tagAnalThe Start of a Great Thing Ch. 01

The Start of a Great Thing Ch. 01


The First Time Amber and Paul met each other they could never have imagined they found someone who fit them like they were made for each other.

Paul POV

Dave brought me to a house party, it had been a while from the last time I had time to party and I was looking forward to getting drunk and having a good time. The Party was on the roof of an apartment building in the city and a lot of people were coming and going, Paul had found a cute blond almost as soon as we got there and being a good wing man, I helped him with the approach. I was left by myself to mingle and drink and was dancing with group of friends when I say Amber walk in.

Amber POV

Candice is going to take me to a roof party she heard about from a friend someone in his building was throwing it but the whole apartment building knew about it. I was going through my closet looking for something to wear ever sense I got out of my last relationship I really let myself go and almost none of my cloths fit any more. I have been going to the GYM for the past 6 months and I was ready to get back in the dating pool. However even though I had a flat stomach now my ass was just out of control meaning I couldn't wear jeans and had to find a party dress. Too bad the only dress I could find was my little black dress which used to be about mid-thigh but now could just cover the bottom of my ass cheeks.

I heard Candice horn outside so I garbed some black heals and my purse and jumped out the door I wasn't going to miss this party.

When we got to the party there were a lot of people and even more alcohol it was my kind of party, Candice and I made a dash straight for the wine. We talked and found our friends hanging out at on some couches that had been set up, they were already half in the bag so we had to catch up.

Half an hour into the party I notice a sexy looking man watching me from across the roof. I turned to my friend and asked if they knew him. My friend that lived at the apartments said his name was Paul and he was friends with the people throwing the party.

Full of liquid courage at this point I got up and tried to do my sexiest walk over to the drinks making sure he saw me as I swayed across the roof. I poured myself another glass of wine and tried to calm down hoping he would pick up the signal and come over.

Paul POV

When Amber walked in I couldn't take my eyes off her, most of the time I preferred tall fit women but there was something about her that had me. I tried to focus on the party dancing and tanking to people, I even gave my number to a couple flirts. Still whenever there was a pause I found myself looking her up and down.

After about half an hour I saw her get up and walk across the roof giving me a few glances as she walked. I took that as my opening and walked over to talk to her.

"Are you having a good time?" I asked.

"Ya it's a good party." she said taking a sip from her wine "Did you come with someone?" she asked.

"Not really my friend brought me but he is busy right now." I pointed to Dave who was making out with his girl by the roof door.

"Pfft" she laughed or tried not to. "Well they seem to be having fun."

"Dave always has fun but that means my ride is gone for the night." I said trying to feel her out.

"Oh, that's too bad, I would give you a ride but I was brought by someone to" she smiled pointing to a group sitting on a couch.

"Well I guess I could just grab an UBER." I shrugged I was starting to have second thoughts about coming over.

"If you want we could split one." she said bashfully.

"Oh, ya are you ready to get out of here." I said giving her a seductive look.

"Sure, let me say by to my friends?" she asked.

Just then I realized I never asked her name.

"My names Amber by the way" she said seeming to read my mind.

"Paul" I responded.

We took the UBER and Amber gave directions to her house first, after the ride Amber walked ahead of me and I couldn't help but watch her ass as she went. It was big, huge even, but in my current state that only made her more enticing to me. I had a thing for asses and hers was going to be the biggest I've ever seen. It swayed very nicely as she moved each hip swing shaking the perfectly round cheek on the other side.

She invited me in and had me sit on the couch, going to her room to get more comfortable. I sat there for a while checking out the things in her one-bedroom apartment. I got up and searched her fridge finding a twelve pack of Blue Moon, I was a little surprised that someone like Amber would have such good taste in beer. I took one to drink while I waited, while I drank the beer I started to worry and walked over to her bedroom door.

I knocked before entering. Amber was on her bed, passed out. I groaned. First, because I knew that meant I wouldn't be getting laid, and second because she was naked. I was tempted, but I wasn't that type of guy. I started to walk out when I noticed that she wasn't even out of her dress all the way it was caught around her head and arm. She'd be cold eventually and the covers knotted under her couldn't be comfortable. I decided to leave her like that would be more embarrassing.

