tagBDSMThe Storm Pt. 02

The Storm Pt. 02


A few days after I got home from my extended trip away I had a phone call from Julia inviting me to dinner in two weeks time. Her best friend and spanking devotee Barb was coming too and Julia was hopeful that Barb and I would hit it off. She chatted and giggled about the great time we had on the farm and assured me that her husband Sam was looking forward to the dinner. Later the same day I had an unexpected phone call from Sam and we discussed some surprises for the girls, after both calls I was really looking forward to the dinner party.

During the next two weeks I spent most of my spare time on the Internet reading all I could about Domination and submission. I also paid a visit to a specialist leather goods shop and purchased some interesting items. A courier carried the parcel of toys to Sam’s medical rooms so he could take them home in preparation for what we hoped would be a big night.

I arrived on time at Sam and Julia’s large home and Julia opened the front door and flung her arms around me in welcome.

“Jeffie, so good to see you again.” She bubbled with enthusiasm. “Sam and I are so glad you are here, come inside.”

We kissed as Julia took a bottle of wine from my grasp and she escorted me into the living room. Her husband Sam was sitting in an armchair with crutches leaning against the wall beside him, I walked over and we shook hands.

“Good to see you out of the wheelchair Sam,” I said. “How are you feeling?”

“Coming along well thanks Jeff, the physios seem to love hounding a doctor for a change.” Sam waved me to sit on the couch as Julia brought me a glass of beer. “Barb should be here any minute, she’s always a bit late.”

“How’s Rebecca?” I asked Julia as I sat down. “Still feeding her well Mum?”

“Oh yes Jeff, I’m still making too much milk, like to relieve me of some more later?” Julia giggled wickedly. “My baby is staying at her Grandmother’s tonight so she won’t be interrupting us at all.”

“Maybe I will Julia, let’s see how the evening goes will we? You still want to surprise Barb by me spanking you before dinner? That ok with you Sam” I inquired.

“Oh yes, that’s fine, Julia needs a good spanking from you again.” Sam laughed. “I can’t wait to see Barb’s face.”

Just then the doorbell rang and a giggling Julia ran to welcome Barb. I stood to meet Barb as girlish chatter could be heard from the hallway. Sam grinned as we waited and he shook his head and shrugged his shoulders in mock resignation at the delay.

Finally Julia ushered Barb into the living room and I was immediately attracted to the newcomer whose face seemed vaguely familiar. Barb was what would be described in the media as a BBW - a big beautiful woman. As Julia made the introductions I took in the very attractive face with longish dark hair and a brilliant smile. She was nearly as tall as I, probably around five feet, nine inches with a curvy figure of large breasts, slimmer waist, a bum that would be a spanker’s delight and shapely legs.

As Barb and I shook hands she smiled and said, “Ah the famous rescuer from the storm of my best friend and her baby, nice to meet you Jeff.”

“Very nice to meet you Barb, and I don’t know about the famous bit.”

“From what I heard you did a great job in difficult circumstances.” Barb smiled as she moved over to kiss Sam. “Hello Sam darling, great to see you out of the damn wheelchair.”

Julia poured a glass of wine for Barb and pushed her friend and I to sit on the couch together.

Barb looked at me as we sat and said, “You realize that they are trying to pair us up don’t you Jeff?”

“Yes, I did get that impression.” I laughed as I looked at our hosts. “And I have no problems with that at all, do you?”

“Oh no, not at all.” Barb laughed as she sat closer and rubbed her shoulder against mine. “Who knows, I may need rescuing myself some time?”

The four of us laughed and we made small talk for the next fifteen minutes or so as we ate some savories and sipped our drinks. Julia winked at me and nodded to let me know that she was ready for the first surprise of the evening.

“How long will dinner be?” I asked Julia.

“Um, it’s running a bit late, about another half an hour.” Julia replied with a little worry in her voice.

“But you said seven thirty Julia, we won’t eat until eight o’clock?” I said in an annoyed tone. “I thought we talked about this up on the farm?”

“I’Im sorry Jeff.” Julia gazed down at the carpet as she quickly caught onto my ruse.

Barb interrupted with concern in her voice, “Hey it’s ok Jeff, we can wait another thirty minutes, don’t get upset. Sam and I are used to Julia’s lateness habit.”

“No, it’s not good enough Barb, and Julia knows it. When you invite friends for dinner it should be served on time, don’t you agree Sam?”

Sam nodded his agreement as he looked gravely at his wife. “I really think she should be taught a lesson.”

