tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Stepfather and The Bribers Ch. 01

The Stepfather and The Bribers Ch. 01


I had a slight problem. It was a Friday night, and I needed money. My mom was out of town for the weekend, so that meant I needed to get it from my stepfather. And THAT meant that I would be giving him a blowjob. I chewed my lip as I eyed my reflection, double checking my look for the night.

My long dark blond hair, naturally curly, was straightened tonight, and my black lined grey eyes were striking. My dark gray leggings and 4 inch pumps accentuated my long, slender legs and round ass, while the off the shoulder black sweater revealed more of my café au lait complexion, courtesy of my ethnically blended parents.

Ever since I'd turned 18 earlier in the year, my stepfather, Steven had started refusing to give me cash unless I got topless and went down on him. He didn't feel like I should get something for nothing, he said, but it wouldn't be right to have sex with me, "since that would be cheating." Right.

At first, it wasn't really a big deal. My mother's husband was attractive, tall, broad shouldered and well built. I'd been giving bj's for years to the boys for free, and Steven was always generous in his afterglow. But over time, it had gotten a lot more intense. Now, he almost always wanted me to be completely naked, as opposed to just topless, and he liked to fondle my full C cups and sensitive nipples while I performed on him.

It was already midnight, so there was a good chance that Steven would be drunk. The alcohol tended to make him more creative, so I made it a point to be early – but the time had gotten away from me. The problem with maintaining beautiful hair is that it takes time! Anyway.

I peeked into the living room where Steven was watching a movie. He looked me up and down and smiled. "What do you need, Ellen?" "Hi Steve. I'm going out tonight. Can I have $30, please?" His smile got bigger as he laid down five, crisp twenty-dollar bills. $100? This is definitely going to be interesting. "Go put on your pink polka dot bikini and meet me out back."

* * *

Ten minutes later, Ellen stood outside in the warm summer night as Steven looked her over, drinking yet another beer. "Damn, you sure have filled out nice," he said as he admired her youthful, feminine physique.
He directed her to sit on a towel-covered chaise lawn chair under a light, spreading her legs over the arms of the chair on either side. Steven pulled up another chair directly in front of her, giving him a front row view of her barely-clad form. "Okay, Ellen, take off your top." Stripping was nothing new, but the way he had her sitting in the chair was different. He moved his chair closer then, taking the time to gently squeeze her full tits and thumb her nipples. Then he undid the strings on the bottom of her suit. He had never exposed her like this before, and Ellen felt much more naked than usual.

He looked between her legs, admiring her freshly waxed folds. Her inner lips were just barely visible in this position, and he wanted to see everything. "Show me your pussy, Ellen. Spread it for me, now." She bit her lip nervously, as she slowly reached between her legs. She hoped that no one was looking out of their windows. Their suburban backyard had a pretty high fence, but someone from an upstairs window might be able to see.

Ellen carefully spread her lips to show the inner pinkness to her stepfather. Steven moaned his appreciation as her exposed pussy came into his view for the first time. It was beautiful and tight. He licked his fingertip and gently touched it to her clit, causing her legs to jump in an attempt to close, blocked only by the chair arms. "What are you doing?" Ellen asked breathlessly as he moved one of her hands away and repositioned the other. Her hand was now spreading her labia and pushing her clitoris hood back.

She felt like she should have stopped things before they had gotten this far. Now she was spreading herself apart for him and he was touching her most sensitive spot.

"I'm going to lick you," he responded as he crawled up her chair.
"What?? Wait, no! Steven, don't-."
"Quiet!" He barked. "Just lay back and enjoy it. You've been letting me touch you for months. I want to taste your sweet little pussy."
"I've never done this. I'm scared."
"Don't be. And don't move your hand."

And with that, he pressed his tongue to the side of her clit, swiping it up and down the tender pink nub. Again, her legs involuntarily sought to close due to the intensity, but this time he used his broad shoulders to keep her legs apart while he feasted. She moaned as he worked a finger into her tight wet hole, finding a lovely little spot inside of her. He fastened his lips around Ellen's exposed clit, while his tongue prodded and stroked it. Her moans of pleasure grew louder, and suddenly she was undone. She squealed as the wave swept over her, the first time she had climaxed at someone else's hand.

Steven quickly wiped his mouth on the towel, and worked his hard, thick cock out of his shorts. He climbed up the chair and presented it to Ellen, who automatically suckled it into her mouth. The chair was tilted at the perfect angle, so he was able to stand while working his hips back and forth, enjoying the warmth of her mouth. Her tongue worked his cock lovingly, paying special attention to the underside and the head, just like he liked.

He told her to swallow right before he came, and he blew his load directly into her throat. She swallowed like a pro, only coughing a little from the rough treatment. Steven took the time to admire the sight she made – young, aroused and completely naked in the open – before handing her $120 and telling her that her pussy tasted like magic cookies. Then he walked back into the house. Ellen sat naked in the chair, amazed by how wet her inner thighs were – and by how much she had enjoyed having him lick her there. Little did she know that most of their outdoor session had been watched and enjoyed by their next door neighbors, 20 and 18 year old Alex and Cameron.

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