The Stockroom


Adam leaned on his broom and sighed. He stared off into space for a few moments, before shaking his head. That wasn't getting anything done, neither the leaning not the staring. He reached for the dust pan and shoveled the accumulated trash into it and dumped it into the trash bag beside him.

He started to tie the bag closed, then decided to check the aisles of the store one more time. He firmly told himself that he was looking for dust and dirt. He was not looking for Janey.

Adam sighed again. He wasn't fooling himself. He had developed a crush on the slender, blonde girl last year in their senior year of high school. They were friends, but he had always been too shy to ask her out. Attending the same college, they had taken a couple of classes together and he had been thrilled when she mentioned the store she worked at in the evenings was looking for more help.

He had rushed down to the combination computer/electronics/office supplies stores and filled out the forms, listing Janey as a reference. After all, he had reasoned, he had known her for several years. The manager, Mr. Andrews, looked over his application and hired him for the evening shift. "The same as your friend, Janey, in fact."

Adam was jubilant, made even more so by the discovery that the evenings usually consisted of Janey, himself and Paula. Paula was an older red headed woman, in her forties. Not officially a member of the management team, she still had a key and the alarm codes, allowing the others to split and leave her with her two junior workers to clean up and close.

They made an odd trio. Janey was petite, standing barely above 5 foot, blonde and bubbly. Everyone was her friend. Paula, twice the age of her co-workers, calm and serious, but never prone to lecturing or yelling when the younger two made mistakes. And then Adam himself, almost 6 feet tall with a body that seemed skinny but actually was layered in swimmer's muscles.

One of the duties that Adam assumed was to make the night deposit. Revitalization or not, this area was not the best in the city, and it simply was safer for a male to drive to the bank's night depository window. Each evening the three of them worked Paula would give Adam the locked bank bag, let him out the side door and he would make the deposit. When he returned, he would tap on the door and either one of the girls would let him in.

After several weeks of this routine, Paula simplified it. She gave Adam her key to the side door so he could let himself back in and not interrupt the final wind up of the day's business. Even at night traffic could be snarled downtown, so he often was gone for up to a half hour. Since he had no idea of the alarm codes, making a duplicate key would have done him no good. He wasn't tempted by that idea anyway. The only temptation at the store was Janey.

Adam brought himself back to the present and hauled the bag to the side door. When he went to the bank he would drop the trash in the dumpster. He walked up to the front office where Paula was finishing the deposit. Janey was resting hee elbows on the counter, her back to him. He slowed for a second, drinking in the sight of slender legs showing beneath the simple skirt and the way the material pulled tight across her butt.

Paula looked up and smiled. For an instant Adam panicked, worried that she might have noticed his staring at Janey. But neither her expression nor her voice seemed to say anything. She simply smiled and handed him the deposit bag.

Adam let himself out and got in his car. He pulled out of the parking lot and started down the street. At the first red light he swore, pulled into the closed gas station on the corner and turned around. He had forgotten the garbage.

He hopped out of the car. He hesitated and then picked up the bank bag and locked the car before going to the side door. The area was well-lit, but it didn't pay to take chances. He unlocked the door and stepped in, putting the bag down on a nearby display. He was about to pick up the garbage when he heard a giggle, followed by a door closing and then the faint click of a lock.

That was a bit strange. Paula didn't use the front office and the sound came from the back room anyway. Intrigued, he carefully locked the door he had just come in and walked to the stock room.

Before this part of down town had given way to urban decay, and then inner city revitalization, the blocks here had been warehouses. When the contractors had roofed in the old loading areas and split them up to make separate places, they had left what seemed to Adam to be old receiving offices here and there. One remained in what was now the stockroom of this store. Adam couldn't think of any other reason there was a small little structure with windows in approximately every third subdivision.

The company had painted over the windows, put a locking handle on the door and had furnished it as an office. Since the store manager had an office in the front, the back area had become a collection point for old files, out-of-date items and anything else no one needed but was reluctant to throw away.

Adam was curious by nature and for really no particular reason, had looked over the outside of the storeroom before. He had found the paint had peeled from the corners of several of the window. One, in fact, allowed someone to see just about the entire room. That window was almost at the back wall so he had to be careful to work his way to it without making noise. The light inside was on, so he was pretty sure he wouldn't be seen. He looked through the small opening .

