tagLoving WivesThe Stolen Wife

The Stolen Wife


Dr. Scott Gardner parked his beemer in the valet parking at the executive golf club. The door was opened for him and he stepped out, handing the young man his key. He shoved the redemption tag into his pocket and walked into the club's lobby. Presenting his invitation, he was directed to the banquet room where one of the local universities was holding its promotion luncheon. He was there at the invitation of a friend who was being promoted to full professor.

Scott felt like he belonged here with these over educated, full of themselves yuppies. Single, thirty years old, he held PhD's in Psychology and Behavior Science. Having cleared his afternoon, his usual modus operandi was to hit on a horny thirty or forty something woman. Then, spend the remainder of the afternoon fucking her tight pussy and her ass, if he could get it. As he waited in the receiving line, he spotted Professor Corrine Hopkins. He had bedded her before, so it promised to be a comfortable and very satisfying afternoon. Her dowdy cloths belied the fact that she was a hot pants fucking machine. She also could suck cock like no one else he knew. Fat ass, bit of a tummy, she was comfortable and she loved to have her big floppy tits fucked. A chubby little body a guy could fuck all day and yes, she loved to get it in her well cushioned ass. Scott decided to spend the afternoon enjoying every hole in the professor's pleasantly pump body.

Stepping into the receiving line to meet those featured at the event, he shook hands with his friend and moved on down the line. The last couple was a man that was being promoted to dean of something. As he approached the new dean, Scott found himself standing before the man's wife. When their eyes met, he was stopped in his tracks. She offered him her hand. As he took it for a hand shake, he thought, "What an elegant creature!" He had never been this close to a more stunning woman than the green eyed beauty smiling at him at that instant. And, an enchanting smile it was. Standing five foot eight or nine, she appeared to have a "Marilyn Monroe" figure, 36CorD, 24, 36. After releasing her hand, he shook her husband's hand, a man he knew to be Robert Landreau. Usually very good with names, he was so taken by Robert's wife that her name went right by him.

To Scott's delight, Corrine had found a place at a table in the center front of the room. It would allow him to sit next to her and face the podium. Since her husband was the featured speaker, he knew that the fair Missus Landreau would be seated on the platform. Scott also knew that her husband would introduce his lovely wife. He sat down next to Corrine, "Scotty! How are you doing?"

"I'm good Corrine, how are you?"

"Better now with you sitting here next to me. I'll be much better if you will spend the afternoon filling me up. Satisfying my itch with that tool you have hanging between your legs. Not to mention what you do to me with your tongue and fingers. Annd Scotty, the way you handle my big ol' tits, umm nobody does it better..."

"Ahh professor, professor, such a naughty little girl. Hubby not satisfying you like he should?"

"Oh Scotty, you know him. He thinks that once we pass forty, we should be satisfied with it once every couple of months or so. That just doesn't do it for me. But, to make things worse, I've always got one or two seniors or grad students that want to get into my pants, hands on my tits or both. Damn, they turn me on. But, you and I both know, that's still a good way to see my position and credentials go down the drain, even with tenure. Then there's my friend Scotty who takes care of that for me once and awhile. I had a little thing going with our minster a little while ago, when he and his wife were on the outs. Gawd, could he fuck, almost like you. I know you are one of the biggest playboys around. But, what do you say? Can we get it together when this thing is over?"

"Yeah Corrine, I can handle that. I always like getting my hands on those big tits of yours and I the feeling of being up inside your snug little pussy. I sure like that well cushioned, tight little ass of yours, too."

Corrine giggled, "OK but, we shouldn't get to graphic here, someone might overhear us..."

After the speeches and the lunch plates had been removed, those on the platform began to mingle with the crowd. Scott watched Catherine move about the room. When she was close to his table, he excused himself to use the restroom. Raising just as she was about to pass by his table, he found himself face to face with the lovely Catherine Landreau, "Doctor Gardner!" she greeted him.

"Missus Landreau..." Scott responded, "You remembered my name."

"Oh sir, I asked the lady sitting next to me who you were. My oh my, your reputation precedes you." Just being in his presence stirred something within her that she didn't want to define, or even acknowledge. Catherine was in fact a married woman.

