The Stacks


Inspired by a friends fantasy.

* * *

I had watcher her many times before, climbing up and down that ladder, placing the books on the shelves. Ahh my favorite librarian. Always wearing a skirt and some kind of knee high boots, her creamy thigh placing teasing thoughts in my mind "One day I'm going to fuck her silly," I thought, "One day."

And that one day came sooner than I thought. I had come to the library this night, needing a book for exam I had the next day. It was relatively empty, save for the few employees and other students reading up for a test. I was walking toward the section where I knew the book to be, turning down between the stacks, I came to a dead stop. At the top of the ladder, there she was. Clad in a tight white blouse, black silk skirt with the most astounding pair of knee high leather boots I had ever seen. She looked over as my presence was noticed, smiling, to which I returned, but she had already gone back to work, "Now or never," I said to myself.

Walking over to near the ladder, I grabbed a book from the shelf and let it fall to the ground. I bent down to pick it up, smiling as I looked up from the ground. I had to gasp a little, I thought I'd just be looking at some panties...but to my surprise...and delight...I saw nothing but a pair of beautifully shaved lips, pale like the rest of her skin, but still made my mouth water...and my cock twitch.

I looked back at my book as she came down the ladder. When she reached the last rung, I sprung up, grabbing around her waist with one arm, my other moving up to cover her mouth with my hand as my mouth got close to her ear, "Don't scream...I'm not gonna hurt you...I've watched you for so long...and I know you've watched just enjoy this...I know I will." I took a nip at her ear with my lips, tugging on the soft lobe, as my hand around her waist dropped under her skirt, grazing against her sex, feeling a drip of moisture and the heat of her flesh rising as my fingers explored her. I felt a little twinge of pain, my cock was painfully erect, nestled between her ass cheeks, doing a soft grind as my hand worked on her pussy, "Damn she's getting wet," my mind echoed...this is gonna be more fun than I thought.

Moving my hand from her mouth, she took a playful nip at my fingers, to which I pressed up against her harder. Pulling my hand from her skirt, I brought it up to my mouth, sucking off her juices, she was tangy, and I wanted more...but that would come later. I reached down, unbuckling my belt and dropping my pants, I had decided it would be easier without underwear today, so my rigid prick sprung up, slapping my stomach. I bent down a little, pulling up her skirt, her two beautiful white ass cheeks greeted me, I couldn't resist...I just had to feel them, knead them, spank them....So I did! Two loud slaps resounded through out the library as my hand hit the supple flesh, quickly turning them red. But I wasn't here for that...well...I was...but I had something I needed to do.

She fell forward as my arm pushed against her back, the other grasping my turgid cock, pressing against her dripping snatch, pushing in slowly, savouring the feel of her muscles as they rippled against my shaft, inch by inch I sunk into her, till I bottomed out, my balls nestled up against her rigid clit. But that exquisite position lasted mere moments, my body demanded more, hips pulled back, slowly, until only the very tip remained inside her, I grasped firmly at her shoulders, thrusting forward hard, burying my length into her, to which she screamed out loud, everyone there must have heard her, but I couldn't care less, instead focusing on our movement, the rhythmic thrusting sending shivers up and down her spine, feeling her body shudder, hearing her breath become ragged. My hand found its way into her hair, pulling on it as we fucked, I could feel her walls squeeze in tighter on me and I knew her orgasm was was mine.

Pulling her up close to me, I thrust one last time, hard and into, crashing against her cervix, feeling a gush of her liquids spill down my shaft, my own cum spurting out, coating her quivering walls, seeping out down her legs. As I pulled out, I left the head of my cock run between her ass cheeks, a little bead of my cum spreading on her flesh, "That will be for next week," I whispered as bit her ear one last time. I cleaned myself up quickly, leaving her on the ladder, panting with a thick stream of our cum running down her leg, smiling as I walked away with my book.

* * *

That was my first attempt at writing any sort of story...any comments or criticism are welcome.

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