hands on her ass. He then scooped her up, off her feet, and carried her into the bedroom.

Samantha lay on her back, her legs spread wide open. Martin got between her legs and began to kiss and lick her inner thighs, slowly working his way to her pussy lips. He delighted in the scent and felt his cock begin to harden and he ran the tip of his tongue slowly around Samantha's pussy. She moaned lightly, then Martin hear a sharp intake of breath when he unexpectedly shot his tongue into her, then withdrew it. He again slowly worked the very tip up and down Samantha's pussy lips, up and down, then he would stick his whole tongue in, widen it, then withdraw. He repeated this cycle until Samantha was writhing on the bed, her face flushed, pulling at her nipples. He then began to thrust his tongue in and out of Samantha's pussy, while Samantha wrapped her lean, strong legs around his head, pushing herself onto his mouth. "Fuck me, fuck my pussy, get inside me now," Samantha commanded, and Martin obliged.

He was rock hard, and entered her easily. She kissed him, and their tongues pushed back against each other, Samantha getting some of her juice in the kiss. Martin was thrusting his engorged member all the way in, pumping hard, now leaning down to bite her nipple, then kissing her again.

Samantha spread her legs wider, her breathe quickening, getting pinned to the bed by her husband's thrusts, wrapping her arms tightly around him while his pace increased and she began to feel the genesis of her orgasm.

She adored fucking Martin; she was his, until death do them part. In a corner of her mind, though, as her senses began to coalesce, and that pulsing wave of pleasure she was feeling in her pussy would soon detonate throughout her entire body, she thought of Gabrielle, and the night of passion they had shared in New York. She brought a finger to her clit, just at the moment when it all became a bright light, Martin climaxing, and the two heaving in sweet release, simultaneously spent and reenergized. Samantha loved morning sex. Was there a better way to start a day?

▲▲ ▲

They showered together, dressed, and headed downstairs. Martin finished reading the papers, with each getting on their smartphones to check up on texts and emails. He grabbed his bag, kissed Samantha good bye, and drove off. He was headed into the office today, working on a beautiful San Diego Saturday, the price for being the boss.

Samantha got in her Audi 4 convertible and headed to her gallery. The St. Georges lived in Rancho Santa Fe, and Samantha's gallery was close by. She drove.

She loved San Diego, but was really excited by what she had seen in New York. While she had the ideas fresh in her head and with the help of having an intern, she could take a big step forward. She parked the car and walked in.

She had planned on meeting Maria around one, giving her some time to catch up on paperwork. She saw a text from Gabrielle, the artist she had met in New York, and she texted her right back. Gabrielle Duval was an incredible talent, and Samantha was grateful for having made that connection. Gabrielle and Samantha had made another kind of connection, as well, and both looked forward to their next encounter. Gabrielle had promised to visit Samantha in California, and Samantha said, anytime you want.

Samantha then drove out to the restaurant by the beach where she was to have lunch with Maria. When she got there, Maria was already seated at a table outside. Samantha greeted her, Maria rising and kissing her cheek. Samantha was fond of Maria, despite what happened with her son, and was glad to have her at the gallery. But, they need to have this conversation.

"Maria, how have you been? I hope this isn't weird for you, with Victor and everything. Look, I know, at your age, it's sometimes hard to know what you really want, and I assure you that you and Victor splitting up is not a problem. I still want you to work at the gallery this summer, if you are interested." Samantha said.

Maria smiled, "Yes, I'm very interested! Thank you so much, I didn't really know if you wanted me to be here, well, you know," Maria knowing that this moment was critical, to not say too much. Beaming, her face spoke volumes.

"Maria," Samantha said, suddenly very earnest, almost intense, "I would not have you here unless I knew you would be an asset. I have some ideas I want to incorporate, new artists whose work I want to show, and I need someone this summer to help. I like your eye, and you are going to be a real help with the customers," Samantha added, softening her look, offering her a quick grin.

She looked at Maria, dressed in a white button down shirt, modest skirt, and flats, with her hair pulled back. But even dressed thusly, Maria's radiant sexuality could hardly be dimmed, with her long, toned legs, amble bosom, sensuous lips, and big brown eyes. Samantha let her gaze linger, studying her. Yes, she would be a tremendous asset. She looked at Maria deeply in the eyes, and she could see why Victor has pined for her so. She was a beautiful young woman with a gorgeous body, but it was her energy, her abundant energy that was ultimately captivating. She was a fire to warm any heart.

"I plan on showing some new artists to San Diego, some connections I made during my trip to New York. While we have done well with local and regional work, change like this is good, I saw some real talent in New York."

