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The Statue


Why does she have to do this so often? I might be a statue but I still have a life. Well all right its not much of a life, but its all I have and this woman impaling herself on me every day is distracting. Last night was a standard example. I was deep in thought, considering my chosen matter of the day, the weight of the world, and she broke into the museum I rest in. She came running up to me and pulled her loose dress off over her head. Without even saying good evening she climbed onto my plinth and straddled me.

Just to put you in the picture, I am a life size granite statue of a reclining man, who had the misfortune to be sculpted with an erect penis and a well muscled body. The penis part is about twelve inches long and slightly curved towards the end, and according to many visitors looks quite realistic. I enjoy the fact that I am sentient, it is fun to observe the people who parade past, not knowing I see and hear them. It is even a thrill to see the looks of amazement on the faces of those who have not seen such a well sculpted body so close before. This unasked for attention from a real woman was a surprise, and at first I was proud she had chosen me. Now however I just want to get rid of her.

Anyway back to last nights invasion. She started by squirting some sort of lubricant onto my erection and rubbing it in with her hands. Her next act was to prepare her body by inserting two of her lube covered fingers and using the other hand to rub her small breasts. She teased her nipples and pushed the flesh of her breasts around. Her stance changed as she parted her legs further, allowing deeper access for her rigid fingers. I could see she bit her lip as she stimulated herself. Her eyes roamed over my torso. She obviously liked to look at my perfect abdominal muscles and the exquisite detail of my legs. My chiseled brow and dimpled chin didn't avoid her passion filled gaze. When her arousal was sufficient she mounted me. She has never taken the whole length of my granite shaft in one go, although she seems to try.

When she has taken as much of my penis as she can, she will pause and rub her breasts again. Gradually she will start to rock her hips back and forth, in time with some silent rhythm. Another feature of my genitals is the mass of curly hair above the penis, just where her clitoris touches me. This seems to excite her, as she invariably leans forward to get as much pressure from it as she can. Soon her body shudders violently, and her hands grab my arms to support her. After a minute or so of passionate purring and shuddering she will calm down a little and begin sliding up and down my manhood. Her pussy has been producing its own lubricant, letting her rise till she has only the tip of the cock in her and then drop back down till she is full again. This can go on for quite some time before she reaches another climax. Usually she will collapse during her second orgasm, laying on top of me till she recovers her composure and breath.

Sometimes she will leave then, just walking after tenderly wiping up her mess, not even waving as she goes. Last night she turned away from me whilst still impaled and started to move up and down again. The attitude of my body must leave her clitoris with no stimulation in this pose because she uses a hand on her groin again. Her movements speed up and slow down as if she doesn't want to reach orgasm too quickly. Personally the quicker she goes, the sooner I can concentrate, but she seems not to think of that. It can take an age for her to finish. I must admit to enjoying the view of her ass rising and falling as she has her pleasure.

It seems disrespectful of her that she never utters a word during her visit. I would expect at least a thank you when she was finished, but nothing is ever said. If only I could let her know how annoying she has become. It really bugs me to used like this every night. I wish she would talk to me, tell me why at least. Oh well, they are moving me tomorrow so maybe she will stop bugging me. Apparently a lady has bought me...

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