tagErotic CouplingsThe Steam and The Fury

The Steam and The Fury


Kate let the water and steam engulf her achy body. She'd been so tired that she nearly passed out in her sweaty work clothes, but when she arrived home to a note saying her roommates wouldn't be back until the next day, she had to take advantage of a sinfully long, hot shower. After all, she afforded herself so few luxuries these days. The length of this soak would be epic; no knocks on the door reminding her of the time, no unceremonious toilet flushes meant to scald her into jumping out. Kate loved her roommates, but she fantasized about the day when she would have a shower all to herself.

She squeezed a dollop of shampoo into her hand and worked her long, brown locks into a lather, winding it into a soapy bun at the top of her head. Lost in the calm of the shower spray at her back, Kate's mind began to wander. Massaging her scalp in tingly circles, she imagined it was a sexy stranger standing behind her, his long fingers alleviating her stress and moving down her neck to work out the knots held there.

Shivers of sensation spread down from her head to her toes as Kate moved deeper into her erotic fantasy. The sexy stranger tilted her head back, allowing the water to wash away the foamy lather from her chestnut brown locks. Free of its soapy entanglements, her hair fell straight down her spine, almost brushing the round rise of her ample ass.

With her hair clean and shampoo-free, Kate moved on to an exotic scented cream body wash her roommate Tara had gotten her hooked on. She knew she should just get the cheap stuff, but nothing felt silkier on her full milky orbs than this stuff, and the smell was slightly sweet and intoxicating. In her mind's eye, her stranger worked up a bubbly lather, moving first across her shoulders then circling south, being sure to avoid her nipples. Any self-respecting sexy stranger would know to draw this out, to tease her, to stretch the boundaries of pleasure.

Kate loved the way the bubbles formed foamy peaks on each of her giant breasts. She was blessed young, and she relished in the weight of them, cradling one and then the other in her soapy arms, her stranger's arms. One bubble broke free and slid lazily from clavicle to tender rose-tipped nipple. She gasped at the feather-light caresses; it really had been too long. She could cum from an opportune light breeze while waiting for the bus. For now, though, the bubbles were her sexy stranger's fingertips, running lightly all over her breasts, teasing her nipples.

Lost in this fantasy of feather-light caresses and soap bubble lovers, Kate didn't hear the knock on the door or the man entering her apartment. Her pulse was quickening with each tweak of her sensitive nipples and her face was flushing with arousal. The bathroom door opened a crack, and still she was unaware of the stranger sharing her steam. Kate was alone in her thoughts, washing away her stress, her sweat, in the purifying spray of the shower's powerful pressure. It wasn't until a man's throat cleared just outside the door that she was snapped out of her erotic trance.

Jumping at the intrusion, Kate slipped and landed on her ass, her petite frame folding into the bottom of the tub, a shower of body cleaning products raining down on her with the jet stream of steamy water. The door flew open and he rushed in, throwing open the curtain, exposing Kate's nakedness to a chill from the hall.

"Oh my god. Are you okay? Did you hit your head?"

And suddenly there he was, staring down at her naked body. Kate had never allowed herself to truly picture the details of the sexy stranger who haunted her fantasies, and yet she knew this was him, standing in her bathroom. She feared she must have hit her head on the way down though she didn't recall doing so. How else to explain this olive-skinned god staring down at her, his hazel eyes looking on with concern? And then she panicked. Was he here to kill her? Was this some sort of burglary gone totally sexy? Kate opened her mouth to scream, but a strong, warm hand covered her mouth as the mystery man leaned into the shower over her.

"Please. I'm not going to hurt you. I just moved in next door, and I came by to see if you had a hammer since mine is still packed. The door was open, and I thought I heard a shriek or something from the bathroom so I came in to check it out. I thought maybe someone was hurt."

Kate felt mortified as she realized the shriek that brought this sexy beast of a man into her apartment had been one of her sounds of pleasure. She was fairly certain her entire body blushed at the idea that her sexual whimpers sounded like an elderly woman in danger. She became acutely aware of his clothes getting wetter the longer he leaned over her. His grey t-shirt was plastered to his strong shoulders, and his dark hair was beginning to drip over his blue-green eyes.

