tagInterracial LoveThe Stand-In Girlfriend Ch. 03-06

The Stand-In Girlfriend Ch. 03-06



Charles and Alice Bishop sat in Heathrow awaiting the arrival of their second born and his guest. Their minds filled with memories of the last girl Ashton brought home the last time he returned to London.

Alice cringed mentally and physically when she thought of that fiasco. The woman was the most annoying, condescending snob Alice had ever met.

The way she tried to order their house servants around set Alice's nerves on edge and took everything within her not to tell the woman how she felt about her and order the cow out of her home.

"I hope he isn't bringing that idiot for another visit," Alice said looking over at her husband.

"He said he was brining someone new," Charles replied. "I'm quite sure he would've told us if he was bringing Ka...."

"Don't say her name," Alice said. "We agreed we would never mention her name again."

Charles chuckled at his wife. Ashton's last guest left a really bad taste in her mouth.

"If he was bringing her I'm sure Ashton would've told us," he said to his wife. "He knows we hate surprises."

"I would prefer that he brought a rabid dog rather than that cow," Alice said. "You can get a shot for rabies, there isn't anything you can do about stupidity."

Charles tried to contain his laughter but he couldn't. Whenever Alice went off on one of her tangents he always wound up laughing out loud and almost rolling on the floor to the amazement of those around him and knew him.

Charles Bishop CEO and founder of Bishop Digital Services was the image of what one would expect to find when one thought of a British businessman straight laced, stuffy and all business.

An image he was able to maintain unless he was in the company of his wife. Alice was a free sprit in every way. The way she dressed, the way she thought and the way she spoke her mind. Charles didn't know what she was going to say in any situation which was what he loved about her.

The woman had away of snatching him out of a bed mood or a tense situation by bringing him out of himself with on of her off the cuff remarks.

Her last remark had Charles laughing so hard people around him were staring at him.

"It's not funny Charles," Alice said. "There should be a law that stupid people aren't allowed to walk around unsupervised and if they are found to be out without proper supervision they should be forced to be chained to someone stupider than they are so they can see what the rest of us go through dealing with them."

Charles was really drawing attention now he was laughing uncontrollably with his hand over his face to hide the tears that were falling from his eyes.

"Alice please," Charles pleaded as he shook with laughter. "I can't take much more, please stop it."

"You'd better get your black suit pressed Charles you're going to a funeral and I'm going to jail."

Charles stopped laughing when he heard the coldness in his wife's voice as she spoke. He looked up at her and saw Alice staring at something.

When he looked in the direction of her stare what he saw surprised him. Ashton was walking towards them holding the hand of a very pretty black woman.

"Don't get excited Alice," Charles said rubbing his wife's back to calm her, "it might not be what you think."

"It had better not be what I think," Alice said her teeth clinched together. "Because if it is what I think it is our son will be riding home in the boot of the car."

Charles quickly covered his mouth praying that the laughter lodged in his throat wouldn't escape through his mouth but Alice kept talking.

"I'm going to cut his balls off, flambé them and force feed them down his throat," Alice said as she pasted a smile on her face and went to greet their son and his guest.

Charles turned his back to try and gain control of himself but he couldn't contain the laughter that escaped his throat. The image of his wife doing what she said burned into his mind. Charles made his way to the restroom because he didn't want people seeing him rolling around on the floor laughing like an idiot.

Ashton and Chevonne watched his father race towards the restroom.

"I hope my father is alright," Ashton said a look of concern on his face and in his voice but secretly happy to see that his father's reaction was worse than he expected it to be. He almost jumped for joy at the tight tense smile he saw on his mother's face as she approached them.

Ashton smiled, released his hold on Chevonne's hand and spread his arms to greet his mother but the look he saw in his mother's eyes as she came closer to them said that if he touched her he would be taking his life in his hands so he put his arms down to his side and retook hold of Chevonne's hand.

Alice wasn't happy and an unhappy Alice was a dangerous Alice. Ashton fortified himself by thinking of the reason he was doing what he was doing. So that he could marry Katrina and his family would accept her, support their marriage and be happy for him. It was all he wanted.

"Hello, mother," Ashton said swallowing the uneasiness he felt and smiling.

