tagInterracial LoveThe Story of Caya Ch. 02

The Story of Caya Ch. 02


I finally did it! I said the words I'd kept inside me for so long, and I felt so ... relieved after I'd said it. To tell the truth, I never believed I would. Master Amos is such a daunting lion, I'm so frightened of him at the same time I desire him every time. I can't even not think about him without getting wet between my legs.

He's kind and gentle and rough and vicious when he wants to be. Always I picture him as a cross between a lion and a bull. Whenever he's got me under, I feel like he wants to rip me apart, but holds himself back because a part of him likes me too. He has the pick of other bitch-slaves in the camp. I know plenty fawn over him whenever he's around. I used to be angry and jealous of that ... but not anymore.

Master Amos and the other overseers concluded their sales the following day. We left with five new slaves—two white boi-slaves and three bitch-slaves—and drove back home. The day was hot and sunny, but halfway towards getting to the plantation camp, the clouds turned dark and thunder erupted over our heads and it unleashed rain.

We got back at the plantation farm and we went back to things being the way they usually were. Shawana and Mika had missed me; I too had missed them. I told them of my time at Arun market. They could tell from the way I was excited that Master Amos and I had fucked more times than we should. I struggled not to tell them about the romantic night we'd had; that I wanted to keep close to my heart.


The weeks went further into the next month ... and the next month came just like that with its brand of life for the plantation camp. The rainy season kicked up its fury: there were now much rainfall than there were sunshine. The slaves all were required to work under it, though with protective clothing. It felt good playing under the rain; even better when getting fucked under it. One time Caya and several other bitch-slaves went to a nearby stream to have their bath. There were two Masters there bathing in the water. Two of the bitch-slaves ran to them offering their service to scrub their backside; one of the bitch-slaves was two-month pregnant and still eager. The Masters allowed them, and suddenly it started to rain. The Masters fucked the bitch-slaves in the water; Caya and the others stood back and watched, both too wanting to join in.

There were more frequent pregnancies happening in the camp. Caya got to learn that some of the bitch-slaves whom were in heat were often forced to fuck some of the white boi-slaves so to procreate and give birth to further white babies whom would be grown and properly educated in the ways of black-owned lifestyle.

"I know a lot of you bitch-slaves aren't happy or inclined towards this," Mistress Ogun preached to them regarding this during one morning study program. Her eyes surveyed them as she continued her lecture. "You have become much ingrained in realizing what being 'Black-Owned' is about, and that's a good thing. In time you will realize how beneficial it is that your off-springs, the ones your Master or Mistress allows you to procreate with the white boi-slaves, is a necessity that they too wake up one morning to know how different and how enriching their life will become in this program."


Mistress Tiffany was in the shower when Caya entered her large bedroom. She had gotten the summon minutes ago while lying in bed away from the day's heat and had quickly washed her face before coming over. There were two white slaves kneeling on either side of her bathroom doorway; there weren't the newlywed couple of last time whom she remembered vaguely.

Her Mistress stepped out of the bathroom running a towel over her body. She saw Caya kneeling before her, bowing her head and smiled.

"So good of you to come, slave. It's been a while since I played with you."

Caya replied: "I am yours to command and use whenever you so desire, my Mistress."

"Good. I like hearing my slaves sounding most welcoming."

She dropped her towel on the floor and stood in the room naked. Her body glistened with droplets of water; she looked regal and beautiful. She snapped her finger twice. The white boi-slave kneeling by the doorway came alive and crawled towards her and picked the towel up with his mouth and stood on his knees holding it to her.

"Do you see how obedient my new pair of dogs are, slave? I haven't named them yet, but you should know there were a couple too, just like the former ones. His name is Jason and she is Kristin. They were lodging at a hotel down in Lagos when I found them. I seduced them and brought them here. Now they do my bidding just as you. Especially Jason. He's such a good dog, aren't you, white boi?"

The white boi-slave nodded his head fervently. "Drop my towel, dog. Lie on your backside."

