tagInterracial LoveThe Stand-In Girlfriend Ch. 01-02

The Stand-In Girlfriend Ch. 01-02


This is a finished story. Posting just a few pages to see what everyone thinks. Tell me if I should post the rest.



Chevonne Michaelson sat on the couch in the living room of the dorm room she shared with her roommate Katrina Wellsman not believing what she was hearing or what her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend Ashton Bishop III wanted her to do.

"Let me get this straight," Chevonne said switching her gaze between Katrina and Ashton.

"You want me to fly to London with Ashton, meet his family and pretend that Ashton and I are involved."

"Yes," Katrina said as if she asked Chevonne to something like this everyday.

Chevonne stared at her roommate wondering if she was losing her mind. Katrina stands five feet six and a half inches tall, weighed one hundred fifteen pounds.

Her eyes an amazing shade of blue shined like sapphire jewels and her straight, even teeth smile made up her beautiful facial features along with her small upturned nose.

Her flawless skin was darkened by the long hours she spent lying in the sun to obtain a tan. A tan that she sported year round and maintained by going to the beach or tanning salons when she was too busy to make it to the beach. Katrina's body was model thin.

When she and Chevonne first met she had small breasts, but with the help of breast augmentations her breast were now one size larger than Chevonne's.

Katrina said her small breasts made her feel off balance and insecure. Her larger breasts made her feel more balanced and better about herself. Katrina considered her body and her good looks to be her best assets.

They were what got Ashton to notice her and kept him interested in her. So she took real good care of them because she intended to hang on to Ashton Bishop III no matter what.

Chevonne couldn't understand why Katrina was asking her to pretend to be Ashton's girlfriend especially since she and Katrina weren't close. Heck they weren't even friends.

They had been roommates their entire time in college and hadn't said more than hello and goodbye to each other and that only happened when they bumped into each other in the living room. But for them the situation worked.

They weren't in each other's business and they never borrowed anything from each other. Not money, clothes nothing.

They were like two people who lived in separate apartments and in different worlds. They set up rules they could both live with and things worked out.

Now for the first time in the four years that they'd known each other Katrina was asking Chevonne for a favor. A huge favor.

"Why do you want me to pretend to be Ashton's girlfriend?" Chevonne asked Katrina.

"My parents think that Katrina and I are no longer seeing each other," Ashton said.

Chevonne gave Ashton a look that said 'and.'

"And I told them that I was bringing someone new home with me that I wanted them to meet," Ashton said.

"So call them and tell them you and Katrina have made up," Chevonne said. "Or go home alone."

"I can't do that," Ashton said. "My mother is a planner, a strict planner. She hates surprises. I told her I was bringing home someone new and she expects me to bring home someone new."

"Who were you going to take before?" Chevonne asked.

"A woman I met in a bar," Ashton said, "but it didn't work out," Ashton said.

"So take Katrina," Chevonne said.

"I can't go," Katrina said. "My family has made plans for after graduation that can't be changed."

"I don't feel right going to London as Ashton's girlfriend," Chevonne said.

"Why not?" Katrina asked. "Didn't you say that your parents were going on a cruise around the world after graduation and would be gone for months?"

"Yes," Chevonne said surprised that Katrina listened to her.

"Well, you'll be home alone," Katrina said. "Going to London with Ashton would allow you to travel, do some sightseeing and have some fun before you tie yourself down to a job."

"I don't like the idea of lying to your family," Chevonne said looking at Ashton.

"They won't know you're lying," Ashton said. "I'll tell them our relationship ended a couple of weeks after you return to the states."

"I don't know about this," Chevonne said. "Why do you want me to do this? I'm sure you have friends that'll gladly do this for you."

"That's why I'm not asking them," Katrina said. "I don't trust them around Ashton. Some of them have dropped hints that they would love to try and take my place and I'm not willing to give them a shot."

Translation: I don't see you as a threat to me.

"Ashton and I aren't friends either," Chevonne said.

"That's another reason you should go," Katrina said. "You understand that this is only temporary and I don't have to worry about you becoming attached to Ashton or him becoming attached to you.

Translation: Ashton isn't attracted to you and will never be.

"Please say you'll do it," Katrina pleaded. "It will help out both me and Ashton."

"How long will this trip last?" Chevonne asked.

