tagNovels and NovellasThe Stalker Ch. 23

The Stalker Ch. 23

byD.C. Roi©

The next morning, I woke up in Jennifer’s bed, but as I looked around, I realized I was alone. I wondered where Jennifer had gotten to, but before I could find out, I had to tend to urgent matters, so I got up, slipped on my slacks, and walked down the hall to the bathroom. When I finished and was headed back to the bedroom, I smelled coffee and knew where Jennifer was. I headed downstairs.

Jennifer was in the kitchen, standing at the counter wearing a gorgeous fluffy purple terrycloth bathrobe. She looked over her shoulder and smiled when I walked into the kitchen. “Good morning,” she said. “I wanted to let you sleep, so I thought I’d get up and make breakfast. You hungry?”

“I’m starved,” I said.

“I made a bacon and cheese quiche,” she said. “Do you like quiche?”

“I love it,” I said, “even if it doesn’t make me a real man.”

Jennifer grinned. “Trust me, quiche or not, you’re a real man, I know that for a fact,” she said.

The quiche was delicious. I ate half of it and would have eaten more, but I didn’t want to look like a pig.

“I guess you were hungry,” Jennifer said, smiling at me. She only ate a small piece. Of course, that might be how she kept that marvelous figure of hers.

“I’ve been eating my own cooking for so long, having two meals in a row as good as the ones you made is a real treat,” I replied.

“Last night, you said you didn’t have anything to do for three weeks, didn’t you?” Jennifer asked.

I sipped some of my coffee and nodded. “Yes, why?” I replied.

“I was thinking,” she said. “Horace bought a beach house in Hawaii about a year before he was diagnosed. We…we went there once, but…” She shrugged. “Since you don’t have any obligations for three weeks, would you like to see it?”

I sipped more of my coffee, smiled at her, and said, “I’d love to.”

Jennifer’s face lit up. “That’s wonderful,” she said. “I’ll call the travel agent and book us reservations on a flight.”

“When are we going?” I asked.

“As soon as I can get us reservations,” she replied.

We got up. Jennifer began clearing the table while I rinsed off the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. After I put the last of the dishes in the machine I dried my hands on a dish towel, walked over to the table, which Jennifer had just finished wiping. I put my arms around her, and kissed her. She returned the kiss avidly.

After the kiss ended, I cupped Jennifer’s delectable bottom in my hands and pulled her middle against mine. Then I turned her around, backed her to the kitchen table, lifted her up and sat her on it.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing?” Jennifer asked.

My lips again covered hers and I untied the belt that held her robe closed. My hands slid inside the robe, onto her soft, warm skin, and I cupped her breasts and my thumbs tweaked her nipples to full, tingling erection.

My penis grew erect and tented the front of my slacks as I worked on Jennifer’s glorious breasts. I spread Jennifer’s robe even farther apart, moved between her bare, silken legs, cupped her buttocks, and pressed against her. I lucky, the table was exactly the right height.

“Oh, God, darling!” Jennifer protested while I unzipped my slacks. “We shouldn’t be...doing this here…Oh! Oh, God!”

Warmth and wetness engulfed my erect organ when I slid it into Jennifer’s quivering body.

“Oh! Oh, yes!” Jennifer murmured as I took her “I…Oh, God! I can’t believe we’re…Ah!…doing this…Oh!…here!”

I clutched her bottom, holding her tight against me and drove powerfully into her. There was little likelihood of anyone showing up and disturbing us, but even the small chance there was seemed to make our love-making that much more exciting. I looked at Jennifer’s face. Her eyes were glazed, her features showed the evidence of need I’d come to know so well. Her mouth hung partly open. Her magnificent breasts, nipples rigid, bobbed and jiggled delightfully.

“Yes! Yes!” Jennifer crooned, She clutched my arms as I lunged against her, shoving my erection deep into her. “I’m cumming! Ah! Ahh! I’m cumming! Yes! Oh, yes! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

“Yeah! Oh, God, Jennifer!” I cried when I came. Our moans of joy echoed through the house. I clung to her bottom and continued to ram into her powerfully when I felt my fluids bubble up and gush into her spasming, fluttering cave.

Afterward, spent, we clung to each other until our bodies calmed. My erection waned slowly and slid from Jennifer.

“Oh, God!” Jennifer exulted. “That was incredible! But…but what if someone had come to the door?”

“They would have seen us making love, wouldn’t they?” I replied. I kissed her on the forehead.

