tagLesbian SexThe Story of D Ch. 06

The Story of D Ch. 06

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 6

Talk about Your Most Embarrassing Moments . . .

Dear Diary:
No classes today, Hip, Hip, Hooray!

And I got caught off guard again. Woe is me! I should have suspected something when Julie tugged me along to Hamilton Hall last night. The subject was 'Roles --Top, bottom, switch. What are your inclinations? Where do you fit? Bound or binder? Dominant or submissive? Sadist or masochist?' It was interesting kinda, sorta, but not for me --- I thought.

Today Julie headed home to visit her Mom and pick up some do re me. Silly me decided to take in a matinee at the campus theatre. It was a pleasant day out, I didn't expect to find many students inside and I wasn't disappointed. Wearing a blouse, shorts and tennis shoes I sat in the middle row, midway down the aisle, feet up on the seat in front of me, delving into a enormous box of popcorn, enjoying the opening scene from 'Sleepless in Seattle' for the umpitith time when someone tapped me on the shoulder.

Instinctively I whirled around and yipped in surprise. It was Allie!

"Show me your tits." Allie whispered, loud enough for me, but hopefully not for the others nearby to hear.

I didn't hesitate, or even look back at the couples seated behind me. I simply pulled my blouse from my pants, and lifted it up to reveal my braless tits, taut and proud, their nipples brown and standing up.

"So pretty." Allie said leaning over the seat next to me. "Now, flick your left nipple and make it as hard as it can be."

I did exactly that, The forefinger of my right hand rubbed and pinched and flicked at my left nipple until the pleasure of the contact made it stand up in its full crinkly glory.

"Does that make your pussy all wet and gushy, you naughty girl?" Allie asked.

"Yes, Allie." I replied in a submissive voice that satisfied Allie for the moment.

"You want to be my bitch?" She asked tauntingly.

The words clung to me like a morning fog to the grass. Was this my moment of decision? The discussions at Hamilton Hall last night rushed through my mind. What did I want? I decided this was a good time to find out. I turned to face her, not expecting anything far out of the ordinary for we were in a public place.

"Well?" she questioned impatiently, "Answer me, slut." She was deadly serious.

I started to stammer, stopped and nervously nodded affirmatively.

"Good! That's settled then. All right, follow my instructions. Don't even think about not complying, understood?"

"Y . . . yes Allie," I stammered.

Her elbows were on the seat behind me now. I felt her breathing on my neck and ear as she whispered, "You can start by pulling on both your nipples." And I heard her quiet giggle. It sounded evil. Oh, it wasn't evil; Allie wasn't evil, that's purely my perception of things at the time. I wanted her to be evil I guess.

I was unbelievably horny by now and put aside the fact that I was in the theater with others sitting nearby. Any interested party could see what I was doing. My fingers grasped my nips and circled them before pulling on them as instructed. I had to catch my breath as the sensation roared from my nipples to my cunny. Allie kissed my earlobe and told me I was doing very nicely. It made me even hotter.

Unexpectedly, Allie was next to me, her hand gliding softly up and down my cunny, which I could swear was foaming with excitement.

"Allie . . . " was as far as I got.

"Shush!" she hissed at me. "Lift your butt up."

I did and she tugged my shorts down. I wasn't wearing panties. With my shorts around my ankles, Allie spread my legs apart and inserted a finger.

I came instantly.

"Keep pulling those nipples," she whispered harshly enough to penetrate the red haze I was in. It was starting to hurt, and I told her so.

"Do I give a fuck?" Allie said. And then by way of explanation she told me, "It's supposed to hurt."

"Now put your heels up on the seat and lift your ass up for me." Quickly, I complied.

"Take a look to your left slut," Allie said laughing softly.

To my horror, two young teenage boys were staring at me, their popcorn dribbling out of their box onto the floor. Suddenly I discovered that I'm an exhibitionist, and I arched my body as high as I could and found myself asking Allie to spread my pussy lips apart so that they might see every move I make. Her finger slid back into my pussy and I could hear the juices squishing from her poking finger. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations. Wondering if the boys could also hear it. I got even hotter at the thought. My nipples were numbed with a pleasant discomfort by this time, yet I continued pulling on them as if milking myself.

"Switch," Allie says. I didn't understand what she meant.

"Switch, slut, I'll take your nipples now, you play with yourself. Give the kiddies a good show while you're at it."

