tagBDSMThe Step Daughter Ch. 05

The Step Daughter Ch. 05


I awakened with my sweet little Jan curled up next to me sleeping like a baby. She looked so innocent and yet so very sexy laying there with her red negligee bunched up around her waist, exposing her sweet pussy and large breasts. I had a difficult time keeping my hands off her, but I waited because I had much bigger plans for her today. After I showered and slipped on my black robe I woke her then I told her to bathe and prepare herself. I left her a soft white robe and red fuck me heels to wear and told her to come down to breakfast in exactly one half hour.

Now as I prepared some fresh fruit and bagels for us, my mind wondered back to another time not long ago. Jan's mother, Donna was still my wife then and thoughts of the last time she had been mine filled my head.

Donna had lied to me and I was punishing her, her naked body was tied down to a special table I had in my dungeon. (The table had a padded roll at one end, wrist cuffs at the other and a large cut out in the middle to allow a woman's breasts to hang free. A bar with adjustable ankle cuffs was attached to the base below the padded end so the captive's legs could be held as wide apart as I wished.) She also had small weights attached to her nipples by clamps, a large remote control vibrator in her cunt and a ball gag in her mouth.

I had sat across for Donna's sweating squirming nude body and toyed with the remote control, slowing bringing her up to a near orgasm then stopping before she could cum. As she struggled to find relief, the weights swung around causing her large breasts to sway wildly. Again and again, I had tormented her driving her to near insanity as she lay bound and completely in my control. The sight of her out of control nude body was driving me crazy with lust but I did not stop, no I kept on and on until she passed out in sexual frustration. Soon afterwards, she had filed for divorce telling me she could not handle our life style anymore.

Donna was a total sex slut and would do anything to satisfy her lust and I do mean ANYTHING! Gangbangs, threesomes of any kind, public sex, etc. were normal for us but she had not turned out to be the one I needed. Soon I would find out if her beautiful young daughter was, but first I had to see if she could handle the tests I was soon to give her.

"Am I on time Master?" I heard Jan's sweet voice saying bringing me quickly back to reality, "I tried to hurry, but I wanted to look nice for you," she continued as I looked at my watch and checked the time.

"You are right on time, that's a good way to start," I replied while slowly looking my new possession over from head to toe. Jan looked very sexy standing there clad only in a short robe and tall spike heels. Her hair was down and her make up subdued making her appear even younger than she was. My cock began to stir just thinking of what was to come! "Come, sit, eat, we have a lot to do and I'm not a patient man!" I commanded her anxious to get onto better and hotter things. We eat in silence for a few minutes, my eyes never leaving the cleavage of Jan's full breasts. "Did you know your mother was a slut and did things for me like you have?" I questioned my sweet little companion. "She may have acted like a prim and proper woman around you, but she like perverted sex and lots of it," I continued noticing an embarrassed look spreading across her beautiful face.

"No sir, I didn't suspect anything until last night, but now I realize what she was. I wonder did she do everything you asked like I have sir." Jan questioned. I felt she was trying to picture her own mother doing the things she had already done. If she thinks what she has done so far is perverted I will just have to show her that we have only just begun.

"Yes she did and MUCH more my little slut, now you will entertain me while I eat. Take off your robe, get up on the table facing me and spread your legs wide open," I ordered my sex toy. She did not hesitate but did as I commanded presenting me her freshly shaven cunt for my inspection. "Eat some strawberries slut but sweeten them with your sex juices first." were my directions.

"Like this Master?" Jan reply as she took a berry, slowly drew it though her already wet pussy then popped it in her mouth. My cock stiffened rapidly as she continued to moisten and eat pieces of fruit, putting each one in a little farther than the last. The wetness of her sex was obvious as she became more and more excite by her obscene little show. Her eyes filled with lust and her breath became more rapid as lust began to take over her naked body.