"I'm going to take my hand away, and then we'll get you up. Okay?"

She was too shocked to respond, but Kate nodded slightly as he pulled away. She watched him reach around her, picking up razors, bars of soap, loofahs, and tossing them on the tile floor of the bathroom. She was putty. She'd been so close to climax just from light nipple play that her legs were jelly before being scared to death by this tall, dark stranger. She felt like a mute idiot, unable to speak, unable to move, just sitting in the steam and heat of the shower, completely naked and without shame in front of the man of her fantasies.

Kate realized that he was focusing very hard on some loofahs he'd thrown on the tile. Her breasts were dripping and heaving as she started to shiver from a draft in the hall, and it dawned on her that he was trying not to look at her milky white tits. The way his clothes were stuck to him, it was impossible for him to hide his own mound growing in his soaked jeans.

Kate realized that it was now or never. She knew what she had to do. If in fact she was lying bleeding and unconscious in her shower, then her actions had no real consequences, but if she was truly awake and she didn't take advantage of this obvious gift of fate, she'd regret it forever. And anyway, she can always blame any irrational behavior on a nonexistent hit to the head.

"Well are you going to help me up or what?" she managed once she had her voice under control.

The sexy stranger just stood there, his clothes plastered to his hard body, looking down at her boldly. He was obviously relieved she could speak, and there was something else there, interest, curiosity maybe.

"I don't know. I kind of like the view from up here."

His boyish smirk and twinkling eyes were enough to make Kate melt all over again, and she couldn't trust her legs. She couldn't show any uncertainty, though. If this fantasy was going to become reality, she had to be the sexy beast she always felt was hiding just below the surface.

"Get your beautiful ass down here and pull me up. Don't worry...I won't bite."

She stared him down trying to send "fuck me" signals from her big, dark chocolate eyes directly into his soul. The playful smirk remained on his darkly stubbled face, but there was a flash of something else in his eyes, a hunger.

"Alright, alright, let me just take off my clothes before they get any wetter."

"The fuck me stare worked!" Kate celebrated inside her mind. Neither of them mentioned the possibility of turning off the shower. It was as though the running water protected them from the enormous wickedness they were about to undertake. They were isolated under a waterfall on a deserted island, the steam rising around his naked body as he pulled off the last damp sock. How could she fight this? She was too busy searing the image of the dark hair and muscled lines of his thick legs into her memory, collecting fodder for future fantasies.

When he was finally naked, the stranger turned to her, and Kate almost drooled. His cock was rock hard and nearly eye level with her in her current position at the bottom of the tub. It quivered as he took a step toward her, and it was literally the most perfect specimen of manhood Kate had ever had in her presence. Before he could bend down to touch her, she slid onto her knees in the tub, a position of worshipful admiration.

As the water sprayed over her head and shoulder, she reached out her hand for a touch. Neither breathed until her petite fingers closed around his girth. The stranger had a sharp intake of breath, and Kate, drunk on power and heat smiled wickedly as she pulled him toward her face, slowly lifting her eyes to meet his as she took the glistening tip between her lips.

The stranger's lids drooped heavily and he moved closer to get deeper into this beautiful water nymph. Kate slowly slid his cock as far down her throat as it would go, putting her hands on his ass to urge him further. She raked her nails lightly across the soft fuzz of his backside as he started to slowly rock his hips back and forth. His eyes closed with the pleasure of her hot mouth on his hard cock. She ran her tongue over the head, leaving her lips firmly locked on the shaft. There was a sudden growl from the stranger's throat.

"Fuck. You are a fucking goddess. Stand up so I can see you."

The stranger reached down then and lifted Kate to her feet. She found she wasn't as weak or wobbly as she had been. Standing in the firm stream of steaming water, Kate felt beautiful, powerful, the stranger's hungry eyes devouring her giant breasts, full hips, milky skin leading to dark triangle. She stepped back, inviting him to join her in the wet warmth of the shower.

