tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Story of Betty Driver

The Story of Betty Driver


Betty Driver moved uncomfortably in her chair. She crossed and re-crossed her long nylon sheathed legs nervously. She couldn't believe what they were asking of her, and it was all because JPLTV had raised a record amount of cash in their national charity marathon.

Jake Elway was the man behind JPLTV, and everything he did was aimed at getting one over on his arch rival, Silas Crain, who ran the other local TV network in Plainsville, SCRTV. Everything the pair of them did was aimed at getting something over on one another.

When Silas had seen the spread on the front cover of last week's Plainsville Gazette that JPLTV was now leading the overall race for the coveted Elway trophy, he had angrily tossed the paper aside. The Elway trophy was presented by George Elway, the richest man in Plainsville, to the TV company who raised the most cash in the annual charity marathon. When he had seen the news, Silas had immediately called in his promotion staff and told them that they needed urgently to come up with something to put them back in the lead.

Last week, JPL had run a major charity stunt where viewers had been able to ring in to the station and pledge an amount of money. When the sums of money pledged by the viewers reached a predetermined total, one of the station's several attractive new anchors who was selected by the viewers would read the hourly news bulletin in either her underwear or a bikini, depending on what had been advertised.

The stunt had been a wild success, and had pushed JPLTV into the lead for the trophy. Now Silas wanted to get his own back on his arch rival and he was looking towards his promotion staff to come up with something sensational.

After a lot of discussion and soul searching, they had finally come up with what they thought was an exciting and daring plan, and this was what Betty was now feeling extremely uncomfortable about. Silas had been called in to listen to what they had come up with and to give his consent to the plan.

He listened with interest as Morgan Grainger, the head of promotion, explained what he had in mind. Silas smiled and looked over at Betty who was beginning to feel even more uncomfortable now that she realized that Silas looked to be in full agreement with the plan.

Silas listened silently until Morgan had finished. "Can we get away with it?" he asked.

Morgan shrugged. "I can't see why not. It's for charity, and you can get away with anything when it's for charity."

Silas turned to Betty. "And how do you feel about it?"

She didn't speak for a moment. "Well, I can't say I'm all that keen about it, sir. It's not like what they did on the other side, they only went down to their undies. Mr. Grainger says that if we get a lot of pledges I might have to go further, even all the way."

Silas smiled. "Don't worry, my dear, I don't think that will happen. We will attempt to set the levels high enough so that you won't have to go all the way." Secretly, Silas knew that Betty would be going all the way if he had anything to do with it, and if things went to plan, maybe even further.

Betty had been a prize catch for SCRTV. She had been the Plainsville High School beauty queen and had gained more fame when she was also an entry in the local heats of the Miss World contest. She had been highly placed but had not won the national heats. The publicity had done her no harm.

Of course she was an extremely attractive young lady. With long blond hair and magnificent 38dd breasts always enticingly displayed above the low scooped necklines she wore, she caused every hot blooded male who met her to stare. Along with her slim waist, shapely hips, and those long, long legs, she was every man's image of the perfect woman. During her high school days, she had never been short of male company. When she left high school, she had applied for a position at SCRTV. Silas had no hesitation in employing her. She had soon proved to be an asset as a hard and willing worker for the station, and when she had tried out for a news anchor position, the viewers had voted for her in droves.

She had proved popular with the viewers, especially the male viewers, although she was not deemed as capable to handle the main news. She was used to deliver the human interest and the lighter news stories. Jake Elway had tried on a couple of occasions to lure the attractive anchor woman away from SRC, but he had always been foiled by Silas offering her a higher salary to stay were she was.

Advertising for the stunt which was to take place on the following Friday was quickly organized by the promotion staff. Items were inserted in all the news programs and Betty was called in by the art department for a photo shoot. Soon pictures of her attired in some brief but attractive undies were distributed around town. Help us raise money for needy children by undressing Betty Driver on SRCTV, the colorful handouts were headed. They caused an immediate reaction. The switch board at SRCTV was flooded with calls for more information.

