The Storm


Jaz'rin listened to the gentle patter of rain thudding quietly against the glass. The sound gave him a melancholy ache. It was a sound that should be shared, enjoyed while they were wrapped together, whispering things to each other that only they could understand. He leaned his chin into his hand and yearned silently for that which is only a dream, a wish. He watched the pattern the rain made on the glass of the window and thought of her. He wondered what she was doing. Was she safe? Warm? Was she happy where she was? And one last almost desperate question invaded his thoughts. Was she thinking of him?

A tear slipped down his face, across the angular slope of his cheek. He let it fall, wishing that he could let free his sorrow and loneliness but knew that he was in a misery of his own making. He must be strong. He must be steadfast in his resolve to do what he had to do. The lightning flashed again and he started. A shadow, strange and foreboding, appeared in the entry of the room. His hand searched out a dagger, his heart pounding in his throat.

She walked into the room, wet and cold from the rain. There is but one thought in her mind. Jaz'rin.

She strode toward him and only at the last second did he recognize her in the last piercing flash of light. Alarm turned to an overwhelming joy that was as sweeping and all encompassing as the unease had been. She was here, with him. He wrapped his arms around her body and his mouth sought her lips, chilled lips that he warmed with his own.

"I couldn't stay away," she whispered between desperate kisses. "I know I should, but you're everything to me, Jaz'rin. Don't ask me to leave again."

Jaz'rin's hands cupped her face, his eyes probing hers. What he saw in their depths brought forth lightness, and removed the despair from his soul. "Stay with me," he whispered against her lips.

Jaz'rin picked Callia up, carrying her like precious fragile china to the bed, laying her on sheets that were twisted and tangled from his restless attempts at sleep. His hands swept down her body, in one long caress as if making sure that she is actually real. Callia pulled away and tore off her wet clothing, dropping them forgotten to the floor. Then she came to him, pressing her cold body against his warmth.

Jaz'rin's hands trembled as he skimmed over her shoulders, feather light. Their eyes met and soon they were lost in what was between them, a love that neither of them could have dared believe in. The back of his hand touched her cheek and slid back until his fingers were buried in her hair.

"I love you, Callia. I need you." The words were lost against her lips as he pressed his against hers. The kiss deepened as tongues danced together. The heat between them quickly turned to a blaze. They had been apart for far too long and neither of their passions could be denied.

Callia's hands caressed his ebony chest, over his back, holding him closely to her. She pulled off his tunic, her hands gentle and rough at the same time. Then she moaned as he cupped her bare breast and let out a hiss of pleasure as his mouth captured her nipple and began to suckle. At that moment, she lost what little breath she had left as feelings of such heat and aching need settled between her creamy thighs.

Her hands delved into his hair, holding him to her as her legs slid up around his hips. Her back arched, pushing her body tighter against him, demanding more from him.

The wild elf twisted beneath the dark elf, pushing him back and over until she straddled him. His eyes burned deeply as the cerulean blue depths ignited a spark blazing hot as they roamed over her body. Callia smiled down at her ebon-skinned lover as the wet strands of her waist length hair slid around them, screening the two of them in.

Her mouth quickly found his, a short teasing kiss, moving before Jaz'rin could deepen it. She kissed his jaw, nipping gently with her teeth, and nibbled a trail to his ear. A very male 'mmmm' escaped from his throat as she lapped his earlobe with her tongue. That simple act provoked her to do more, to tease him even though Callia knew Jaz'rin wanted her, wanted to lose himself inside of her.

She grinned down at him, a wild wicked grin that let him know that he was in trouble... the kind of trouble that only she can give him. His hands caressed her thighs slipping up to cup her ass even as she moved over him. Her mouth found his throat. He smelled so good, a combination of whatever spicy scent he used and him, the scent that was designed for only her to find. The scent that drove her mad.

