tagFirst TimeThe Steamy Chase Ch. 07

The Steamy Chase Ch. 07


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Dean Broody vs. Kayla Cooper


"I need to make a call." Kayla said looking all flustered.

"Sure. Use the office to your right." Dean said taking in Kayla's confused look.

"Thanks." She muttered and left.

They were on the plane, on their way back home. Dean had just dropped a bombshell. His family was getting together for a thanksgiving dinner so he was going straight to his parents' house from the airport. He wanted Kayla to come with him. To say Kayla was confused was an understatement, she was...

"...freaking out Cole. I can't go. But I don't know how to tell him. I'm..."

"Hold it Kay." Cole said calmly. "Take a deep breath and repeat what you just said. I couldn't get anything except the fact that you're panicking. Now take it from the top. What's going on?"

Cole hadn't heard from Kayla since he put her on Dean's plane to Dubai. He had been waiting for an insulting call from her but none had come. He'd therefore assumed that all was rosy between his friends. But from Kayla's panicked tone, Cole knew without a doubt that Dean had fucked up as usual. Cole's lips tightened and drew into a grim line, his face hardening. He was going to kill the bastard.

"Cole it's Dean."

"I figured." Cole replied in a hard voice. "What the fuck did the jerk do?"

"Oh no, he didn't do anything. He..."

But Cole cut her off. "So why are you freaking out Kay? You are on your way back aren't you? Is everyth..."

"Cole, now it's your turn to calm down. I called. Just shut up and listen to me."

"Yes your highness." Cole drawled mockingly.

"Dean wants to take me to his parents' home for thanksgiving dinner Cole. I don't think..."

"What?" Cole's bellow was so loud, Kayla winced. "Dean Broody wants to take you to meet his parents?"

"I didn't say..."

But Cole went right on, talking. "You mean like 'Meet the Fockers'? What the fuck did you do to the guy? You must have rocked his world babes." Incredulity filled Cole's tone.

"We're not going to meet his parents. We're going to have dinner in their house." Kayla said slowly as though she were talking to a child.

"Same shit." Cole retorted. "Kay, Dean has never taken any girl he's fucking...well...seeing, to meet his family. Yes, his brothers do sometimes get to see the girls he bangs. But definitely not a formal introduction scene like he's asking for. Kay, this is serious." Cole's voice had gone quiet.

"Don't you think I know that? Why do you think I'm calling you? Much as I want to strangle you for setting me up, I need advice. What should I do Cole? I'm scared." Cole thought Kayla sounded worse than scared but he wasn't going to point that out to her.

"You really sure you wanna strangle me?" Cole drawled mockingly in an Italian accent, his voice full of amusement.

"Cole..." Kayla whined. "Get serious please."

"You love him Kay. He's obviously head over heels in love with you. He comes from a close-knit family. So naturally, he wants you to meet his family. Kay, I think you should know something very important about Dean, to help you understand why he's acting the way he is. He has never been in love before. I must admit, I'm surprised he's not running for the hills. He must love you very much." Cole went quiet for some time, then cleared his throat. "You know he does right?"

"Yes." Came Kayla's whisper.

"So what are you scared of Kay? You both love each other. Take the next step. He's obviously all in. If you don't go, it only shows that you are not ready for this. The last time I checked, Dean was the one with a phobia when it comes to commitment. Go meet the family, girl. It will even help you understand him better. Alright?"

"Alright." Kayla answered in a small voice.

"Hey, cheer up. You are not being sent to the slaughter house. Tip: dress to kill. They're all guys...well mostly. They'll be eating out of your palm. Oh and watch out for Jean, one of the brothers. He's worse than Dean.

Kayla laughed softly. "He told me he's an angel compared to Jean."

"Well he didn't lie." Cole laughed. "They will love you Kay. Don't worry too much."

"Thanks Cole. See you later."

"Have fun love."


When they came out of the plane, they were met by a very pleasant looking elderly man. He extended his hand to give Dean a firm handshake.

"Hope you had a good flight Mr. Broody." He said with a smile.

"We did James. Thanks." Dean beamed back. "All set?"

"Sure. Right this way Sir. Oh, hello Ma'am." He said turning to grin at Kayla.

"Hello Sir." She replied with a smile.

They were led to Dean's sleek black Cadillac Escalade. Dean opened the front passage door for Kayla to sit, then went around to get behind the steering wheel.

"Ready?" He asked her quietly.