"That's right . . . do it, Rachel." Allie's voice was thick and her hot, wet fingers drove thrills into my cunt as she pinched and pulled my poor nips. I began rubbing the area around my clit with two fingers and jammed another two fingers deep inside me as a series of low moans escaped my throat.

My peripheral vision told me the boys had moved to the end of our row, gaining courage from their horniness. I didn't care if they wanted to fuck the shit out of me I could feel I was going to come again.

Suddenly Allie stopped pulling on my nipples and took one in her mouth sucking hard on it. That and my delving fingers bring it on. I couldn't help myself and pushed my mouth into my arm to muffle a scream as I came. I started thrashing and bucking out of control as the orgasm raced through me. My body slid down in the seat, dragging Allie with it and I wrenched forward and grabbed Allie's head forcing her face down into my cunt.

"Eat me! Eat me!" I cried out. "Please I'm begging you!"

My legs went up on her shoulders and I felt the first touch of her tongue. One of the boys was brazen enough to touch my nipple; the other had his cock out and was frenziedly jerking off. I clenched the walls of my cunt around Allie's tongue and moaned with joy as one of her fingers found my asshole.

The young kid was squeezing my breast and it hurt, but it hurt soooo good, The masturbator groaned and came, ropes of cum landed on my face and hair. Some of it I managed to lick away before reaching for the other kid's cock. I was coming hard on the throes of Allie's skilled tonguing as I gobbled the kid's cock in my mouth. He took mere seconds before unloading in my mouth.

I swallowed it all, reveling in the sweetness of his taste. Then told them to fuck off and they did, running from the theatre laughing like crazy. I could only imagine them telling their friends about me. My arms still clutched Allie around her neck as my tremors began to subside. The afterglow stayed with me for the longest time. It had never been like this before, I couldn't move, I felt paralyzed, but so relaxed.

After waiting patiently for me to recover, Allie helped me dress. We left the movie and stopped for a cold drink before going back to my place.

I had my key out when we reached my apartment door, but Allie took it from me. I was startled at this and looked at her awaiting an explanation.

"We're not going inside just yet. I want to test you. Will you obey me?"

"After what we've just been through, of course my darling Allie. Of course."

"Good," she said kindly enough, "then strip right here. I want to examine you."

"But . . . "

"No buts, strip right now, right here."

I did as I was told. She checked my nipples and nodded her head in approval. "They did grow longer Rachel, how interesting."

"Look, oh you can't see, but your asshole is still puckered open. It hasn't closed. Shall I put something up there?"

Before I could answer, Allie issued another command.

"Get down on your hands and knees."

"Allie," I protested, "someone might come along . . ."

"Shut up Slut!" she harped at me.

I hurriedly got down on all fours. Allie promptly began administering a light spanking. To my ears each slap sounded like a pistol shot. I was sure some doors would start to open, after all, only girls lived here and you know how nosey they are. To be caught might mean expulsion. Still the very thought of the danger involved brought me to the edge. Then I heard it, footsteps! Someone was coming up the stairs!

"Allie," I gasped, "Someone's coming!"

"So what," she said as if she were bored. "You think they've never seen a cunt before?"

The sounds grew closer. They were headed our way! I panicked and pissed myself. Allie saw my stream and kicked me in the ass. I fell forward and amazingly stopped peeing.

"You stupid slut!" she yelled!

I wanted to die I was so humiliated. I imagined every door was opening and everyone peeping out at my predicament. I was sniveling, with tears coursing down my face when I saw the shoe near my nose. Slowly and totally degraded, I peered up. It was Don.

"Ohhh, ohhh, Don . . . I . . ." Words failed me.

A familiar voice said, "Why don't we let her into the apartment now Allie?"

Julie! It was Don and Julie! This was humiliating but not the end of my scholarship.

"Alright," Allie said the disappointment heavy in her tone. She permitted me to crawl into the apartment and closed the door behind her.

I was mortified, ashamed, chastened and worse, but my body responded to this debasement in the strangest way. Looking back I have to say the result is the maybe the greatest thing since discovering another use for my Malibu Barbi doll.

Even now, as I call upon the memory of those moments, especially since I'm using a vibrator at the moment . I've just discovered there's a milder but similar turn on in writing about it, it's just a bit . . . embarrassing (now where'd I put Barbi?)