I moved to her bed and shifted her until I could get the dress from around her neck and off her arm. Amber suddenly rolled onto her stomach and I got my first look at her naked ass. It seemed even bigger without clothes on. I was surprised by just how strong my body reacted to the sight. There was no denying that her ass was biggest I'd ever seen, but I couldn't help but admit that I liked it.

While I was staring at her round juicy globes without warning she also rolled onto her side and pulled me down onto the bed. The only truly fat part of her was her ass, but she was a big woman. I noticed how long her arms were when she wrapped them around me and drifted back into a deeper sleep.

Amber's breasts were nice and her stomach was flat, there was a softness about her that I liked. I wrapped my arms around her and shifted so that her head was resting on my shoulder. It felt surprisingly good. So good in fact, that I let myself get comfortable not even realizing my eyes shutting and falling asleep.

Amber's POV

I woke up to find myself wrapped around Paul very comfortably, I didn't feel like I had done anything crazy but I was naked and he still had his close on. I figured I must have been too drunk to remember what had happen but if he was still here I must have given him a great blowjob at least.

I lifted from his chest and was watching him sleep peacefully, I got a little curious and slid my hand across his chest feeling his muscles then down his stomach. He didn't have rock hard abs but I could feel how tight they were under his skin, and I wasn't one to talk. He let out a little moan and started to shift in bed.

Paul's POV

I woke up to the sun and Amber's smile. It was a very pretty smile. I felt surprisingly good considering how much alcohol I drank. Amber's bed was very comfortable. It was either that or Amber herself who helped me sleep so well.

"I hope it was a night you'll never forget because I can't remember a thing," she joked nervously, breaking the silence.

"That's because nothing happened," I smiled.

"Oh, did I get to sloppy?" Amber asked looking a little embarrassed.

"Nothing like that I just didn't want to take advantage of you" I said in a hurry.

"Right, that's why I'm naked in bed with your arms wrapped around me?" she giggled.

"Well I mean I didn't say I was done with you yet." I said trying to be smooth.

"Yet?" she asked. "You mean, now that you're sober you're not going to slip away?"

"You're kidding, right?" I asked. "I'm lying next to a beautiful naked woman and you think I'm going to leave?"

"You think I'm beautiful?" she asked in surprise.

"Of course," I replied.

"I know I'm not bad looking, but I'm way too big for most guys to think of as beautiful, and that was before I let my ass get this size." she snapped back.

"I mean look at it it's huge!" saying that while looking over her shoulder.

She wasn't wrong about her ass, but I wasn't lying either. I really did like it and there was only one thing I could do about it. I wasn't going to let a chance like this slip by. I surprised Amber by taking one of her hands and moving it between my legs my cock was already rock-hard straining against my jeans.

"It got like that from only talking about your ass," I smiled. "What do you think will happen if we do more than just talk?"

"You want to do more than talk?" she asked. I could feel her excitement building. As she looked at me like she didn't expect this to happen.

"A lot more," I answered, reaching behind her and caressing her large ass. She was watching my eyes carefully. I smiled and kissed her hard on the lips.

Her ass was far too big for one hand. I pulled her on top of me and started using both hands on her butt. My hardness pressed into her stomach.

"That feels so good!" she moaned. We continued like that for a long time until my hard cock was aching for release.

"Amber, I hope you're in the mood," I groaned. "Because you're making me crazy!"

"Why don't you get rid of your clothes," she smiled sexily, rolling off me.

I got out of bed and stripped out of my clothes as quickly as possible. Amber eyed my cock hungrily and bit her bottom lip as it popped free of my underwear. She reached for it. I had no intention of stopping her. I stood there for a few moments letting her stroke my 8 inches before I climbed back into the bed.

"Now what?" she smiled. Her expression was a mix of anticipation and fear. I kissed her again before rolling her onto her stomach. She laughed as she yelled, "Hey! What are you doing?"

"Getting a look at your ass," I replied, grabbing her meaty backside and squeezing it. Her ass was large, round and very pale.

"That's more than looking!" she gasped.

"But you like it!" I said hungrily and bent forward. Amber moaned loudly as I spread her legs and buried my face between her large ass cheeks. I tasted her pussy for the first time and it was good, very good, like heavy whipping cream and peaches. She spread herself wider to give better access. I pushed my face in deeper. Her ass was so big that it was hard to breath, so I tossed my head back to breath threw my nose.