He stepped into the tub, and Kate realized just how big this beast was. He looked as though he could simply pick her up and slide her onto his cock without breaking a sweat. Not yet, though. It wasn't time for that yet. In one rough move, he growled and pulled her naked flesh against his hard body, his mouth crushing hers in a kiss that felt like chaos exploding and yet masterful and exacting. He was sucking her sexual life force with every thrust of his tongue.

"I totally get the attraction to vampires now," Kate thought absently, but she had little time for stray thoughts. Together in the wet heat, their raw sexual energy was all encompassing. The beast forcibly assaulted her mouth again. She fought back, tearing at his lips with her teeth. Both were moaning and groaning, performing primitive rituals under the fall of steam and water.

She gripped his biceps with her nails, leaving tiny marks on each arm as he cupped her ass in his strong hands. His rock hard cock was trapped between their writhing bodies, and their motions became more rhythmic though never less frantic. She rocked her own hips, rubbing her outer pussy lips against his muscular thigh. The steam from the shower became hotter as they built their own friction.

He took his mouth off of hers only long enough to savagely attack her massive breasts. She looked down to see he was practically smothering himself in them, twisting her nipples with his teeth and fingers. Flicking at the sensitive nubs with his snake tongue. Kate's head was thrown back in abandonment as she succumbed to the beast. It was the delicate feather touches of her bubble-filled fantasy. This was real; this was raw sex, and the sounds emerging from her throat were foreign and animal.

As instinct took over, Kate pushed her stranger's head lower while propping her leg up on the side of the tub. She gripped the windowsill to keep from falling as she thrust her dark, hot sex in the beast's face. He read her signals and attacked her dripping pussy with the same fervor he had used to devour her mouth, like that of a starving man who's been being given the most succulent of fruits.

Kate came in shudders and waves and screams. The stranger held her up in his iron grip as her knees buckled, continuing his tongue's assault on her hooded pleasure center.

"Take me to your bed. I want to fuck you."

His breath was coming in gasps and water was pouring down his face as he stood up, his grip on her remaining firm as she recovered from more waves and shudders.

"No. Fuck me here," Kate ordered between gasps.

She was certain that the moment they left the sanctity of the steam and water-soaked room that the magic, the raw sexual power, would somehow dissipate. This was too good to make drastic changes midway. Kate was feeling dominant, powerful, and she wouldn't risk losing that for the comfort of a bed. She needed his cock, and she was going to take it.

She turned away from him, bending so as to present her round ass up as an offering. Taking her cue, the stranger grabbed her roughly by the hips, brought the tip of his cock to her wet and aching slit, and with a primal growl, he thrust into her as deeply as he could go. The water poured over them, the roar drowning out the wet slaps of skin against skin. Kate pushed back from the wall, drawing him deeper, harder, into her slick pussy.

Her hips bucked as his incessant pounding shook that sacred spot within and caused shudders to burst forth from her body. She was cumming again, his hands reaching around to grab her heavy tits. His pace was a brutal assault but with the pain came the most intense pleasure Kate had ever felt. The stranger slammed her up against the wall of the shower as he fucked her pussy harder, faster. She thought she might lose consciousness from the pressure of release, but he held her tightly, spanking her back to conscious awareness.

As shudders and screams took her, the stranger made a strangled, primal call as the contractions of her pussy walls brought him to the brink. He pulled his throbbing manhood out of her, spilling his cum on her ass and back, allowing it to be washed away with the force of the hot shower.

For a moment that lasted an eternity, neither moved. Kate's entire body tingled with vitality and sexual awareness, and she knew something had been unleashed in that water. The two strangers slowly stood, straightening their bodies, slowing their pulses, and calming their breaths. The only sound was the roaring of the water overhead, washing away the wickedness that had been born in the steamy shower. They quietly wiped each other off with light, gentle strokes.

Eventually, the water was turned off, and the stranger helped Kate step out of the tub. They softly dried each other off with damp towels, and when he turned to pick up his wet jeans from the pools of water on the tile, Kate slipped down the hall to her room. When she returned, he was standing clothed in wet jeans and t-shirt, steam swirling around his head. He stepped into the hall, and as he bent to kiss her, she pulled a hammer from behind her back. He smiled.

"I'll expect this back tonight," she said, a wicked grin spreading on her lips, "I'll leave the door unlocked."

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