tagMind ControlThe Start of a New Life Ch. 01

The Start of a New Life Ch. 01



"Stop or I'll shoot!"

The hairs on my body stood as I raised my goosebumped arms. My muscles twitched slightly, despite my mind telling my body to hold as still as possible.

"Get on your knees and cross your ankles now!"

I hesitated...

"Now!" the officer barked, reiterating his previous command.

As I got to my knees sweat dripped down the back of my neck. I wasn't a hardened criminal. I wasn't a murder. I was a bank robber though, and not in the traditional sense. There is no way the cops could know of it. It all started a few years ago...


"Richard... Richard... hello? Earth to Richard."

I stared down at the petite Latina woman, who sadly enough, was my boss.

"Yeah... I heard you. I don't want to do it, but I guess someone has to."

The small 35 year old Latin handed me a bucket full of soapy water and a few sponges. I fell to my knees, pulled off the greasy drain cover of the drain. I grabbed a sponge, the heat of the water uncomfortable, just shy of burning and began scrubbing the drain.

I got to work, my boss unmoving, glaring down at me. She was only 5'3" so she didn't get to look down on me often. Looking up at her i swore I could see humor in her face as she watched me work.

$7.25 an hour for this work didn't seem worth it.

"Lazy white boy..." my boss said in Spanish as she walked away, coaxing a laugh from the Mexican women in the back of the restaurant on the cook line.

I spoke Spanish fluently, but I never told anyone at my job that. I almost felt shame in it, knowing how much shit they talked and never sticking up for myself.

For 2 hours I trudged through the drains, making them smell like chemicals, masking the mold odor coming from farther down in the pipes.

I was proud of my work, although it didn't take long for the drains to pollute again i took pride in knowing I worked hard on it. My shift was about over and I had a 20 minute bike ride to my downtown loft.

I finished up my closing duties, put on my helmet, flicked on the headlamp and hopped on my bike.


The cold air rushed around me as I peddled hard. It was mid September and the cold air was just beginning to blow in. A light coat did the trick and my wind breaker was more than enough. It was a dark night though, there wasn't a moon. You couldn't see the stars through the city lights either. I missed the stars.

I looked up to the sky as I rode, hoping maybe I could see just one. Not paying attention to the road I felt a mind numbing blow to my face. Within seconds I knew I had lost teeth and something in my face was broken. Blood started running down the back of my throat and I coughed it up. I was laying on pavement. I had forgotten already where I was or what I was doing. I looked up and saw a man holding something in his hand... A bat? Is that what it was?

The man lifted his hands above his head and I closed my eyes as he swung down. The back of my eyelids is the last thing I remember.


Bright. So Bright.

I blinked. My vision gone. White light. Blurry figures.



"Richard, you're awake! NURSE! NURSE!"

I could see her now. My sister. She was a few years older than me and we were roommates. She had been married and then divorced. Her ex was a total douche.

She had a good job though and made enough money to pay for our apartment and pay all of our bills on her own. She felt like since mom and dad had passed I was her responsibility or something. Even though I was only a step sibling we had been brother and sister since I was 2. I still wanted to work to pitch in on the bills regardless of the fact she told me not to every month.

She had just graduated from University and was now an in facility psychologist for a local company that worked with handicapped individuals. She was smart, pretty, funny and fit, the whole package. I was pretty fit and good looking too, from what l can remember.

I reached up to touch my face, I felt a dull pain on my right cheek. I tried again to reach for it. It took every muscle in my arm to lift my hand from the bed.


"Hey big guy, don't be doing that. You need to stay still, you've been out cold a few days now." Jessica told him.

Richard opened his mouth to ask her what the hell she was talking about but his cheeks hurt and his throat was dry. He could feel the chapping of his lips. He decided to rephrase.

"Water..." He rasped.


It was all eventually explained to him. He had been mugged. He had suffered severe brain trauma from getting hit in the head multiple times by a baseball bat. A young woman driving by had seen the attack and had called the police, then confronted the attackers with pepper spray. Everyone said her bravery saved his life.

He would have to remember to thank her.

But now he was in the hospital. He had been asleep for 3 weeks. The drugs had been strong, keeping him under. He had been fighting for his life when he first arrived, then after stabilizing him, he'd been in the ICU. He still had limited function of his limbs, the doctors told him there would be a good chance it would slowly return in the next few months with physical therapy.