The white boi-slave let the towel fall from his mouth and did as told. Mistress Tiffany picked at his flaccid prick with her toe playfully.

"Adam was a black man, Caya. Do you know that? No, I'll bet you got corrupted as a child and if you not brought here your eyes never would have known the truth. Eve too was a black woman. Pure in form and love, just as God made them to be. The whites came later on. Somehow they usurped what we were and made us slaves under their might. They wrote books and reshaped their religion to hide their error, but we knew the truth, the same as they do too, but are too much of a coward to admit to it. When was the last time you saw a white couple fucking, Caya?"

"It's been a long while, Mistress," she answered.

The Mistress turned to the other bitch-slave and snapped her finger once and indicated at the white boi-slave. The bitch-slave crawled forward and Mistress Tiffany stepped back and allowed her to suck on the white boi-slave's prick. Mistress Tiffany went and got her riding crop and waved at Caya to come forward. Caya approached the white couple with the bitch-slave busy sucking on the white boi-slave's cock. Tiffany gave Caya her crop and ordered her to fuck the bitch-slave with it. Caya took the end of the crop and went down on her knees behind the raised rump of the bitch-slave. She licked her tongue around the crop's hand, which was smooth and curved like that of a dildo, and slipped it into the slave's pussy. The bitch-slave responded to the invasion. Her mouth was now choked full with the white boi-slave's prick, still she gave grunting moans from what Caya was doing to her.

"Put your mind and work into it, bitch!" Mistress Tiffany slapped Caya's head. "Fuck that bitch-slave like a Master would. Pretend the end of that crop is a black cock and push it hard into that slave's cunt. Do it, or I'll get someone who will!"

Caya went ahead and did it. She licked the end of the crop and inserted it back into the bitch-slave's pussy, fucking her cunt with it. The slave still had her mouth wrapped around the white boi-slave—her former lover's—cock and was spasming and rotating her butt to Caya's ministration.

Caya was focused on what she was doing and wasn't looking at her Mistress who'd gone and wore a leather belt around her waist with a black rubber 10-inch dildo attachment; she picked up a bottle of lube oil and rubbed some of it around the penis-shaped head of the dildo. She came at Caya from behind, admiring the way the bitch-slave's butt face her. She lowered herself behind her before Caya became aware of her shadow behind her. Again the Mistress slapped the back of her head.

"Face front, bitch!" she snapped at her.

Caya went on fucking the other bitch-slave's pussy with the crop. She fell forward, grunting when she felt something wet and cold and thick penetrate her anal hole. She wanted to get away but the Mistress snapped at her to remain where she was. For a minute Caya was no longer attending to the other bitch-slaves' needs as she was taking her own right there and then.

Mistress Tiffany loomed over her now; her tits brushed against the back of Caya's hair as she kept thrusting more of the dildo into her puckered anus. Caya shook from the hurting pain. Her face pressed down on the floor. Mistress Tiffany grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her face up. Caya felt like passing out from the pain. The dildo's shaft was unlike any she'd ever had ...

"You enjoying that dildo, bitch?" her Mistress slurped her tongue on her ear lobe. You better take it, slave. You're my property. I can brand you if I want to ... Uhgghhh ... and nothing's ever going to change you from being my slave!"

For the next five to ten minutes, Caya went through misery and hurting pain taking the dildo in her ass. Her Mistress kept fucking her with it even as she lay flat on the floor with her face pressed on the carpet. The Mistress pulled out of her afterwards and instructed the other bitch-slave to go ahead and mount the white boi-slave. Caya lay on her side moaning from the hurt she felt in her anus. She slipped in and out of consciousness, watched as the bitch-slave mounted the white boi-slave's cock and started riding him, moaning from the experience. Mistress Tiffany came to the bitch-slave's side and made her open her mouth and first she spat down into her mouth's cavity then jammed her dildo's head into the slave's mouth to suck on which she did.

