tagIncest/TabooThe Storm

The Storm


(Sis discovers a unique therapy to overcome her fear of storms)


From early childhood until the present my twenty year old sister Katie, who is one year older than me, has had an unrealistic, uncontrollable, and in my opinion, an unhealthy fear of thunderstorms. The slightest sound of distant thunder in the night, or a glimpse of faraway lightening, sends her scurrying to jump into bed with mom and dad for them to provide her safety and security. If a storm hits in the daytime she seeks out family, friends, coworkers, or even strangers to hang out with until the real, or imagined danger passes. Years ago mom talked to a therapist friend of hers who advised that as children grow older they normally overcame their childhood fears. She suggested that mom and dad should give it some time; she was sure that Katie would come to realize that her fears were unfounded. She never has.

Mom and dad left this morning to visit her parents who live about seventy miles away and would be returning sometime late in the evening. Katie had volunteered to cook dinner for the two of us and I did not put up much of an argument. While she was busy in the kitchen, I was relaxing in dad's recliner, reading the latest Patterson novel. The television was on, but the volume was turned down low. I barely heard the familiar beep-beep-beep sound, warning viewers of the potential for severe weather.

The local station had interrupted regular network programming to give details about a massive thunderstorm system moving across the state. The meteorologist warned of strong damaging winds, localized flooding in low lying areas and lightening strikes, with the formation of tornados being a possibility. The warning would be in effect for the next twelve hours. Viewers were advised to remain tuned in for updated information. The anchor ran through the standard instructions for actions to take if the anticipated storms hit in your vicinity. The local radar was scanning a radius of one hundred miles and tracking the storms speed as it moved movement from west to east.

Katie came rushing in from the kitchen yelling, "What's going on Stevie? I heard one of those weather alerts."

I said, "It's really nothing sis, I'll listen and let you know what they're saying, you can go ahead and finish dinner."

She ignored me and pulled a chair closer to the television. I continued to tell her that it was nothing for her to get all alarmed about. She said, "Shut up Stevie, I want to hear this."

My cell phone began ringing and I knew before I picked it up that it was either mom or dad. I looked at the ID screen and said, "Hey dad!"

"How is everything there? Have you heard the weather warnings?" He asked.

I replied, "Yeah dad, I saw the weather alerts, but everything is quiet here. I think we are on the outer edge of the storm system and it is really not tracking in our direction."

Katie gave me a hard look and asked, "Do you feel your nose growing?"

He said, "Oh, Katie is in the room with you, right."

I said, "Yes sir, we're watching the weather report right now."

Dad said, "It's pretty bad here; trees and power lines down, limbs all over the place, and flooding in some places. We'll spend the night here; hopefully this will pass through quickly."

I replied, "No need to take any chances dad, like I said everything is quiet her, but I'll keep you posted, OK."

Dad replied, "You do that, and try to keep Katie's mind occupied. You know how she gets when there's a bad storm."

I said, "I know, I'll take care of things. I'll be in touch. Say hi to gramps and nana for us, goodbye."

Dad said, "I know you will Stevie"

Katie had gone into the kitchen and returned with a TV tray, she said, "Dinners ready, I'm eating in here so I can keep an eye on what's happening with the weather."

I said, "You should eat at the table with me: all that's going to do is keep you upset."

She responded, "Asshole If you'd been watching the live shots from other towns across the state, you'd be upset too. The area where mom and dad are now is taking a real beating."

I said, "Dad told me that, but he said all of them are fine and that they have moved to the basement as a precaution. Maybe you should give mom a call."

She said, "I'll talk to her, gramps and nana in a little while"

I returned to my book and recliner; Katie sat across the room from me fixated on the TV screen. About every fifteen minutes she would walk over to the window and stare out into the darkness and then return to her radar tracking vigil. At nine-thirty she called mom and talked to her and then nana for a few minutes. They assured her that everything was fine there and that the storm might be losing some of its punch, or moving on. They had returned to the main floor of the house.

At around ten-fifteen I called dad's cell phone and told him that Katie was keeping a close eye on the storms intensity and movement. I told him that there was some light rain falling outside, but no wind, thunder or lightening. For Katie's benefit, I repeated my earlier comment that we were not going to get much out of this storm system. I talked to gramps for a few minutes, told him that Katie and I would be over for a visit in a few days. Dad returned to the phone and I told him I would not call again tonight. He reminded me to try to occupy Katie's mind with something other than the storm. I assured him that I would.