Luckily he was on his sister's health care plan, which was more than enough to take care of them. It was a damn good thing too or Richard would be shit outta luck.


A gaggle of gorgeous nurses had been taking care of me that first day. All young and beautiful. I couldn't help but feel special as they came in and out of the room several times an hour to check on me. Even my ICU physician was pretty, Dr. Jane Williams. She was tall, thin and busty. Her red hair and popping freckles seemed out of place with her tan skin. I'd never seen a redhead with such a nice tan, it had to be spray on. Her cleavage was deep and she caught me staring more than once, but she only smiled and ignored it. I wonder if any men even worked at the hospital.

Apparently my sister hadn't left my side for the 3 weeks. We were close so l wasn't really surprised but she had missed work for me and apparently had even slept next to me on the bed for some of the nights, according to the nurses anyhow. Now that I had awoken she ran home, showered, changed and told me she would be back in few hours. She was excited to talk to me, but wanted to be a decent smelling human.


As she left 2 nurses came into the room.

"Hi im Rachel and this is a nurse in training, Jasmine." A blonde girl in tight fitting grey scrubs uniform said to me, pointing simultaneously to a shorter brunette, indian girl in pink scrubs.

"If you're ok with it we would like to give you a sponge bath." Rachel asked.

Richard didn't know how to respond. He was still just confused by the whole situation. He was embarrassed but didn't know what else to say. They were professionals... they probably did this sort of thing all the time.

"Ok... Thats fine I guess..." Richard said trying to sit up a little bit but failing.

"Oh don't move please," Rachel said quickly, "We'll do the hard work." She said as Jasmine left the room.

Rachel moved over to Richard and rolled him onto his side. She untied the back of his robe and slid it off. He was totally naked, and totally ashamed. He was fit and actually quite muscular but she quickly moved to slide his sheets off, unnoticing of his nude body. Her DD breasts pressed against his thighs as she leaned over him. They lingered on his legs longer than had seemed necessary.

Jasmine came back into the room pulling a cart through the doorway and then quickly shutting the door behind her. She pressed in the button on handle that locked it. Jasmine was not as unnoticing as Rachel of Richards nudity. She looked at Richard and blushed visually. Her cheeks were bright red under her brown skin. She cleared her throat as she pulled the cart over to the bed. Rachel was on his right and Jasmine was on his left.

"Ok Jasmine what do we do first?" Rachel asked looking at Jasmine who was still shooting embarrassed glances around the room.

Jasmine regained focus as she began rattling off the memorized steps to Rachel in a very robotic way.

"Good... Good." Rachel commented, "How about first we give him a little privacy." She said glancing at Richard's genitals.

Jasmine looked nervously at Richard and then back to Rachel. Richard noticed both girls staring a moment at his member. Even flaccid he was 6 inches. He knew he was well endowed but had only been with one girl, though multiple times he was also her first so neither had experience to compare him to anyone else.

Jasmine laid a towel over his waist and draped it down over his groin. The two nurses began by washing his face then his chest then his stomach. Rachel had to reach over him a lot. The cart was on Jasmine's side of the bed. Rather than ask for things Rachel worked in a hurry, having to constantly stop and direct Jasmine. Because of this she repeatedly pressed her chest into multiple parts of his body, once even in right in his face while showing Jasmine how to wash his hair.

Richard guessed it was because she was shorter than Jasmine Rachel and practically climbed on top of him a couple of times. He was becoming quite excited and the girls were noticing. Even though they both did their best to pretend like it wasn't happening, Richard now stood at a solid thick 10 inches. Jasmine was blushing again as she worked and seemed extremely distracted by him.

Rachel eventually gave up trying to instruct her as they finished washing his abs and picked up most of the workload herself, reaching over him constantly. Her soft warm breasts pressing against him for most of the bath so far.

"Ok so now we will work down his hips and legs." Rachel said tossing a rag back over to the cart. "Go ahead and move the towel up to his chest so he doesn't get cold."

Jasmine very nervously grasped the top of the towel and slowly dragged it up. Rachel watched intently as the towel moved over the head of his cock as Jasmine pulled it. As it slid off of him it caused Richard shutter, the cotton fabric rubbing the helmet of his shaft. Jasmine gasped as it sprang free from the fabric.