“A lesson?” Barb was aghast. “Are you both crazy? We are here to have a fun night and suddenly it’s very tense.”

“Barb, please be quiet and move over to the other armchair, Julia, come here.” I could hardly keep a straight face as I spoke.

Barb was so shocked she couldn’t get off the couch quick enough to get away from me. As she sat in the chair and took a large swig of wine Julia rose to her feet and moved to stand in front of me with her head bowed.

I slid over into the center of the couch and patted my knees. Without any hesitation or word of argument Julia placed herself face down over my knees. I heard Barb gasp as I grasped the hem of Julia’s skirt and pulled it up over her back, baring her thong-clad arse. I raised my hand and brought it down firmly on her firm right cheek. The sound of the smack was soon followed by several more as I commenced the planned spanking. Julia was soon squirming around on my knees and moaning loudly as her white skin turned a lovely pink color. I glanced at Barb who was sitting open-mouthed on the edge of her chair watching her best friend get spanked. As my hand rose and fell I looked at Sam who was having trouble keeping a straight face, fortunately Barb was too engrossed in the spanking to look over at her host. I stopped spanking and pulled the thong over Julia’s bum and down and off her legs. I spread her legs wider apart and resumed the spanking. The slow spanks were hard now and Julia’s cheeks bounced delightfully each time my hand landed. She was giving delighted yelps with each spank and obviously enjoying the situation. Suddenly Julia’s body stiffened and then shook as she orgasmed over my knees. I stopped spanking as she moaned loudly from the sudden release. I stroked her back as I pulled her skirt back down to cover her pink arse cheeks.

When she had calmed down Julia turned over in my lap and pulled my head down and we kissed. I heard Sam roar with laughter and we looked over to see a speechless Barb sitting and shaking her head from side to side in bewilderment. Julia laughed, kissed me again, jumped off my lap and rushed over to hug her friend.

Sam and I were laughing loudly as Julia told Barb that she had been set up and that we had planned the spanking. She pulled her friend out of the chair, kissed Sam and then the two girls went out to the kitchen to attend to dinner. Sam and I laughed about Barb’s reaction as I assisted him with his crutches and into the dining room. I noted with satisfaction that the dining table was large and sturdy with strong legs similar to a pool table. Sam and I chatted easily and made some plans for later as I tended to the wine for dinner and soon the girls returned with the main course.

“I ought to break this plate over your head Jeff,” Barb laughed as she sat opposite me. “You gave me such a shock out there, but I can take a joke.” She looked directly at me with sparkling eyes. “I just hope that you’re not a one-woman spanker. Now, you three, tell me what went on up at the farm, details, details please.”

As we ate Julia told Barb the details of what had happened during the storm up on the farm. Sam and I occasionally managed to get a word in when Julia paused for breath or a bite to eat. I blushed bright red and looked down at my plate when Julia told of how she used my mouth as a breast pump for her extra milk.

“So you are a breast man Jeff?” Barb asked.

I raised my head with a wry grin to see that Barb had loosened two buttons on her shirt and was showing a generous amount of cleavage.

“Oh I’m partial to all parts of a lady, their brain as well as their body. I love to know what makes a lady tick, her needs and her fantasies.” I explained. “I have been interested in D/s for years and to meet Julia like that in the storm was just amazing.” I looked over at our hostess, “But continue with the story please Julia.”

Julia finished the story of the storm in graphic detail as we completed the first course. Barb laughed loud and long when I told of how Sam had scared me when he made his sudden appearance in the wheelchair.

Julia cleared the plates from the table and refilled the wineglasses. “Dessert is ready as planned Sir Knight.” She said with a giggle and a curtsey to me. “Would it be all right with you if we rested for a few minutes between courses?”

“Certainly wench, please be seated.” I laughed as I turned to face Barb again. “So tell me Barb, what experiences have you had with spanking?”

“Well I had a boyfriend about five years ago who one night talked me into letting him spank me.” Barb smiled as she recalled her memories. “I thought he was crazy but once he got started I just got so excited and turned on. When he screwed me I had an orgasm like never before, it was just amazing. We experimented with bondage too and I really loved that as well as spanking. Pity the man was a complete dick-head in most other areas, but the sex was great. We split after about four months and I haven’t been able to find another man interested, hopefully that situation may have changed now.” As she spoke Barb rubbed a foot against my leg under the table. “I must admit I loved being under his control too, taking orders from him made me feel very submissive, and sexy.”

I started to ask a question but Barb jumped in first.

