tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Storage Bin Ch. 02

The Storage Bin Ch. 02


I opened the door to Bob's truck. It was so big I had to carefully place my high heeled shoe on his side step to ease my entry into his cab. Once in there, I had to pull my skirt back down, as it had ridden up over the top of my stockings and garters.

Finally, I sat back and as I did, I started saying, "I believe you have something for me?"

I looked over and as I spoke those words, realized he had unzipped his pants and pulled out his rather large cock. Oops, I had spoken to soon. Bob's a big boy. He's a good looking guy, younger than his friend Jim, but bigger boned. From the looks of it, his cock wasn't quite as long, but it was very thick.

I wanted a copy of the tape he made of me sucking off his friend. Couldn't wait to see the footage of me leaning through Jim's car window, ass high in the air, perched on my sky high heels, and my garters peeking out from under my skirt. I figured my little clitty cock would get stiff watching my head bob up and down that on that cock. Now it seemed, if I really wanted that copy, I'd have to work for it.

"I sure do sweetheart!" He responded as he focused first on my long legs, then my wet red lips, then as he raised his eyebrows knowingly, on his hard cock.

"I'm referring to the tape my dear," I quipped back.

Bobs face grew angry and he abruptly turned, looking me straight in the eye and said, "Listen slut, here's your fucking tape!" Pulling it from his skirt pocket and slamming it down on the dashboard for effect. "But, no one gets something for nothing!"

Clearly he wasn't the gentle and shy type like his friend Jim. I liked that in a way. I was tired of making the first move. It would be nice to just do what I was told. So I said, "Ok, what do you want?"

"Don't play stupid slut," Was all he said as he reached over and grabbed the back of my head.

I resisted a first, strictly because it caught me off guard a bit. But in the end, I had to admit to myself that I did want to suck more cock tonight, so I let Bob's strong hand guide my head down to his crotch and over his cock. Staring at his cock just inches from my lips, I opened wide, and carefully descended on the thick fleshy shaft. I was trying to engulf the entire length with out actually touching it with any part of my mouth. I wanted him to feel just my hot breath as I positioned my wet mouth around his cock to raise the anticipation of the blow job I was about to commence. His cock was so thick that the effort wasn't completely successful and I may have smudged my lipstick just slightly.

When the mushroom tip of his cock hit my tonsils, I stopped. Holding his cock in this position, I slowly exhaled my hot wet breath over his cock one last time. Then as I grabbed the base of his thick member, I closed my drooling wet mouth around his smooth hard shaft. I was rewarded with a deep moan. I slowly extracted his cock. My red lips, stretched thin by the girth of his shaft, reluctantly giving up inch by inch.

The head of his cock popped out of my mouth and stood there glistening wet before me. I gave it a few quick strokes with my hand. How sexy my long nails looked wrapped around that shaft. I opened wide again and started the process all over again. Nice and slow I repeated this combo of hot breath, hot mouth, and hand pumping his cock.

Each time I closed my mouth around his cock and started slowly sliding it out, he would moan deeper and louder. Each time his cock popped out of my mouth, I would pump his cock a little harder with my hand. And, each time I would take his cock into my mouth, I would push the head of it harder against the top of my throat.

As I continued the blow job, he explored my sexy garments with his hands, running his hands up and down my stockinged leg. He snapped the garters against my smooth skin. I was kneeling on the seat of his truck, allowing him to explore any part of my sexy attire as my bobbing head worked over his hard cock. His hands wandered down to my heels and he grabbed one, trying to use it as a way of forcing my face down deeper on his shaft.

Minutes into the blow job, his cock was so hard it felt like a hard glass dildo I had practiced sucking in the past. The feeling of that mushroom tip popping in and out of my mouth made me feel so sexy. I kept thinking what a sight I must be, curled up in the front seat of this guys truck; Dressed to the nines with sexy garters, stockings, and heels my wet red lips continued to work his cock slowly but insistently. It was my mission to give that cock a good suck. I longed to feel the cum that was welling up in his balls find its way deep down my throat.

Bob was really enjoying himself. He just kept moaning and saying, "Fuck yeh baby, suck it!"

I was in heaven, enjoying the sensation of having a slutty job to do. As I worked, my mind was a whirl with thoughts of how sexy I'd feel heading home tonight. I would strut away from Bobs truck with the fresh taste of his load lingering in my mouth. I may even have a drop or two of his cum dripping from the corner of my lips. Yes, that would be nice; I'd lick my lips as I walked in my high heels and short skirt savoring the last taste of a job well done.

Suddenly, Bob snapped me out of my day dream as he started to buck hard. He grabbed my head with both of his burly hands and started to fuck my face feverishly. I had no choice but to just hold my mouth wide open and let him use it as a slick fuck hole. Each time he slammed my open mouth down on his cock, the head of it would invade my throat. Deeper and deeper his cock would penetrate my throat with each successive thrust. I did my best to time my breathing with the up strokes since there was no way to breath on the down stroke with cock filling my mouth and his mushroom corking my throat.

I had a feeling that when he came I was going to have to hold my breath for quite sometime. Sure enough, his cock started shooting a thick creamy line of cum. On the very next down stroke, his cock was forced down my throat, where I could feel it pulsing streams of cum. His hands were still pushing hard against the back of my throat and I had no choice but to stay put, hold my breath and enjoy the hot gooey coating his cock was applying to my throat.

Finally, he suddenly relaxed and released the grip he had on the back of my head. As he did, I quickly pulled my face off his cock and gasped for air. After which I couldn't resist going back for one more taste. I really wanted to milk a few more drops out onto my lips and chin. Grabbing the base of his cock and rubbing the head across my face, I was successful in draining the last remaining drops. My cheeks where now streaked with the last bits of cum from his softening cock.

"Wow, you really give great head!" He said. "The boys are going to have some fun with you!"

"I'm all done!" I insisted.

"Maybe for the night, you little slut," he said, "But, next week, you're really going to get your fill." He went on to explain that he and Jim had some friends he planned on brining me too next week. He clearly felt like he owned me now and planned on demonstrating it by treating me as his little slave.

I must have looked a little unsure since he quipped, "Don't pretend you don't love this slut! I can tell you clearly enjoy giving head, so head you will give."

I had to admit to myself, I did enjoy this, and I responded, "Yes Bob, I do love sucking cock."

"Tell me slut!" He commanded.

"I Love Sucking Cock Bob! I look forward to sucking all the cock you're kind enough to feed me next week." I said.

"Good girl. Now lick my cock clean on last time, fix your self up a bit, and let's end this for now." He said.

Obeying his orders, I licked his soft but still swollen cock clean, managing to get a couple more drops to savor. Then I sat up and fixed up my skirt a bit. I slipped on one of my heels that had come off and re-applied a fresh coat of lipstick and gloss. As I looked in the mirror, I couldn't help but see the marks his drying cum was leaving on my cheeks. I liked the look.

"See you next week slut! Here are a couple bucks to get a new sexy outfit. Make sure it's extra sexy next week, I don't want to disappoint my friends!" And with that, he threw me the tape and a stack of crisp $100 bills.

As I walked away from his truck in the cool air, I could feel Bob watching my every high heeled step. Now I felt funny. I was walking away from this truck with a wad of bills in my hand. Had I just become a hooker? I reassured myself, I'd probably spend every dollar on a new set of heels, sexy dress, and all the fixing, and so, it was ok to take the money. So away I clicked with a plan that included shopping for a whole new outfit and preparing myself to suck a lot of cock next week ... I couldn't be happier!

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