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The Stall


Ivana had just said goodbye to her husband and kids. They were going home, but she decided to stay at the mall a little longer to do some more shopping. First, though, she had to heed the call of nature and find a ladies room. She found one and headed towards an empty stall. She was about to latch the stall door when Ivana was startled by a woman barging into the same stall, pushing her hand aside, and closing the latch behind the both of them.

"I need to use the toilet," the woman said in a strong, cool voice. She was younger than Ivana, petite, slim, a wisp of a thing. But right away Ivana sensed a power about this stranger, unable to resist the outrageousness of someone forcing herself into the stall Ivana was just about to use. Her head was spinning. There was something about toilet stalls in public restrooms that somehow had really begun to turn her on. In fact she couldn't wait for hubby and the kids to leave so she could find herself a ladies room. She loved to sit herself down and relieve her needs, think about peeing and shitting, listen to all the other women doing the same, and take in the mix of earthy aromas. And what she lately seemed to love most of all was when the ladies room and the stalls were messy and funky, not spic and span. This one fit the bill. The mall was old and the ladies rooms were poorly maintained and infrequently cleaned. And for Ivana that was just the way she wanted it.

But the last thing she expected was for another woman to force herself into a stall she was about to use, and to lock the both of them inside it. And now, matter-of-factly this young woman pulled down her jeans, then pulled down her panties, and planted her bare ass down on the toilet seat.

"You're welcome to watch," the woman said, looking up at Ivana with a strong, commanding, but warm gaze, "in fact, I insist on it."

Her heart pounding in her chest, Ivana looked down and was amazed to see that the woman had a nice, thick bush of pubic hair between her legs. Seeing that made her pounding heart skip a beat. She had a fetish for women with hair down there, between their legs. Her husband asked her to shave her own pussy, and these days, she knew, most women and girls shaved down there. But she'd heard a lot of gay women didn't, didn't shave there or under their arms. And she'd also heard a lot of them liked to stay natural in other ways. That had begun to turn her on so much, thinking about the natural body smells of women, unwashed, sweaty, funky, even unwiped after they did their thing. Maybe this cute little babe sitting on the toilet with her jeans and panties pulled down was one of these "natural" dykes. God, the idea of that really excited Ivana.

"Here I go," Denise said, a sassy, almost lewd smile curling up on her lips as she spread her legs wider and suddenly let go of a powerful gush of piss, obviously keen and eager to show off to the older woman, to this stranger. "I really need to urinate!"

Ivana suddenly became delirious with arousal and excitement and could feel how wet she was instantly becoming down there. Was this magic? Could this woman have read her mind? Lately, while her husband was off at work and her kids at school, Ivana has spent many hours at home searching for images and videos of women pissing and shitting. She didn't know quite why, but nothing she'd ever seen had turned her on as much. And now she was watching it in the flesh, a strange woman pissing, pissing for her, for Ivana.

"Come down and have a closer look," Denise purred sexily, pointing down. And like a zombie who could do nothing but obey, Ivana dropped to her knees, kneeling on the sticky, dirty tile floor of the toilet stall, her face only inches from the bushy cunt spewing urine.

"Closer," Denise said, wrapping a hand around the back of Ivana's head and bringing her face right to her pussy. Ivana's mouth opened and suddenly she had a mouthful of piss. She thought she would faint. Could this really be happening! Something so utterly unexpected? So deliciously depraved? But it was happening. There she was down on her knees, her mouth wide open as a strange woman urinated between her willingly and eagerly open lips and into her mouth. She drank down as much as she could and more spilled out of her mouth and down over the white cashmere top she had bought less than an hour ago at one of the mall's boutique and decided to just leave on and wear home. Now that newly bought garment had piss spilling down all over it.

"You like the taste of my piss?" Denise said in a husky whisper. And Ivana couldn't help wondering if there were other women in the ladies room who could hear them, who could see under the door that there was a woman inside the stall, kneeling, facing the toilet! The possibility was lusciously obscene! All Ivana could do with her face pressed between Denise's sleek, smooth thighs was look up at Denise as Denise pissed in her mouth and on her face, and nod, yes, yes I do like the taste of your piss! I fucking love it!