Sis gave me her hardest stare and said, "If there is such thing as a lying contest you should enter; you'd win hands down. Nobody watching all of this damage and destruction could be fine. It's fortunately there hasn't been fatalities reported."

She walked toward the window again and as she passed me she grabbed my ear lobe and gave it a yank. She headed back toward the television but stopped abruptly, turned to me and said, "I'm going to go to bed now Stevie. I'll put on my headphones, turn on some music, put a pillow over my head and hopefully when the storm gets here I'll sleep right through it."

I said, "Good idea sis, you do that, but I don't think the storm is going to amount to much here. You'll be just fine. I'm going to read a few more minutes and turn in myself"

She yanked on my hair, planted a kiss on top of my head and said, "Stevie you are so full of shit."

I responded, "Goodnight sis, I'll see you in the morning, love you!"

Katie said, "Love you too baby brother. Goodnight."

I said, "If it does get bad later just yell, we'll go down to the basement and ride it out there."

At eleven-thirty I took a last look outside and saw that the rain was much heavier and the wind had picked up significantly. I heard the distant roll of thunder and saw lightening flashes several miles away. I climbed the stairs, looked in to check on Katie and saw that she did indeed have a pillow over her head. I thought she was sleeping, so I quietly moved down the hallway to my bedroom, stripped and crawled into bed.

I was jolted awake by an elbow being plunged into my back. I turned my head and saw my sister lying on her back beside me with a blanket pulled tightly around her chin. She said, "You're snoring like a damn bear while the house is blowing away."

"You scared the she out of me sis!" I said

She replied, "Good, this storm is scaring the shit out of me. Can't you hear how bad it is out there?"

I said, "Yeah, It's getting worse, maybe we should go down to the basement."

She said, "No way, we're going to stay right here so I can hear what's happening and see out the windows. I wouldn't be able to hear anything in the basement."

I said, "Well, it might be better if you couldn't see and hear it."

She responded, "No it wouldn't," as she pushed her hip against my butt."

She asked, "When did you start sleeping in the raw?"

"What?" I asked.

She said, "I feel your hairy ass against my leg."

I replied, "When I started jerking off; if you really want to know."

She giggled nervously and said, "I guess that makes some sense, I'm not sure."

I said, "It's a freedom issue. Where else can you go completely naked for seven or eight hours? You should try it, not the jerking off, the sleeping nude."

She said, "I've slept nude before asshole, but I was in bed with a naked guy at the time; A much better reason than your freedom bullshit."

I responded, "Well you should give it a try when you don't have any real reason. It's primitive, liberating."

She said, "Guys happen to like my sexy lingerie, turns them on when they get to remove it!"

She began to wiggle under the covers and I knew that she was removing her panties and gown.

Another nervous giggled and she said, "It's going to be real strange when they find our naked bodies tomorrow amongst all the rubble; that'll give our neighbors a lot to talk about."

At that moment a tremendous clap of thunder rolled across the sky followed by several streaks of mean looking lightening. Katie's body shuttered as she grabbed my arm and whispered, "That was a strike, and it was close. I need you to turn over and put your arm around me Stevie, that's what mom and dad would do if they were here"

"Not a good idea sis." I said.

She yelled, "Not a good idea my ass, I'm doing everything I can to keep from having a full blown panic attack here. The last damn thing I'm worried about is that we're in bed together naked. Just remember, I know what you're really scared of, spiders. Tomorrow I'll find the biggest one I can and shove it down your fucking pants."

I said, "Hey, don't threaten me with the spider thing, spider bites kill people."

"Asshole, tornados kill a hell of lot more people than spiders do." She replied.

There was another tremendous roll of thunder and the room brightened from what seemed to be a half minute long flash of lightening. I rolled over on my side facing her and she pulled my arm across her bare breast. I tried to keep my stiff cock from touching her but she pushed herself against my body.

She said, "Fuck Stevie, how can you have a boner when we may have just minutes to live?"

I responded, "It's a guy thing sis, it just happens sometimes when were sleeping. I'd think you'd know about that."