"It's ok," Rachel said, as she looked at it... "It happens all the time..." She held onto the words. Richard didn't know if she was talking to Jasmine or him. "No need to be embarrassed, we are all human." She exclaimed, "This happens all the time with male patients."

Richard could see she was blushing now too, but more in her chest then anywhere else. Her redness was to clear an indicator of her excitement. Her breathing grew shallow and she swayed her hips back and forth unintentionally.

"Just remember to remain professional and work with it." Rachel said to Jasmine, she then looked at Richard and smiled wide.

Her smile comforted him a bit, her eyes were warm and she didn't break eye contact for a long while. Richard felt Jasmine begin nervously washing his left leg. She wouldn't make eye contact with him but kept glancing at his engorged member. He even saw her bite her lip once. She was rocking back and forth shifting her weight. Although she was firm with the rag, her hands were shaky.


Rachel began washing his other leg, she washed for an extended time on his upper, inner thigh. His balls retracted and started throbbing in unison with his heavy rod.

Rachel was salivating, her heart was jumping out of her chest. She could feel that her nipples had hardened in her bra. She felt her wetness running down her leg. She regretted then not wearing panties today.

She cleared her throat then reached across Richard. She intentionally pressed her big breasts into his crotch, her left breast could feel his big cock twitch. She hadn't intentionally meant to trap Jasmines hand with her right breast, but Jasmine didn't say anything. Rachel could feel Jasmine shaking.


Jasmine was ready to run for the door. If she hadn't trained for years to do this job she might have. Rachel had been training her for the better part of the week now. Rachel was super inappropriate with Jasmine but Jasmine didn't dare say anything. She was scared to fail her training.

This was crazy though. This was the biggest cock Jasmine had ever seen. 'It could rip me in half,' she thought, 'but I am so turned on.'

She couldn't help her shaking. She wasn't nervous about Richard, she was nervous about Rachel. Jasmine wasn't gay but Rachel was simply the sexiest woman she had ever interacted with. Besides Dr. Williams, but they'd barely said a word to each other.

Rachel had a dirty way of talking and had told Jasmine how much she adored her ass. Rachel had even spanked her a few times since training had begun. She would then remind Jasmine that she'd have to be light hearted and joking to survive a job this serious.

Jasmine didn't mind her playing much but she couldn't believe how she acted with Richard, just rubbing her body on him. And now Rachel was rubbing her breast on Jasmines hand. Jasmine couldn't stop her juices from soaking her panties. She was nearly panting now and she felt like her heart was running a marathon without her. Her stomach was doing flips. Jasmine was uncontrollably biting her lip so hard she was scared she'd draw blood.


Rachel grabbed a clean rag from the cart and dipped out in the water then wrung it out. Her weight was on Richards lap.

"Here..." she said as she lifted her chest off them. She took Jasmines free hand in hers and put the folded rag in it. Then Rachel guided Jasmines hand to Richards cock. Rachel used both hands to wrap Jasmines free hand around it.

Jasmine gasped and breathed out "Oh Rachel, I don't th-"

"Shh... Mr. Hanson had a really bad few weeks. It's our job to make sure he's comfortable and taken care of. Are you comfortable Mr. Hanson?"

"Yes" was all Richard said while looking Jasmine in the eyes. This was the first time they'd made eye contact since the bath began.

Rachel squeezed her hands around Jasmines and began moving her hand up and down on Richard. Jasmine put her rag in her other hand then put her now free hand awkwardly by her side. She stared at his massive member while Rachel forced her to stroke it. She was enchanted by the sheer size as beauty of it. She couldn't get her fingers completely around the girth.

She licked her lips as she saw a bead of precum build on his tip. She looked at Rachel who was staring hungrily at it.


I couldn't believe what was happening. Two gorgeous women who were totally out of my league were jerking me off together. Their hands were tight and the rag was warm. It felt awesome. I let out a little moan. Jasmine had stopped shaking and had started jerking me without the help of Rachel. Rachel reached across again.

Her breasts were hovering around my cock and Jasmine kept stroking me under Rachel's unproportionately large boobs. Rachel grabbed another rag but left it really wet. She lifted her chest off my dick and put the warm wet rag on my balls.

