tagLoving WivesThe Story Of My Wife

The Story Of My Wife


If I start this story right at the beginning it will make more sense to you and to anyone reading this. I was single and 26, genuinely not bad looking and had the sort of physique which attracts women! But that was 4 years ago and much has happened since then.

It began at a party given by a couple of my best friends, Jim and Sue. There wasn’t always a reason to hold a party but on this occasion Jim and Sue had a chance to announce the fact that Sue was pregnant and they wanted everyone to know about it.

Strange as it may seem the announcement almost changed the atmosphere at the party. Sue was well known for playing around with lots of men and I guess the thought going through most of the men’s minds was, was this really Jim’s child! Their relationship had changed about 1 year after they were married – Jim had a minor illness and the result of the illness meant he developed high blood pressure. The result of the medication he was taking was the loss of much of his ability to maintain an erection. Sue had always been a hot little number and had made no secret of her love of sex!

When Jim’s problems first arose he was terribly troubled by it all but he was smart enough to realize he would be able to keep Sue as his own if he could manage to arrange sex with someone else. He carefully asked a lot of his mates and they were all very willing to help out with his problem if he wanted them to. They would have been stupid if they hadn’t been very willing! Sue was probably the prettiest girl in our group and she was always flirting with the fellows. Of course she agreed to seek sex outside the marriage if it would keep them together. The only trouble was that Jim didn’t realize just how much extra sex his wife was getting. It was a very well known fact that once Jim had gone off to his work, the cars would begin to arrive at their home and another fuck session would begin with someone!

Anyway, Sue was pregnant and not only were the men talking about who the father might be but there was a sort of expectant air among the group which almost translated to a desire to have sex there and then! It wouldn’t be hard to guess I was one of the men who serviced Sue quite regularly and we made a wonderful couple. Fortunately I lived quite near Jim and Sue and it was very easy for me to just pop over and fuck Sue whenever she rang me telling me she wanted sex! I guess I would have fucked her more than any of the other men who went with her.

I was as surprised as everyone else when they announced the pregnancy. We all knew that although Jim had this problem of not being able to get a lasting erection he was, at times, able to penetrate Sue and therefore it was just possible he could have been the father. Sue never asked any of us to use condoms and we all assumed she was on the pill. I began to wonder if I would be required to fuck her any more now that she was pregnant. I thought maybe she would want some action for a few months at least.

It could be that I was so far away dreaming to myself that I really didn’t notice a rather cute redhead who had moved close so that she was standing alongside me! She began by telling me her name was Bronwyn and she was a good friend of Sue but she hadn’t come to many of her parties and thus she was not very well known by us.

We chatted about nothing much when she asked me if I would care to dance with her. I am not much of a dancer but thought it would be worthwhile having a go with this quite lovely girl. There were carpets and rugs on the floors of Jim and Sue’s place and they had arranged an area outside the lounge room where it was possible to dance and, although there were some lights out there, it was rather dark.

As soon as we were in one another’s arms she began to hold me tightly to her. I didn’t mind but found this just a little bit disturbing and my erection told me all about how nice she was! I tried to keep a respectable distance from her body but she kept hugging me and I was sure she knew all about my cock! The music was soft and slow and it was definitely mood music. Not long after this she began kissing me and I couldn’t believe how wonderful I felt with my tongue in her mouth and hers in mine! By this time she had told me her name and that she was 23 and was just about finished as a law student. She told me she had a lot of bother getting through law school but had managed to finance herself. She was looking forward to being able to work as a law clerk while she was finishing her time before being able to practice law.

I was beginning to feel very comfortable with Bronwyn and began to take more notice of her. Although it was not very light I could still see she had a wonderful figure and I could remember looking at her lovely white skin when we were in the bright lights of the house before. We kept on dancing in the dark and still kissing when she suddenly did an about face and pressed her back into my front. At the same time she grabbed both of my hands in hers and pulled them up to her breasts. Her breasts were a very noticeable part of Bronwyn and I had been attracted to them right from the first time I looked at her.

I was a little surprised to find she wasn’t wearing a bra and I was holding her breasts in my hands only separated by a very thin piece of material. Her sudden movement and made me feel suddenly more intimate with her and I loved the feel of her very shapely, firm breasts in my hands. Bronwyn was wearing a thin blouse and a quite short mini-skirt which only just covered her thighs. After I had been caressing her breasts for a short while, she turned her head around and opened her mouth and asked me to kiss her.

It was a very deep kiss and I was feeling very excited. Then, while she was still facing away from me, she took my right hand from her breast and whilst she lifted her skirt with her left hand, she pulled my hand down so that it was between her legs! I was actually feeling her very wet cunt but the biggest surprise was that she wasn’t wearing panties and I was touching the bare flesh and hair! I continued to play with her cunt and, although the position was a little uncomfortable, I managed to bring her off with my fingers! I turned her around to make the position just a little more comfortable and was now able to kiss her more easily and also I could reach her pussy and insert my fingers into her.

