tagNovels and NovellasThe Stalker Ch. 09

The Stalker Ch. 09

byD.C. Roi©

After my phone call with Roscoe ended, I leaned back in my chair and thought about the last time I’d seen Jennifer, the time she suddenly broke things off with me. I was still married at the time, but I was so infatuated with Jennifer that I was thinking about leaving my wife. If I’d known what was coming – that my wife would leave me – I probably would have left her. Jennifer called and said her husband was away for the weekend playing golf and that she wanted to see me. She even said she’d pick me up. When she arrived…


…I was ready to go and walked out of the house and got in her car. Her red-gold hair was nicely styled and she was wearing black slacks, a white blouse, and a black vest. The blouse had several buttons undone, exposing the quite a bit of the cleft between her generous breasts.

“What’s up?” I asked. “How come you didn’t let me come over?”

“I wanted to do something a little different,” Jennifer replied. Her brown eyes looked deep into mine. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Of course not,” I said. “I’m just happy to have the chance to spend time with you.”

She put the car in gear and pulled away from the curb, glanced over at me and smiled. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot since the other day,” she said softly.

“It’s nice to know I’m memorable,” I replied.

I began stroking the skin exposed by the open neck of her blouse and she shuddered. “God, I missed your touch,” she murmured. “You have no idea how wonderful your touch makes me feel. I’ve never been touched the way you touch me.”

I didn’t see where I was doing anything all that wonderful, but if she liked it, I was happy to keep doing it. “I missed touching you,” I said. My cock had started to swell and strain in my pants as my fingers stole over her soft, warm flesh. “Where are we going?”

Jennifer looked at me and smiled. “Someplace special,” she murmured.

I kept caressing her, but we didn’t talk much while she drove to a very exclusive hotel located in a city some thirty miles from the town we both lived in. She pulled into the hotel’s underground parking garage, found a space near the elevators, and parked. “I...I have a suitcase in the trunk,” she said when we got out of the car. She opened the trunk, I took out her suitcase, and we walked to the elevators and got in.

“Push the button for the top floor,” she said softly. “I already have the key.”

The top floor was eighteen stories away, and the elevator wasn’t moving very fast, so I set her suitcase down, turned to her, and pulled her into my arms. Our lips met and, with a soft groan, she pressed against me.

We were both breathless when the elevator finally stopped. I gave Jennifer one more quick kiss, then I grabbed her suitcase and followed her out of the elevator and down the hall.

When we reached the room she’d reserved, she handed me the key. I unlocked the door and she walked into the room ahead of me. I followed her and was surprised to find that it wasn’t a room, it was a suite, with a bedroom, living room, and dining room, along with a small bar and kitchenette.

Jennifer walked to the huge sliding glass door that opened onto a small balcony that gave a panoramic view of the city and stood there, looking out.

I set down her suitcase and closed the door. Then I walked across the room, came up behind her, and put my arms around her. “The view is spectacular, isn’t it?” I said.

“Yes, it certainly is,” Jennifer replied. She sighed and leaned back against me.

“I think these are pretty spectacular, too,” I murmured. I began kissing her neck while I cupped her breasts and squeezed them gently.

Jennifer moaned and pressed harder against me. “You know exactly how to make me feel good, don’t you?” she murmured. Her voice was so soft I could hardly hear her. “You know just what to do to make me feel so good! You’re so much better than anyone else I’ve ever been with.”

I unbuttoned her blouse and peeled it from her. Then my hands returned to her bra-encased breasts and, once more, I squeezed them gently. Then, ever so softly, I let my fingers trail over the skin of her chest that wasn’t covered by her bra. Her bottom began to rotate against my swollen cock, her hands slid between us, and she began opening my pants.

I shuddered when Jennifer’s hand moved inside my clothing, onto my swollen cock. It was kind of wild to be making love like this. We were still standing in front of the sliding glass door. Outside, I could see people in buildings across from ours and, a short distance away, cars and trucks were racing by the hotel on an elevated section of freeway. I wondered if people in the buildings opposite the hotel could see what we were doing. She didn’t seem to notice the people in the other buildings, or if she did, she didn’t care.

Her bra had a front clasp. I got it open, slid my hands back onto her breasts, and felt her nipples poking into my palms. I rotated my hands lightly, caressing the swollen buds with my palms.

