tagGroup SexThe Stockroom Ch. 04

The Stockroom Ch. 04


(A couple of very nice people have occasionally inquired about what happened to Janey, Paula and Adam. There have been suggestions. Well I miss the old stockroom too and enjoyed peeking back in there again.)

(Quick synopsis of what went on before. Adam and Janey are college students who work evenings at an office supply store with their female boss Paula who is in her mid-30's. By accident one night Adam saw Janey and Paula making love when they thought he was gone. Several nights later Paula seduced Adam. What he doesn't know is ... well, you'll find out in this story.)


Adam knew something was going on. Now that the young college student was aware of the relationship between Janey, his long time friend and crush, and their supervisor Paula he easily picked up the signals the two women used. Something was in the wind. He recognized the subtle touches and the guarded looks that the female lovers always exchanged at work but for the last few days there had been something more.

He wasn't sure what that something more was, except that those signals seemed to include him now. He thought so anyway. No, he was sure of it. More than once lately Paula had rested her hand on his arm or shoulder and Janey had met his eyes across the store and held his gaze with hers as though she was willing some kind of message to him. What could it be?

Did Janey know about he and Paula having sex in little room in the back of the store? Paula had come on to him after all, it wasn't his fault. Was she upset with him over that? He could see something in the young woman's eyes that might be accusatory.

Adam writhed mentally at the thought that Janey might be mad at him. The fact that he now knew she was gay didn't change the fact that he had had a crush on the bubbly young blonde woman for years. Beyond that he really liked her as a coworker, as a person and as a friend. If he couldn't have her he liked the thought that she was happy with Paula. Now had he hurt the relationship between the two women by accepting Paula's pass? But God, he was a twenty year old college student and when a sexy woman fifteen years his senior came on to him, well, how could he have been expected to resist?

The week seemed to drag on forever. Janey, and Paula too for that matter, were both polite and even friendly but something just didn't ring true. It was something he couldn't put his finger on. It wasn't bad, it was just, well, different.

Saturday night came and as usual the three of them were the only employees left in the store at closing. In fact they had been the only people for nearly the last hour. No customers meant that the majority of the cleaning and restocking had already been done by the time Paula locked the front door. Janey closed out the last cash register and Paula disappeared inside the front office with the drawer to make out the bank deposit.

Adam mopped the front of the store and then emptied the bucket and hung up the mop. He checked the time. He started for the office to pick up the bank deposit as usual. Before he got within sight of the front desk Janey intercepted him.

"Adam, Paula is going to make the deposit tonight as a favor for me. I would like to speak to you."

"Okay Janey," replied the surprised young man. "Go ahead."

"Not here. I don't know exactly when Paula might be back and I don't want her to interrupt. Let's go back into the stockroom."

The stockroom? Adam had a tingle in his groin for a moment. Was the girl of his dreams, gay though he knew her to be, inviting him back there for, well, maybe...? He shook his head. Okay, now he was being silly. Still, he couldn't help but enjoy the graceful sway of Janey's body as she walked ahead of him.

Without speaking anymore the duo entered the stockroom and walked to the small enclosure where so much had happened. Adam's gaze darted to the window through which he had watched Paula and Janey make love. The old desk was still there that Paula and he had sat side-by-side on while he watched her legs cross and recross before she floored him by asking if he was going to waste his erection on the floor and wall again. The worn rug she had knelt on when she sucked his cock was still there.

There did seem to be some new stuff here he didn't recognize. A coat tree in one corner, a battered little desk in another and there was a big overstuffed easy chair beside the desk now. He shrugged to himself. Stuff was always being moved in and out of here. For a while there had been an attempt to make this place sort of an employees' lounge but nothing had come of it.

Janey sat on the edge of the desk. "Adam, this is a bit uncomfortable for me but I have to have an answer to something."

"Oh God," Adam thought to himself. "She knows about Paula and me and she IS upset. Or maybe she thinks I'm some weirdo for peeking on her and Paula. Which I may well be."

"I know everything. I know that you watched Paula and I make love and that you masturbated outside the room while you peeked. I also know that Paula and you made love here in this very room." Janey jumped from the table and began to walk back and forth. "Now, what I want to know is this," she turned and fixed him with a very stern look. "Did you find jerking off more fun than fucking Paula?"

Adam opened his mouth and no words came out. He wanted to make an indignant protest at such a silly idea, his hand versus actually being with a woman? Suddenly his eyes were covered by a pair of soft hands just as he realized that Janey was trying to stifle a laugh.

"Guess who?"

"What?" Adam knew perfectly well the voice belonged to Paula. But what was she doing here? A pair of giggles answered his slightly befuddled single word question. The hands released him and Paula slipped from behind him to join Janey. The older woman kissed the young blonde. They looked at Adam and smiled.