"Until I come back from my trip with my family," Katrina said. "About two months."

"TWO MONTHS!" Chevonne screamed. "I can't be out of the country for two months. I've got to start looking for a job."

"I'll provide you with a position in my family's company," Ashton said. "We're always looking for someone in our computer department and hiring people fresh out of college is something my father's company has done for years and I'll take care of all your expenses while you're in London."

"Within reason," Katrina added.

"I'm not going to change who I am," Chevonne said.

"I'm going to pretend to be something that I'm not."

"You don't have to," Katrina said. "I wouldn't want you to change a thing about yourself."

"Okay, I'll do it," Chevonne said.

"Thank you, thank you," Katrina said throwing her arms around Chevonne.

"I told you she would do it," Katrina said to Ashton as they waited dinner to be brought to them in their favorite restaurant.

"You were right my love," Ashton said taking her hand, bringing it up to his lips and kissing the back of it. "I can't wait to see my parents face when I step off the plane with Chevonne on my arms. I can picture my mother fainting right there in Heathrow."

Katrina laughed when she pictured Ashton's mother fainting in the airport.

"And imagine the look on their faces when you tell them you're thinking of asking her to marry you," Katrina said.

"Mother will definitely faint when I make that announcement," Ashton said. "They might disown me."

"I'm sure they'll let you back in the family when you tell them you never intended to marry Chevonne and that you're actually engaged to me," Katrina said. "I'll be they'll welcome me into the family with open arms."

"Yes, they will my love", Ashton said. "I just wish we didn't have to announce our engagement to my family in this manner."

"We wouldn't have to if your mother didn't pick a fight with me the first time we met," Katrina said her eyebrows almost coming together as she frowned thinking about the first time she met Ashton's family.

"Saying that the Queen was a figurehead and not a true part of British government wasn't a bright thing for you to say," Ashton said.

"How was I to know that your mother is a distant relative of the royal family?" Katrina said.

"It also didn't help when you asked to be moved to another room until the one she put you in was finished being decorated."

"I apologized for hurting your mother's feelings but she doesn't seem to be the forgiving type and the room looked as if it wasn't finished."

"Asking her if she was going to a costume party when she came downstairs dressed for a night out with my father didn't improve the situation."

"Alright, alright," Katrina said. "I didn't make a good first impression on your mother. But when she meets Chevonne she's going to realize that I'm not such a bad person after all. I almost laughed out loud when she said she wasn't going to change who she is or put on any airs that she was going to be herself."

"I did too," Ashton said.

"She doesn't know that, that's exactly what we want her to do," Katrina said smiling, "be herself.

"Are you sure she's the right person for this job?" Ashton asked. "You said yourself, that you don't know much about her. So how do you know she'll behave the way we expect her too."

"She's black," Katrina said, "being ghetto is in her DNA. She'll be perfect for what we want. I just hope she doesn't go black girl on me when she finds out why we asked her to go with you."

"I'll protect you," Ashton said.

"I know you will," Katrina said leaning over to kiss on the lips. "I know you will."


A week later after letting everyone know that she was going out of the country Chevonne along with her friend Evelyn met Katrina and Ashton at the airport. Katrina covered her mouth to keep the laugh that almost escaped her lips inside when she saw what Chevonne was wearing.

Chevonne's five feet seven inch, one hundred thirty pound frame was dressed in a pair of jeans, a T-shirt bearing the name of the college she attended and the school mascot emblazoned on the front.

Her dark brown almost black hair was sectioned off in medium sized plaits that hung down just past her shoulders. She carried eight pieces of luggage and a carryon bag.

"Stop it," Ashton said before making his way over to assist Chevonne, "you're going to give us away.

"Can you believe her?" Katrina whispered to Ashton he rejoined her after helping Chevonne check in her luggage.

"My mother is definitely going to faint when she sees her in that outfit," Ashton whispered back.

"The girl has no class," Katrina said looking at Chevonne with distain on her face.

"Everyone can't be you darling," Ashton said giving Katrina a kiss on the cheek.

"No, they can't be can they," Katrina replied.

"Who is that with her?" Ashton asked.

"I don't know," Katrina said, " probably one of her homegirls.

Ashton and Katrina started snickering.

"What's so funny?" Chevonne asked.