Jennifer groaned softly and I felt a tremor go through her. “God!” she groaned. “Your touch is so wonderful. I’ve missed it so much!”

I began to back across the room, pulling her with me. When we reached the bed, I released her and turned her around. We shared a deep, passionate kiss, then I removed the rest of her clothes. When her clothing was off, she stripped me.

Then, clinging to each other, we fell on the bed and began a serious, passionate exploration of each other’s bodies.

My lips went to Jennifer’s nipples which, when she was aroused, were huge and had a deep purple color. I sucked and nibbled first one, then the other, attending to them until both of them were rigid and glistening with my saliva. While I did that, her chest began to rise and fall more and more rapidly and the groans of delight coming from her became more fervent.

At the same time, her hands continued to massage my cock. They slid up and down over it and her fingers massaged the slippery fluid which was seeping from the tip into the throbbing shaft.

Having afforded Jennifer’s lovely nipples sufficient attention for now, my lips moved downward, traveling down over her heaving chest and across her softly rounded belly. I paused to lick her navel, an act which drew squeals of delight from her, then my delightful journey over her warm silken skin continued.

Seconds later my lips moved into the curly mass of red-gold curls blanketing her middle. Her hips began squirming and twisting as my hands slid up and down the warm, incredibly smooth skin covering her inner thighs. Moaning softly, she spread her legs, a motion that offered me access to her vagina.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Ah! Yes!” Jennifer wailed when my lips and tongue began exploring her sopping wet center. Her hips jerked up and down and thrills flowed through her while my lips and tongue toyed with her petal-like labia and teased her clit.

I positioned myself between her legs and kept licking the soft, pink folds of flesh protecting her opening. I thrust my tongue into her, lashed her clit with it, and dragged it through her opening. All the while I did it, her body twisted and turned as ecstasy roared through it and her moans of pleasure intensified.

I inserted a finger into her and began thrusting while at the same time I alternated between sucking her clit and lashing it with my tongue. Her belly rippled and she kept gasping, making sounds like a steam locomotive laboring. I knew I was giving her immense pleasure and kept it up.

I worked on her until she was ever so close to coming, so close she on the verge of exploding any second. But I didn’t let her come. Instead when I sense she was right at the verge of exploding into orgasm, I backed off and stroked her lightly. For a long time I was able to keep her poised at the very edge of coming without allowing her to experience the ultimate in satisfaction.

Soon, Jennifer’s fervent groans told me she could bear what I was doing no longer. She needed to come she cried. She needed release! “Take me! Please! I need you! Please!” she begged. Her hands sought me, pulled at me, urging me atop her. “Don’t tease me any more, darling! Please don’t make me come like that! Please, I…I need you!”

I finally abandoned my delightful activities in her middle and slid atop her lush body. When I did, she grabbed my cock and guided it into her quivering opening. When my swollen shaft began to sink into her, her legs wrapped around my waist and ecstasy began to sweep through me. Her hips strained against me, sucking me all the way into her.

Feeling as wonderful as Jennifer obviously did, I straightened my arms and held myself above her, with my loins pressed tightly against her rocking, thrusting hips. Then, at last, I started driving into her with forceful movements of my hips. I felt my passion rising and knew it wouldn’t be long before I came.

“Take me! Oh, please, take me! Now! Now!” Jennifer cried as wonderful sensations, evoked by my plunging erection, swept through and over her. She clutched my arms and her breasts jiggled as I lunged against her again and again. “Can’t wait! Need it too bad! I…Ah…I can’t wait! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Ah! Ah! Yes!” she cried. Her body began jolting wildly when, at last, it was filled with delight.

“Yeah!” I groaned, shooting my torrid cream into Jennifer’s clasping hot cave. Unbelievably fabulous sensations rippled through me, too.

Spent, I rolled off her, onto my side, and wrapped my arm around her. She snuggled into my embrace, her warm flesh pressing against mine. I caressed her back. “What we have is really special, isn’t it?” I asked. There really was something different, more wonderful, about making love with her.

I felt Jennifer nodding. “Yes, it is. I never knew sex could be as marvelous as it is with you,” she said very softly. She looked at me, then kissed me passionately and her hands started sliding over my body. It was as if she couldn’t be close to me and keep her hands off me! She wanted me again! I cupped her bottom in my hands and squeezed her against me.