Janey crossed to the young man and hugged him. "Oh I'm sorry Adam. I shouldn't have teased you like that." She stood on her toes and kissed the young man on the cheek. "Please forgive me?"

Adam nodded. Janey kissed him on the other cheek before twirling away back to Paula. Leaning against her girlfriend the bubbly young woman continued.

"I have a confession to make to you Adam." She stopped and blushed deeply. "I encouraged Paula to try to seduce you. I knew she would enjoy it and I was pretty darned sure you would also. And, well, you see," she floundered for a moment then gamely continued. "When I found out about you watching Paula and I make love, instead of being upset I found that it was, well, a turn on. So," she took a deep breath, "So when you and Paula made love, I was watching through the same window you did."

Adam's jaw literally fell open. Once again he was speechless.

"Adam you are the nicest young man I know and I think of you as a dear, dear friend. But you know, I just am not attracted to you, or any male. Not sexually and not as a life companion. But I DO care for you. So, Paula and I came up with this idea. It's as close as we can ever get to making love, you and I, the three of us together." Paula and Janey turned to each other. They kissed for a long moment. Paula broke the kiss to nuzzle Janey's neck and throat.

"I know you like to watch, Adam," whispered Janey as Paula rained kisses over the younger woman's neck and shoulders, even as she unbuttoned Janey's blouse. "So watch for right now."

Even in his excitement Adam caught the "For right now." He nodded, unable to trust his voice.

The pair of women were kissing deeply now. Soft moans could be heard as they did. Janey's blouse fell away. Moments later her slacks slid down her legs. She pried her shoes loose and stepped out of them and those fallen slacks, leaving her clad only in white cotton panties and a plain bra.

Paula kicked her flats away and her slacks joined the growing pile on the floor. Janey tugged and now Paula's blouse was gone and then the white lace bra followed, spilling the older woman's breasts. A plain white bra dropped onto the lace one and Adam marveled at the difference between the two women's breasts. Paula's were full and tipped with big brown nipples. They sagged slightly and filled Janey's hands as she cupped them. The younger girl's were small, firm and ended with hard pink tips.

Adam's cock was tenting his pants. Janey kissed Paula again and walked to the overstuffed chair. She sat down, lifted her legs and slid her panties down. Giggling, she twirled them on one shapely foot. With a flick of her ankle she sent them across the room. She spread her legs then, draping a slender limb over each arm of the chair and leaned back. Paula stood right in front of the young blonde girl and hooked her thumbs in her own panties. Bending way over, she drew them slowly down and stepped out of them. Her full rounded ass stared at Adam and he could not longer wait, his fingers shaking he unzipped his pants.

Paula knelt in front of Janey, her hands disappearing under the blonde. Still without words, the older woman lowered her face between Janey's legs. Janey moaned and wiggled a bit, a dreamy smile fastening itself on her face. It was pretty obvious to Adam what Paula was doing to her girlfriend.

"Adam, do you know something?""

"What?" Adam questioned hoarsely.

"I like to watch too." Janey ran her foot over Paula's back. "Why don't you take your clothes off and get behind Paula."

Adam was stunned by what was going on but he recovered quickly. He stripped as he moved forward. By the time he settled on to his knees behind the older woman he was as nude as the two women. He had never had a woman in this position and hesitated for a moment, even with his raging hardon throbbing so hard that it nearly hurt.

Paula somehow must have sensed his uncertainty. Janey's body shifted slightly and then a soft hand wrapped itself around his cock as the supervisor reached back between her own legs. She urged him forward and then guided the mushroom head between her labia and into her open wet pussy.

"Ahhhhhhh," breathed Adam as he sank into Paula. The older woman's body felt familiar but at the same time so different from this new angle. He closed his eyes, just enjoying the feel of being back inside her. Following what she had taught him the first time they made love, he moved inside her, pressing deeply and rubbing the head of his cock around in her wetness. He began to rock back and forth; his hands running up and down Paula's back, over her butt and down her legs.

He opened his eyes and feasted in the picture before him. He had often imagined Janey nude and the young woman had lived completely up to his expectations the night he had seen her through the window. But he loved seeing her again. The rational part of him tried to remind his that this was as close as he was ever going to get to that firm slender body. The rest of his mind told his rationality to go take a flying leap.

A muffled grunt came from Paula and he hastily resumed moving back and forth. Now he concentrated on the rounded figure before him. His hands slid under her and cupped the full breasts of the older woman. He pumped harder and moved faster. Her internal muscles tightened, making him work at his taske but also heightening his excitement.