It seemed like it took forever, a wonderful forever that Ivana wished would never end, but finally Denise's piss turned from a gushing, powerful stream, to a more modest flow, to a trickle.

"Guess what I have to do now?" Denise said teasingly. And Ivana's heart skipped another beat as she guessed to herself, wondering if that could possibly happen also. Could it be that this alluring young woman sitting on the toilet in front of Ivana's kneeling body would not only piss but also – shit!?

"To—to—crap? To shit?" Ivana whispered, her voice quavering with excitement, her mind reeling at the sheer unbelievability of what was happening to her here, here in this toilet stall.

"Exactly!" Denise smirked, "I need to shit. I really need to shit out a fat one. I can feel it. And I want you to have a good close up view; I want you to enjoy my shit."

And so now, with Ivana still kneeling there, Denise lifted herself up off the toilet seat and turned around on it so that her bare ass was staring Ivana right in the face. As Denise turned, Ivana's gaze drifted for a moment to the stall wall. There, scrawled crudely with a marker pen were the words "eat my funky nigga' pussy," and just below the words, a crude drawing of a pussy. To Ivana the filthy words scrawled on the side of the filthy stall where a stranger had just pissed in her mouth sent a new shiver of twisted desire racing through her body. She had so many fantasies. Toilet fantasies were just the latest. Often she fantasized about servicing the sweaty cunts of teenage black girls and so to see those words now, kneeling in this stall in front of a sexy lesbian would was about to shit, just electrified her. She imagined some nasty black girl, maybe some real sexy and young ghetto bitch, sitting on this same toilet, pissing and shitting and writing those words, an invitation to women like Ivana, white women who craved raw and raunchy black pussy, sweaty bushes, female body wastes.

Denise lifted her ass off the seat a few inches and reached back to hold herself open. Now Ivana found herself staring right at her asshole, puckered and flared, ready to unload. God, her anus was vivid, so tempting. And below it the thick matte of her pubic bush glistened with the dewy drops of urine still adhering to the unwiped pussy.

"Lick it, taste it, if you'd like. It'll help me shit," Denise said, craning her neck and looking down at the kneeling Ivana with a sultry smile. It had been a long, long while since Ivana had been intimate with another woman. Marriage and parenthood had put an end to those escapades. Now all she had were her fantasies. But she could still keenly remember some very tasty experiences from the past where she eagerly dug her tongue not only into the cunts of other girls, but into their assholes. And now a woman who she didn't know, who had just barged into her toilet stall and forced herself down on it, exposing her bare ass, was asking Ivana to lick that ass, telling her that, as a reward, she would shit after she licked it!

Admitting to herself that she now suddenly felt like a slave to that ass, a trim smooth ass which was appealingly rounded, but more girlish than womanly, Ivana pressed her tongue into the humid crack and dug it into Denise's asshole, her fucking shithole, for godsakes! Did she hesitate? Anything but! She snaked her eager, greedy tongue into the sweaty, rubbery hole with a relish that amazed her. With all those toilet fantasies that had been churning in her head lately, she could not have dreamt up anything more torrid than this – finding herself "trapped" in a dirty toilet stall with this cute young woman, probably a lesbian, a complete stranger to her, someone who had just pissed in her mouth and was now offering Ivana her ass to eat as a prelude to shitting.

She lapped away at the puckered sphincter as Denise sighed softly, obviously enjoying the devoted oral attention. Then Denise reached back with a hand and gently pushed Ivana's face away.

"Watch this, here's something for you," Denise said as Ivana stared straight ahead at the glistening asshole, now slick with her saliva. Slowly, but dramatically, that shithole began to open and brown revealed itself. The ladies room was brightly lit and so even here, between the walls of the toilet stall, everything was nice and vivid. Denise grunted softly as she slowly pushed out the promised "fat log." Especially coming out of such a trim ass, the tip of that turd seemed really thick. Ivana's unblinking eyes were riveted on the sight, riveted in amazement, as only inches from her face this woman, this toilet invader began to squeeze out a fat log of shit for her viewing pleasure.

"Kiss it! Lick it! Suck on it!" Denise hissed softly. And not just for her viewing pleasure, it seemed! Now Ivana's heart really began to thump in her chest! She had fantasized about just this, amazed that her feverish mind could conjure up thoughts of such extreme filth and excitement. And now here, suddenly, the opportunity presented itself.