"Oh yeah? Who do you like?" Maria asked. Samantha was grateful, she really was interested. Samantha named a few artists, and then mentioned Gabrielle Duval. When she said her name, Maria smiled, a definite look of recognition. Samantha asked, "Have you heard of her?"

"Oh yes, my first semester, she came down to Philly, she was amazing! Gave a great lecture, then we looked at some of her work. It was so good, the way she was able to encompass all these different eras and references, but still be its own thing, you know? Aw, I love her!" Maria reached out and touched Samantha's hand, smiling broadly. Samantha smiled, and said, "I know, she is really talented. And very giving. She will be coming for a visit later this summer," Samantha said. She was heartened she knew and respected Gabrielle's work.

"Maria, Gabrielle got to where she was because she worked, and worked hard. Now, this internship is one thing, but keep up with your art, too. I know it's summer, time to hang at the beach, but you have to have the discipline. Your art. Work it, it won't work itself." Samantha picked up her hand, kissed it, and they enjoyed the rest of a wonderful lunch.


Victor was chilling. He liked his Saturday, liked having everything done and nothing to do but plot with his friends about where they would hang out. The beach was the destination for Victor and his crew, Dean and DeAndre. He worked his smartphone dexterously, and DeAndre stopped by a short time later to pick him up. He and DeAndre had known each other since junior high, and had always stayed tight. DeAndre was Victor's height, about six two, and athletic, lettering in football, basketball, and baseball. He was outgoing, charismatic, and Victor counted him among his closest friends.

Victor texted his mother and let her know he was headed to the beach. DeAndre and Victor picked up Dean and headed to the beach in Del Mar. On the way they cranked tunes, enjoying the warm weather and the carefree feeling that came with Saturday.

They got to the beach, and looked for a place to set up. This was a critical step, and they followed the usual criteria for picking a spot; go where the girls are. Victor looked at one encampment in particular with three young ladies, approximately his age. On closer examination, he noticed one of the girls was Gabby. Seeing her in her cycling outfit was one thing, but she was lying on a towel in her bikini, and Victor knew exactly where they should sit. "This way guys," he said without hesitation.

"Hey man, isn't that Gabby? Damn, she is looking good. CoCo and Karen are with her, score!", laughed DeAndre.

Gabby spotted Victor, smiled and waved. Victor grinned, taking in the site of Gabby's athletic, healthy body, lean and toned, her nice firm tits, and her dazzling smile. "Mind if we sit here? Hey CoCo, hey Karen, how are you ladies on this gorgeous San Diego day?"

"Hi Victor!" CoCo and Karen replied in unison.

"Hello ladies!" DeAndre said, putting his chair down near CoCo and Karen, his smile wide.

"Hey," Dean added, CoCo and Karen greeting the two. They had all attended high school together, and began catching up on the latest gossip from their graduating class.

Of course, as far they were concerned, the biggest news had been Maria breaking up with Victor, but nobody whispered anything about it. Victor sat near Gabby, talking to her as he put suntan lotion on.

"I haven't seen you in hours, it's been so long. How was the rest of your ride?" Victor asked. Gabby watched him rub SPF 30 into the skin of his muscled arms and legs, across his six pack, and she started feeling it. She thought Maria was half-crazy for dumping him, and her gaze fell to his swim trunks. Maria told Gabby Victor had a really big dick, and now Gabby started wondering what it would be like to have that cock in her pussy. She smiled, listening to Victor tell her about his internship, and in a part of Gabby's brain, a plan began to form.

Gabby assiduously avoided the subject of Maria, but she knew that Victor was probably wondering why she wasn't here. She asked Maria to come to the beach, but she texted her that she was going to paint today. Maria was to have lunch with Victor's mother, and Gabby was keen on learning what that had been like. Gabby and Maria had taken their friendship in another direction when Maria told her of her first year of school, and her encounter with Gabrielle Duval. Afterward, Gabby and Maria had enjoyed the pleasure of each other's bodies, but Gabby had spoken to Maria only briefly since then.

Victor asked, "How is Maria?" Gabby said she was fine, that she asked her if she wanted to come to the beach, but she was going to paint today. Victor smiled, and said tell her I said hello. He told Gabby that these happen, people break up, no hard feelings and life goes on. "Yes, it does," Gabby agreed.

Victor looked over, DeAndre deep in conversation with CoCo, Dean and Karen were more just listening, chilling out. CoCo was a short, with platinum hair and impossibly big blue eyes, with slightly pointy ears which gave her an elvish appearance. Karen was quiet, with dark hair, a deep tan, always more of the observer of the group. She was happy to talk to Dean, who laughed and agreed with DeAndre a lot, and seemed to oblivious to the lustful stare he was throwing at Karen, who looked fine in her swimsuit.