"Let's do this." Dean said with a huge grin, easing the powerful car out of the parking lot. "Have I told you how beautiful you look?" He asked, taking his eyes off the road to give her a desire-filled glance. They had both dressed for dinner just before touch-down.

Kayla laughed and reached up to turn Dean's head, with her hand on his cheek, to face the road. She knew she was looking good. She had on the white mini pleated skirt Dean had bought for her in Dubai, and a sexy black sleeveless Ponte top with a 'can't miss' neck line. With it, she had on a red high heeled peep-toe V-Front sandal, which had a slender ankle strap, and a red Fendi leather bag, that most ladies would kill for.

"I won't be for long if you don't watch the road. And yes, you've told me more than a hundred times."

"You counted?" Dean asked with mock incredulity.

Kayla laughed. "Dean, you've been saying it every other minute. You don't look too bad yourself." Kayla drawled, running her eyes over Dean. He looked so good and smart in black button-down long sleeved shirt and black khaki pants. But then, Dean looked good in anything. "Good enough to eat actually." Kayla said batting her lashes at him, playfully.

"Oh baby, if you really want to get there in one piece, you'd better stop that." Dean drawled making Kayla laugh even harder.

He reached between them and took her left hand into his right, entwining their fingers. "You okay?" He asked softly, bringing their joint hands to his lips to gently kiss the inside of her wrist.

Kayla nodded, then realizing Dean wasn't looking at her, answered in a soft voice, "yes I'm okay."

"They will love you." Dean said in a gentle voice. "Hell even if they don't, I do. And that's all that matters. Okay?" He squeezed her hand lightly.

"Okay." Kayla felt better all of a sudden. The closest she had ever come to sitting with a close-knit group was when she was with the squad, Coles friends. More was riding on her encounter with the Broody family because besides the fact that they were a real family, they were the family of the man she loved. And Kayla was hoping and praying that they would like her.

Never once letting go of her hand, Dean drove to his parents' house. When they got to the massive iron gate, Dean simply pressed a button on the dash board of his car to open the gate. When they drove into the compound, Kayla gasped. It was huge and beautiful.

"Oh my God, this is simply magnificent." She breathed, staring at the huge house.

Dean chuckled as he parked under a parking shed which had so many cars parked, it looked like a car lot. He turned off the engine and turned to look at Kayla with a grimace.

"Kay, the man is an architect. What did you expect? He wanted every classic style one could think of, in here. If you should ask me, he went overboard." He got out of the car and came around to open her door for her.

Immediately Kayla stepped out of the car, the front door opened and there was what appeared to be a stampede at the door.

"All of you brutes must wait in there." She heard a woman's voice clearly commanding others.

"Don't even think about it Jean."

"That's my mother. My brothers are obviously dying to see you." Dean said staring at Kayla.

"Oh..." She said, with a tremor in her voice which she hoped he missed.

Dean didn't miss it. He closed the distance between them and pressed her up against the door of the car with his body. "Hey," Dean whispered, "look at me."

When she raised her worried eyes to his, she gasped in surprise because she knew what he was going to do. It was clear in Dean's eyes. Kayla moaned just before Dean's lips touched hers with a soft, possession, passionate kiss that stole her breath away. Shaky and flushed, Kayla relaxed fluidly into Dean's arms and the kiss.

Dean kissed her soundly. He knew his mother was watching them but didn't care. He wanted to help Kayla relax and had been dying to do it with a kiss since they got into his car. He watched her through half-closed eyes as his lips caressed hers. She responded with total submission and it drove him crazy. The taste of her mouth, her scent, her warm, her soft body against his... before he knew it, his eyes drifted close and he lost himself in the kiss, totally forgetting about where they were. Dean kissed her deeply, his tongue plunging into her mouth. His chest rumbled with a low, primitive sound as he tore his mouth from Kayla's and looked at her with his eyes glazed with passion. He groaned when he took in Kayla's flushed face, unfocused eyes and swollen lips. She looked as turned on as he felt. She looked beautiful and fuckable and he wanted her so badly it hurt. Kayla brushed her nose against his and a thrill shot through him.

"Christ...You drive me out of my fucking mind."

"Dean, your mother..." Kayla was breathing hard. "What is she going to think?"

"That her son is head over heels in love. Ready?" He asked huskily. He was so aroused.

"How is my lip gloss?" She asked, smoothing down the front of her skirt.

"Perfect. You're looking incredibly sexy...and fuckable." Dean said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Thanks a lot for managing to make me look hot and bothered, today of all days. I'll get you for this." She said sounding more relaxed.