On Wednesday, two days prior to the stunt, Silas met up with Morgan Grainger to discuss plans for the evening. He slid a sheet of paper across to Morgan. "It's a good job we didn't set the levels earlier, or that poor girl would have been totally naked by seven o'clock," he said with a smile. The idea of the levels was that a scale would be set and when certain points on the scale were reached by pledges of money from viewers, Betty would, at the start of her broadcast, have to remove another article of clothing. This was to be done at the start because doing it as an opening item meant that she would be displayed on screen to the viewers for the full five minutes of the broadcast.

Another extra fund raiser was that her discarded clothing would be given as a prize for the person to pledge the highest amount of money during each hour. Then there was the special show that Silas was arranging through a friend in the business, a special show to be transmitted on pay TV after midnight. Silas looked across at Morgan. "Have you spoken to her about the special show yet?" he asked.

Morgan shook his head. "No, but I'm taking her out after our meeting. I will put it to her then, but what if she refuses to go along with the plan?"

Silas looked across at Morgan and reached into his briefcase and pulled out a video cassette. "Just show her this," he said, passing the tape to Morgan. He looked at the title: 'The Cheerleader does the First Eleven.' It was a cheaply produced video, one of a kind made by one of the many small independent video companies.

"What's this got to do with Betty?" Morgan asked.

Silas smiled at him. "Just watch it when you get home. You will see our Betty was a star before she joined us. Just show her the tape, and if she refuses to do the special show, tell her we will show the video on the normal channel instead."

Betty was waiting for Morgan in reception after his meeting with Silas. She smiled a greeting. Morgan looked her up and down. She looked wonderful. Could she really be the girl in the video that Silas had given him? Maybe he would find out later, but now he had more interesting things to do. Betty was wearing an interesting little black number, with narrow shoulder straps. It was as usual low cut, and showed an attractive display of her deep cleavage. The dress was knee length and well fitted to show off her figure. He also noticed much to his delight that her shapely legs were incased in dark stockings and high heels.

His car was waiting outside the door and as he assisted her in, he was delighted to be offered a fleeting display of her exciting nylon clad thighs. It was only a short drive to the French restaurant he had selected for tonight's meal. Betty was an interesting and amusing companion, and the evening went very well. The meal was as usual superb and between them, they consumed over two bottles of wine. Morgan made sure that Betty's glass was always well filled.

She stumbled slightly and clung on to Morgan's arm as they left the restaurant. In the car, she only made a token gesture to stop him when he placed his hand on her knee. Before they had reached his place, she was snuggled up against him and he was gently stroking the smooth velvety skin of her thigh above the top of her hold ups.

She continued to cling to him as he escorted her into the foyer of his apartment where the uniformed concierge smiled at Morgan as he pressed the button for the elevator. Once in the apartment, he allowed her to flop down onto the sofa while he adjusted the lighting and poured out some drinks, not that Betty needed any more. She was well on her way to being drunk.

Morgan joined her on the sofa. He smiled at her as he pulled her towards him and their lips met in a long tender kiss. Betty opened her mouth wide and enjoyed the sensation as he explored her with his tongue. She stiffened slightly as she felt him begin to ease the zip of her dress down. She didn't usually go for sex on the first date but tonight she felt a sudden uncontrollable urge that she wanted to please the good looking guy who was about to seduce her.

He sat up and eased her away from him as he slipped down her shoulder straps and uncovered her lacy black bra that held her magnificent breasts. She groaned as her ran his hands over her breasts. He could feel that her nipples were already hard. Ever since Betty had joined SRC, he had wanted to get his hands on these beauties, and now they were his. He didn't want to rush things with her. He wanted this moment to last forever, but she was now a willing participant in his plans. She eased herself up off the sofa when he pushed her dress down over her hips and allowed him to slip it down her legs.