“I’d have been mortified if that had happened,” Jennifer said. She hugged me and kissed me, then she said, “Let me down.” She slid off the table and kissed me softly. “I need a bath.”

I grinned at her. “Would you like some help?” I asked.

Jennifer smiled and nodded. “I’d love some help,” she replied.

With our arms around each other, we headed up the stairs, to take a bath. I’d never looked forward to a bath more in my life. When we reached the bathroom, Jennifer turned, came into my arms and kissed me. “Let me turn on the water so it’s warm enough,” she told me after the kiss ended. While she slipped out of her robe and did that, I took off my slacks. Then, when the water was warm enough, we both stepped into a black and white tiled shower stall that was almost as big as my bathroom at home. Several shower heads were arrayed around the walls and, in one corner, there was an alcove where a person could sit. Next to the alcove was a small Jacuzzi, just large enough for two people.

Jennifer took a washcloth off a rack on the wall and reached for the soap and when she did her breasts, which I so much enjoyed fondling and sucking, moved delightfully.

When she straightened, I took the washcloth from her. “Why don’t you let me do that?” I asked. Watching her standing there in the shower, with droplets of water glistening like jewels on her skin, had aroused me again.

Jennifer glanced down, saw my erection, and grinned. “Why not? I can’t remember the last time anyone gave me a bath,” she said.

I began sweeping the lather-filled cloth over her lovely body, paying very careful attention to her breasts. Her nipples grew hard and were soon poking through the layer white suds covering her chest.

“I…” Jennifer stammered and clutched my arm. “I…Ah!…don’t stop. Ah! Uh! God! I haven’t done anything like this in so long.”

I covered her lips with mine and her mouth opened, her arms slid around me, and our tongues dueled. Her wet body pressed against mine, trapping my rigid penis between our bellies. I slid the washcloth down her back and cupped her bottom.

When the kiss ended, Jennifer took the washcloth from me. “Now it’s my turn,” she said softly. She took the soap and got the cloth even more full of lather than I had it and began to wash me. The first place she paid attention to was my penis, which was washed more thoroughly than it had ever been washed before. By the time she was finished, my legs were shaking and I felt as if I was going to come any second.

“Damn, but that feels good. If...if you keep that up,” I gasped, “I’m afraid I’m going to have an accident here in the shower.”

“I certainly don’t want anything like that to happen,” Jennifer murmured. She was still rubbing the cloth over my erect member. “That would be a terrible waste.” She pushed me back to the little alcove and I sat down. She straddled my legs, grasped my erection in her hand and centered it between her labia. Then she lowered herself onto me. “Yes! Oh, God, Yes!” she hissed as my engorged shaft slid up into her.

Fighting for control, I rocked my hips, sliding my erection in and out of her. It felt wonderful! I leaned forward and captured one of her nipples between my lips.

She groaned and pressed herself against me, while at the same time, she rocked her hips more and more fervently, as if she was trying to take me farther into her. “Oh, darling, it...it feels too good!” she murmured. “I...I’m not going to be able to wait if…Oh! Now! Now! Now! Ahh!” Her body stiffened and went into tremors when a what looked like a powerful orgasm roared through her.

The rhythmic spasming of her opening on my erection was more than I could take. I grabbed her hips, holding her against me, and exploded, moaning with joy. “Unnhh!” I bawled, my body quivering. Torrents of my torrid juices jetted into her.

It was a while before either of us had enough strength to move. Finally, Jennifer put her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder. “You are incredible!” she murmured. “I...I can’t get enough of you. The minute you touch me I want you!”

“I feel the same way about you,” I told her.

She looked at me and smiled. “You know, we should really get out of the shower before we wind up looking like a couple of pink prunes,” she giggled.

We finished washing, then got out and playfully toweled each other dry. While Jennifer finished doing what she needed to do in the bathroom, I went back to her bedroom and got dressed.

Wearing the purple robe, Jennifer walked into the bedroom a few minutes later. “After I get dressed, I’m going to call the travel agent,” she said.

“All right,” I said. “I love you.”

She smiled at me and said, “I love you, too.” Then she walked across the room and hugged me fiercely. “I didn’t ever think I’d say that to anyone,” she said softly. “You can’t imagine how wonderful it feels.”

“I have an idea,” I said. “And I’m glad I was the one you said it to.”

“I am, too,” Jennifer replied. She backed out of my arms. “I have to call the travel agent. I want to go to Hawaii, how about you?”

“I just want to be wherever you are,” I told her.

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