"I'll look forward to that." Dean drawled, taking her hand in his and moving towards his beaming mother.

"My baby." Dr. Lucy Broody opened her arms to her last son. Dean stepped into her arms and hugged her like he hadn't seen her for years, instead of mere weeks. "You must be Kayla." She gushed stepping around her son to draw Kayla into her arm.

She actually hugged Kayla even longer than she had Dean. And Kayla relaxed into her embrace, hugging her right back. She had to fight back the tears that pickled behind her eyes. Lucy Broody's embrace felt so soothing and comforting.

Dean stood back looking at the two women he loved on earth embrace each other, and felt profound joy in his heart. He had told his parents about Kayla's background so he knew they were going to show her so much love, she would feel as though she were part of the family.

Michael Broody, Dean's father came to the door and hugged his son. Then he did something that surprised Kayla and made Dean laugh. He actually pulled Kayla from the arms of his wife, muttering something that sounded like, "my turn", and picked Kayla up into a fierce hug. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on. He was a very tall man and obviously very strong. He was actually treating her as though he was welcoming a long lost daughter back home. Kayla was so overwhelmed, she hid her face against his neck as silent sobs shook her frame.

Dean's mother stepped close to the pair and rubbed her hand on Kayla's back, holding on to Dean's hand the whole time.

"Shhh," The senior Broody soothed Kayla till she quieted down, then put her down. "Better now?" He asked, wiping at Kayla's cheeks with a white handkerchief he brought out of his pocket.

"Yes, thanks. I'm sorry." Kayla said in a small voice.

"Don't be." Michael Broody told her, leaning down to kiss her on the forehead. "It's good you got that out of your system because you're going to get a whole lot of that from the boys. Ready?" He asked with a grin.

Dean and his mother laughed as Kayla's eyes widened. "She is Dad." Dean said reaching out to take Kayla's hand in his.

They entered a really large foyer, where five men seemed to be waiting impatiently.

"Okay people," Michael Broody obviously didn't need a mic. His voice was loud enough to get the attention of everyone. "Meet Kayla."

Then five almost identical men moved forward to meet them. They all gave Dean a hug first, then Kayla. Some gave her kisses on her cheeks, two picked her up and twirled her around. She loved all the attention. Too much. There was Josh, who was the eldest brother, then Sam, Tyler, Ron, whose middle name was Hilary, according to Dean, then Alan. Where was Jean, brother number six, Kayla wondered.

"Where's Jean?" Lucy Broody asked, echoing Kayla's thoughts.

"Right here Mum." Answered a familiar sexy voice, which made Kayla quickly look to her side, to check whether Dean was still standing beside her.

Kayla gasped, when the owner of the voice appeared in front of her. He ignored Dean and went to stand in front of Kayla. He was the exact image of Dean...right down to how he was dressed.

"That was some kiss." He drawled, pointing a fist at Dean without looking at him.

Kayla's eyes widen even more at the comment. And Dean, without looking at his brother too, met his fist with one of his own. Then both men turned their fists against each other's, as if they were locking something down.

Kayla turned to look at Dean, too shocked to be embarrassed by the kissing comment Jean had made. "You're..."

"Twins." Jean concluded with a wide grin, his arm back at his side. "I see my brother forgot to mention that tiny detail. Or is it that he wanted to see your reaction. Which is it brother?" Jean finally turned to look at Dean, whose eyes remained on Kayla like all the others, taking in her reaction.

"Oh my God!" Kayla breathed with a nervous laugh. "You guys even dress alike."

Everyone burst into laughter. "I have a confession to make." Jean said to Kayla with a brilliant smile. "I saw how Dean was dressed when he got out of the car so I went to dress same...to shock and confuse you. How's that working so far?"

"Oh you're good." Kayla said dragging out the word 'good', and making everyone laugh even harder.

"I like her bro." Jean laughed. "You did good. Come here darling. It's my turn to hug your brains out." He said, pulling a laughing Kayla into his arms.

They all moved into a huge hall where four really pretty ladies, two teenagers and four kids were obviously waiting for them. Three of the ladies were wives to three of the brothers, Josh, Sam and Ron and the fourth lady was Alan's fiancée. They welcomed Kayla and introduced the children, pointing out who was whose. They were indeed a happy and close family.

"Okay, food will be ready in thirty. In the meantime, drinks on the patio everyone." Lucy Broody called out.