“Just because I love to submit in private doesn’t mean I’m a doormat the rest of the time Jeff.” Barb looked very serious. “I hold a responsible job and, contrary to some public opinion, we big girls do have brains. Treat me as an equal in public and a naughty girl in private, and we will get along well, ok?”

“Absolutely fine with me Barb, just because you are submissive doesn’t mean you don’t have brains. I think Julia and Sam will agree that I treated Julia with great respect up on the farm.” I said as I rose from my chair.

Sam and Julia verified my statement as I moved to stand behind Barb in her chair. She turned her head to look at me and started to stand.

“No Barb, stay seated please.” I said as my hands went to her shoulders and pushed her back onto the seat. “Put your arms by your side and keep them there.”

Barb glanced across at Julia who grinned and nodded encouragingly at her chum. Without saying anything I reached down over Barb’s shoulders and slowly undid the remaining buttons of her shirt. A tremor of excitement shook her body as I pulled the shirt free from her skirt. I slipped it off her shoulders and she moved her arms to allow me to remove the shirt completely. Barb moaned as I pushed her forward so I could unclip the back straps of her brassiere, then sat straight again in her chair. As I held the shoulder straps I looked down to see her large breasts heaving in the now loose fitting cups. Slowly I slipped the straps down Barb’s arms until the bra fell free exposing her smooth firm breasts.

I heard Julia say ‘please’ and looked across to see her standing in front of Sam as he stripped his wife to the waist.

Barb moved her arms again to allow me to completely remove the bra. I threw it to one side then reached down again and took one lovely breast in each hand. Barb moaned as I squeezed my fingers into her firm flesh and then pinched her large hard nipples between finger and thumb. I fondled and played with her breasts for a short time then released them as Barb moaned in disappointment. The moan was soon replaced by a yelp of surprise and pain as I took two clothespins from a pocket and attached one to each nipple. I had prepared a rubber band on each pin so they would not pinch too hard.

“Leave them there unless the pain gets too much for you.” I ordered as I returned to my chair. “I think it’s time for dessert now, don’t you Sam?”

Sam nodded his agreement without taking his gaze from Barb’s breasts. I looked at Barb to see her eyes staring directly at mine, a look of surprise and lust on her face. She looked down at the clothespins and back to me, smiling and licking her lips in the most suggestive manner. Julia jumped from her chair and rushed into the kitchen to get the dessert, obviously she did not want to miss any of the action. She soon returned with four dishes of creamy profitteroles on a tray and quickly placed one each on our tablemats.

“So Barb,” I asked, “Read any good books lately?”

My three companions burst out laughing at my innocuous question. The clothespins bounced as a giggling Barb tried to eat her delicious dessert.

“Fuck Jeff, these clothespins hurt like hell but I love it.” Barb paused and took some deep breaths. “I am so turned on right now, please can I…”

“No finish your dessert first.” I instructed, amazing myself with the control I had over my new friend.

More giggling from Julia attracted my attention and I turned my head to see her dipping her nipples in the cream of her dessert. She moved to stand beside Sam where she guided the left nipple to his mouth and her husband slurped and licked the cream from the swollen teat.

“Share it around.” Sam ordered as he pushed his wife in my direction.

Julia grinned and curtsied, then dutifully moved beside me and held the right breast up to my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked the cream covered nipple into my mouth where I tasted the mixture of cream and mother’s milk. Julia moaned as I sucked hard and then yelped and jumped back as I nipped my teeth on the swollen nipple.

“Julia,” Sam called.

“Yes Sam?” Julia looked surprised.

“Barb hasn’t shared as yet.” Sam said with authority.

“Oh my god.” Julia said uncertainly as she looked from Sam to Barb. “Barb?”

Barb just nodded in reply and watched as Julia walked around the table and stood beside her. Julia dipped her right nipple in Barb’s dessert and held it up in front of her friend’s mouth. Barb glanced at me and I nodded as she leaned forward and sucked tentatively on the creamy little mountain. Both girls moaned as Julia pushed her breast into Barb’s wide-open mouth. Barb sucked and licked the cream until the breast was clean, looked up at Julia and sucked again to taste the baby’s milk. Julia staggered and I thought she was going to climax once again but she steadied herself against the table and looked down to see Barb smiling and licking her lips.

“That’s enough Julia,” Sam ordered, “Return to your chair.”

Julia looked at Sam and poked her tongue out, then grinned and wobbled back to her seat.