"Just a joke between friends," Katrina said walking over and greeting Chevonne by giving her a hug.

Chevonne asked her friend Evelyn to drive her to the airport because she didn't want to leave her precious vintage 1968 red Ford Mustang at the airport parking garage.

Evelyn stood five feet five inches tall and weighed one hundred ten pounds. Her skin was a deep chocolate brown and her eyes a deep shade of amber.

"You look comfortable," Katrina said to Chevonne commenting on what she was wearing.

"I figured I would dress for comfort not style," Chevonne said, "since we're going to be on the plane for twelve to fourteen hours."

"I don't blame you," Katrina said, "I would've done the same thing."

"I'm glad you approve," Chevonne said her tone flat and emotionless.

"Aren't you going to introduce us to your friend?" Ashton asked.

"Ashton Bishop, Katrina Wellsman this is my best friend Evelyn Morrison."

"Hello," Katrina and Ashton said extending their hand out for Evelyn to shake.

"Hello," Evelyn replied shaking their hands.

"Nice to meet you," Ashton said. "What's with the camera?" Ashton said pointing at the camera Evelyn was holding.

"I brought it so Evelyn could take your picture," Chevonne said.

"Why would you do that?" Ashton asked.

"Because I don't know you that well," Chevonne said, "and I'm going out of country with you. If for any reason I'm not back when I should be or I don't call within a reasonable length of time someone in the United States will have information about when I left and with whom. That reminds me I need your parents address and phone number so I an give them to Evelyn. She's my emergency contact."

"Emergency contact," Ashton said puzzled at the idea.

"Yes," Chevonne said repeating his tone. "I don't expect anything to happen to me but if it does Evelyn will be the person to contact. Here's her information," Chevonne said giving Ashton a card with all of Evelyn's phone numbers on it.

Ashton took the card from Chevonne's hand and placed it in his wallet. He then pulled out one of his business cards that contained both his business and personal information and gave it to Chevonne who passed it over to Evelyn.

"Can I have another one," Chevonne said..

Ashton gave her another card. Chevonne put the card in her wallet.

"Ready to have your picture taken," Evelyn teased.

"Sure," Ashton said.

This was a new experience for Ashton having never been in a position where he wasn't trusted before.

"Stand next to him, Chevonne," Evelyn said.

Chevonne stood next to Ashton and he put his arms around her waist causing Katrina to clear her throat, causing Ashton to remove his arm from around Chevonne's waist and place his arm around her shoulders.

After the picture was taken everyone went into the V.I.P. lounge to wait to board their flight. Ashton bought everyone a glass of wine.

Katrina and Ashton held hands under the table in case Ashton ran into anyone he knew at the airport because they didn't want reports of him and Katrina snuggling up in the airport to reach his family.

"If you and Ashton are going to convince people that you and Chevonne are a couple I think you should start now," Evelyn remarked.

"What do you mean?" Chevonne asked.

"I mean I'm looking at the two of you and I wouldn't believe you even know each other," Evelyn remarked. "You're going to be in London in a few hours and you don't want it to be obvious to his family that you're faking. You two don't even look comfortable with each other."

"She's right", Ashton said releasing Katrina's hand and taking hold of Chevonne's. If we're going to pull this off we have to start behaving like a couple now."

Chevonne flinched when Ashton took hold of her hand and put his arm around her shoulders.

"That means you're going to have to stop with the lovesick looks," Evelyn said to Katrina.

Katrina gave Evelyn a look that said 'fuck off. Evelyn gave her one that said 'bitch make me.'

Chevonne and Ashton boarded their plane twenty minutes later.

Chevonne chuckled when she thought about when Katrina went to give Ashton a kiss goodbye on the lips at the departure ramp and Evelyn cleared her throat reminding them that kissing each other wasn't a good idea.

The look on Katrina's face was impressive and made Chevonne laugh out loud. Evelyn and Chevonne gave each other hugs and kisses on the cheek.

"Don't forget to stay on schedule with your phone calls or I'll have to fly to London and find out what the problem is," Evelyn said.

"I will," Chevonne said knowing that her friend really would fly down to London if she didn't call her at the scheduled times.

Ashton reached over and took Chevonne's hand as they walked up the ramp.

"He did it without being told this time," Evelyn remarked

"He's acting," Katrina said.

