tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Store Clerk

The Store Clerk


I jerked my head up as the door was thrust open, admitting a group of young men into the store. It was not uncommon for them to arrive in gaggles; often times finding support in having their buddies there to guffaw over the cheese porn was at times today. I rolled my eyes as they split into two groups of three, one heading for the flicks as the other group entered the area with the toys. I watched the ones in the toy section, figuring there was more for them to steal from there if that was an urge any of them got, my elbows coming down on the countertop before me and my chin propped on my fisted hands. This rendered me slight bent over to accommodate the difference of my height to the counter, a soft hum issuing from my lips as I watched the three select a extremely large dildo, the taller of the three brandishing it as though it was a sword of some kind while his mates laughed at the spectacle. I was a bit startled as I heard the sound of one of the others clear his throat directly next to me, one of the flick group, as I had not heard him nor felt his approach. More absorbed in the view then I thought I was ... I lifted my head, my lips spreading in a welcoming smile as I typically used on any customer when they approached, straightening my back as I pivoted to face him.

"May I help you?"

He flushed a bit in the cheeks, my head tilting slightly at this sight as it seemed to strike me as a guilty expression ... One a person wore when unsure of something they had done or was about to do was correct or not. A thought flickered through my mind then, my head twisting to cast a fleeting glance around, trying to place where each one was in the store. It was then I heard the click of the door being locked, my eyes widening as I took a step back to only find another standing right there to catch me, his arms encircling my body to trap my arms at my side. Like a flood set loose, they diverged on me, one of the ball gags from the shelves nearby being thrust into my mouth as I opened it to shout murderously at them and snapped into place behind my head reducing me to muffled incoherent shrieks of outrage. I was unsure what to expect, as the store had been robbed as of late a few times, the other clerks having said it was a two or three youths brandishing a knife each time it had happened. I had yet to see a knife and there was definitely more then two or three, my having counted six of them on their arrival. With the whited out windows, the door locked, and gagged as I was, there was little I could do to alert someone outside as to my predicament inside, unless a customer came and tried to get in. I groaned as I took note of one finding the be right back sign, cleverly placing it in the door to block the only panel of clear glass ... So much for my thought. I struggled in the one's arms that held me so tightly, his knee sliding between my legs to prop them apart, pulling my upper body back against his chest and tossing me off balance enough to ensure I could not get enough leverage to get away from him.

It also pressed my breasts forward, presenting them to the men that crowded around me like I was some circus side show, my blouse tightening across them in a wanton display and they knew it. It was then I saw the knife, the tall one pulling it from his coat pocket to flick it open and click the blade into place. He stepped forward, closing the distance between where I stood bound in his mate's arms and himself, the blade reaching out to caress the flesh of my throat before inching lower. With a deft flick of his wrist he cut each button of my blouse off, the fabric splitting along the seams to reveal my breasts cupped within a white lacey bra. My breathe was shortened through my anger at being revealed to them in such a way, though the continued press of the blade to the upper rise of my left breast held me stock still against my captor, praying the tall one would not cut me. He didn't, the blade sliding under the front of my bra to slice through the lace and allow it to slip from what it hid. My captor adjusted his arms, shoving the blouse and bra strap from first one of my shoulders and then the next as his other arm stayed firmly anchored around my waist, his hand grasping my opposite wrist to keep me immobile against his chest. I squirmed anyways, the knife against my breast dug into my flesh then to remind me I was at the disadvantage and whimpering I ceased my struggles to lean in defeat against the man that held me.

I released a gasp as I was suddenly thrust forward, my captor having pushed me soundly with his chest, his hands encircling my wrists as I connected with the countertop before me, crushing my breasts to the wood. His hands twisted my arms behind me as another stepped out of my line of view. The snap of a box being opened and the rattle of metal alerted me to what his intent was then, the cold of the cuffs causing me to flinch as they were clicked into place to pinion my hands behind my back, allowing the one that held me to slide his hands upwards until they closed around my neck. He jerked me upright, the motion setting my breasts to swaying from the sudden movement only to be stilled by the hard press of fingers around each. Another pair of hands unfastened my pants, sliding them from me to let them pool around my feet then slid out from under me with a firm jolt that had me dancing to keep myself standing. I closed my eyes as the blade was slid beneath the sides of my panties, slicing the fabric until they too dropped from my body, leaving me exposed to them utterly and forcing another whimper from my throat.

