tagErotic HorrorThe Storm

The Storm


Edited by Rozezwild

"Jerk!" Julie slammed the cabin door as her boyfriend's Jeep tore up the dirt leaving her strained until morning.

The shutters rattled on their rusted hinges, crashing shut against the wooden framed windows. Rotten limbs fell on the tin roof screeching across and tumbling down crushing the porch.

Julie stumbled back into a long back rocking chair hoping that the flickering lights would not fail. A flash of light crept through the settled joists follow by thunder that shook the cabin from it foundation.

Julie toppled over to the floor along with the china in the open cupboards. She protected her head from the falling glass, and her ears from the noise.

The power failed.

A flame flickered in the fireplace.

Julie winced from the sharp prick of broken glass under her bare feet getting up from the floor. The blood seeped between the cracks in the floor boards. "Fucking great!"

The deafening high pitched tone of broken wood scrapping across the tin roof exploded mirrors, picture frames, and other matters of glass. The shrapnel blasted across the room. Julie ducked behind the sofa. The corner book shelf was not so lucky.

In the still, Julie listened to her own heart beat pulsating at the ear drums. The drizzle of the light rain hitting the roof brought her peace of mind. She pulled the small bits of glass from her hair and the bottoms of her feet. She winced seeing the blood pour out of a hole left by a large piece of glass.

Julie found a candle that had fell from the mantle and rolled near the sofa. She tip-toed to the fireplace and lit the candle. The blood dripping from her wound was sucked through the floorboard leaving not even a stain.

She squeezed the wax in her hand to settle her nerves. The small candle provided just enough light allowing her to maneuver through the debris. The trail of blood seeped through the cracks as it hit the floor.

Julie dug through the cupboards finding gauze and tape for her cuts. A compartment was covered in the back of one of the cupboards. A box was lodged between the boards. Julia wiggled the box free and bandaged her feet.

A brisk chill touched her back moving through her bones, causing goose bumps to stand in waves across her soft skin. Her nipples twisted to pain on tips her breast.

Julie clinched her jaws holding her gut tight to relieve her fear. She clinched the box in her arms and hobbled over to the sofa in front of the fire.

The fire blazed sending the logs popping and churning up through the chimney. Her body warmed, but her clothes clung tight against her skin and squeezing it tight.

The material began to heat, clinging tighter to her skin. She gasped pulling at her clothes. It peeled away like scorched dead skin. Screaming, she jumped up from the sofa. The stench of burning flesh blackened the air. Broken glass puncture her feet through the bandages. She ripped down the shower curtain falling into the tub turning on the water.

Julie screamed at each burst of flame that sent towels and other matter of cotton material into ashes. Her tears blended with the water from the shower as her clothes dissolved and flowed down the drain.

She curled naked in the porcelain tub shivering. The trail of blood flowed between the floor boards, the water from the shower stopped, and all was still in the darkness except the crackling of the burning wood in the fireplace. The flicker light shone through the doorway leading back to the sofa.

The cold chill came again sending her body into tremors. She whimpered and flinched yanking another piece of glass from the bottom of her foot. The blood crept up out of the tub and into the floor.

Julie could not see, but she knew she was bleeding badly. Her bottom lip trembled. Still, she tried to control her fear. The cold was too much for her to bear. Her bones ached forcing to move from the icy tub.

She tiptoed back into the main room peering into every dark corner. She knew she was no longer alone. She clinched her jaws watching every movement of shadow. She curled up on the sofa, wrapping herself with the sofa cover, and bandaging her feet.

The wind whistled and blew rain and limbs against the cabin outside. The fire settled emitting heat that thickened the air.

Julie tried to stay awake hoping for morning to come. Her arms and shoulders became heavier. She snuggled back on the sofa trying to protect herself as best she could. Her neck and back ached from the frozen shocks. The flames flickered.

Julie gasped jetting out her arms and legs. She looked down seeing the bed rising out of the sofa, chairs and tables sliding across the floor blocking the door and windows, as she hovered in mid air. Her body slammed to the sofa bed. The sheet bound her wrists and ankles spreading them apart. She jerked and twisted franticly trying to free herself. Her strong legs could not pull free.

The flames roared fusing the wounds at the bottoms of Julie's feet. She rose as much as she could feeling the dark shadow that crept over her. The odor of rotted animal flesh choked her.

"Leave me alone!"

Her hips were hoisted from the mattress and her legs stretched further apart.

"No! Don't!" Julie felt the smooth curve of the invisible probe press against her weary cunt. She pulled and strained against her ties. "Aaaaah!"

It thrust inside forcing her vaginal orifice to cling tightly. The girth of the invader surpassed any previous man or tool in her experience.

The helmet shaped tip and pulsating vine along its shaft left no doubt in her mind what had entered her though she knew not of what man or beast. Her hips pressed down as the cock thrust deeper inside of her.

"No! Please!" Julie struggled madly tugging on her restraints with her teeth.

Each thrust shocked her body. Her alarmed fluids rushed to provide some relief spewing down between her ass-crack, seeping through the mattress, and in between the floor boards.