But let me get back to last night.

Allie commanded me to remain on all fours. She moved behind me and told Julie and Don to sit down and enjoy my discomfort.

"So you want to piss on the floor, do you?"

"Allie I did. . . ."

"Shut up you cringing cunt! No one gave you permission to speak."

I hung my head, realizing Don and Julie were not going to interfere, but would be watching my discomfort with pleasure.

"Now," Allie began, "Rachel, you've shown me great disrespect by pissing in the hall like a Goddamn dog. Hell even a dog lets its master know when it has to go."

She sighed. I could hear Julie whispering to Don. Something about "tricks for us." But I couldn't really grasp what she was saying.

As Allie began to speak again, I realized what Julie had be telling Don. I was going to piss for them! I was to give a demonstration!

Allie continued speaking, "On my command, squat over this pot in front of your friends and piss into it while they watch.

Demoralized, I squatted over the pot, hoping my aim would be good, otherwise she' d threatened to have me lick up the urine from the rug I hovered over. I couldn't make myself pee! I strained, even grunted. But nothing happened.

Allie approached me and struck my behind with what I later learned was a riding crop. It hurt!

Whack! Whack! Whack!

"Piss for us slut!"

I couldn't piss, but I was becoming excited from the stinging welts and deeper humiliation.

"Look at this, everybody," Allie said harshly.
"Isn't this disgusting? Look how wet she is, look how her cunt shines! Is that piss or cunt juice?"

Julie spoke up at this point. "I believe she still hasn't pissed Allie. My guess . . . oh, look, there's something dripping down her leg! My guess is she's coming without your permission."

"No . . . Allie . . . it's from the movie, remember?" I weakly protested.

"No matter," Allie said curtly dismissing me as though I wasn't even being heard. "Would you like to punish her Julie?" Allie asked.

"Well . . . Don, why don't you stick a finger in her snatch and let her suck your fingers clean?"

"It would be my pleasure," and he rose from his chair and approached me.

Don came around behind me, and squatted. I felt his fingers trailing along my ass to my hole, which he tickled.

That did it. I toppled over and started to come.

"Watch your hand Don," Allie warned and lashed my back four or five times with the crop.

"You don't come until I say so, understand?"

"Yes Allie."

"Get back over the pot."

I did.

"Go ahead Don, she'll stay put for now."

Don resumed his tickling caress. I concentrated as hard as I could to keep from coming. He took his time exploring my genital area before inserting two fingers inside me. His thumb continued to tease my puckered asshole. I was close, oh so close. I was wet enough to have accepted his whole hand. I snuck a peek at Julie and was surprised to see her rubbing herself; she was getting off on my torment!

For the first time, I realized I was being treated like a slave. I had this incredible need to feel obedient to her. It seemed to me that I wanted to know that she's in charge, making the major decisions, not because I can't, but because I wanted to relinquish control.

My bladder finally responded, and I managed to pee into the pot. In the process some urine hit Don's hand. That brought another two smacks of the crop, but they were light and only for show.

"You slutty bitch." Allie screamed. "Pissing on Don, we'll have to punish you for that. Get up! Pick up the pot and take it into the toilet and empty it."

Hurriedly I rushed into the bathroom and emptied the contents into the toilet.

"Stay in there! Get in the fucking tub and lay down," Allie commanded.

The realization of where she was going with this registered instantly. I was both horrified and excited beyond description. I clambered into the tub and drew my knees up to my chin and placed my head down upon them. Don was now naked and climbed into the tub and stood over me.

"You understand I need to even the score don't you Rachel?" he said softly.

I nodded.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you," he said sternly.

I peeked up at him and saw him holding his semi-erect cock with two fingers. It was aimed at my face. Allie grabbed my hair and yanked my head back as Don released his stream of urine. I kept my eyes tightly closed as his piss splattered against my face, mouth and neck before coursing down my body in a hundred different streams. The warmth of his urine contrasted with the degrading feelings I was encountering had a highly erotic effect on me. I was getting hot again. Then Don was shaking the last few drops on my breasts. He turned the water on and I opened my eyes at the sound. He was rinsing his feet off. As he stepped out of the tub, Julie climbed in and turning her back to me crouched and let loose a torrent of piss directly above my cunny. I had become light-headed, but heard Allie's next order clearly.

