tagLesbian SexThe Story of BethAnne

The Story of BethAnne


As I sat on the sofa, I watched the last rays of the day's sunshine flicker through the equally golden fiber of the carpet at my feet. I stretched my foot into the warm sunlight. Suddenly a bird flew in front of the window pane and its shadow played across my feet. I've always hated waiting, and tonight was no different. Tonight I would meet Danielle, a "friend" of Susan's.

The moment finally arrived. Susan politely introduced me to her. I offered my hand; she took it and looked so deeply into my eyes I almost melted. Sus had known Danielle for several years. I knew that Danielle was now or had been Susan's girlfriend. I knew they had made it together, but it didn't bother me. Susan was mine. Or did I belong to her? Sometimes I didn't know for sure.

I served the drinks while they chatted on the sofa. Susan was wearing a light pink miniskirt, sans stockings, and a tight, matching sweater that showed off her ample breasts nicely. Her nipples poked through the sweater like small pebbles. Danielle was dressed in black, all the way down to her darkened pantyhose. The skirt she wore was made of a thin, leathery material. She looked sexy, indeed. I wore a bright red knee-length cotton skirt and a white, short-sleeved, button-down blouse.

Like Susan, I wore no stockings. As I sat across from them, Susan turned her legs toward me, drawing them up under her gorgeous ass. I could see all the way up her skirt, right to the 'V' of her pastel- pink panties. She knew I liked beaver shots. Sometimes she would do it without panties, driving me crazy.

"BethAnne looks nice in red, doesn't she?"

"Mmm," replied Danielle. "Very becoming. She's a very sexy girl."

I blush easily. I'm innately shy. I looked away, not knowing what to say. I crossed my legs carefully, taking care not to offer either of them any good views. Susan asked me to serve some more drinks. We all drank too much as we talked. All the while, Susan became more and more loose with her legs, sometimes affording me full looks along the entire length of her panty-clad crotch as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. I was getting hot and she knew it. The few times that she ran her hand over her own breast or held it against her the inside of her thigh, just inside her skirt, made me drool inside. The liquor made me wanton.

"BethAnne," said Danielle, staring through me eyes into my mind, "Have you ever tried S&M?"

I shook my head. I knew what it was, but had never had any interest. I didn't think I could ever get off on hurting someone, or having someone hurt me.

"I am somewhat of an expert on the subject. I'm not ashamed to admit that I introduced Susan to some pretty kinky things when we met. She invited me here tonight to rekindle some old flames, so to speak." Susan blushed.

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked, a hint of jealousy in my voice.

"There are times when Susan needs a different kind of love. Actually, she would really like me to work her over a little bit. I wanted you to watch, to learn. Maybe to join in if you like. Maybe to let us teach you some new things. Please don't be scared. Just keep an open mind. O.K., doll-baby?"

I was confused, not knowing what to say, but agreed, even if it was only half-heartedly.

"Just sit back and watch, darling," whispered Danielle.

Danielle went to the closet, searched through a bag she had brought with her, and returned holding an 18-inch long, two-inch wide, black leather strap. The leather strap was flexible enough to move back and forth in her hand. I shuddered. It had an eight-inch mahogany handle. Susan looked up at her as she approached.

"Get up, slut," ordered the raven-haired girl.

Susan slowly arose from the sofa. Did I see her trembling? Her pink skirt barely met the middle of her pure white thighs. Her legs were as far apart as the skirt would allow, perhaps two feet. I longed to be on the floor beneath her, looking up as I often did into the treasures between her legs.

"Turn around and face the sofa," ordered Danielle.

Susan turned. Her ass filled the light pink cotton skirt completely, the outline of her panties plainly visible beneath the thin material. Without warning, Danielle drew the thick strap back and lashed it smartly across my lover's skirt-covered ass. There was a soft slapping sound as the leather met the cotton.

"OH!" Susan cried out, not expecting the sudden blow.

"Just warming you up a bit, honey. Now how about kneeling on the couch, facing the back."

Susan moved forward and knelt obediently, her bare legs tightly closed. Danielle immediately moved right behind her. I thought she was going to give her another stroke. Instead, she reached her hand out and put it right over the spot she had just whipped, then rubbed gently. I think I heard Susan hiss between her teeth, like she does when I suck her clit.

"Such a beautiful ass!" admired Danielle. "Why she likes to have it striped with a strap or a whip, or even a cane, I'll never know. Does BethAnne tongue your backside, darling?"