Her lips moved to his shoulders, his chest. She lapped at his flat nipples until they were rigid and his hands were wrapped in her hair. He moaned softly, moving under her. Her stomach pressed against his hips and she could feel the long hard length of him nudging against her. She quickly located his belly button, letting her tongue slide inside, and nibbled on the skin around it all the while her hands skimmed his powerful thighs. His hips moved against her, bucking rhythmically against her. He gave to her a delirious power over his flesh that was almost as erotic as he. The mere thought that Callia could make him mindless with pleasure drove her further into oblivion. Her hand slipped over him to measure his hardened length, letting him know that she heartily approved with a feminine moan of her own. Jaz'rin pushed against her hand and Callia looked up into his eyes. His face glowed with intense pleasure, his eyes hot as they peered into hers. The mere thought sent another flash of need barrelling through her, to be with him again in their bed, his beloved head on the pillows after thinking that they were never to see each other again.

He caressed her chilled flesh, his hands hot as he tried to warm her. Yet Callia had other thoughts besides her rain soaked body.

She traced one finger down his hard cock and watched it buck before taking it in her hand.

Two words escape from between his lips as she moved her hand up and down his length. "Please, Callia."

Her tongue slipped over her lips, harvesting a groan from him. Then she slowly parted them and engulfed his cock inside her mouth. The taste of him caused her to squirm against his legs. Teasing her in return, Jaz'rin pushed his knee between her thighs. With a groan around his meaty member, she pressed down until he could feel her wetness seeping from her pussy.

Jaz'rin ran his hands through her hair, guiding the pace of her mouth over his cock. Callia sucked slowly, letting her tongue swirl around his bulbous tip, as she slowly took him deeper and deeper down her throat. She loved the way he felt, the smell of him, the taste of his cock in her mouth. She could hear his breathing getting heavier, his movements becoming more erratic against her body.

Callia wanted him to lose himself to her drawing mouth, to give her all of him like he'd done before, but he pulled me away, dragging her back up to him with hands that were rough with the pleasure she'd caused.

Callia loved it when he became like this, fierce but tender, and almost bursting with need. He became masterful, his hands sweeping and strong. No longer did she feel like a wanton slut. Callia felt like a woman, his woman. He cursed her before finding her lips with his in a kiss that raged in fire and heat. His hands pulled at her, making her moan lustily. His hand slipped between her thighs, his fingers slowly delving into the wetness he found there. He glided into her, amazed as always by how tight she was, how hot she felt around his finger. He knew that when he finally pushed himself inside her, she'd surround him with her glorious heat that would milk him dry.

The wild elf dragged her mouth from his trying to catch her breath at the way he was making her feel. His finger skimmed over her clit, tortured it until she was all but begging him to take her. Jaz'rin's name escaped her lips as he pushed her over the edge into maddening bliss.

And soon after Callia could feel him stretching her, his hard cock slowly pushing inside of her body as she drifted back down from her overwhelming orgasm. His movements were slow yet amazingly fluid as her pussy engulfed him an inch at a time. Her hips bucked as pleasure pierced her core, sharp and needful. Callia arched her back and pushed up against him, desperate for everything he had to give her, wanting to feel his hips grind against hers. The feelings and the magic of his embrace became overwhelming... instantaneous, the fulfillment, and the need, unstoppable.

Jaz'rin's hands gripped her thighs, pulling them up and pushing her legs up to slip over his shoulders so that she could take even more of him. Callia's breath caught in her throat as liquid heat pulsed inside of her in waves so intense, she let out a scream. He thundered against her, the hard slap of flesh against flesh sharp and beautiful in her ears. He buried his face in her hair and breathed in the wild floral scent of her. "Callia, my love, you consume me," he whispered as his tongue traced her ear from lobe to pointy tip. "You are everything to me."

The dark elf's final thrusts ground against her and Callia exploded from the sheer pleasure as he hammered against her sweet spot, mashing her clit against his pubic bone. She shuddered and writhed beneath him even as he pulsated inside her dripping sheath, long, hot, wet spurts fueling her heady orgasm even more. His hands gripped her arms, his mouth caressing her ear. The words he whispered made me erupt one last time.

"You're mine, Callia, my love. I can't give you up. I won't let you go. Don't you see, my love? We were meant to be together." He released her legs, letting them fall to the mattress as her body continued to tremble from her overwhelming release. Then he wrapped her up fully in his arms, cradling her body against his.

Callia's heart swelled as a flush settled over her skin. This was where she belonged. For right or wrong, she had finally come home. That intense feeling filled her. And for right or wrong, he had given her the most precious gift ever. His love.

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