Now he could see that her brief panties matched her bra. Her stomach was flat and firm and his eyes were attracted to the pronounced protrudence of her mons pubis. He ran his hands along her legs and stroked her body. She clung to him urgently. Now it was time to reveal the first of his prizes. He reached around her and expertly undid the clasp of her bra. There was only a slight movement from her breasts as the skimpy garment fell loose, now held in place only by the thin shoulders straps. He slipped the straps from her shoulders and at last exposed her magnificent breasts. They were more beautiful than he had ever imagined; firm creamy mounds the size of a cantaloupe melon. Her darker areolas were about two inches across and at the centres were the dark hard buds of her protruding nipples.

He could not resist the urge to lean forward and take one of her nipples into his mouth. Betty groaned as he sucked the hard bud between his lips, running his tongue teasingly over the end. At the same time, he gently caressed the other one in his hand, slowly twisting the nipple between his thumb and finger.

He took his mouth from her breast and looked down at the attractive woman lying on the sofa, clad only in her brief panties, her long legs still sheathed in the dark holdups with attractive lacy tops. Now was the moment to reveal at last her treasure. He moved away from her and kneeled up on the sofa. Then he lifted her legs up and he placed one on either side of him. He leaned over her and kissed her on the lips. Slowly he ran his hands down her body until he encountered the waistband of her panties. He hooked his fingers in them and drew them off. Betty raised her legs allowing him to easily remove them completely.

He looked down at the delightful sight before him. The pouting lips of her totally shaven pussy were now revealed. Her legs being spread slightly open allowed the outer labia to be parted exposing the wet pinkness of her inner labia. Betty lay there waiting for him to make his move.

She closed her eyes as she felt his head go down between her thighs. Then his mouth was on her and his searching tongue was exploring the sweet wetness of her passage. She gripped his head and pushed him against her, now wanting to feel him. She could feel herself lubricating wildly and he sucked up her flowing juices as his tongue did exciting things pressing against her G spot and flicking over her already engorged clit.

Now she wanted him, now she wanted to feel him inside her. She lifted up. His face, mouth and chin were slicked with her juices. "Please fuck me now!" she implored him. "I need to be fucked so desperately. Please, Morgan, please!"

Morgan was never one to turn down the request of a lady, especially a lady in such desperate need. She struggled to help him as he undid his belt and pushed down his trousers releasing eight inches of rock hard flesh. Betty took it and ran her hands along it. She groaned. He was big, so big she could not close her fingers around him.

Morgan eased himself into position between her open legs. She urgently rubbed the head of his cock over her wet pussy lips before positioning it for entry, and then, with a cry, he was inside her. She screamed out as he penetrated her deeply. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her, now wanting to experience every inch of his wonderful cock.

They fucked like two dogs on a mission, each one wanting to extract the most pleasure out of the other's body. When they finally came, it was almost simultaneous. Stars collided and cymbals crashed as they clung together, their sweating bodies pressed tightly against one another.

At last their passion subsided and they rolled apart. Morgan kissed her gently. She smiled at him. "That was so wonderful," she said, responding to his kisses. "I have never experienced such intense pleasure."

He smiled at her. "Yes," he said with a slight grin, "that really was certainly something else."

They rested for a while gently caressing each other's bodies and then he took her again. This time their love making was more gentle, and longer lasting. Betty experienced several orgasms before Morgan again released his juices into her and they dozed together in each other's arms.

Morgan released himself from the sleeping girl's body. His clothes were crumpled and messed up.

He made his way to the bathroom where he showered and then changed into fresh clothes. He returned to the lounge to find Betty still asleep. He looked down at her naked body. It was a little messed up from their lovemaking, but it was still an incredible sight. He thought about Friday. Yes, he thought as he looked down at her, the viewers were certainly going to get their money's worth.

He decided not to wake her at this moment. She looked so peaceful sleeping, so he went through to the bedroom and found a spare duvet with which he brought back and reluctantly covered her. Then he poured himself a drink. He knew he hadn't spoken to her about the pay TV spot, but that would do in the morning.