I licked and tasted her for quite a while. I teased her by bringing her to the brink of orgasm and pulling back a couple of times. She moaned in frustration. I groped and played with her ass spreading her cheeks open as I dove in repeatedly.

"Stop being mean!" Amber cried.

I was tempted to finish her off with my mouth, but she obviously wanted more. I wasn't going to argue with her need. So, I sat up and shifted until my cock was lined up with her pussy. I shoved myself as deep as I could go on the first stroke. Her body shivered as my hips slammed into her ass sending ripples of ass fat juggling and causing her to arch her back in a mix of surprise, pleasure, and pain.

I pulled back and thrust into her again. Amber cried out and I did it again, and again. She came after only a few strokes, but I couldn't stop myself from continuing. The sight of her ass shaking with every thrust was too much. Amber seemed to enjoy it even after she was done. In fact, it wasn't long before she started pushing back to meet my strokes. Her heavy Round ass cheeks slapping my lower abs every time I slammed all my cock in her volcanic box.

I took hold of her thick hips and rammed in and out of her pussy. I watched Amber's ass as our bodies crashed together repeatedly. The sight made me stiffen even more and she moaned loudly. I couldn't resist. I let go of one of her hips and slapped her ass.

"Hey!" she cried, more in surprise than anything else.

"Can you blame me?" I groaned. "It looks so good!" She glanced at me over her shoulder. Her eyes were glazed over with lust and pleasure.

"Wow, my ass really does turn you on!" she gasped in between grunts.

"You have no idea!" I growled, slapping it again. This time Amber moaned hard. I slapped it again and she moaned louder.

"Harder!" she cried, so I slapped her ass with more strength.

"No!" she yelled. "I meant fuck me harder!"

"I can do both," I replied, slamming into her."

"Fuck yes!" she cried.

I loved thrusting into Amber. She was a big woman and was obviously able to handle the pounding. Handle? Hell, she loved it as much as I did!

She was near another orgasm and my own was building fast. I continued to work her pussy until we both were on the edge. I rested one hand on her ass and let my thumb drift lower. Amber didn't comment until it was against her opening.

"Don't!" she cried in surprise. I moved my thumb in small circles, but didn't push in.

"I told you I wanted to do more to your big ass," I said, my voice wild with need.

"You can't be serious!" she moaned.

"Oh, I'm very serious," I replied, pushing my thumb inside her ass.

Amber cried out. I'm sure some of it was surprise, but she liked it too. I could tell. She was moaning more frequently and she was pushing back to meet my thrusting hips and hand.

"Deeper!" Amber cried suddenly. "I'm Cumming!" Her body locked up in orgasm again as I rammed both my cock and thumb as deep as they would go. A large part of me wanted to join her and cum too, but I held off. I wanted more. I wanted her big pale ass!

I pulled out of Amber's pussy as she was just finishing up her orgasm. I shifted down once again and pushed my face between her legs. She was soaked and I took my time licking as much of her cum as I could get. It wasn't easy because my need was driving me crazy, but I wasn't going to get what I wanted by rushing. I used the time to calm down as much as I could, feeling my pulse race and making my cock twitch in time.

"You're not done yet, are you?" she moaned, when I started working her pussy once more with my tongue.

"No," I replied.

"You want my ass!" she gasped as my tongue brushed her clit.

"Oh yeah!" I admitted eagerly.

"But it's too big!" she cried. "I don't understand how you could like it?"

"I love it! Let me show you." I replied. And with that, I let my tongue shift to her ass.

"Oh!" she cried in surprise. Taking a sudden sharp breath.

I used both hands to spread her large, heavy ass cheeks. I pushed my face between them as hard as I could, causing my tongue to thrust deep inside. causing Amber gasped. I twirled my tongue around trying to fit more of it in her tasty ass.

"No one's ever done that before!" she cried.

"Yes, but you like it, don't you?" I asked.

"It feels so good!" she moaned and pushed back against my face. I took the signal and began to hungrily lick her tight hole until I could feel it loosening.

"I hope you're ready!" I grunted as I sat up.

"Ready for what?" Amber asked, but she knew what was coming and her body was ready. She was just nervous.