Oh this was so hot. Two naked women before him, both attractive in completely different ways. One he was fucking and the other was being tongue fucked by the first one. If he ever needed anything to arouse him the rest of his life he knew all he would have to do would be conjure this image from his memory.

"Adam," Janey brought the young man's attention back to her. "Do you know what Paula is doing to me now?" She giggled. "I mean beyond the obvious. She has a hand under me and is probing at my bottom with her fingers. I can feel her there. She has a finger pressing against my dark opening. It feels so good. I know it would feel so good to her as well. So Adam, why don't you take your cock out of her pussy and fuck Paula in her ass?"

Adam gasped. He looked in near disbelief at Janey, who was smiling at him.

"Oh she wants you to, don't you lover?" Janey ran her fingers through Paula's hair. The older woman never lifted her head or said a word but wiggled her full ass as best she could. "I fuck her there all the time with a strapon. You see, our Paula is a bit submissive. You need to be careful now, you don't just ram it up her ass. That would hurt and we, she, are not into pain, except, well, maybe you'll discover that before long."

The blonde girl's eyes opened wide. "Just a moment Adam," she managed to gasp. Her legs lifted from the chair's arms and crossed on Paula's back. The shapely ankles locked and she bucked up and down, her back arching slightly. A long deep sigh broke from her lips and she trembled violently before relaxing.

"Sorry. Paula got her finger all the way up my ass and I had a nice little orgasm there. You would not believe how good this woman eats me. Now then, I want you to give her a big one."

Following Janey's whispered directions, Adam drew out of Paula. He slid the head of his cock up along the open cleft before him until the head of his cock touched the puckered hole between the older woman's cheeks. Once settled there he firmly gripped the softly padded hips. He leaned forward.

"Yes, just use your weight to open and enter her. Don't thrust, don't use your hips. Give her time to adjust. Feel her stretch over your cock head."

Adam stared at Paula's ass. How did that little ring stretch so wide? The tip of his cock was opening her farther and farther until suddenly it disappeared. her anus closed back onto him, holding him tighter than he ever dreamed his cock could be held. He groaned and leaned harder against Paula. His cock slid deeper and then his groin was butted up against her ass cheeks.

He didn't need Janey to tell him to take it slow at first. He firmly gripped Paula's hips and used that hold to steady the older woman. He watched her head move up and down as she licked Janey's pussy. He began to rock, just barely moving at first, sliding his cock no more than a bare inch. After a bit he realized that Paula was beginning to push back against him. Encouraged by her response he sped up, moving faster and farther with each stroke.

Janey's eyes had closed. With a secret little smile on her face she seemed to be drifting away. Then her eyes popped open when Adam gave a hard thrust into the woman between them.

"Adam, oh yes, that's it. Paula has her tongue in me and her finger in me and those thrusts of yours are burying her deeper into me. So fuck her Adam, fuck her hard." The young blonde locked her ankles on Paula's back and began to hump the older woman's face.

Adam responded. He drew back and slammed deeply into Paula's ass. Again and again he drove into her, each stroke longer and faster. His knuckles were turning white from the grip he had on her hips. He grunted with the effort of ramming his cock into the tight hole.

Janey was twisting and turning. her arms were over her head, gripping the top of the chair. She pushed herself up to meet Paula each time the force of Adam's thrusts drove the older woman face deeper between the younger one's legs. Janey was keening and bouncing. Adam felt Paula shudder repeatedly. His head fell back and he cried out.

"Adam! Spank her! Spank that round full ass. it won't take much. Oh God we're almost there."

Adam's balls swung forward each time, slapping Paula between her legs. He abandoned his grip and slapped Paula's left cheek, then her right. The older woman's ass wobbled as he spanked her in time to his cock driving in and out of her ass. Paula squealed, muffled by Janey's pussy in her face but still audible. Janey arched and wrapped her legs around Paula's head. And finally Adam gave a shout and shot an enormous load of cum up Paula's ass before collapsing on her back.

Adam's cock softened and slid from Paula's ass. The older woman rolled over and leaned back against the front of the chair. Janey moved forward, wrapped her arms around her lover and hugged her tightly before slipping from the chair and stretching out beside Paula, She rested her blonde head on a bare shoulder.

"My goodness," sighed Paula. Adam realized that was the first time she had spoken since she had appeared from hiding and covered his eyes. She held out her free arm to him. "Come here, big boy."

Adam nestled on Paula's other shoulder. The trio was a mess, he was sure, sweaty and the whole room smelled of sex. It was great. Snuggled all together his eyelids drooped. Janey looked like she was already asleep. As he drifted he heard Paula mumble something.

"Damn. Forgot the deposit."

(The End)

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