It pounded into her again and again, relentlessly thrusting and pulling in her flesh. Her legs were pulled free of the restraints and her knees thrust up to her shoulders. Her body was turned pressing the weight of her body down on her neck.

The vein on the impression stretching her canal pulsated and jerked.

"Eeeeaaaaah!" Julie kicked out with all her might. Her body flopped out on the mattress. Gurgling pus oozed from her tormented cunt. "Leave me alone! Leave me alone!"

She was hurtled back up to the ceiling, her knees thrust apart, and her arms were stretched over her head. She felt pressure spreading her pussy lips apart, opening her canal, and pressing against her clit.

She strained, grunting through her teeth to free her arms and close her thighs. "Aaaaah!" She felt a sudden faint loss of strength and a shiver up her spine. She gasped feeling the pressure of flesh smashing her body to the ceiling.

"Eeeeee!" She snatched her arms free, feeling the shape of long thick cock pushing into her aching pussy again.

She could feel it now, though she could not see it. She grunted against the thrusts that moved her across the ceiling. She pushed her hands against it, feeling its sides and arms and hips. She pounded her fists against it. "Get off of me!" She strained.

Her head hit the wall. Her neck twisted as it drove her down the wall pinning her upside down.

She ground her teeth, grunting trying her best to fight off another orgasm feeling the rush of the thick bubbling cum flooding her worn pussy. It stopped thrusting. She stopped fighting and reached for the floor over her head.

She gasped, feeling it snatch away from her, allowing her to tumble over to the flood onto her hands and knees. The fluids oozed from her cunt along her inner thighs down to the floor.

She started to believe that she stood a better chance outside in the stormy darkness against the wolves, mountain loins, and bears than inside the cabin. She felt it coming. She looked towards the door. She made a move and it hurled her across the room onto the sofa bed.

She could feel its fingers now gripping the back of her neck pressing her face into the mattress. Its other hand squeezed firmly on her left breast. His hips pushed up against her soft butt-cheeks driving its cock.

Its hands moved back to her hips slamming her back on its throbbing cock. She held onto the back of the sofa trying to steady her self against the assault. Its thrusts grew harder and faster. She could feel the huff of hot breath on her sweaty back then a hand on her shoulder, and the other hand with fingers moving against her clit. She could feel it jerk uncontrollably as short blasts of fluid sprayed her insides. She felt it move away slowly and then vanish.

The fire simmered and pulsated in the fireplace. Julie sat up wide eyed with her legs tucked under her. Her pussy throbbed vacant of the large probe. She pulled her knees up to her chest holding her self as tight as she could.

She jumped feeling the pressure at the foot of the sofa bed. The mattress was pressed down as if someone was sitting there. Through the flames, she believed she could make out a figure. It appeared to be breathing.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Julie whimpered. New tears moistened the old running down her face.

She did not look away from it, her tormentor. She saw the shadow cover it, giving it shape and form. It was the shape of man. A man cast in shadow.

"I need you." Its voice was of hot whispering wind. "Give me life."

Her legs were snatched from under her as she was pulled down on the bed. It came down on top of her spreading her legs with its hips and sliding its hands under her shoulders. Its cock stuffed her wet cunt slowing grinding and thrusting into her.

Julie felt more afraid than she had been before. She could feel its heart beat against her trembling flesh, its hot breath on her neck, and its moan in her ear. Its stroke was calm and smooth pushing to her cervix with each slow stroke. Its skin began to feel more and more like flesh. She bit down on her bottom lip feeling the betrayal of her body again. It squeezed her tighter as her orgasm flowed throughout her body. She could feel strains of its hair falling on her face and warm wet lips moving down over her nipple.

It loosened his grip slowly lifting her left leg up over it bicep. Julie lifted her other knee spreading her leg further apart. Its hand slid down the back of her thigh to her soft ass and messaged the flesh gently. Julie moved her hips to its grind as its lips moved up under neck. She squeezed it tight feeling yet another orgasm break deep inside of her.

It slipped from her grasp standing in the shadow of the roaring flames. It waved its hand and the box she had found in the cupboard floated to her feet. She could see the features in it of a board shouldered man whose hair blazed in the light of the flames.

It fell back into the exploding flame, which extinguished into cold ashes.

"Hello! Is anybody in there?" The voices called from outside the cabin.

Julie walked out battered and bruised wrapped in a blanket. The sun broke through the tree line. She clutched the box tightly in her arms.

"Are you okay, ma'am?" The forest ranger rushed to her aid seeing the bloody bandages on her feet and the cuts on her face. "That was one hell of a storm. I tell you, the worst we've seen around these parts in a long time."

Julie cut her eyes seeing rescue workers trying to remove her boyfriend's smothering truck that was lodged in the tops of some trees.

"That poor guy sure wasn't lucky," the ranger clamored on about the storm. "Hey, that's some box. Looks like hand carved. Must be real special, huh?"

Julie clung to the box and stared out the window.

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