"Who do we have here?" Alice asked ignoring Ashton's greeting and giving Chevonne her full attention.

"Chevonne Michaelson, Alice Bishop, my mother," Ashton said.

"It's a pleasure meeting you Mrs. Bishop," Chevonne said extending her hand out to shake Ashton's mother's hand.

"None of that Mrs. Bishop stuff," Alice said ignoring the hand Chevonne held out and breaking the hold on the hand Ashton was holding and pulling Chevonne in for a hug, "the only people I have call me Mrs. Bishop are people I don't like. I like you love so I would appreciate it if you would call me Alice."

"Alright," Chevonne said, "Alice it is."

"You and I are going to get along just fine," Alice said taking Chevonne by the hand. "Ashton go get your father out of the loo so the two of you can collect the luggage."

"What's wrong with dad?" Ashton asked.

"He had another laughing fit," his mother replied.

That bit of news made Ashton smile. His father only had one of his laughing fits when his mother went on one of her tirades and she only did that when she was angry.

"There's no need to send him for me, I'm right here."

Everyone turned to see Charles standing behind them.

Chevonne and set her gaze on Charles Bishop. Handsome didn't began to describe the man. Ashton went over to greet his father but there was a look in Mr. Bishop's eyes that said he wasn't at all happy with his son. Chevonne wondered if her coming to London with Ashton instead of Katrina was the reason for Mr. Bishop's look.

She took the opportunity to compare the two men as they stood side by side. They both stood six feet tall exactly. Charles Bishop weighed about two hundred-fifteen pounds. Ashton weighed exactly two hundred pounds.

Both men had brown eyes, strong jaw lines, straight Anglo-Saxon nosesand jet black hair. Charles wore his short and stylishly cut there were hints of grey showing around his temples.

Ashton wore his long and it came to rest on his shoulders. Just like his father handsome didn't come close to describing him.

"Dad I would like to introduce you to Chevonne Michaelson," Ashton said introducing his father to Chevonne. "And Chevonne I would like for you to meet my father Charles Bishop."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Chevonne," Charles said reaching out and taking hold of one of Chevonne's hands.

"It's nice to meet you too Mr. Bishop," Chevonne said.

"My family and I are going to make sure you enjoy your visit to London," Charles said as he gently patted the hand he was holding.

"I'll try not to be a bother," Chevonne said.

"We're glad you're here and entertaining you will be our pleasure," Alice said. "So don't you worry about being a bother to us. We want you to just enjoy yourself."

"Thank you," Chevonne said.

"What do you have planned for us, mother?" Ashton asked.

Alice turned and gave her son a look that said she was thirty seconds from tearing his head off, she didn't answer his question.

"You must be tired from that long flight," Alice remarked turning her attention back to Chevonne.

"A little," Chevonne said. "That was my first time on a plane and I was too nervous to sleep."

"Well we had better get you back to our home so you can get some rest and freshen up," Alice said. "Charles you and Ashton go fetch the luggage so that we can head home and Chevonne can rest."

Charles and Ashton went to fetch the luggage as they were told.

"I'm going to assume from the way mother is acting that she's angry with me," Ashton said as they near the luggage carousel.

"You would assume right," his father replied. "I'm highly upset with you too.

"Is it because of Chevonne?" Ashton asked.

"Yes," his father replied.

"I'm in love with her father," Ashton said deciding now was the time to put his and Katrina's plan into action, "and I'm going to ask her to marry me."

Charles turned towards Ashton and smiled at him.

"You are?" he said. "I'm so proud of you son. Your mother and I were thinking the worst of you. We thought you brought Chevonne here to use her to force us to accept that twit Katrina. But you brought her here because you really love her and you want to marry her and you wanted our blessings. Well, you have my blessings and I'm sure your mother will give hers. I can't wait to tell your mother she's going to be so happy that you're finally settling down."

"But dad ..."

"No buts," his father said cutting him off, "we have to go tell your mother the wonderful news."

Ashton and his father piled his and Chevonne's luggage on a dolly and made their way back to where his mother and Chevonne were waiting for them.

Ashton tried repeatedly to stop his father from repeating what he said to his mother, but there was not stopping him.