She said, "I know about it, but hell, not in the middle of a tornado."

I said, "It's a bad storm sis, not a tornado."

She replied, "Whatever."

I said, "I think my cock stands erect and on guard at night to protect the rest of my body, especially my balls. Got to take care of the family jewels, you know?"

"Well my pussy isn't think of anything but itself. " She replied.

I laughed out loud and said, "Hey that was real funny sis."

She said, "Kiss my ass Stevie!"

I said, "I'm going to have to move my arm for a minute sis, it's going to sleep."

She said, "No don't move it, I'll rub on it to get the circulation going."

As she rubbed my arm it slid back and forth across her breasts and I felt her nipples becoming hard against my skin.

She said, "Shit I can't believe it, this is so weird! My nipples are hard and my pussy is wet; I'm getting turned on by my baby brother in the middle of a tornado."

I only did what you asked, and it's a storm, not a tornado." I said.

She said, "Maybe we could lay her and masturbate, that would be alright, wouldn't be anything wrong about that, would there Stevie?"

I rolled onto my back, grabbed my cock and said, "I think it's a great idea sis."

I could feel Katie's movements, and heard her moaning as she rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy.

I said, "Sounds like you're really wet sis."

She moaned a response, "And you jerking on your cock is making me hotter; I can smell your cock! Do you smell my pussy Stevie?"

I said, "Yeah, the smells causing my cock to get even harder!"

She said, "Stevie maybe you could play with my tits while I masturbate."

I rolled onto my side and squeezed one nipple and began licking and sucking the other. Her hand found my cock and began to gently stroke it. "Stevie are we really going to do this?" She asked.

I said, "I was told to keep you occupied and not let you think about the storm; I can't think of a better, or more enjoyable way of doing that."

Katie began to kick the blanket toward the foot of the bed. She slid my hand down across her belly and placed it between her legs. She was right, her pussy was soaking wet and I slid my middle finger inside her. She arched her hips and tightened her grip on my throbbing cock.

She moaned, "Put you're fingers in my mouth Stevie," when I did she started sucking her pussy juices from my fingers. She slid her free hand down to her clit and began massaging gently and pushing her fingers into her pussy, as she stroked my cock with the other hand.

She moved her hand to my face and said, "Does my pussy smell good? Suck the juices off Stevie."

She pushed me over onto my back, and kissed me passionately, putting her tongue deep into my mouth. I returned her kisses and moved my tongue rapidly in and out of her mouth. I squeezed and rolled her nipples as she continued to pump my cock. She quickly slid up on top of me, straddling my face, placing her dripping pussy on my on my mouth. She grabbed my hair pulling my head into her and moaned, "Eat my pussy Stevie!"

I reached up and massaged her firm breast as I plunged my tongue into her pussy; she began sliding against my face, rubbing her clit on my nose. I took it between my lips and as I sucked I rapidly flicked my tongue across its tip. Breathing heavily she groaned, "I wish you could put your cock in me while you're sucking on my clit."

It was impossible for me to respond; I was struggling to get oxygen into my lungs, but there was no way I was going to stop sucking and licking her.

Breathing heavily she moaned, "I want to suck your cock while you eat my pussy, and moved her body into a sixty-nine position."

She wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock and stroked as she licked and sucked on the head. She moaned, Oh God, you're cock taste so good baby."

The scent from her pussy and ass was driving me crazy. I resumed my clit sucking; she moaned and took in a deep breathe as I shoved my thumb into her pussy. I rubbed my forefinger at the opening of her tight asshole and slowly began to push it inside of her. She moaned, "Oh shit that hurts baby, but don't stop!"

My finger penetrated a couple of inches and I could feel it rubbing against my thumb which was planted as deep as possible inside her steaming hot pussy. She stopped massaging and sucking my cock and yelled, "Yeah baby, keep on doing what you're doing, it's making me so fucking hot! It feels so good! You're going to make me cum!"

I increased the speed and force of my sucking and Katie was furiously rocking back and forth on my face. She gave a hard shove and my finger plunged as far into her asshole as it would go.

She started yelling, "Oh, God yes baby, do that, right there! Suck harder baby! I going to cum, now baby!" Her body was shaking and her legs were trembling with each wave of convulsions that engulfed her entire body.