There was now maybe two inches of brown shit log sticking out of Denise's hole, that puckered hole stretched and wrapped around the girth. And "fat" sure did describe the turd. This one sure could've been described as a "log," a big, thick one, as Denise herself had guessed. And who'd sense it better than the shitter herself, the one who was about to expel it from her own rectum. A strange comparison now came to Ivana's mind as she brought her lips closer; this turd was thicker than her husband's cock when erect, much thicker.

She kissed it, then kissed it again, her eager lips meeting the surface of another woman's shit, warm and freshly squeezed out of her ass. She kissed it and kissed and kissed it and kissed it with a passion that astounded her. Then out came her tongue, her viperish, greedy tongue, which she dragged hungrily over the bumpy greasy surface, savoring the texture, the taste. And then she wrapped her lips around the log, sucking it into her mouth, dragging her lips around the length until those lips met the dilated shithole, Ivana's lips now kissing Denise's stretched anal "lips," as she sucked on her shit.

"Mmmmmmh, oh yes, please do it," Denise cooed like a contented kitten, "suck on my shit, you shit-lover!"

And that's just what Ivana did, kneeling there as Denise held her cheeks wide open, the tip of a turd snaking out of her ass and now engulfed by Ivana's mouth!

"Now I'm going to squeeze out the rest. Put your hand under it and hold it, it's going to be a big one, a really big one," Denise promised as a thrilled Ivana held the open palm of her hand under the tip and then, suddenly – with the tip of the log still between her lips -- Ivana felt Denise squeeze the rest of the log out of her shithole in one smooth expulsion, the long log coming out of her ass like a fat brown snake, resting warm and heavy in Ivana's hand. With her lips still clamped around its end, Ivana watched in amazement as Denise expelled the full turd into her hand, amazed at its immense size, its heft, its greasy warmth, its musky, somehow intoxicating aroma.

Now Denise turned again and sat on the toilet, facing Ivana, watching Ivana holding the log and sucking it hungrily, obediently. Their eyes met, their lust-filled eyes, Denise staring at Ivana with a commanding and yet tender and appreciative gaze. After all, this woman, this stranger into whose toilet stall she had barged was down on her knees, willingly, eagerly sucking on a big brown log of Denise's shit.

"That's it, suck it! Suck my shit!" Denise urged Ivana as she sucked it greedily with a passion and desire she hadn't shown for her husband's cock for years. Holding it in her hand, she sucked more and more of it into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the greasy surface as she drew it in deeper into her mouth. Her mouth was filled with the thick turd, its tip, which Ivana had watched emerge from Denise's asshole only minutes ago, now pressed against the back of Ivana's throat. Like a piece of hard chocolate you'd put in your mouth, the turd began to slowly melt as Ivana sucked it like that, the dissolving shit mixing with her saliva. Somehow, that fact, as much as anything, made her delirious with excitement -- the mixing of two women's essences – spit and shit – now fusing in Ivana's mouth.

Denise happily watched Ivana hold the log and lick and suck it with frenzied desire. Other women had sucked her strap-on dildos, and a very few her shit, but none with the ravenous hunger that this wife and mother showed, down on her knees, sucking away. Now Denise reached down to lift up Ivana's rather stylish skirt and tucked it into the waistband so it stayed up. Under the skirt, Denise was surprised to see Ivana wearing what looked like a pair of black silk bikini-cut panties and, with those panties, garter and hose. As a jeans-and-sweater kind of lesbian Denise didn't get to see much of such very "girly" attire. Maybe Ivana dressed this way for her husband, or maybe because that's how she wanted to feel feminine. There were many ways, Denise knew, for a woman to "feel" her own feminine essence, or to appreciate another woman's.

Now, as Ivana kept on happily mouthing the log, sucking it, running her tongue over it as it sat in her mouth, Denise reached down to pull Ivana's panties down below her knees. Looking down she could see that the older woman's cunt was trimmed, but not entirely shaved. Denise smiled to herself, knowing that cunt was due for a surprise, a big, messy surprise.