Barb moaned and asked, “Jeff, can I take the pins off please, it’s getting too much for me.”

“Of course Barb, you only have to ask.” I replied with genuine concern. “We must agree on a safe word if we play later.”

“Oh god.” Barb groaned as she removed the pins from her swollen nipples. “Oh yes we will play later, I need a spanking even more after watching Julia.”

We resumed eating our delicious dessert and I asked, “Barb, your face looks familiar, I feel I have seen you somewhere before, any ideas where that might be?”

“Probably in a fashion catalogue for larger ladies, I did photographic modeling for a while and it paid quite well.” Barb winced as she touched her sore nipples. “I get recognized regularly from those days.”

I nodded and replied, “Yes that’s probably right, I used to buy clothes for my Mother from those catalogues, it was far easier than going to the shops.” I laughed and continued, “And I must admit that the models were very easy on the eyes, no wonder I remember you.”

We all laughed but there was some tension in the air as the girls wondered what was going to happen after dinner.

Sam winked at me, he really seemed to be enjoying the evening as he said, “Girls, how about coffee and chocolates, we will have them in the living room. And I want this table completely cleared, ok?”

“Yes Sir, anything you want Sir!” Julia giggled as she and Barb jumped to their feet to stack the dishes, clear the table and stack the dishwasher in the kitchen.

Sam and I returned to the living room where we discussed how the evening was proceeding. I wanted to make sure that he was happy with Julia’s involvement and that he was happy with my part. My host confirmed that he was having a great night and confirmed his trust in me with his wife and her best friend.

The excited girls returned giggling to the living room with a tray of coffee and chocolates. After serving Sam and myself they sat on the floor at our feet, Julia with Sam and Barb with me. I stroked Barb’s hair as the four of us chatted, sharing our knowledge of Domination and submission and generally enjoying the company. As we finished our cups of coffee the girls suddenly went quiet in anticipation of their next orders.

After the girls cleared away the coffee cups and returned to the living room Sam instructed, “Julia, there is a blue sports bag behind the door in my study, go and get it please, give it to Jeff and no peeking!”

Barb sat at my feet again as Julia quickly left the room. She soon returned with the blue bag, flaunting her milk filled breasts at me as she handed over the bag. I smacked her hard on the bum as she turned away and she jumped in the air pretending to be shocked.

“Julia!” I said sharply, causing her to turn quickly back to me.

“Yes Jeff?” She answered a little uneasily, as she stood in the center of the room.

“Strip and come back here!” I ordered as I lifted the bag onto my lap.

“Yes Sir!” Julia smiled at my instruction, kicked off her shoes, slipped out of her skirt and turned a full circle showing us her nakedness. She returned to stand in front of myself and Barb, legs wide apart and her hands on her head.

I looked up at the sexy hostess and asked, “You trust me Julia?”

“Oh yes Jeff, you know I do, absolutely, one hundred percent.”

I grasped a handful of Barb’s hair and turned her head so she was looking directly at me and asked, “And what about you Barb? Do you think you can give me your trust, here with your friends?”

Barb looked directly into my eyes and replied, “I have only known you a very short time Jeff, but I trust Sam and Julia very much, so my answer is yes, I will give you my trust tonight.”

“Thank you Barb.” I leant forward and kissed her on the forehead. “I will not abuse the trust you have given me. The safe words are amber and red, same as Julia and I used, ok?”

Barb nodded and licked her lips as I let go of her hair and said, “Stand up Barb and strip!”

Barb quickly jumped off the floor and moved to the middle of the room. Julia turned to watch her friend undress, then glared at me as I stood and turned her around so her back was to her friend.

“Spoilsport.” Julia whispered to me as I held her tight while I watched Barb.

Sam started to whistle the tune “The Stripper” and Barb smiled as she performed a mock strip tease. She slid the short skirt up her thighs to reveal her shapely legs, then unzipped it at the side and slipped it tantalizing slowly down to the floor. She was wearing stockings and a suspender belt and these were removed slowly and sexily until all that remained were the frilly black knickers. Barb wiggled her arse at Sam before turning it to me and cheekily slipping the panties down over her magnificent buttocks. There was no hint of embarrassment as she kicked the panties aside, spread her legs wide apart and bent forward until her hands grasped her ankles. My cock was hard as I gazed at Barb’s arse and shaven pussy, wide open for my inspection. Barb held that position for over a minute before straightening and returning to stand beside Julia. Both stood with legs wide apart and hands on their heads. Sam was sitting in his chair wiping some perspiration from his forehead.

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