"Now bring one to me slut," I ordered Jan as we both became more and more excited. She selected the largest berry of all, buried it completely inside her dripping wet cunt, and offered it to me. "With your mouth," I said simply my cock now fully erect and throbbing. She took the berry in her mouth, moved up on all fours and brought her sweet mouth to mine. The berry tasted strongly of her sex as the exchange quickly turned into a deep passionate kiss. The kiss continued as our mouths hungered for each other and our tongues entwined while our passions reached new heights. My hands soon found her big dangling breasts; I pulled down hard on them as her rock like nipples pressed against my palms. I slipped my hands slowly down her heavy hanging melons until my fingers grasped her hardened nipples.

"Finger fuck yourself!" I order little Jan when I finally broke our kiss, "Cum for me like the slut you are!" I continued while increasing my assault on her tormented nipples pinching them so hard she moaned in pain. "Pain and pleasure can be the same little one, cum for me!" was my response to her continued suffering. I increased the pressure on her nipples to the point that even as hard as they were they flatted between my powerful fingers.

"Yes Master hurt me more it feels so good!" Jan moaned as she franticly assaulted her white-hot cunt in an effort to cum for me. I pulled and twisted her abused tits and tortured nipples until she screamed, "YESSSSSSSSSSSS MASTER I'MMMMMM CUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!" She cried out again incoherently, her whole body shaking as a massive organism over whelmed her, then she collapsed on table gasping for air.

"Very good little slut you are beginning now to realize what I mean by pain and pleasure, but you will feel more soon, much more!" I whispered softly as I allowed her to rest. When she recovers, it will finally be time to take her to my dungeon and start the final test to see if she is the ONE. I allowed he rest for a few more minutes then said, "We will now go to a special place, where I'll show you how real pain can be turned into exquisite pleasure." She stared at me with a look of fear and anticipation as she moved her naked body off the table.

"Sir, I'm not sure how much I can take so please be gentle with me," Jan pleaded fearful of what was to come. I took my slave, now wearing only her high heels down to my dungeon, so turned on that I could hardly contain my lust for her body. When we reached the basement, I lead her into my private playroom without saying a word and allowed her astonished eyes to take in all before her.

The room was quite large with black walls, three of which were covered with red drapes; the fourth contained my assortment of toys. Whips, floggers, crops, canes, leather cuffs, nipple clamps, vibrators, spreader bars, leather hoods, gags, blindfolds and miscellaneous other toys were displayed there ready for my use. She also looked upon several large pieces of equipment, my special table (the one I had used on Donna that last fateful time), a wooden X-shaped cross with leather cuffs at each end, a wooden horse with padded rails that were open down the middle, and a four foot square steel cage. There was also a king sized bed with black silk sheets, and hanging from the ceiling by an adjustable steel cable were a pair of leather wrist or ankle cuffs.

All this seemed to make quite an impression on my little sex slave, Jan stood trembling and staring as she tried to take in everything before her. I was sure her imagination was running wild with thoughts of how I would use these things on her tender young body. "Master please, I don't know if I'm ready for all this," she pleaded in a low quivering voice.

"You are ready for whatever I say you are slut," was my retort. "You will soon learn the true meaning of pain and pleasure," I continued while guiding my beautiful nude slave to the hanging cuffs. Jan's whole body trembled as I attached the leather bands to her wrists and began to tighten the cable. I pulled her arms over her head and continued until she could no longer touch the floor.

Jan's naked body now dangled helplessly before me, so smooth and clean it was like a blank canvass ready to except the artists work. God she was beautiful, I thought as my hands roamed over her smooth flesh, my hard cock aced so bad it was all I could do to control my lust. "Relax little one, I'm going to take you places you never dreamed of!" I whispered softly as I slipped a blindfold over her eyes. "This will let you concentrate and take in all the feelings I'm about to give you," I continued softly.

"Master please don't hurt me, I'll do whatever you want but don't hurt me, please!" my helpless little sex slave begged me.

"Don't worry little toy, you will beg for more before I'm finished. Now don't talk anymore, it's time to begin," was my reply to Jan's plea for mercy. I selected a spreader bar and as I knelt to attach it to her ankles, the smell of her sex almost overwhelmed me. "You are so wet little slut, you must be ready," I said while slipping two fingers inside her hot cunt, causing her to moan softly. "Remember cumming without my permission is not allowed under any circumstances!" I reminded my little slut.