She spread my legs for me and started massaging my swollen sack. Her other hand moved back to my cock. Her and Jasmine combined weren't enough to cover my whole cock.

Rachel worked my tip skillfully as Jasmine stroked my length, squeezing tight, starting to move quicker. Jasmine started playing with my chest with her free hand and looked at me each time I moaned. She switched hands every few minutes.

Rachel moved the warm rag from my balls down the back of my hips and began washing my ass. It was taboo but something about a warm rag wiping my ass hole while I got yanked felt strangely... great. I rolled my head back and moaned deep.

I closed my eyes and then gasped sharply as I felt what I only could guess was a tongue pressed against the hood of my dick. I could feel warm breath along my length as Jasmine let go with her hand.

Moving my hand seemed a lot easier now with a renewed sense of purpose, I reached up and grabbed onto Rachel's ample breast. The tongue of Rachel slid down the bottom of my big shaft and then back up, warm breath blew over my mushroom top as Rachel spread her lips as wide as she could, barely fitting me inside her wet mouth.

I looked at Jasmine, surprised to see she had a hand down the front of her pants and her other hand up her shirt, stimulating herself frantically.

I massaged at Rachel's breasts through her bra. She tried to swallow me but my thick cock met the resistance at the start of her throat after only 6 inches. Rachel bobbed a few times slamming the head of my cock against her throat and then came up for air coughing. Her saliva stringing between her lips and my dick. She lifted her shirt over her head.

Her stomach was flat and her breasts bulged in her push up bra. Her areolas of her nipples peaked over the top of her black bra. She slid down her pants exposing her glistening wet sex, well manicured and smooth with a small landing strip, her clitoris protruded visually at the bottom of the line of hair. She had a slight bikini tan that looked only a few days old.

She turned wiggling her petite, tight, round ass at me as she unsnapped her bra. She turned back around as her bra fell off, flashing her dark pink almost red nipples at me. She smiled at me as I admired the perfect perkiness.

We both turned and looked at Jasmine who let out a loud moan. Her pink pants were around her knees and her pink top pushed up to her collarbone she leaned against the wall and rocked her hips while she frantically rubbed her clit and squeezed at her C cup breasts. Her nipples were brown and she had an athletic build. She obviously worked out.

She moaned loudly again as she stopped rubbing and then squirted discharge on the floor. She shook as she felt shocks of pleasure rock through her.

Rachel walked up to her naked and pushed her against the wall with her body. Rachel kissed Jasmine as her orgasm finished. Rachel then said low, "We are here to take care of mister Hanson." She kissed her deep, "Suck him." Rachel spoke into Jasmine's mouth. Jasmine moaned as Rachel reached down to feel her moist pussy.


I watched as Jasmine did as she was told. She stepped toward me, dropping the rest of her clothes on the floor. She didn't have boobs like Rachel but her ass was unreal, bubbly, big and firm all at the same time.

Jasmine bent at the waist and opened her luscious lips wide, putting her mouth right over my cock. She took it all the way down first try. I felt the ribbing of her esophagus squeeze the top half of my throbbing cock. I moaned loud as my cock twitched. I pushed my hips into her mouth forcing myself as deep as I could.

She held me all the way, fighting gags and holding her breath for nearly 20 seconds. Each time she fought a gag, I moaned as her throat rubbed my member. She finally came up for air after 30 seconds. She let spit fall all over me as her eyes watered.

"Holy fuck," Rachel said in sheer surprise. "How the fuck..."

Jasmine looked up at Rachel, cock in hand and smiled. "I've sucked a dick before..." she smirked as she went back down on Richard.

Richard rolled his head back and just enjoyed the mouth massage Jasmine gave him. His sensitivity increased with her increasing enthusiasm. It was clear her nervous demeanor was shedding like snake skin.

Richard felt Jasmine moan on his cock, causing a vibration that ran to his balls. He looked up to see Rachel kneeling behind Jasmine, her head concealed by Jasmine's great ass. Whatever Rachel was doing, Jasmine approved with increasing grunts and moans. The moaning, sucking and gagging Jasmine was enveloping Richards cock in was sending him quickly over the edge.

"I'm gonna cum!" Richard hissed through gritted teeth.

'Do it! Cum down my throat' Jasmine's voice rang in Richard's head.

Richard gave Jasmine the most confused orgasm face she had ever seen, and the most cum.

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