Janey was standing in front of the desk, a teasing look on her face. She turned and leaned over the desk top, as though looking for something. Since she was looking back over her shoulder the entire time, it was obviously an act. The fingers of her right hand caught the hem of her tan skirt. She leaned again, lifting her foot and sliding her skirt up her leg. Adam smothered a gasp when the skirt rose far enough to expose the bottom of her tight little ass and the area between her legs. Janey was not wearing panties.

He managed to tear his eyes away from Janey and look at the object of her teasing. Paula was leaning against the closed door. A look of bright excitement was on her face. One hand was at her neck, and Adam realized she was undoing the buttons of her high collared blouse. God, was she getting undressed? Were the two of them going to...

The painful pressure in his groin made him spare a momentary glance down. His cock was as hard as he had ever known it to be, harder than when he masturbated at night while imagining making love to Janey. But he had never imagined anything like this. He fumbled at his belt as he peered back into the window.

Janey had leaned back against the desk, smiling as Paula shrugged out of her blouse. Adam had never really paid attention to the older woman. After all, she was in her forties for goodness sake. He was rather staggered as Paula proceeded to unfasten her bra, revealing a full, rounded pair of breasts. Adam acknowledged to himself that he hadn't inspected a lot of breasts, but Paula's big, brown nipples were the largest he had ever seen.

Paula remained at the door. Her hands ran down her sides and over her thighs. Her hands never stopped moving, now sliding between her legs and lifting her skirt, now letting the skirt fall and moving up the back of her thighs over her ass. Her eyes were riveted on Janey and her nipples stood out.

Looking back at Janey, Adam's eyes nearly bugged out. Her clothes lay in a pile by her feet. She was stepping out of her skirt when Adam's gaze returned to her. Her body was everything he had always dreamed of; firm smooth legs, small but pointed breasts tipped with pink nipples, a flat tummy and a tight, taut ass. She cupped one little breast in her hand, holding it as though she was offering it to Paula. The other hand slipped between her legs.

Janey's legs slid apart, her fingers moving slowly back and forth between them, caressing herself. The thumb of her other hand rolled her pink nipple around and around, slowly at first, then moving faster and faster. The speed of her thumb was matched by the speed of her other hand. Here eyes closed for a moment, then opened and a look of wild glee such as Adam had never seen came over her face. She suddenly stopped.

She had, but Adam hadn't. His pants and shorts were around his ankles and his hand was wrapped around his cock. The sight of Janey masturbating in front of another woman had almost caused him to cum within the first few seconds. Her stopping allowed him to regain control as he waited to see what happened next.

Janey grinned. She lifted her fingers to her lips, ran her tongue over her index finger and then slowly, knuckle by knuckle, sucked it into her mouth. She released it, pointed towards the doorway, curling it in a "come here" motion.

Adam couldn't tear his eyes off Janey. Where had this sexpot woman come from? Then Paula moved back into his sight and he amended that to "women". The older woman was nude except for her thigh high stockings and the garter belt she held them up with. Garter belt? Adam didn't believe any one actually wore them outside of some magazines he had looked through. He did admit that on Paula they looked sexy. Janey didn't need any such things, he happily noted. She was gorgeous as she was.

Paula was stopped by another gesture from Janey just as the older woman closed on her. Adam couldn't tell from his position, but it looked as though the two women's breasts might be touching. He strained his eyes. Janey's nipples looked to be brushing back and forth against Paula's.

He stopped watching just their breasts as Janey ran her finger down her body again. It slid between her little tits, down over her tummy and then curled again, probing inside herself. The women had made barely any sounds at all but Adam heard Janey gasp as she dipped her finger all the way inside her pussy. The wicked grin returned to her face as she withdrew her finger and offered it to Paula's lips.

As Paula's lips close around Janey's offered finger, Adam's hand began to move again on his cock. He was pumping hard on it, stroking it up and down, his encircling fingers jerking. Paula released Janey's finger and reached out with both arms. Janey flowed into Paula's arms. Their mouths came together in a passionate kiss. Janey's hands were twined around Paula's neck while Paula gripped the younger woman's ass.

Janey's thigh slid between Paula's legs. There was a muffled moan from Paula, a grunt as Janey forced her thigh upwards against Paula three quick times and then a sound of protest as Janey moved slightly away. She broke the kiss and the two women stood staring into each other's eyes. Paula's hands had shifted to Janey's back and Janey rested her hands on Paula's shoulders.

Once again Janey broke the tableau. Her arms flexed, her hands pushing Paula. But not away. Paula sank to her knees, Janey's hands not so much as pushing as directing the older woman. Paula leaned forward towards Janey's golden pussy.