As they all filed out, Josh, the eldest brother hooked his arm around Kayla and steered her to the far corner of the patio.

"You know, I'm so glad to finally meet to." He said with a smile.

"Likewise Josh. Dean has told me so much about you guys I feel like I've known you for years."

"Except the fact that he's a twin." Josh laughed.

"Except that very important detail. I'm gonna get him for that." Kayla said with a laugh, accepting a glass of wine from a smartly dressed gentleman. "How could he do that to me?" She gave a mock scowl making Josh laugh uproariously.

"Those two are the craziest pranksters in the whole of America. Watch your back Kayla." Josh warned in an amused tone, taking a sip from his own glass.

"Just those two? Not from what I heard." Kayla drawled and Josh dissolved into peals of laughter.

"I said they are the craziest Kayla." Josh said, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes. "Tell you what, I'll watch out for you tonight. What do you say?"

Kayla turned to fully face Josh with a smirk on her face. "Like you watched out for Pamela?" She asked referring to the wife of Sam, who was pranked by the guys when she was brought to meet the family for the first time. Dean had told her the whole story. About how Josh had promised to look out for her, but had rather ensured the brothers got her good.

"He sold us out guys." Josh bellowed to everyone's hearing. "Dean has already given her a heads up."

"What a douche." Tyler, brother number three, shouted. "Spoiling the family tradition." Everyone laughed.

"Take a leap guys." Dean retorted and went over to where Kayla stood beside Josh. Then he slipped his arms around her waist from behind and nuzzled her neck.

Kayla turned slowly within the circle of Dean's arms and slipped a hand into his hair to bring his face closer to hers. Everyone was watching them. Kayla kissed him on both cheeks and smiling up into his eyes, said in the sweetest of voices:

"Those were two kisses, just for you. Now will you be a good boy and go fetch my boyfriend... Jean?"

The look on Jean's face was priceless. The whole patio erupted into cheers and laughter. Everyone was screaming with laughter, with some clapping. Even the people serving were laughing. Kayla however looked incredulous, surprised they thought she would fall for that for even a second. Even without any of her senses, she would know if Dean was holding her.

"Fuck!" Jean breathed. "No one has ever been able to tell."

"Yeah? Well, they must not have loved your brother like I do." Kayla said with a chuckle.

"He loves you too Kayla." Jean said solemnly. "He told me in six different languages. I've never seen Dean care so much about any one woman in his life." Jean had no doubt when he looked at his brother that he loved Kayla. "Don't hurt him Kayla. Please!" Jean's eyes were suspiciously bright when he whispered his plea. "I've never seen him this crazy about anyone. If you hurt him, I don't think he can recover."

Kayla's breath hitched in her throat. She reached out to put her glass on the table beside them and cupped Jean's cheeks in her palms.

"You have my word Jean. I won't hurt him. I promise." Then she drew Jean into her arms and gave him a tight hug, her hand pressed against the back of his head as she hugged him close.

The patio was quiet, with everyone drinking and watching the pair in silence. Kayla felt Dean's hand on her back and drew back from Jean's embrace. Jean stood upright and gave Dean a one-armed bro hug. He met Dean's intense dark, blue-eyed gaze steadily with his identical ones, and then in a voice that was barely above a whisper, he said;

"She's the real deal bro. Don't fuck it up. And if you hurt her, I'm gonna have to kill you." And with a slight tipping of his head to Kayla, he walked away.

Dean stared at the back of his brother for a while and then turned to gather Kayla into his arms. "Turning my family against me now?" He chuckled in her ear.

"Your family?" Kayla gasped with mock incredulity, "For a moment there I thought they were mine."

Dean burst into laughter. "They'll trade me for you in a heartbeat love. To avoid that, why don't we share?"

"I love you so much Dean. With my soul." Kayla said with all her love shining in her eyes.

"I love you Kayla. You are my soul." He said right back and it felt good saying it.


"Oh no, not her." Kayla heard Lucy Broody mutter but wasn't too sure whether she'd heard her right.

They were sitting in a really huge dining room, with assorted scrumptious meals laid out in front of them. Kayla had never seen so many assorted dishes on one dining table before. It was simply amazing. She was seated between Dean and Michael, the latter having insisted he wanted her by him. Everyone was busily eating and conversing. Alan, the brother who came before the twins, was cracking them up with stories about a village he and some other doctors had gone to do volunteer work a month earlier. Everyone was having fun. Even the help came to stand at the table to laugh at the stories.

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