"Yeah ... swallow that dildo, bitch. Fuck that white boi's cock ... bitch-ass white bois can't fuck even if their life depends on it ... Aggghhh, I'm getting so fucking horny right now! I need me some black dick!"

She went to an intercom on the wall and spoke briefly into it. She unhooked the leather belt from her waistline and threw it to the floor and was rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits, moaning like an animal in lust while she watched the slaves fuck. The white boi-slave was groaning and the bitch-slave was still bouncing on him when he came inside her. She remained on him even as he grew flaccid, eventually coming off him and sucking the remainder of his semen off his dying erection while he remained on his backside gasping.

A knock came on the door. Caya watched it come open and she gasped when she saw two black men step inside—Master Amos and Master Ali—both naked with their bodies glistening with an oily sheen, looking magnificent and warrior-like. Their erection jutted off their crotch. They approached the black Mistress. She wrapped her arms around both men and shared a kiss with each other them while they caressed and groped her body. They led her to the bed. She was a bitch in heat—feral and not going down without a fight. The Masters had to over-power her. Master Amos forced her mouth on his cock while Master Ali kneeled behind her buttocks and ate her pussy. He came up and shoved his prick into her warm hole; she squealed with delight, stroking Master Amos' prick with such hardened fury like she wanted to rip it off him.

"Fuck me!" she groaned at Master Ali. "Fuck me like an African whore!"

Ali pressed down on her buttocks. He slapped her ass cheeks hard and drove his prick into her cunt hard and deep. Whatever he gave her, she hammered back at him, thrusting her ass backwards to meet his cock. A minute later Master Amos came on the bed and pulled her forward. She straddled his thigh; his cock slipped into her pussy easily and within seconds they were grunting like wild animals as she mashed her buttocks down on him, riding him hard and good. Master Ali came from behind and found her anal hole. Mistress Tiffany took his cock and guided it for him. Both men fucked her near simultaneously. The sound of her cries mixed with their grunting passion; the bed shook with their weight. Mistress Tiffany cursed at both men, snapped at them to fuck her harder. Master Ali fucked her from the side while Amos fed her his cock. He came over her face, still she wanted more. Ali fucked her while Amos got back his erection. She straddled his once again in reverse—fucking her ass while Ali punished her pussy. Seconds later he groaned aloud as he came inside her cunt. The other bitch-slave climbed up on the bed and cleaned his cum off the sheets. Both Masters went on screwing the black Mistress for some time. She kept taking what they gave her, eventually tiring off after they'd cum over her face a third time.


Caya was limping her way out of Mistress Tiffany's mansion. She had the leash of the white bitch-slave and the white boi-slave in her hand and she was leading them out the corridor and headed down the stairs; the Mistress told her to get them washed up. Masters Amos and Ali were still in the room with Mistress Tiffany, attending to whatever needs she might still desire of them. She had reminded Caya that the party would be taking place in five days' time and for her not to forget to meet with the head bitch-slave Margot who would prep her for it.

As she was coming down the stairs, walking past the doorway of the living room she could sight the outside of the mansion. She saw a black car driving down towards the house and then pulled up to the wide stairs leading up to the mansion. The driver came out of the car and hurried over to the side to open the door for the older-looking black woman in gorgeous-looking dress who stepped out of it. She had a long white chain in her hand and as Caya came down the stairs, shielding her eyes from the glare of the sun, she realized it was a chain, and the end of the chain was tied around a metal collar of a white boi-slave whom the black woman was pulling along. Caya bowed her head as the old woman came up the stairs and greeted her. The old woman had a wrinkled-looking face and she replied with a grunt while still walking up the stairs and pulling the white boi-slave she had at the end of the chain along.

For some reason the white boi-slave looked up just as Caya was walking down past him. Their eyes met. A look of recognition lighted each other's eyes. Caya nearly screamed out but caught herself in time and turned to look ahead and continued down the stairs. As she went past the car, she looked back and saw the white boi-slave disappear inside the mansion.

Oh my God, Michael! She murmured to herself. My God, that's Michael!

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