What surprised me most was that she was not only wet at her cunt lips but she was quite wet well down the insides of her thighs! The other thing was that she was obviously an extremely sexy lassie and would be an easy candidate for a friendly fuck! We moved further down towards the back of their yard and found a banana lounge which had been left by the pool. Nobody was outside at the time except for us and this looked like a wonderful place to fuck her. Without any hesitation at all on her part, she unzipped the back of her short skirt and it fell to the ground. She was naked from the bottom of her short blouse and what I could see made me so stiff I didn’t know what to do next!

She unbuttoned her blouse – only 3 buttons – and it too followed the skirt to the ground. She was naked except for her shoes! She immediately began undressing me and soon I was naked too. She moved over to the banana lounge and laid down on it and reached up with her arms to pull me to her body. She had her legs wide apart and although the banana lounge is a bit narrow I was able to lie alongside her and begin to play with her body! Her body felt wonderful and I thought I was in heaven. As I played with her legs I was amazed to find the juices or whatever they were had not only run around her pussy but had reached down as far as her knees. She was extremely wet and I just couldn’t believe she had produced that much excitement juice!

Well, to cut a long story short, after a few minutes of intense foreplay (which I don’t think she really needed) I moved over her body and she grasped my cock and soon pulled it into the opening to her cunt. A couple of gentle shoves and I was deep inside Bronwyn and fucking her like mad. I suddenly thought I had better ask her if she wanted me to wear a condom but she quickly told me she didn’t want that and to just go ahead and fuck her hard. Well, she was a very excitable and sexy girl and I felt her cum at least 3 times before I emptied my load deep inside her cunt! This was something I had dreamed about.

We laid on the lounge for some time getting out breath back and continuing to kiss and caress one another. Bronwyn was full of surprises and while she was holding me tightly she asked me if I would like to see her again sometime in the near future. I couldn’t believe my luck – she was probably asking me if I would fuck her again soon. Anyway I agreed to meet her the very next day and we arranged a meeting place which was at a coffee shop near where she lived.

Then the bombshell exploded! She held me very tightly and told me she loved the way I had fucked her and she had enjoyed fucking me the most all night! What! What did she mean by that? I demanded an explanation and she willingly gave it to me! She said she loved to fuck and she had already been fucked by two of the men at the party tonight! This absolutely deflated me and I suggested quite quickly that we had better call off the meeting tomorrow!

Bronwyn told me in very simple terms she worked as a call girl and had used that system to pay for her education. The two other men at the party knew of her activities and had paid her for her services. She had simply taken them into a spare bedroom and allowed them to fuck her for money. I couldn’t believe this. My hopes were immediately dashed. I sarcastically asked her how much I owed her for using her body. She became quite offended and told me she fucked me because she felt something for me and had not done it for money. It suddenly dawned on me that it wasn’t excitement juice which was running down her legs but the cum from the other two men! How could I have enjoyed having sex with such a used girl!

Bronwyn told me she believed in love at first sight and that she had fallen for me when she first saw me at the party. I had to admit to myself I had fallen a bit for her too but not fallen in love! We were still lying naked on the banana lounge discussing her career as a call girl! It was really weird to say the least. A million questions flew through my mind and although I didn’t really feel anything for her I had to admit to myself that I was very curious about her and what she did. I asked her why she didn’t use a condom on the other two men and her reply was simply that she knew the men were clean and anyway she preferred to fuck without a condom even if it was a little more messy. She also told me she usually only serviced one customer on any one night and also that she only worked a couple of nights a week. Tonight had been a bit of an exception with three men.

Well, we held each other and eventually I began to caress her body again. It is one thing to be shocked by her but when you have her naked body in your arms, it is very difficult not to want to touch her. Finally, after we had played around for about ½ an hour, she talked me into meeting with her again tomorrow and we would discuss the whole business at length! We dressed – it wasn’t hard for her – and then we returned to the party. I suppose it would have been obvious to some of the others what we might have been up to but no one said anything to either of us.

We stayed together at the party and when it came time to leave I asked her if she had a lift home. She replied she had arrived in a cab and was going to use the same method of transport to get home! She actually lived in an apartment on the way to my home and so I offered her a lift home. She accepted very quickly and so we both said goodbye to Jim and Sue and also to the rest of the group. I thought I detected a bit of a grin from several of the people as we left but I thought, bugger them, I could do what I liked and that was that! Well subsequent meetings and lots of tales later and I knew most of what there was to know about Bronwyn! She was a lovely girl and, now that she had attained her degree she had given up the call-girl business altogether. She said this had been particularly so because she had met me! Anyway one thing led to another and eventually we began to live together and got to know one another much better.

I was always troubled that she might start up with the call-girl thing again but she assured me that those days were over! To give her credit, she hasn’t returned to her past activities and I am really proud of her. Lots of girls have fucked hundreds of men before they have married, the only difference with Bronwyn is that she was paid money to fuck them!

After 2 years together and loving each other more and more each day, we decided to marry. We had a quiet wedding and an even quieter reception with a few friends after. Given that we love each other so much it would be no surprise to anyone knowing us that we now have our family complete with 2 lovely children. I love Bronwyn dearly and I am sure she loves me too and now I don’t even think about what she had done before I met her! Love is grand!

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