He went to bed and slept soundly. He was exhausted. He was awakened in the morning by Betty coming into his room wrapped in the duvet, to find the bathroom. She smiled at him. "Thanks for letting me sleep over," she said. Then she disappeared into the bathroom and he heard the shower running. About fifteen minutes or so later, she came out looking pink and refreshed and wrapped in a large white towel.

She came over and sat on his bed. "I had a lovely night last night," she said. "I want to thank you." She leaned over and kissed him. He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her towards him. She was still damp and warm from the shower.

"I think we both had a lovely night," he said with a smile.

He suddenly had the urge to loosen her towel. She did not object as it fell from her body and she was revealed to him once again in all her naked beauty. He turned back the bedcovers and she accepted his invitation and crept in beside him. Soon they were tightly clasped in each other's arms, their naked bodies pressing together.

He took her again, this time gently like the last time. Their lovemaking was sensuous and satisfying, and afterwards they lay together in each other's arms. "How are you feeling about Friday?" he suddenly asked her.

She turned to him and smiled. "A little nervous, but in a way, I'm looking forward to it, raising all that money for the children."

Morgan nodded. "It looks like being a big event. We have already so many pledges, and that's what I want to talk to you about." She looked at him slightly puzzled. "You know we said we would set the levels high," he said, "so that you might not have to go all the way. Well, the response has been far greater than we expected and it would unrealistic to set them any higher." He stopped and looked at her, pleased when she smiled at last.

"So that means that the viewers are going to see everything?" He nodded. She cuddled up to him. "Well, I suppose it could be worse. At least it's for a good cause."

He knew he was going to have to say something to her about the special pay TV show. He looked at her. "I'm afraid it does get worse, Betty," he said. "Before I start, I want you to know that I personally have nothing to do with what I am going to tell you about."

She pushed him away. "What is it, Morgan, what could be worse than having to strip myself naked on TV?"

He looked at her. He could see she was trembling. "It's Silas. He discovered a video, a video he said you made while you were in high school."

Suddenly there was a look of horror on her face. "Not the cheerleader video?" she exclaimed. Morgan nodded. She buried her head in her hands. "I thought all the copies of that had been destroyed," she wailed. "What does the old bastard intend to do with it, show it on prime time television?"

Morgan put his arm around her. "Not if you do as he asks of you," he said.

She looked up at him. "Tell me, Morgan, tell me what he wants." He went on to explain about the pay TV show and she looked at him open mouthed but she said nothing until he had finished.

"So he's not satisfied at everyone seeing me naked, he wants them to see me get fucked as well. Well, tell him he can get fucked, I won't do it and I won't do the Friday night show, either. Let him explain that to the viewers."

Morgan understood where she was coming from but he knew Silas better. "He won't let you get away with it. He can get someone else to do the Friday night show, although maybe not the draw that you would be, and he also said that if that were the case, he would put out a news item that because of the disappointment you had caused he would show your video on one of our normal channels as a form of compensation."

"Could he do that? It's pornographic!" she stated.

"He might. He could get some of the worst scenes edited out, and he could probably get away with it this once."

Betty knew she was trapped. Whatever she did, it was not going to be good for her. At least if she gave in to Silas she might have some control over the situation. "Will you help me, Morgan?" she asked.

He nodded. "I will do all that I can to make things as easy as possible," he said, but he knew deep down that his hands were tied. He was very fond of the girl but he could not afford to lose his job over her.

He drove her home and told her that he would see her later at the studio when she came in to do her news items. As soon as she had left him, he rang Silas and told him that he had sorted everything, that she wasn't too happy, but after some persuasion, she had finally agreed to go ahead.

"With everything?" Silas asked.

"Yes, with everything," Morgan replied.

That evening Morgan had arrived at the studio for another meeting with Silas just to finalize all the arrangements for tomorrow. He watched Betty for a while doing her bit on the eight o'clock news. She looked relaxed. She smiled at him through the glass as she came off. Poor kid, he thought, as he watched her chatting to the crew. She had no idea what she was in for tomorrow.

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