"Yes," replied Susan. I turned a thousand shades of red.

"And fuck you with a dildo there?" she asked.

"Yes," replied Susan, still facing away from Danielle and myself, her knees on the sofa, her back held straight with shoulders back. Danielle continued rubbing the entire backside of my lover, in a slow, circular pattern, kneading the material over the fleshy buns slightly from time to time.

"Let's have a better look at our friend's posterior, shall we BethAnne?" Danielle looked back at me with a slight smile. I nodded affirmatively, not knowing what to say, still awed by what was happening before my eyes. Susan had always been the aggressor with me; I was astonished to see her so submissive.

"First, let's check things out. Open your legs, Susan." Susan obeyed, opening her legs as far as she could given the tightness of the skirt. I watched as Danielle's hand reached under the hem; the "AH!" from Susan signaled that the hand had reached its ultimate destination.

"Oh my!" remarked Danielle, "The panties are soaked! She does get excited when she knows she's about to be whipped!"

Susan cocked her head to the side as Danielle played with the juice-soaked crotch. I couldn't see what she was doing, but Susan was obviously enjoying it. I wondered if Danielle had pulled the panty crotch aside to finger her, or if she was rubbing the clit over the top of the panties. Whatever she was doing, it was causing loud moans to emanate from deep within Susan's throat.

When Susan finally withdrew her hand, she placed her fingers to her nose and inhaled deeply. Did I see the shininess of my lovers cum on Danielle's fingers? I, too, loved the smell of her there, the pungent cunty odor that was unique to Susan. The thought of it sent tingles through my loins.

"Raise your skirt up!" ordered the woman in black.

Without hesitation, Susan's hands were at the hem of her skirt. "Slowly," whispered Danielle, "nice and slow. Show a little bit of leg at a time."

Danielle was toying with her now, teasing her. I watched in fascination as the skirt rose higher, inch by beautiful inch, exposing the backs of her perfect legs. How often her soft, tender thighs had wrapped around my face, caressing my cheeks as I tongued her all the way from her clitoral nubbin to her tight asshole.

At last the rising bottom of the skirt exposed the sweet, pink rayon of Susan's panties. She wore only two kinds--heavily laced string bikinis, mostly white and pastel colored, and the one she wore today, the less modern but strikingly pretty full-cut bikinis, unlaced, with a reinforced crotch. The latter kind always fit tightly over her gorgeous buns. I always drooled when she paraded around wearing only her panties, looking so sexy; she liked being a show-off.

Susan hesitated, then turned toward Danielle. "Do I have to go on, I mean with BethAnne watching. You didn't tell me you'd let her stay...."

"All the way up!" ordered her tormentor, raising the menacing strap above her shoulder. Susan wasted no time in pulling the skirt into a circle around her waist, exposing the back of the pink-colored panties that seemed to be painted on her beautiful posterior.

"Such a beautiful ass!" remarked Danielle, hissing slightly just after she spoke. "So beatable. Watch carefully, BethAnne, when I use the strap on her. Hardly a ripple will you see because there is no fat on those luscious cheeks."

I wanted to sink my teeth into them, so delicious were the sweet curves of her backside. The panties fit her like a glove, with nary a wrinkle in the shiny rayon. Between her spread legs, I could see the groove of her cuntal crack formed by the tightness of the panty crotch. The few hairs peeking to either side of the now soaking material matched precisely the strawberry blond color of her shoulder-length hair.

"Ask for it!" ordered Danielle.

"Please," pleaded Susan, "not in front of BethAnne." Her voice cracked slightly. For a moment I thought she was going to cry.

"The more you hesitate, the harder it will be for you, slut!"

"Then not too hard," she begged. "BethAnne will...."

"Shut up!" interrupted Danielle. "You didn't invite me over here for a modeling show. You wanted to be whipped. You knew BethAnne would be here. You wanted her to watch, didn't you? Now you're on center stage, honey. The lights are dimmed; the audience is waiting…"

"I, I...."

"I'm going to count to five. One, two, three...."

"DO IT!" cried my lover, beginning to cry.

"Do what, slut?"

"Whip me, hurt me...." Her voice fell to the floor like a handkerchief.

"That's much better," sighed the victorious woman in black. "Now take your skirt off and then lower your panties for us. Nice and slow."