I was fast losing track of whose hands were whose, as yet another forced my legs apart, my knees trying to clamp them together to prevent them from gaining access to me. It was futile and I well knew it as one held my legs spread, another was already dipping his fingertips between the folds of my pussy, stroking along the slit in repetition. I heard this one laugh as he fingered my flesh, my cheeks reddening in shame as I realized what had made him snicker.

"I think the bitch likes us, gentlemen ... She's wet already."

The others soon joined in his amusement, the round of their laughter as one stroked me and another pinched my nipples between his fingertips until they budded, ensured my face was aflame in crimson embarrassment from their derision. I bit down into the latex ball that kept my mouth spread, squeezing my eyes closed as though it would help make them go away. It didn't ... It seemed my moisture fueled their fire enough to incite them into continuing their games. Crinkling met my ears as another item was pulled from the shelves and unwrapped, the tip of a dildo drawn in a line along my breast bone before being smacked heavily against one of my breasts, the flesh quivering from the impact, a surprised gasp coming muffled from me. Hands grasped at my hair, the length of brown tied up in a ponytail served as a convenient way for them to hold me and direct me as they pleased. As it was, I was dragged downwards, until I rested on my knees, my hands tugging at the metal cuffs that held them bound behind me. I felt that dildo smack against my other breast, and then dragged over my nipple, the rubber snagging my flesh to tug at it and pull. A felt the breathe of one of them as he squatted behind me, his voice low as though he spoke simply for my ears alone.

"I always was curious as to what good these things were for ... Shall you be a good demonstration for myself and my friends?"

I remained still, not offering any answer of any kind as I was already doubting myself and my want, ashamed that I had grown wetter from their handling of me. He drew the dildo along my spine, his way of reminding me he still held the toy in hand, and I had yet to catch much of a glimpse of it, though I knew it was a larger one by the feel of it on my skin. He pressed it to my pussy, allowing me to feel the length and the breadth of it between my legs as he slid it back and forth. The press of the hands on my breasts grew in intensity, fondling them roughly, pinching the nipples tightly until I was gasping from the mixture of the two sensations. I was surprised as I felt someone unfasten the gag, the ball eased from my mouth to allow me to flex my jaw a moment before I got the idea to scream. I drew in my breath, my lips parting only to find a cock shoved between them, hands grasping either side of my head and fingers curled into my hair to hold me still as he pumped his hard cock into me. He was longer then I was used to, the pressure of his cock against the back of my throat causing me to gag, the sting of tears easing from the sides of my clenched eyes to trickle ignored along my cheeks.

I did scream then, my cries buried by the use of my mouth as that dildo that had been steadily stroking my pussy was shoved unceremoniously inside of me. The width alone was spreading my pussy apart as it filled me, thrusting as deeply as it would go until I could not physically take anymore. The voice purred in my ear again, tainted with his amusement as he wiggled the dildo inside me, encouraging my body to stretch snuggly around the toy.

"Mmm, I was unsure if this dick would actually fit inside a girl."

He paused as he lifted the packaging, reading the name to me, figuring I would know it. I did ... the knowledge causing me to choke on the cock in my mouth. He patted my cheek, glanced up at his friend and drew the dildo out of me to only ram it back inside, repeating this hard fucking again and again. I was gasping around the erection filling my mouth, his thrusts starting to match the ferocity of the ones in my pussy, my muscles clasping tightly around the dildo shoved in me only to release as it was pulled out. Despite myself, I could feel my body tensing in preparation of my oncoming orgasm, the flush of the shame of this rushing through me igniting further flames.