The group hit the water, laughed and splashed, they took selfies, enjoyed healthy snacks Gabby had brought, and let the sun sink in. Victor was reminded of the time he couldn't hide his hard on at his aunt's house in Miami when he had visited, as Gabby was turning him on and his wood was poking up. She just smiled gently, and then the subject of what the evening would bring came up.

Karen said, "We could all go back to my house. My parents went to Cabo, and my brother went to Las Vegas. We could grill, chill out there," she suggested. All agreed it was a great idea, and they packed up their gear and took a short drive to Karen's place.

The house was situated right on the beach, and on the ride over, Victor, DeAndre, and Dean talked about how this could be an epic night.

The boys picked up beer on the way there, and the six settled themselves on the deck, which offered stunning views of the ocean. They drank, Karen turned on some music, and they began to party in earnest. Victor produced his vaporizer, offering a hit to Gabby. She smiled, and took it to her lips. She took a couple of puffs, smiling wider at Victor and passing it to CoCo, who indulged, as well. She passed it to Karen, then went into her purse, took out a prescription bottle, uncapped it, and pulled forth a large bud. The six passed the vaporizer round and round, until they were all fairly stoned.

Gabby asked Victor to help her in the kitchen, while DeAndre went over and got the grill ready. Karen, Dean, and CoCo sat, taking in the view, the three of them a little too zapped to move.

Gabby was removing items from the fridge, while Victor could not take his eyes off her ass. He had the cutting board out and selected a knife. Gabby had finished getting the food out, and was washing vegetables in the sink, Victor close to her. She had put on a t shirt, but was still wearing only her bikini bottom. They were close, Victor chopping, Gabby washing, and when he turned to her, and she to him, they kissed, briefly, smiled, and went back to what they were doing. They both laughed, Victor put the knife down, pulled her to him, embraced her, and kissed her deeply.

"That first one was so good, I thought we should have another," he said.

"Well, we'll have dinner first," she said, whispering in his ear, then, biting and kissing his earlobe, and putting her hand right on his crotch, "then we'll talk about dessert." She ran her hand up and down the length of his cock, delighted at both of the length and girth. She squeezed his ass, and they continued preparing the food.

They grilled kabobs, the food turning out well, with Victor manning the grill with Karen's help. Dean and DeAndre cleaned up, they had more beers, and afterwards they went inside. A deck of cards appeared, and CoCo began shuffling, dealing poker hands.

"What do we play for?" DeAndre asked.

"I say we play for clothes," CoCo suggested with a wild glint in her eye, laughing.

"Strip poked, hmmm, that could be interesting," Karen said dryly. Both Gabby and Victor said sure, and Dean just laughed, which everyone took for assent.

The fact they have just come from the beach left the group largely unclothed to begin with , so it did not take long before CoCo and Dean were utterly nude, Gabby down to her bikini bottoms, with Victor and DeAndre both shirtless. Karen still wore her top and bottom, having had to remove only a sandal.

Eyes darted around the room. CoCo's big blue eyes were on DeAndre's muscular chest, while Gabby's luscious tits were drawing stares from the other five. She had put a hand on Victor's thigh under the table, and had also rubbed her foot against his. Karen was also sneaking looks at Dean's cock, which was ramrod straight. The sexual tension in the room was high, and when DeAndre lost the next hand and removed his trunks, CoCo gasped when she saw his cock.

Gabby's bikini bottom went, which she waved around her head like a lasso and threw across the room to applause, then Victor's trunks, and soon everyone but Karen was naked. They all looked at each other, the sexual energy in the room palpable, and then Karen stood up, and stripped. She smiled while the others clapped and hooted. Her deep tan accentuated the milky whiteness of her breasts. Dean suddenly got up, took her by the hand, and started dancing with her, the other's following suit, DeAndre and CoCo, Gabby and Victor laughing, taking in the sight of the other's body, until they all began kissing and hugging, hands roaming, finding and feeling flesh, the six then heading to separate areas of the house.

Gabby and Victor moved quickly upstairs to a guest room with a queen sized bed. They sat on the bed, Gabby's hand on Victor's cock while they kissed, stroking him gently, loving the feel of his big

dick. She then got on her knees while he sat on the edge of the bed, and began to kiss the head, still grasping the shaft. "So big and beautiful," she purred, now taking the head into her mouth, cupping his balls. Watching Gabby suck him got him even harder, and she responded by kissing and licking up and down the sides of his shaft. She nibbled him like this for a while, up and down the shaft, squeezing the head. "Fuck yeah, Gabby, god that feels so fucking good, yes, oh yes, mmmm," Victor loving the feel of her lips and tongue, and she would look up at him from time to time in the midst of her sucking.

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