The Stalker


He could feel the knot in the pit of his stomach grow bigger and the uncomfortable but not unpleasant feel of it traveled down to his stiffening erection as he watched her through the binoculars. "Best damned $125.00 I ever spent" he thought as he adjusted the focus and swore he could almost see her nipples getting hard through the white t-shirt she wore. He took his eyes off her long enough to look around quickly to see if anyone was close to the truck he was in and just as quickly he looked back as he reached down to adjust his erection to a more comfortable position. "Damn" he thought, "she can still make me hard, the bitch."

She had opened her trunk to move some things around and when she bent over he reached down and unzipped his jeans to allow his hard dick out and he began to rub it as he watched her bend over so her ass was outlined in the tight black pants she wore. Her hair was down, long enough to touch her ass and the wind blew it around her face and he could almost smell the scent of her shampoo...strawberries. He remembered the way she smelled when she got out of the shower, and how soft her skin was when he touched her as she crawled in bed beside him.

She reached to pull her hair out of her face and the t-shirt got tighter across her breasts. He could hold off no longer and he exploded into his fist, groaning softly at the thought of how her lips looked covered in his come. Oh how badly he wanted to grab her and make her beg to be fucked in that sweet soft voice she used when she was aroused. And he would make her beg over and over again because he loved that she wanted him so fiercely. "Oh you miss this cock don't you bitch?" he thought to himself and he felt himself getting hard again.

He knew he should leave but as long as she was outside and couldn't see his truck parked in the strip mall down the road, he wasn't going anywhere. "Who are you fucking now?" he thought. She had to be doing it with some one; her sex drive was like that of a woman half her age. She was only going to be satisfied with her toys and her vibrator for so long and then she would need to be banged good and hard by the first hard dick that came along.

He watched as she closed the trunk of her car disappointed that she wouldn't be bending over with her ass in the air for everyone to see, not thinking he was one of those people. He was allowed to watch, she belonged to him and nobody else! She turned and he swore she was looking right at him but that couldn't be, he was too far away and he had borrowed his friends truck and she couldn't possibly recognize it, she had never seen it before. But he could see her lips, how soft they were when she would swallow his cock and the way she half closed her eyes when she was deep in thought, usually about getting a piece from him.

Without a second thought he spoke softly to himself, "don't move, not yet, just a few more minutes I'm almost there" and she dropped something. "Yes", he thought, "that's it bend over", and once again he jerked as he shot another load of come into his hand. The head was getting sensitive, almost painfully so but he couldn't stop rubbing it thinking of how much he wanted to drive over there, grab her hair, drag her upstairs and make her clean him up with her tongue. But he knew she would never go quietly, although that had a special appeal to it when he thought about how the scene would go.

He was sweating by now and more than a little upset that she was heading towards her door to go inside. When he took the binoculars away from his face he looked down to his lap and was amazed at how much he had come. But he laughed out loud when he thought about how long it was going to take him to clean up his jeans and the seat of the truck. That would be hard to explain to his friend when he drove the truck back to his house but damn it was worth every minute it was going to take to wipe his juices off everything, including the steering wheel!

He sat for a minute and wondered who was climbing between her legs, who was feeling her lips wrap themselves around their dick and her tongue suck the juices out of their balls that way she did and she was good at it. Somebody was, he knew it and he was not going to give up until he found out who it was. He would find a way to come by a couple of times a week if he had to until he saw the bastard that was fucking his woman.

And as he zipped up his pants and started the truck, he knew he would have to bring paper towels next time because every time he saw her, he would get hard just thinking of what he wanted to do to her and how she would love every minute of it.

Just wait he thought.....

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