Susan sniffled as she held her skirt at the side of her waist with two hands, undid the button with trembling fingers, then eased the zipper down. The skirt fell on its own in a circle around her bent knees, leaving only her pretty pink panties to preclude us seeing her gorgeous ass. She then looped her thumb into the top of the smooth rayon and began easing the panties over her split pumpkin.

How I loved the sweet divide of her ass! The tiny sepia lining the delicate softness around her anal region; her sweet, round 'O', puckered, crinkled, longing to be kissed and rimmed. Her ass was alabaster white, smooth, perfectly rounded, firm, protruding. The thick, wide strap waited for the panties to reach mid- thigh, encircling her legs. Her heart was pounding.... Waiting....

CRACK! The sound of leather against flesh broke the stillness of the air. Danielle had hardly snapped her wrist and the strap dug into the exposed flesh. Susan's cry echoed around the room. The pure whiteness of her sweet buns quickly turned pink, glowing in the aftermath of the firm stroke of the strap. She clenched her buttocks tightly, hoping to diminish the pain of the next one.

This time Danielle reached back further, aimed lower, and struck harder, allowing the thick leather to bite sharply into the sensitive nerves where Susan's lower ass met her upper thighs. The blow sent Susan reeling forward against the back of the sofa, her loud shriek filling the room. The palms of her hands sought the spot where the searing pain was. Her face grimaced in pain. Her pretty strawberry blond hair was becoming disheveled.

"Now hold your hands over your head! Stick your ass out! Display yourself properly, young lady. I want those sweet buns ready for some more of my strap!" ordered Danielle. Danielle knew Susan like a book, knew what she wanted and knew exactly how to inflict the appropriate amount of punishment. It was what Susan wanted, her protestations and tears to the contrary. Danielle knew that. It was difficult for me to believe, but true. Susan followed the order quickly and obediently, poking her ass out even further by bending slightly at the waist. The soft, pinkish glow of the globes was in perfect contrast to her pink skirt encircling her waist and panties bunched at her thighs.

"How does it feel, honey?" asked Danielle.

"It hurts!" Susan tearfully replied.

"But it hurts so very nice, doesn't it, darling?"

"Y-yes," she half-whispered.

"Want some more?" asked the woman in black.

"I.... I.... Does BethAnne have to remain here?"

"Of course, silly. The humiliation of her watching makes it all the more fun, doesn't it?"

Susan was silent to the question. Danielle smiled. "Where do you want it?"

"On my...on my ass," replied Susan, resigned to the fact that I would remain and watch.


"Y-yes, if you want."

"I want," said Danielle, "but you really do want me to do it harder, don't you?"

"I, well...I guess so."

"Then it will cost you. I'll redden your whole delicious pumpkin for you, but first I need you to do something for me," continued Danielle with a wry smile.

"I don't understand," said Susan.

"Eat me first, you slut. You have to earn the chance for me to whip your ass nice and hard for you."

Susan's face reddened brighter than her burning buns, even more humiliated by being asked to tongue her tormentor in front of me. I was fascinated by the interaction of the two. The total subservience of my lover. The complete domination by the woman in black.

"You mean now, in front of BethAnne?" asked Susan.

"Yes, now, my little pussy," replied Danielle.

As Susan turned and faced Danielle, she stole a furtive glance at me. I caught her eyes, then looked away, not wanting to convey any message to her at all. Her body disappeared in front of Danielle, whose back was to me. As Susan moved from the couch to the floor, she removed her skirt, but left her panties in a circle around her thighs. Susan knelt, the perfect servant, obeying her mistress' every command.

Danielle pulled Susan's head into her skirt-covered abdomen, forcing Susan's lips over the pubic bone. Reflexively, Susan's hands went to the back of Danielle's ass and squeezed inward, pressing her face closer into the lower abdomen. I couldn't see what was happening; I could only imagine that my lover was kissing the hard mound through the leather-like material at her mouth. Danielle hissed between her teeth.

Without moving her head from its position, Susan moved her hands from Danielle's ass down the length of the jet-black leather skirt, then moved beneath the sexy material. I could feel my own panties becoming wet as my love juices oozed from my tingling pussy. I was able to discern the travel of Susan's hands in their upward path beneath the skirt along the backs of Danielle's dark-stockinged legs. They stopped briefly at the backs of her thighs, kneading there with her fingers, lingering long enough to elicit a loud sigh from the woman whose breathing was becoming increasingly heavy.

