tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Stone Shower; Cottonweed Ch. 01

The Stone Shower; Cottonweed Ch. 01


Drowsy clouds of smoke.

Cotton opened her eyes into a bleary haze of...wet smoke? No. Fog. It swirled around her ankles. Fog so humid it was as if a hot-spring had risen up to slap her in the face. Her toes wiggled in the water at her feet, steam winding upward along her smooth legs.

Gathering her senses, she realized she was in some sort of oversized bath. Water jettisoned at the stone floor, evaporating into thick curls that had moistened her bare skin. Her buttocks felt comparatively cool against the shale bench and suddenly Cotton was very aware of her own nudity. She shifted on the rustic ledge, the cool rock-tile pressing in contrast against pink lips that peeked out between her thighs.

Squinting through the haze, the large shower was entirely foreign to her. Rising from the ledge, she realized it was built-in, window-seat style. Her hands slid along the dampened walls, defining the perimeter of the bath as quite sizeable. Multiple showerheads contributed to the eddies which fogged the glass door several steps away.

Stepping beneath a wide showerhead, she let the water course down over her body, causing her brown hair to darken further against pale skin. She couldn't remember what she had been doing before going to sleep.

There was a woosh-click as the full-sized door opened, sucking out a gulp of steam before closing again. Out of the misty vacuum, a man emerged and she realized then (as one does when dreaming) that this was his home...their home? It was unclear.

Cotton felt her heart skip a beat at the sight of his naked form. She couldn't recall having met him before. Appraising him now, she certainly didn't feel opposed to a friendly introduction. His arousal was as palpable as the white clouds of aether around them.

He crossed the shower-room, steam parting and closing the gap behind him, sealing the two of them behind a vaporous curtain. Short hair, medium build, the closer he came the more flushed her skin felt against the hot stream pouring over her shoulders. Time stretched like a rubber-band, contracting suddenly and bringing him right up to her.

His hand reached for her cheek, fingers slipping around the back of her neck as he pulled her against him. Cotton saw bluestone eyes just before his mouth was drinking the condensation from her lips as though she were an offering. His tongue darted out to mingle the hot water with the wetness of their kiss, free hand sliding down the curve of her shoulder as though slipping her from a robe of gossamer plumes.

Pushing her back against the wall, the coldness of the stone caused her to gasp and arch her body against his. He caught her round breast in his palm, testing the ripeness of those firm fruits. Rolling her tiny nipples between thumb and forefinger they perked against his chest, leaving his hand free to explore southward.

Before she knew what was happening, fingers had deftly slipped over the curve of her hip and between the swollen flesh that held the secrets of carnal pleasure. Cotton gasped, sensation washing over her in a hot wave. Her slender arms sought reinforcement around his neck to steady herself against him.

Prying gently at her venus-flower, petals unfolded as his fingers pressed upward into her. Her hands roamed and clenched his slick skin, trying to grasp every part of him. Hot water streamed through the valley of her cleavage and down between her thighs. Combining with his cupped hand over her mound, the result sent an electric pulse through her body. This time, she sought his mouth, kissing him, teeth catching his lips hungrily.

A new wetness began to soak her skin as her body rocked onto the fingers inside her. His tongue flickered over her plush lips in unison with his thumb down below, which was brushing poignantly across her clitoris. Cotton's breath staggered as he nearly lifted her from the ground, pushing his fingers deeper within. The weight of her own body forced her to ride naturally against him until climax burst through her, robbing her body of anything other than sheer ecstasy.

Gently, she sank to her knees before him as her arms loosened and trailed down his body. Her hands raced against her mouth to find his throbbing cock and engulf it. He inhaled sharply when she gripped him tightly and began stroking his erection. Cotton took hold of his dick and patted the underside his shaft firmly against her lips several times before opening her mouth and swallowing him until the head of his prick was hitting the back of her throat rhythmically.

He groaned, and leaned forward into her, bracing an arm against the wall. The shape of his prick was very well defined she thought, as she stroke-fucked him with her hands and mouth in perfect unison. Water cascaded over her hair and face, mixing with the air to form a hot-cold lubricant as he slid in and out of her orifice.

She let one hand slip underneath to cup his balls, grasping them firmly as she worked his shaft. Ejaculation was rising inside him. She could tell by the way he tightened up, cock thickening even more against her tongue and lips. Suddenly he grasped a handful of her hair and pulled her up from her knees.

Guiding her toward the stone bench, he bent her over it so that her vagina was completely exposed to him. He worked his fingers inside her a couple of more times, spreading her juices over her lower lips and then, without warning, buried his cock deep inside her. The way the rounds of her buttocks popped up when she arched herself back against him urged him to drive deeper.

Grasping her hips, his thumbs pressed into the small of her back, reminding her distantly of the tattoo that was etched there. Cotton flipped her long hair with a wet snap against her own back and he seized a fistful as his cum exploded inside her.

He pushed against her tightly, emptying himself entirely, paused for a moment and then relaxed his hand. Slowly, he withdrew from her. They moved to rinse themselves in the steaming jets of water and then stepped out of the shower.

Offering her a fluffy, white towel, he led her down a hall which was paneled beautifully with alder wood. Then they were in bed and she curled into the crook of his arm, head against his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"You really are a dream come true." he whispered, kissing the tresses of her hair as she faded into sleep.

To be continued...

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