Amber's POV

Suddenly, I gasped loudly as a long, warm cock. hard as a steel rod was slid between my giant, jiggling ass cheeks and pushed deep inside my large butt. When his cock could be pushed no further he paused, letting my gasping and moaning quieted down a bit, I could feel his cock inside my giant butt keeping me on all fours. I could feel every inch of his eight-inch dick penetrating me as I moved and shuffled. The huge mounds of fat on my big bottom jiggled around his meat stick as I tried to get more comfortable, so I could feel it inside me, I continued to gasp and moan involuntarily.

Paul thrust himself into my giant rump slowly, and slid himself in and out tenderly, but firmly. I continued shifting my weight and causing my enormous backside to jiggle as he slid himself easily deep inside my big butt. I felt his body gliding up against the mounds of fat on my big ass as he pushed himself in and out. The constant jiggling of flesh on my big bottom added to the sensation. I began to moan softly into the comforter and shift my weight in rhythm with his thrusts.

Paul's POV

Amber's ass hole was supper tight, even after I loosened it up. As I slid in and out of her at a steady pace care full not to hurt such perfection, I could feel her anus puckering and sucking on my shaft.

"I can't hold off much longer!" I gasped. "Your ass is too much!"

"Do it!" Amber cried. "I want to feel you cum deep inside of me!"

I sped up my thrust ramming all my cock deep into her huge jiggling ass, I could feel her getting closer with every thrust. My cum was boiling in my balls rushing into my shaft the next thing I knew.

Amber exploded in ecstasy. Her back arched, and her enormous butt thrust toward the sky with force, but I kept right on sliding in and out of her big ass. I thrust himself in and pulled himself out. I slid as deeply into her big ass as possible.

I lost it and pumped my cum into her ass. It felt like it would never end. We thrashed against each other until we were both finished.

"I felt you filling me!" she moaned in satisfaction. "It was amazing!"

I pulled out of her ass reluctantly and rolled off her as I fought to catch my breath. Amber was gasping for air as well, but she was also watching me with big eyes. I kissed her briefly and then went back to fighting for air. She smiled slowly and rested her head on my chest.

"So, you're not planning on slipping out now that you've gotten what you want?" she asked.

"Hell no," I said between breaths. She let her head fall on my chest once more. I liked to feel of her like this. I wrapped one arm over her.

The heat from our bodies made us stick to each other but it wasn't uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, it felt very natural as if we just fit together.

"You do realize this was supposed to be just a one-night stand?" Amber said once we were both calm enough to speak again. "I mean, I don't have a lot of them, but I'm pretty sure you were supposed to leave after you got what you were after."

I laughed, kissing her briefly. "Who said I got what I wanted. This was just a first taste to me."

"Hmm," she said with a frown, but I could see the smile underneath. "You just have to say the perfect thing don't you."

"What? Do you want me to go?" I asked.

"I find the one man who loves my ass even at this size and you think I'm going to kick him out of my bed?" she asked rhetorically.

"Thank God!" I groaned. "Because my cock is already stirring at just the thought of having it again."

Even after just Cumming like never I could already feel blood pumping to my shaft. I knew it wouldn't be long before I was ready to go again especially while Amber's amazing pail round ass jiggled in front of me while we talked.

"I have a feeling I'm going to learn to love your ass fetish," Amber laughed. "In fact, after how that felt I'll probably start to develop a need for a good butt fucking!"

"If you do," I joked. "I would never let this stop at a one-night stand."

"We'd have to get out of bed eventually," she laughed. "We'd need food!"

"Eventually," I agreed. "But after a quick trip to a local restaurant we could always come back here or even my place."

"Your place?" She asked.

"I have a pool," I grinned. "The view of your ass sticking out of the water!"

"Pervert!" she laughed.

"So, how about it?" I asked. "Let's go to dinner some time and then spend the night at my place afterward."

"Are you asking me out on a date?" she half joked.

"Yes," I answered. "I'd have to be crazy not to."

"You're serious, aren't you?" she said, smiling slowly.

"Of course," I answered.

"You just want my ass again!" she shrugged.

"Oh, I'm going to get that either way," I said confidently, letting my hand drift to her backside. giving it a firm pat.

"True," she sighed, looking up into my eyes and smiling. We kissed again.

"You know," I said thoughtfully. "I have a good feeling about this."

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