"Not yet!" Janey commanded. "First, touch yourself." When Paula's hand went between her legs, Janey nodded her approval. "Rub yourself. Now. Get good and wet." Paula moaned, partially in excitement, partially in frustration, her fingers moving faster, her open mouth only inches away from Janey's pussy.

"Faster. So hot." Janey's eyes were glazing as she watched the older woman kneeling before her. "Don't you dare cum until I do though. Do you understand?" Janey put her hand on the back of Paula's head, titling the older female's face up to her. "Do you understand, slut?"'

"Yesssssss," broke from Paula's lips in a long hiss.

"Good. Now," Janey pushed Paula's face between her legs. "Eat me."

Paula buried her face in Janey's pussy. Because of the angle, Adam couldn't see anything but the back of her head. As her head was bobbing up and down, Adam guessed she was licking up and down Janey's slit. Janey had both hands on Paula's head and was pushing with her hips, humping her pussy on the older woman's face.

Adam's hand was blurring on his cock. The picture of his longtime crush getting her pussy eaten by another woman, the two sexy bodies before him, the control Janey was exercising over their older female supervisor kneeling before her, all was driving him to a massive orgasm. Then Janey's head tipped back and she cried out.

"Yes, God, yes. Fuck me Paula. Fuck me with that hard tongue. Never stop." Her words tripped over each other as she built to her own climax. "Fuck me, eat me, lick me good lover. My sexy older lover. Do yourself. Do me." She suddenly slammed herself into Paula's face and squealed. Adam saw Paula's body stiffen and then shake.

His cock let go a jet that splashed against the wall and dribbled down onto the floor by his feet. He almost toppled into the wall in front of him but managed to regain his balance. He stood there for a mindless minute, his cock sill dripping as it softened in his hand.

Paula rose and locked Janey in another long embrace. Their mouths met again. This time the kiss seemed softer, less urgent, more affectionate. They broke it and Paula sighed.

"Oh my, that was fun."

Janey smiled happily. "It WAS wasn't it? A change from the wicked manager seducing the naive young worker."

"Mmmmm, yes." Paula kissed Janey again and started for the pile of her clothes. "The sexy young girl exerting her dominance of her older lover. Janey, when you commanded me not to start on you yet, I almost had an orgasm then. It was so delicious, you being in charge."

"Yes, well, it was so exciting for me too. But next time I want you to spread me over the desk again. Oh," Janey continued as she picked up her skirt, "Maybe fully dressed? The both of us? A hurry up, nasty sneaky girl-fuck?"

"Sounds wonderful, as always," Paula commented as she scooped up her bra and began to put it on. "But right now we need to get dressed before Adam comes back."

"Oh my yes," Janey giggled. "It would never do for him to walk in and wonder where we are."

Adam hastily pulled up his pants and fastened them. He looked at the white, sticky residue on the floor and the wall of the office. No time to do anything about it. Fortunately this corner was little used and perhaps no one would see anything until he had time to clean it up tomorrow.

On tip-toe, he ran back to the side door, picking up the garbage and the bank bag. He rushed to the trunk of his care and tossed the bank bag in. He would run that errand on the way home. He then scampered to the dumpster, tossed in the garbage and made it back to the side door. He slid his key in the lock, rattled it and made a show of unlocking the door and coming in.

Paula was coming down the aisle from the back room. Janey appeared from another direction. Both of them looked calm and unflustered. Neither appeared to show the effects of the wild sex they had just finished. Adam felt a stirring as the picture of the two of them together came into his mind. After a momentary mental struggle he was able to regain control of himself.

"All set?" inquired Paula. Receiving Adam's agreement, she turned slightly. "Janey? Did you finish that chore?"

"Yes I did," Janey replied demurely.

"Well, good. Let's be off then." Paula unlocked the door and motioned the others out before setting the alarm. They all bade each other goodnight and left. Adam, as was his custom, waited until both females were in the cars with the engines running before getting in his.

He started home, his mind in a whirl over what he had seen. He had never considered the possibility that Janey, or Paula for that matter, was interested in other women. It did explain a good bit about Janey's dating, or rather lack of it that Adam had always wondered about.

Then there was one last thing. For a moment he thought he had seen Paula looking at his groin. He hadn't seen it before, but when getting into the car this last time he had realized he had a large wet spot between his legs. Had she noticed? And had he seen a smile flicker across her face? Perhaps.

(The End)

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