"Open your cunt for her, you slut." My hands complied and Julie redirected her stream directly into my cunt, bombarding my clit.

It was the same sensation I'd get when masturbating. I started to come again even as I wondered where she'd gotten this much pee from.

"I don't fuckin' believe this" I moaned as I writhed beneath the spray. I watched fascinated as Don handed Julie a wad of tissue with which she wiped herself and left the tub. Then Allie joined me and scooted down facing me.

"Kiss my cunt first Rachel." Obediently, I squiggled down and kissed her shaven lips. My tongue worked its way between her soft, moist folds and darted into her opening. Then she let loose a torrent of piss right in my mouth and face before I could sputter and spit it out.

Allie left me in the tub and after sitting there feeling soiled and humiliated for what seemed an eternity, I got up and made my way to the toilet and threw up. Then I took an hour-long shower and went to bed.

They were still all in the apartment, I could hear them talking and laughing about what had happened, but didn't care to eavesdrop. I fell asleep feeling very, very sorry for myself.
When I woke up, Julie was in bed with me, her head between my thighs, I curled my fingers in her golden hair and drifted back to sleep.

Funny, but now as I write this the only thing bothering me is how I'm going to look Don directly in the eye, I'm almost ashamed of what I did in front of him, not what he did to me. Hey! What'd I just write? I'm almost ashamed of what I did in front of him. That tells me I'm not really ashamed of what happened, hmmmmm?

Well let's just see what tomorrow brings. Goodnight.

Girl Talk

The pilot announced over the speaker system that we were coming into O'Hare and to fasten our seat belts. After closing the diary and grabbing my bag from the overhead rack, I did. I was still boiling with rage. How could I have not remembered it was Julie who seduced me in the first place? Who put Allie onto me just to get me closer to her? God, what an idiot I'd been. And after all these years Julie practically repeated her earlier performance. Now I was beginning to wonder if that was really her husband, or some lover playing a role under her direction. I was infuriated. I never wanted to see or hear from her again.

Forcing myself to think of other things I spent the next few minutes rearranging my itinerary since tomorrow I'd be back at the clinic. The plane touched down at O'Hare and while I felt I was ready to hit the ground running, the usual delay in the connecting flight awaited me, so I found a secluded seat in the terminal and started reading the diary again.

Dear Diary: Three days have passed since my humiliation by Allie in front of Don and Julie. Oh, I know they participated, but I do so love Julie. But I still can't face anyone. I haven't gone to class; I'm just too embarrassed to leave my room. I can't figure out why I'm sexually drawn to Allie. (Maybe I'm afraid to face it, but my decision is to walk away from Allie in the future, no matter how horny I get.) I've told Julie and she's said she'll honor my decision. So, goodbye Allie wherever you are, and good riddance too.

Anyway, yesterday was Saturday and after spending the morning cleaning up, I devoted a couple hours to finishing a report and reading two chapters for my Botany class. Nothing was on for later and admittedly, I was bored out of my mind. So I kinda, sorta wandered the halls looking for someone to gab with. It didn't take long. Robin Joost, a dirty-haired, unkempt blonde from downstairs, was pounding the Coke machine in a vain attempt to either get a Coke or her money back.

She noticed me standing there and said, glancing at me sideways, "Fuckin' machine eats my money and never gives out with the sodas." She was so agitated I figured it was her time of the month. (Later I found this to be true.)

"Here," I said, "let me try," and I dropped in the correct amount of change and promptly received a Coke. Handing it to Robin, I asked her what was going down around the dorm that afternoon.

"Nothing much," she said, opening the can and taking a long drink. Offering me a drink, she said, "Me and the other girls are gonna hang out tonight, ya know, just bitchin' and moaning about life, guys and whatever. Why not come over?"

I brightened up a little and replied, "Maybe I will. Thanks Robin."

"Hey, thank you, you bought the Coke. Oh, I'll call ya, let ya know whose place we're at. See ya later Rach."

Around seven, I hung up the phone after speaking with Robin, it was still raining cats and dogs outside and Julie's just woken up after her late date with Don last night. They had dibs on using the apartment for fun and games, so that's another reason for me to be elsewhere.

I showered, threw on a tee, tugged on my jeans and headed down the hall barefoot, figuring I'll enjoy an evening of messing around with the girls. Girl talk---shit like that.

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