Charles ran up and hugged Chevonne then he hugged Alice. As Charles hugged Alice he whispered something in her ear.

"Follow my lead," he said. "Ashton has something very important to ask Chevonne," he said out loud.

"What is it?" Alice asked truly confused about what was going on.

"Go ahead Ashton," Charles said nudging his son forward, "you've flown all the way over here to get our blessing, you might as well ask her now."

"Ask me what now?" Chevonne asked very confused and wondering what was happening.

Her eyes grew big as she watched Ashton take her hand into his. He was sweating and looking like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Chevonne couldn't figure out what was wrong or what he was about to do until he started to speak.

"Chevonne I know we've only been dating a short time ..."

"Do it properly son," his mother said finally figuring out what was happening, "this usually only happens once in a woman's life and it should be something she'll remember the rest of her days.

Ashton did as his mother instructed.

When Ashton got down on one knee some of the people in the airport started staring at them and some started taking pictures of them with their digital cameras, and recording them with video cameras and their cell phones. As Ashton spoke the people started gathering around them.

"... will you marry me?"

That was all Chevonne heard because she had mentally blocked out everything around her except Ashton getting down on one knee before her. he mentally screamed for Ashton to get the hell up off his knee.

She looked down into his eyes and studied his facial expression and saw that he was begging her to say yes.

Chevonne looked away from Ashton, her eyes looking around the airport. She saw Eric, his eyes were begging her to say no.

She noticed that everyone around them was quiet waiting to hear what her answer would be. Chevonne knew she should say no but she couldn't bring herself to embarrass Ashton with a crowd of people around them staring at her waiting to hear what her answer would be.

She gave him the only answer she felt she could given her situation.

"Yes, I'll marry you," she said.

Everyone around them started cheering and congratulating the happy couple.

"Welcome to the family," Alice said giving

Chevonne a heart felt hug.

"Thank you," Chevonne said as she thought of all the ways she could kill Ashton wondering which one would allow him to die the most painful death.

"Don't you have a hug for your future father-in-law?" Charles asked his arms wide opened.

Chevonne walked over and gave him a hug.

"Can I get a picture of the happy couple kissing?" a man asked. "I want to publish it in my newspaper."

"Sure," Charles said easing Chevonne towards Ashton.

Ashton put his arms around Chevonne, brought her body close to his and slowly brought his lips towards hers.

The look he saw in her eyes as his lips approached hers told Ashton that he was a dead man. As he kissed her the crowd o-ohed, a-ahed and cameras flashed around them.

"What're your names?" the newspaper reporter asked.

"Ashton Bishop," Ashton said.

"Chevonne Michaelson," Chevonne said.

"Would you spell your name please," the reporter asked.

"C-h-e-v-o-n-n-e," Chevonne said.

"And your last name?" The reporter asked.

"M-i-c-h-a-e-l-s-o-n," Chevon said.

"Do you two know when the big day will be?" the reporter asked.

"We just got engage," Ashton said answering the reporter's question. "We're going to have to take some time and discuss when the big day will be."

"Would you call my newspaper and let us know when you set the date?" the reporter asked holding out one of his business cards.

"I don't kn..."

"Of course we'll call the paper," Ashton's father said stepping in and answering the question before Ashton could. "We want everyone in London to share in the joy we fill for our son marrying the woman he loves."

The crowd started cheering again. Alice took Chevonne by the hand and lead her out to the parking garage to their car. Ashton and his father followed.

"Well son you're almost a married man," his father said patting him on the back. "How does it feel?"

"It feels great dad," Ashton replied as he ran what had just happened through his mind trying to figure out how things got so messed up.

It wasn't suppose to turn out this way. He had to call Katrina and tell her what happened before it was broadcast on television or published in the papers.

One thing for sure Ashton knew that he was a dead man. Chevonne was going to kill him because she was forced into a situation she didn't ask for and Katrina was going to kill him because this was not the way they planned things to turn out.

Ashton turned his eyes up towards the sky praying that God would get him out of this situation. But something told him he was going to have to straighten this mess out himself and he didn't know how he was going to do it. But he knew it was something he had to do.


After the ride from the airport and they reached the Bishops' home Alice lead Ashton and Chevonne to the room where they would be staying.