Scott smiled, then said, "Oh, well then please, madam, tell me what reputation is it that precedes me?"

Catherine smiled a beautiful smile that caused her green eyes to sparkle like well cut emeralds. Scott could not get over the sheer beauty and innocense of this woman. If he didn't know she was married, he would swear she was a virgin. It might be just his opinion, but Catherine Landreau had to be the most exquisite woman he had ever met. Also, he had to admit that she stirred an attraction in him that, in all his knowledge, he could not define, or in any manner describe.

Catherine told him that the woman said he held PhD's in Psychology and Behavior Science. That she went on to portrayed him as a lady's man. "She said you would leave here today with one woman that you will take to bed for the afternoon. Then you will be at the reception tonight and take another woman to bed for the night, or at least most of the evening."

Scott chuckled, "That fairly well wraps up my MO."

Catherine continued, "She also said that you didn't seem to care if they were married or not. Is that sir, your intention with me?"

"No ma'am." was his quick response, adding, "You, Missus Landreau, are above anything like that."

"Oh? What makes you think that of me?" she asked. Turning over in her mind how quick he responded to her question.

"You my lady, have too much class and sheer elegance to be treated like that. You possess a certain innocense I cannot find the words to describe. But, it places you head shoulders above most of the women here, today. Will you be here tonight?"

Catherine had never heard a man, especially a playboy, describe her like that. "Class?" "Sheer elegance?" an undescribable "innocense?" she thought turning his words over in her mind, "Boy, he is smooth and with his credentials, extremely dangerous." But, she could not help thinking, "Still, there is something inside me that this man causes to stir and I am having a hard time dismissing it." Trying diligently to remember that she is in fact a married woman, in a guarded response she replied, "Yes, I will be here tonight with my husband. He is kind of the star of the event. Will you be here?"

He contemplated her answer for a few moments, then said, "Yes, I will. I guess you are just an accessory to your husband's stardom..."

Catherine's smile disappeared and her emerald green eyes became a stormy dark green. She wanted to ask him what exactly did he mean by that comment. But, she was afraid of his response. So, she just said, "I'll see you tonight, Doctor." and stepped around him.


As soon as Scott entered the reception hall that evening, he began looking for Catherine. He spotted her by the drink table. To make it look like he was not there just to talk to her, he moved around the side of the room. Greeting those he knew, he kept an eye on her movements. If the truth be known, had he not met Catherine earlier that day and knew she would be here tonight, he would have rather stayed in the arms of the comfortable Corrine. Giving the appearance that he was on his way to get a drink, he managed to meet the lovely Catherine face to face, again.

"Good evening, Missus Landreau."

"Good evening to you, Doctor Gardner."

"Madam? I must apologize for my remark about you as just an accessory... I didn't intend to hurt your feelings, or demean you in anyway."

"Oh, don't worry about it. Let's face reality here, you hit the nail right on the head. It's certainly not what I signed on for, but after eighteen months of marriage, that is a fairly good definition of what I am at this particular time."

Meeting Catherine's eyes with his own and studying her for a few moments, he realized that her eyes gave her heart away. His remark had reminded her of the unhappy, unfulfilled life she was living. Scott drew out one of his business cards on which he had drawn a map, "Due to that reputation that precedes me, I don't think we should be seen together for any very long periods of time.." Handing her the card, he noticed that her smile and twinkle in her eyes had begun to return. As she took the card, he asked, "Would you like to meet for brunch, tomorrow? About eleven?"

Catherine looked at both sides of the card, then looked back at him. "Ahhhh, OK. I ah, you must remember I am married. Ah, where is this place, anyway?" Thinking , "Maybe, just maybe this is the man that can help me in my marriage."

"Can you find that freeway?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Follow that road to the very end and it will lead you to a very exclusive hideaway inn, with a dinner house. I'll call them and they will have a brunch ready for us. Show them that card when you get there. See you tomorrow..."

Scott moved onto the drink table. Catherine glanced around, especially toward the Landreau table, to see if anyone noticed them. Then she slipped the card into a safe place in her clutch purse.