Moaning and gasping for air, she gave my cock a kiss and crawled up on top of me and started licking her pussy juices off of my face and asked, "Did my pussy taste good Stevie?"

As I gently rubbed her back I said, "It tasted great to me sis, how does it taste to you?"

"Sweet as honey Stevie." and added, "That's the first time I've let anyone near my ass. It felt so good. Made me cum hard! I never imagined I would enjoy having anything shoved up my ass, but I loved it!"

You were really in to it, "I said.

"Now I need you're hard cock inside my pussy!" She said.

She rolled onto her back and I pushed her legs up toward her head; I shoved my cock into her pussy and she raised her hips to meet me. I began sliding my cock in and out of her as she moaned and raised her head off the pillow so she could watch my cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. She dug her nails into my shoulders and I began to pump harder and deeper.

She shouted, "Fuck me like the storm baby! Fuck me hard and deep!

With each new eruption of thunder and lightening she increased the speed and force of her bucking against my cock as she struggle to suck oxygen into her lungs.

I was getting a huge charge watching and listening to the intense pleasure my sister was experiencing. Surges of energy and excitement filled my body and mind. I wanted her pleasure to continue and intensify, so I would not permit myself to shoot off. I bit down on my tongue and continued to respond to her screams by fucking her harder and faster. With her feet resting on my shoulders, I reached down and began to squeeze and roll both nipples.

She continued yelling, "Harder baby, fuck me harder, harder. Oh shit yes, right there!

As I felt her legs close around my head and her body quiver and tremble, I slapped the cheek of her ass over and over. She was yelling, "I'm cumming hard baby, slap my ass hard! Pump your cock in me! Oh shit yes!"

When her body relaxed and heard her breathing returning to normal, I rolled onto the bed beside her, trying to catch my breath.

She smiled at me and groaned, "Stevie, you fuck like a mad man."

"You're pretty fucking wild yourself sis," I replied.

After taking a few minutes to recover, Katie moved down in the bed and took my cock in her hand and began stroking. She smiled up at me and said, "I'm going to suck the cum out of you little brother."

"Do it sis," I moaned.

As she slid my cock in and out of her mouth, another tremendous clash of thunder erupted and flashes of l lightening filled the room. She responded by increasing the force of her sucking. She removed her mouth from my cock, pushed my legs upward, and began to lick and tongue my asshole while furiously jerking on my cock.

I moaned and yelled at her, "I can't take that! You're going to make me cum sis!"

She went back to sucking on my cock and plunged a finger deep into my asshole. I could not stand it any longer and began to shoot my cum into her mouth. She gagged and swallowed as my cock pulsated and jerked with each squirt of cum.

I moaned, "Suck me dry baby!"

She continued sucking and swallowing until my cock began to soften inside her mouth. I said, "Oh my God sis that was awesome. You really know how to suck a cock!"

"I love the taste of your hot cum Stevie!" She moaned.

She licked and kissed the head of my cock and crawled up next to me in the bed. I rolled over, put my arms around her and began to kiss her much more gently than before. She hugged me and responded to my kisses with her own. We lay there holding each other for the next few minutes, then Katie clicked on the lamp on the nightstand and rolled out of bed.

I asked, "Are you ready to go to the basement?"

"Don't be silly," She responded, "I have to pee and I'm going downstairs to get something to drink. Want me to bring you something?"

I replied, "No I don't want anything right now." I added, "That's amazing."

She said, "Yeah, we were pretty damned amazing, weren't we?"

I said, "We were, but I was talking about you not being afraid to roam through the house in the middle of this storm."

She replied, "Yeah, that's even more amazing. I can hardly believe it myself."

I thought about going to check on her after she had been gone for about fifteen minutes, but she walked back into the room before I got out of bed. She was drenched from head to foot.

"Why didn't you dry off when you got out of the shower sis?" I asked.

"I wasn't in the shower Stevie,"She added, "I took went out in the backyard."

I yelled, "Are you nuts?"

She said, "Nope, I just had to check it out to make sure I was right. I had to feel it."

"Feel what?" I asked/

"The storms orgasm;" She replied.

I asked, "The what?"

She answered, "I had to go outside and feel the storms release of energy up close. The thunder and lightening was like natures massive orgasm; like my own."

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