I selected a medium weight soft calf skin flogger and approached Jan's slender naked body. "This is going to hurt at first little one, but soon the pain will turn to pleasure," I said softly as I teased her gently by rubbing the soft leather slowly over her naked flesh. She winced as I crossed her sensitive nipples still sore from my earlier abuse. "We will save those for later," was my taunting reply to her discomfort.

I began to lightly flog my slaves smooth bare back, gradually increasing the speed and force as I moved down to her tiny round ass checks. She squirmed and moaned but said nothing as I continued to slap the soft leather against her tender flesh. Her smooth white skin slowly began to redden as I continued to flog her helpless naked body. "Relax little one, take in the sensations," I coached her while flogging her a little harder and faster. I moved around to the front of her tender young body, whipping her sides and stomach taking care to avoid her large inviting breasts.

Jan whimpered softly in pain with each blow but her body betrayed her feelings as the juice of her sex began to run down her creamy white thighs. Working the flogger over every part of her tormented body except her sex mound and tender breasts was driving her insane with lust. "Please Master whip my nipples, hurt me!" she pleaded to me in a voice charged with passion.

"Not yet little slut, no yet" was my taunting reply as my own passion built up to a degree I had never felt before. Finally when I could stand it no longer my attention turned to her large heaving breasts.

"YESS!!!!YESS!!!MORE!!!!MORE!!!!" Jan screamed in painful delight as the flogger rained its magic down on her ample melons. She tried desperately to move her sweating body to meet each blow as she lost control of herself. "MY PUSSY!!!MY PUSSY!!!PLEASE MASTER!!!" she panted almost incoherently as blow after blow struck her tortured breasts and nipples.

"Not yet my sweets" was my unwelcome reply to Jan's demand for more. Her big tits now took on a fiery shade of red and her sex juices formed a small puddle between her feet, as she lost any form of control over her beautiful body. I knew neither one of us could hold out much longer so I gave her what she wanted. The flogger made a strange wet sound as I used it repeatedly on her incredibly hot sex mound.

"PLEASE MASTER!!!!PLEASE LET ME CUM!!!PLEASE!!!" pleaded my tormented sex slave as the soft leather bit into her wonderfully aroused body. My own passion was now driving me to the very edge of sanity and I could wait no longer to have her.

'Not yet, not yet," was all I could manage as I quickly lowered Jan's panting sweating body down into my arms. Moving like a man on fire, I draped my prize over my sex table, leaving the bar between her legs so her sex was totally open for me. Entering her white-hot cunt from behind, I fucked her with such ferocity that it slammed her little body repeatedly into the padded table.

"Please, please, please!" Jan panted repeatedly, the only words her sex-crazed mind could muster. I fucked her harder and faster then I ever had fucked before in my life, until I began to lose all control. "Please, please," she whimpered softly as I continued my assault on her sex-ridden body.

We both were nearly insane with lust when I finally could hold back no longer. "CUM with me, CUM now slut!!!" I bellowed while burying my throbbing cock completely inside the wetness of Jan's burning cunt. We came together with an explosive force unlike anything I had experienced before, our bodies welded together until our passions began to drain. Totally exhausted I could not even move for several minutes, I just lay there on top of my completely spent sex slave.

I do not know how long I lay there before my mind and body began to function again, but when they did, I uncuffed Jan's ankles and carried her tiny exhausted body over to the bed. As I lay down with her cradled in my arms, she whispered softly in my ear, "Thank you Master." Then together we drifted off into the exhausted sleep of the totally satisfied.

Later when we awoke, I decided it was time to take the biggest gamble of my life, one I did not want to take but new I had to. "Jan (using her name for the first time since I started all this), I have something for you, it's a one years extension of Larry's note, it releases you from your obligation to me. You are now free to do what you want. You may leave and never see me again if you wish." I told her as we lay in each other's arms.

"Master, please let me rest now so you can show me more of your dungeon later, if it pleases you," Jan replied with a sweet but evil smile of her pretty little face. I held her soft warm body close to me, and smiled inside knowing that I had finally found the ONE.

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