“God!” she murmured after the kiss ended, “I don’t know what it is about you, but I’m turned on all the time when I’m near you! I’ve never, ever, experienced anything like it in my life!” She teased my nipples with her fingers, making them hard, sending little shocks of delight through me.

I shuddered while Jennifer kissed my chest, her lips shooting exquisite sensations into me. I forced myself to lay still while her lips moved from one of my nipples to the other, trailing heat and wetness across my chest. One of the things I’d learned this week was how wonderful it was to have my nipples sucked and I loved having her do it.

While Jennifer’s lips were working on my chest, her hands slid over my body, across my belly, into the curly, damp hair at my groin. Then her fingers wrapped around my erecting cock, sending more wondrous sensations rocketing through me. My cock twitched in her hand.

“Oh, God, it…it feels so big!” she whispered as her hand slid up and down on my blood-engorged penis. Then her lips began to move down my body. Her kisses followed the trail her hands had blazed, and ecstasy built upon ecstasy.

“Ah!” I groaned. My hips strained upward on when warmth and wetness engulfed my swollen wand and she began avidly sucking my cock! I raised my head just in time so see her head lower and my cock disappear into her mouth. She gently massaged my balls while she suckled me and wonderful turmoil built in my center.

I couldn’t lie still any longer. My hips continued to twist and turn while Jennifer continued to do unthinkable things to me with her mouth. She was far better at giving blow-jobs than any of the other women I’d been sleeping with. “Jennifer! I…I’m gonna come if you keep that up!” I groaned during one of the few lucid moments she allowed me.

The minute I uttered my warning, my cock was abandoned, left waving to cool in the air. I felt Jennifer’s legs move across me, then a different sensation of wetness and heat enveloped my throbbing rod when she sank onto it. I gazed up at her and saw a look of bliss on her face.

Once she had my erection hilted inside her, she leaned forward and her large, breasts, the nipples stiff and jutting from them, swung toward my face. I grabbed the jellied orbs, lifted my head, and started sucking the turgid tips and nibbling them gently. At the same time, she began to raise and lower her hips, letting my cock slide in and out of her snug love cave.

“Yes! Hell, yes!” she hissed as I mauled her dangling mamaries with my hands and mouth and shoved my erection deep into her. “Suck them! Oh, yes, darling! Suck them!”

I could tell Jennifer was just as turned on as I was. She pounded down on me, twisting and turning her hips, making me lash around inside her.

“Oh…yes! Oh…yes! Oh…yes! Oh…yes! Oh…yes!” she chanted in tempo with her bouncing hips. It was happening again! My deeply plunging cock was thrilling her. Her cries of delight continued.

I would have echoed Jennifer’s cries, but my mouth was full of nipple and breast. I felt her stiffen and, as she pressed her groin against mine, powerful tremors began to wrack her body.

“Ah! Ah!” Jennifer’s wails of delight began. Her fingers dug into my arms and her hips began rocking even more frantically. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Take...Me! Take…me!” she cried. “Please! Please! Oh! Ah! Ahh!”

“Uhh!” I groaned, arching my body, lifting my hips, as I hosed her insides with an eruption of my molten cream.

Her need temporarily sated, Jennifer lay on top of me once we finished. She was clinging to me so fiercely I think she would have absorbed me into her if she could have!

After lying on top of me quietly for a while, she raised her head, looked into my eyes and smiled. Then she bent and kissed me. “How do you always know exactly how to make me feel wonderful?” she whispered. “How can what we do always be this fantastic?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. I’d never thought about it much.

“It shouldn’t be this good,” Jennifer whispered. “What...what we’re doing, it’s wrong. You’re married and so am I. It…it isn’t right for us to...”

“Do you want us to stop?” I asked. I hoped she’d say she didn’t want to. I sure didn’t want to stop seeing her.

Jennifer looked down at me a long time, her eyes reflecting the turmoil in her mind. Then she took a deep breath, let it out, and shook her head. “No, I...I don’t want to stop. I don’t think I could survive without what you give me,” she murmured.

She rolled off me and we lay side by side for a while longer. Finally, Jennifer sat up. “Would you like some lunch?” she asked.

I reached out and caressed her smooth thigh. “I think that would be nice,” I replied.