After driving for what seemed forever into a desolate canyon, Catherine drew out her cellphone and checked to see if she had service, she did. Looking for a place to stop and call Scott, she noticed the road's end and the beginning of a gravel driveway. No sign to indicate anything was back there. However, after about a half mile, the driveway opened into the parking lot of a beautiful country inn. It had a quaint look, as if it had been picked up and placed there from the Cornwall area of England.

Parking her Lexus, she nervously entered the dinning room. There she was, a married woman in a remote inn, by herself, meeting a well educated playboy with a reputation of seducing married women. On top of that, she realized that he was a practicing psychologist, behaviorist and used hypnosis in his practice.. Digging out his card from her purse, she asked her self again, "What am I doing here? What did I expect to accomplish by coming here today?"

As she stood in the dining room trying to answer her own questions, a very dignified, middle aged woman entered the room. With a charming smile she asked, "You must be Catherine Landreau?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Oh my dear, you can loose the ma'am. Please, call me Anna."

"OK, thank you Anna."

"Scotty called and said that he was meeting an elegant young lady out here today. Boy, he wasn't kidding. Right this way, Missus Landreau."

Catherine blushed, "I'll bet he says that about every woman he brings out here."

As Anna lead Catherine to her table she turned her head slightly and over her shoulder said, "As a matter of fact, no. He has never described any of them like that and we usually take them directly to a room." Then as Anna pulled out a chair for Catherine, she said, "But, you certainly fill the bill."

Catherine blushed again. As she sat down, she said, "Oh Anna, I'm not all that, but thank you anyway. Annd, Anna? Please, call me Catherine."

Anna smiled and said, "OK, Catherine it is, I'll go watch for Doctor Gardner. He should be here any minute."

A few minutes later, Scott did arrive. Anna stepped out of the front door to meet him half way on the path, thinking, "This is the first time I can remember that Scott showed up when he said he would. A half hour late is more like it."

When he came within a few paces of her, Scott said, "Hi Anna, how are you today?"

Anna extended her right hand to him, "I'm good Scotty. Your lady is here. And Scotty! She is every bit the beautiful young lady, just as you described. Scott Gardner..." She pointed a finger at him, "You better not be planning to defile this one with a one night stand or some crass affair."

With his right hand still gripping her's, he wrapped his left arm around her slender body. She kept herself in much the same condition that she did during her twenty plus years as a field operative for the CIA. Scott pulled her close, "No Anna, I have no intentions of doing any of that to her. Anna? Like so much that you see go on around here, I want you to keep quiet about her even being here and what I am about to tell you. Anna? I am going to make Catherine my wife. I just have to get her to unload some access baggage, that's all."

Anna gave him a knowing little smile, "That baggage as you call it wouldn't be a husband, now would it? You're going to steal someone else's wife, aren't you Scott Gardner?"

"Yeah well, he's not doing a very good job of it or I wouldn't have a chance." said Scott with a smile, "But yes Anna, It might take awhile, but I am going to steal her away from him. I want her as my wife, not his. I want to raise a family with her. I want to grow old together..."

Anna held the back of her hand to Scott's forehead, "You feeling alright? On something?"

Scott laughed, "No Anna, I'm not on something and I'm feeling great. Now, where did you hide her?"

"Okeh, well come on." she said with a big smile. She then led him to the table where Catherine was seated.

Scott and Catherine chatted for awhile over coffee. Then just before brunch was served, she commented, "They all call you Scotty around here."

"That's because most of them have known me sense prep school. Some like Anna, well before."

"Can I call you Scotty?"

"Sure, does every one that you know call you Catherine?"

"No, there is a hand full that call me Cathy. My parents, my brothers, my sister, a couple of other close friends. But, mostly those within our family."

"Can I call you Cathy?"

She studied him for a few moments, considering his "Don Juan" reputation, thinking, "I could be opening myself up for an affair. But, I cannot help feeling that there is more to all of this." So, with a some of misgivings, she consented, "Okeh Scotty, you can called me Cathy when we are somewhere like this place. However, when we meet at some social function, it will be Doctor Gardner and Missus Landreau, OK?"

"You got it, Cathy." he said with a satisfied smile.