Chevonne tried to tell Alice, she wasn't comfortable sleeping in the same room as Ashton in her home but Alice shot down all her arguments by saying she knew how modern relationships worked and that she was fine with her and Ashton sleeping in the same room together.

Chevonne gave up after realizing it wouldn't do her any good to argue with Alice.

"I'm sorry about all of this," Ashton said after he and Chevonne were left alone in the bedroom.

"What did you tell your father?" Chevonne asked her the tone of her voice angry and her hands on her hips.

Unable to come up with a ready lie Ashton told her the truth. He told her about the plans he made with Katrina and what they were planning to do.


Unable to speak Chevonne balled her hand into a fist, drew it back and brought if forward slamming it into Ashton's jaw knocking him to the floor.

"You worthless piece of shit," Chevonne said standing over him.

"Chevonne, I..."

"You what motherfucker," Chevonne said her head and neck in full soul sister mode. "What're you going to tell me? How you and that bitch Katrina laughed about how foolish I would feel when I realized how you used me."

"Chevonne if you would just let me explain..."

"Go ahead Ashton," Chevonne as she paced back and forth in the room, "explain to me how you thought it was okay to use me. Explain to me how two useless pieces of shit like you and Katrina decided it was okay to use people for your own purposes."

Ashamed of himself and what he'd done Ashton turned away from Chevonne. He knew when he and Katrina put their plan together that it was wrong of them to use Chevonne to accomplish their goals but her feelings didn't matter to them at the time because all they could see was the end result.

They would be together. But now he was face to face looking at the pain he caused Chevonne and it was hard for him to see.

"Chevonne, I..."

"Did it live up to your expectations?" Chevonne asked.

"Excuse me," Ashton said.

"My reaction," Chevonne said, "my display of emotion. Was it black enough for you? That is the way you and Katrina expected me to behave when I found out what you had done isn't it?"

"You knew what we were planning?" Ashton asked stunned by the thought of her knowing what they were planning and going along with it anyway.

"Yes," Chevonne said. "You didn't think I bought that lame ass excuse about your mother being upset if you came home alone did you? I'm not that stupid."


"Because I wanted to see if you would really do this," Chevonne said fighting the urge to punch Ashton in the jaw again. "When I first met you I thought you were different from the type of men Katrina normally dated. I thought you wouldn't be drawn into Katrinaland where the only person who mattered was Katrina. I didn't think you would be the kind of guy that would sink to that bitch's level."

"You're talking about the woman I love and intend to marry," Ashton said his body tensing at Chevonne's words.

"No," Chevonne said smiling at him, "I'm the woman you love and who you intend to marry. You just told the whole world that and it's going to be in the newspaper tomorrow."

"It wasn't suppose to turn out this way," Ashton said.

"No, it wasn't," Chevonne said. "You and Katrina were suppose to go off and live happily ever after and I was suppose to go off somewhere and lick my wounds."

"You were getting something out of this too," Ashton accused.

"You weren't going to give me a job," Chevonne said, "because you wouldn't expect me to take it after finding out what you and Katrina did."

She was right, he wasn't expecting her to take the job.

"What do you want me to do?" Ashton asked.

"I want you to marry Katina and I hope all the bullshit you're going to go through by marrying her is increased tenfold. I want to wish that everything you hope for out this marriage never comes true. But I won't do that because I'm better than that. So the only thing I want you is for you to stay the hell away from me."

Chevonne looked around the room for her carryon bag and her purse. She spotted her purse on the bed and made her way towards it. Ashton beat her to it.

"What're you doing?" she asked as he picked her purse up off the bed.

"Where are you going?" Ashton asked.

"I don't need your fake concern for my well being," Chevonne said, "I just need for you to give me my purse and to get out of my way."

"I brought you here Chevonne..."

"To use and humiliate me," Chevonne said. "You've used me, I won't let you humiliate me by pretending you care about what happens to me."

"I'm not going to let you leave," Ashton said.

"How are you going to stop me?"

"Like this," Ashton said taking Chevonne's purse and running out of the room. Chevonne took off after him calling his name and demanding that he return her purse back to her. She had almost caught him by the time they reached the top of the stairs where they ran into his parents.

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