"You hope," Evelyn replied as she walked away.

Katrina mentally shook Evelyn's words out of her head she wasn't going to allow the woman to cause her to lose confidence in Ashton and their plan. The plan was a good one, it would work, she and Ashton would be married and they would be happy together.

Besides she had to go meet Martin her farewell to being single fling, her something to do while Ashton was away and she couldn't meet him with worrying about Ashton on her mind.

She turned and made her way out of the airport and drove to the restaurant where Martin was waiting for her.

'Yeah', she thought to herself pushing the guilt she felt for what she was about to do to the back of her mind. 'I'm sure Ashton wouldn't want me to be unhappy or bored while he's away.'

After they found their seats, put on their seat belts and got comfortable Ashton and Chevonne waited for the plane to taxi and take off.

Chevonne went into her purse, pulled out her MP3 player and headphones, she placed the headphones on her head and closed her eyes. As the plane taxied down the runway she turned on her MP3 player and blasted her favorite songs to take her mind off flying.

"Is this your first time on a plane?" Ashton asked after the plane reached it's flying altitude and leveled off and Chevonne removed her headphones.

"Does it show?" Chevonne teased feeling her cheeks flamed with embarrassment.

"A little," Ashton said.

"Is this a non-stop flight?" Chevonne asked.

"Yes," Ashton said.

"So we should reach London about lunchtime?"

"Yes," Ashton said.

Ashton reclined the back of his seat, leaned back and closed his eyes. Chevonne pulled out a book from her purse and began reading it. She had been reading for about an hour when the man across the aisle from her leaned over and spoke to her.

"Is it any good?" he asked his English accent coming through loud and clear.

"Excuse me," Chevonne said looking up into the greyest eyes she'd ever seen.

"The book the man said flashing pearly white teeth and running his finger through his dark brown thick wavy hair, "is it interesting?"

"Yes, it is," Chevonne said smiling back at him.

"I see you have a taste for mysteries," the man said reaching over and pushing the book up so he could read the title. "I've read this one. Want to know who did it?"

"I already peeked at the ending," Chevonne said.

"Knowing who the killer is doesn't ruin it for you?" the man asked.

"No," Chevonne said. "I like knowing where the author wants to take me, it helps me decide if the journey makes sense."

"That's a unique way to read a book," the man remarked.

"I do it that way because I hate reading and getting a crappy ending," Chevonne said.

"What do you consider a crappy ending," the man asked. "By the way my name is Eric Commons," the man said extending his out for Chevonne to shake.

"Nice to meet you Eric," Chevonne said shaking,

"my name is Chevonne. And I consider any book that ends stupidly to be crappy."

"Such as?" Eric asked.

"I remember reading a book where the male character was divorced and starting his life over again. He met this woman and she didn't want to have anything to do with him because she could tell that he was still in love with his wife. The man made declarations that he wasn't in love with his wife and did everything he could to woo the woman. She decides to date him, then after a while he asks her to marry him. She accepts. Then the book ends with him telling her that he can't marry her because his ex is back and wants to give their relationship another try and he wants to also because he's still in love with her and the female character winds up hurt and saying she will get over him and get on with her life. That sir is a crappy ending. The ending made me so angry I wanted to write the author and demand that she refund my money."

"Whoa," Eric said, "that was quite a response."

"I know," Chevonne said, "but I was so angry. I rooted for that man and got angry with the woman because she didn't want to give him a chance. Then she takes a chance and he goes back to his wife."

"It was a work of fiction."

"A good book get you caught up in the trials of the characters," Chevonne said. "They become real to you, make you react and care about them and what they're going through. Otherwise reading the book is a waste of time."

"You seem to have a lot of passion for your hobby," Eric remarked.

"I like the way reading takes me out of my everyday world," Chevonne said.

"I notice that you have a southern accent," Eric said, "is this your first time visiting London?"

"Yes, it is," Chevonne said.

"You must allow me to be your tour guide," Eric said gifting Chevonne with his most charming smile. "I would love to show you sights that may tourists don't get to see."

"That's nice of you," Chevonne said.

"It's really nice of you to offer," Ashton said joining the conversation, "but she won't need a tour guide. I'll show her all the sights of London she wants to see while she's visiting."

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