Susan's hands soon continued on their upward path, all the way to Danielle's ass. In the process, Danielle's skirt was pushed upward several inches by Susan's forearms, revealing more of her pretty legs. The pantyhose was dark, almost black, though still transparent. Susan's hands played with the buns beneath the thick, black leather skirt that had buttons from waist to hem along the front. I wanted to reach inside my own skirt and play with myself, so exciting was the scene developing in front of me.

"Let me lift my skirt for you, baby-doll," whispered Danielle, bending over slightly and moving her hands from Susan's head to the hem of the black leather.

She slowly raised the material upward, still holding the strap in her right hand, knowing I was watching, giving me a sexy show she knew I was enjoying immensely. As the skirt rose higher, above Susan's arms, along the length of her perfect legs, more and more of the dark pantyhose was revealed. At mid-thigh, the pantyhose turned solid black all the way to the waistband. As she pulled the skirt over her ass, I could see Susan's hands gripping the gorgeous buns. I could see the outline of the panties beneath, but it was impossible to tell their color through the solid covering.

Danielle turned her face to me and smiled, looking back, knowing the sexy position with her raised skirt would be a turn-on for me. It was. I blushed profusely, lowering my head away from her glance.

"Don't be embarrassed, BethAnne. Just watch and enjoy. I'll let you join in later, if you like." I said nothing. I tried to swallow, but my throat was strangely dry. It was a weird scene, to say the least.

Danielle turned her attention back to her victim, holding the skirt high and looking down at the strawberry blond hair and blushing face that was pulled tightly into her pubic mound, kissing her there I was sure.

"Lower my pantyhose, dear," whispered Danielle.

Without a sound, Susan's hands moved to the waistband of the material, reached inside with all of her fingers save her thumbs, and, without moving her face from Danielle's crotch, began pulling the pantyhose downward, over the rounded pumpkin. The alabaster whiteness of Danielle's ass contrasted sharply with the black leather skirt and the dark, opaque pantyhose. Susan moved her lips away from the pubis long enough to let the pantyhose slip by, then pressed her face into the upper crotch of the sheer, black panties, as she pushed the hose all the way down the smooth, white legs. Danielle lifted her feet in turn as Susan removed the material.

The sheer black panties hid nothing. The thin mesh revealed the entire crack along the length of her ass. Susan's hands quickly found the firm backside once more as she squeezed the buttocks, pulling the softly grinding abdomen closer to her eager lips. Danielle held the skirt up proudly, knowing full well that I was immensely enjoying the view from behind her.

Danielle was breathing heavily. She seemed oblivious to my presence. I felt like a voyeur looking through a peephole. I hoped the show would never stop.

"Yes! There!" hissed Danielle, as Susan's tongue located the burgeoning clitoris beneath the sheer material. "Oh, that's nice, honey. That's so nice." She hissed loudly between her teeth. I wanted to trade places with her, knowing how well Susan could give head when she really wanted to. Her tongue was long and electrically charged, or so it seemed.

"Oh, baby, you deserve such a nice whipping for this. AH! What a tongue she has!"

My panties were now sopping wet. I wanted to rub my crotch, but didn't want Danielle to see me doing it.

"Enough!" shouted Danielle, startling Susan. "It's time. Stand up, you whore!" Susan stood, her heart pounding. "Now take the rest of your clothes off!" As Susan stood, Danielle let her black leather dress fall back into place, hiding her gorgeous ass and panties from my sight.

Susan looked at her, dumfounded. Pained at her victim's recalcitrance, Danielle quickly snapped the broad, thick strap against my lover's left hip. Susan's mouth widened, but she made no sound. I had seen her naked hundreds of times, but not under these circumstances. Biting her lower lip, she stole the briefest of glances at me, before looking back deep into Danielle's dark, sinister eyes. I wondered what she was thinking. I could sense she wanted to say something, but held it back as she moved her hands beneath her clinging sweater and lifted it up, in one quick movement, over her head.

Even her lacy bra, which showed a vast amount of cleavage, was pink. She tossed the sweater behind her, on the sofa, then moved her right arm, defensively, in front of her full breasts. Her chest heaved with each breath. The strawberry blond curls of her pussy formed a delicate 'V' above her panties that remained encircled about her thighs.

"I like your panties where they are," said Danielle. "Just take your bra off."

Susan moved her hands behind her back. I wanted to pounce on her and take her right then and there, so sexy did she look with panties lowered. She looked straight forward, mannequin-like, her red face expressionless, as she unhooked her bra and let it fall silently down her arms.

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