I writhed where I knelt, my figure held still by crushing hands as the two took their pleasure on me, my mind fighting what my body knew as inevitable. A hand lifted one of my breasts, his fingers gripping my nipple, drawing it out and then pulling forward to stretch the nipple out. The pressure of a clamp being applied to the base of the bud, enforcing it to remain erect brought me to moaning around my thrusting cock gag. The breast was then dropped as he moved around the other side of me to take the opposite breast in hand, offering it the same treatment. The pull of this breast to the side, to enable him to apply it around those fucking me, tightened the chain attached to the other. My body responded in want of following that pull to relieve the discomfort but bound and held as I was by the others, I found this completely impossible. My whimpered cries only served to make them more amused, the dildo being shoved as hard and as deeply as he could, matching the drive of the cock in my mouth.

My limbs went rigid in their hands as I felt the flow of cum gush from my pussy, soaking the impaling dildo until it dripped along the sides of my thighs, my body wracked in uncontrollable shudders of ecstatic completion. As I felt myself beginning to relax into the undulating waves, the sudden expulsion of the cock into my mouth, feeding me his fluid in a stuttering burst had me near choking in my desperation to keep up with swallowing his cum. He thrust again into me, that infuriating voice whispering in my ear, already echoing my own thoughts.

"Suck him clean, little slut, swallow every drop."

I couldn't help the shudder of repulsion, but I found myself doing as he instructed anyway, my tongue licking along the length of the man's cock as he gradually drew it out of me only to smack me in the side of the face with it. I gasped in surprise, his hands releasing my hair as he stepped back to allow the next one to step up and take his place. As this one's hands sunk into my hair to hold my head still, I flicked my eyes open, casting their tear stained depths up at him pitifully asking his mercy in silence. It had not even occurred to me to scream this time, his cock soon being pushed into my mouth as he then used me as his friend had.

The dildo I had not forgotten about, its length and width having me stretched rather extremely and imbedded motionlessly inside me as it had been since I had orgasmed was a constant reminder regardless. The one behind me, that one who enjoyed whispering my faults to me had his fingers on me again, sliding his fingertip along my cum soaked skin, smoothing it over the opening of my ass. I suppressed my quiver, though not my moan as I pressed back on his fingertip until he sunk the very end into me, his other arm clasping around by hips to pull my hips back making me lean forward to keep the cock I was servicing between my sucking lips. He removed his finger, pressing the rounded tip of his cock to the opening, my mind struggling to keep myself from clenching my muscles, knowing it would be easier to take him this way if I remained relaxed. It mattered little I soon found out, his cock pressing relentlessly into my hole which was only made tighter by my dildo stretched pussy, the combined pressure of the two was mind blowing causing me to abruptly struggle in their grasp in desperation of making them stop.

The cock in my ass was slammed the rest of the way in as the one in my mouth pushed fully into my throat leaving me choking as I tried to continue sucking him. The chain connecting my clamped nipples was grabbed and twisted, the offender pulling down and out on the chain until my nipples were pulled painfully in the direction he manipulated them. Someone resumed fucking me with the dildo as his partner ravished my ass, their mirth plainly audible to my ears as the others jeered loudly, egging their friends on and smacking or pinching any part of me left exposed to them. I knew I came again, how many times was soon lost as it seemed to become one endless rippling within me as I succumbed to their use, knowing I was not to be released or mercy given until all of them were satisfied.

That voice permeated my mind sometime later though his words were lost on me at the time. My body ached from the repetitive thorough use of it; muscles shivering beyond control as he lowered me to the floor after the last cock released its load in me. He smoothed his hand over my face, returning some kind of order to my complete disarray by pushing my hair behind me with the same caress. The gentleness of it surprised me, as did the kiss he left to burn on my forehead. Rising, they straightened themselves, another of them releasing me from the cuffs to drop them next to me on the floor in a clatter before they all shifted through the store and out the back exit, leaving me alone with that voice echoing alongside the taint of their mutual laughter in my mind.

"Delightful girl, we'll have to shop here more often."

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