"Give it to me now," Denise said, extending a hand and taking hold of the shit log sticking out of Ivana's mouth. Ivana surrendered the succulent brown morsel, wondering what was next in this outrageously depraved episode. With a wink and lewd, knowing smile on her face, Denise carefully took hold of her own turd, moistened now with Ivana's saliva, and brought that turd down between Ivana's legs, resting the fat, greasy log of shit right on the crotch of Ivana's pulled-down silk panties. Then she hiked the panties back up in place so that the log of shit held in the crotch was pressed right into Ivana's pussy.

"Oh my god!" Ivana gasped, shocked by what Denise had just done. As shocking as everything had been from the moment Denise stormed into the stall, this may've been the most shocking thing of all, to have Denise's turd wedged into the crotch of Ivana's panties and then the have the shit-ladened crotch of those panties pushed right into Ivana's own cunt! The sensation was astounding. Ivana had had many things pressed against her pussy, but never a fat greasy log of another's woman's shit, a log she had just licked and sucked.

"Like the way that feels?" Denise asked.

"I love it!" Ivana gasped almost breathlessly.

"You'll like this even more," Denise said with a wicked smile, smacking her hand up between Ivana's legs, pressing up into the shit-filled crotch and thereby mashing and smearing the shit into Ivana's cunt. Ivana, down her knees with Denise's hand between her legs, working the shit caught in those panties deeper into her pussy, was breathing so hard she thought she might faint. In her wildest, most extreme and most obscene daydreams and fantasies she had imagined something like this being done to her and now it really was being done, for real, and not just in her depraved, kink and filth-filled mind.

"Look at this," Denise said holding up her hand, smudged all brown from having packed shit into Ivana, "my hand is all filthy; I need to clean it off. Maybe I should clean it off on… this,"

And then with a lewd and commanding sneer, though one touched with affection, she wiped her dirty hand clean on Ivana's freshly bought boutique top, already splattered and soaked with Denise's urine.

"I can't believe this is happening to me," Ivana whispered in a broken voice, but in a voice that said both 'I can't believe it's happening' and 'I am the luckiest woman on this planet that it is happening. Happening to me!'

Now Denise turned again and seductively pushed her bare ass out again in Ivana's face, holding herself open so Ivana could see the messy, brown, shitty wedge.

"Lick me clean," Denise said, turning to Ivana with a smile that made it seem like these two women had known each other for ages, rather than just having met a half hour ago. "I need my shithole wiped clean now."

Ivana was thrilled to do the wiping, snaking her tongue into the funky, greasy crack and lapping away every residue of shit that clung to Denise's anus and to the smooth, warm folds of her trim girlish buttocks. Denise just closed her eyes and purred softly, enjoying the exquisite sensation of Ivana's eager tongue lapping away with loving care at her grimy, filthy shithole.

Then Denise turned and looked at Ivana. She looked priceless, her eyes bright and alive with volcanic arousal and electrifying excitement. Her lips, her chin, her cheeks were smudged and smeared with Denise's shit. Denise smiled, smiled warmly, and drew Ivana closer, drew Ivana's lips to her own. And then they kissed, the two women, the one who shit and the one who luxuriated in the other woman's shit. Lips opened, tongues met in a kiss that reached to the bottom of both women's souls. Could there be anything more intimate than this? Could there be a deeper shedding of taboos? Denise savored the kiss. Ivana's mouth was like a hot, humid swamp, her saliva mixed with Denise's shit and still holding the scent of her urine. The two women clung to each other and kissed and kissed and kissed, their raw passions unleashed here in this toilet stall.

"Just look at you, my scat vixen! I love tasting my shit on you," Denise whispered tenderly as she finally pulled away, pulled away and gazed at the other woman, a woman who had become in only minutes both slave and lover. A string of brown, shitty saliva hung between those lips as their lips parted. And the bond which cemented the slavery and the love both was shit and piss, what most would call no more than body wastes, but what both Denise and Ivana knew were earthy, womanly essences.

"And now let's go back inside the mall and let me buy you a nice top to replace the one I soiled," Denise said, taking Ivana by the hand and leading her out of the stall and out of the ladies room, a fat clump of Denise's shit trapped between Ivana's legs, her face and her clothes smudged and smeared and soiled with Denise's wastes, there for all to see as Denise led Ivana away by the hand and into the world…

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