Brunch was served and they chatted about who they were, where they were raised. They found themselves laughing together quite a bit. Then she realized what time it had gotten to be, "Oh my gawd, it's almost two thirty. I'll be missed, there will be questions..." She rose from her chair, "Do I owe anything?"

"No, no, that's all taken care of, now listen, Cathy... You are known here now. If life gets a little heavy for you at anytime, you can come here. Take a room if you want, it'll be no cost to you..." Scott drew out a cellphone, "Use this phone to call me. It is set on vibrate, so put it in bottom of your purse and check messages when you are alone."

She took the phone and said, "OK Scotty, I must be going. Thank you for everything." Giving her a half hour lead time, he left the inn.


For the next three months, Scott and Catherine met infrequently at the inn hidden deep in the canyon. They would meet at various social functions, smile speak briefly then stay away from each other the remainder of the event. People were wondering what was wrong with Scott, he just wasn't his playboy self. None of the women in his social set could recall him even attempting to get them into bed. Although many husbands were relieved that at least one cock hound was off the market. When ask about all the speculation over why he had changed, Scott would just smile. Dr. Scott Gardner had Catherine Landreau on his mind and how he was going to make her Catherine Gardner.

At a Saturday evening dinner party, Scott arrived and made his way to the hosted bar. As he waited for a glass of wine, he heard Catherine's voice behind him, "Dr. Gardner?"

The bartender handed him the drink and Scott turned to face her, "Missus Landreau?"

Catherine managed a little smile. But, again her eyes gave her away. They told him that something was not right. "Scotty?" she whispered as he stepped away from the bar., "We need to meet and talk..."

"OK, next Tuesday brunch work for you?"

"Yes good, eleven am, I'll be there." she whispered and left in the opposite direction from which she came.

Scott didn't even get dressed on Sunday. He laid around in his underwear, watched a couple of ball games, drank beer all day and thought about Catherine. He hated to see her in any kind of distress like she was the night before. Scott wanted to gather her in his arms, kiss her and tell her that everything would be all right. He fell asleep on the couch, woke up at two am and shuffled of to bed. After a restless few hours of sleep, he managed to make it through Monday. Picking up some fast food for dinner, he took a sleeping pill and hit the sack at about eight pm. Tuesday morning, after a good nights sleep he arrived at the inn at ten forty five.

Taking a seat at their regular table, Scott spent the next few minutes pondering their meeting on the previous Saturday evening. He glanced at his watch, eleven o'clock, then he looked up to see Catherine entering the diningroom. He thought, "Right on time, as usual." The difference today was that she had real purpose in her body language and an almost pensive look on her face.

"Hi, Cathy."

Catherine almost threw herself into the chair, "Hi Scotty."

"What's wrong?"

"What's right?" she retorted, giving him the hardest look he had ever seen from her.

"Wanta tell me about it?"

"Yes Scotty, I do. Right now, you are the only person on the face of this earth that I do want to tell about it."


"Well, let's start with.. I can't believe that I am in this joke of a marriage. Why I married this guy is a long story that I will tell you, some day. But, it seems irrelevant right now... Anyway, the prenuptial agreement that I signed said that we would start a family and have our own home during the first year of marriage. None of that has happened. Oh Scotty, he has just strung me along for the last twenty months, or so. Scotty? All I want is a loving husband, children and our own home, is that to much to ask? So... So then, on our way to that function last Saturday, I told him that I had gone off the pill. He flipped out, screaming that he would decide when I would get pregnant and now was not the time. I brought it up Sunday, at breakfast and received a double barrel blast from both him and his mother. It brought me to tears."

"Cathy? I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am that they brought you to tears." Scott said drawing out a business card from his shirt pocket.

"Scotty? I went to my room and just sobbed. Then, I realized something. I don't love him, I don't even like him. I'm no sex expert, far from it. But, our sexlife is terrible, literally. Actually it is beyond terrible. Scotty, I've got to get out of this mess of a marriage!"

Handing her the card, he said, "Call this guy right now. Use the phone I gave you."

Catherine accepted the attorney's card and as she was digging the phone out of her purse, asked, "Is he related to you?"

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