“I’ll call down and have something sent up,” she said. She picked up the phone and dialed. I got up and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

We got dressed and went into the dining room of the suite for lunch when several liveried hotel staff delivered it. Jennifer was wearing a pale aqua colored silk gown and kimono she’d brought with her. It clung lovingly to her body and set of her red-gold hair. I noticed that two of the bellmen had a hard time keeping their eyes off her as they laid out the meal. The third paid her little or no attention, which told me he was probably gay.

After the food had been laid out, the bellmen left and we sat down at the table and began to eat. I noticed that Jennifer was just picking at her food and kept looking at me.

She set her fork down, took a sip of wine, and put the glass back on the table. “Does what you’re doing with me cause you any guilt?” she asked.

I nodded. “Sometimes,” I said, “When I think about it.”

“I used to think I had the best of all possible worlds,” she said, gazing at me. “I have a lovely home, more money than I can possibly spend, and freedom to do what I want, as long as I’m discrete about it.” She paused and took another sip of her wind. “Now, suddenly, I wonder if I’ve been deluding myself all these years.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

She sipped some more wine. “I’ve never been in love,” she said softly. “Do you believe that?”

“It that’s true, it’s very sad,” I replied.

“I never thought that was important,” she went on. “I’ve had lovers, many of them quite good. And I do feel a certain affection for Horace, and I know he feels the same thing for me. But it isn’t love. None of it is.” She gazed steadily across the table at me. “Do you love your wife?” she asked.

“Ah…yes…I do,” I replied. “I know it probably doesn’t look like it, what with me being here and all, but…”

“But even if your feelings for her have changed, you were in love with her once, weren’t you?” she asked. “The way they write about in books and show in movies.”

“I guess I was,” I said. “There was a time when…well…” Somehow I felt awkward. It was one thing to screw around on my wife, it was an entirely different matter to talk about my relationship with her. “What’s making you question all this?” I asked.

Jennifer shrugged. “I’m not sure I know,” she said. “All I know is that every day it becomes clearer and clearer to me that my life is really a sham and that I’ve been rationalizing it for years.”

“What are you going to do about it?” I asked.

“What can I do?” she asked. “I’ve made my bed, so to speak, I’ll just have to continue to sleep in it.”

We got up and went into the sitting room of the suite. Jennifer once again walked to the floor-to ceiling windows that looked out over the city. And, as I’d done before, I walked up behind her.

We gazed out the window for a few moments without speaking, then I put my hands on her arms, turned her around, and pulled her against me. She turned her face up and our lips met. Her arms locked around me and her body molded itself to mine. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and lashed around. I felt my cock begin to harden.

Jennifer finally broke the kiss, leaned back in my arms, and gazed up at me. Her eyes were wide, her face was flushed and she was breathing hard. Without saying anything, she took my hand and led me back into her bedroom. The minute we were through the door, she began tearing at my clothing. I couldn’t recall a time a woman had wanted me so desperately. I began helping her with my clothes. If she wanted me naked, I’d get naked!

When my clothes were off, she stood there, staring at my erection. Then she took a deep breath, reached down, and wrapped her hand around it. “I need this!” she murmured, and sank to her knees. Her lips and tongue began to move over my rigid, veined shaft, bringing gasps of delight from me. She sucked almost all of it into her mouth and fondled my balls while she did.

My legs began to shake as her lips and hands drove me wild. “I...I have to sit down,” I stammered, and backed up to the bed. Jennifer followed me, still on her knees, continuing to ravenously devour my throbbing rod as we shuffled across the room to the bed. She was making me wild! “Oh, God, Jennifer, if you don’t stop soon, I’m going to...I’m going to...come!” I groaned. “Oh, God, that feels too good!”

All my words did was stimulate her to greater efforts. She grasped my hips and fucked her face down over my cock.

“Oh!” I cried, my hips arching, “I can’t wait! Oh, God, Jennifer! I’m cumming!” My hot, sticky fluid erupted from my pulsing cock, bathing the inside of her mouth. Spent, I fell back onto the bed. She continued nursing my erection until I was limp and licked clean, then she let me slide from her mouth.

I sat up, urged her to stand and began taking her nightgown and robe off. Once she was nude, I squeezed her breasts together and rubbed my thumbs the nipples.

“Ah! Yes!” she moaned and grasped my hands. “Oh, God, it feels so good to have you touch them!”

I bent and kissed her nipples, sucking one, then the other, into my mouth. She moaned with joy and her whole body began to tremble. I got her to lay down on the bed and began moving my hands over the rest of her body, amazed at how beautiful she was.

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