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The Story of O


Review of The Story of O

Written by Pauline Re'age

The Story of O was originally written in the 1950's and its original work won the 1955 Prix des Deux Magots, the French prize for unconventional literature. I obtained a newer translation of this classic erotic novel from my best friend who sent it to me through the mail. She has ordered it online, not quite sure what it was and was somewhat surprised by its nature. However, knowing my fascination with bondage and willing slavery, she sent it to me to read. I, of course, was captivated by it and read it almost instantly through.

Now I will admit that this particular slavery does not appeal to me, per say. In my opinion, O's slavery was abused and she thrived somewhat on being a pain slut. That is definitely NOT me. I'm more of a sensualist and crave the power and domination, not the sadistic nature that sometimes accompanies that. My particular forte' is slavery that leans towards the fictionist world of Gor. But this story was enjoyable nonetheless as it gave me some insights to other areas of slavery and bondage.

As O discovers her own sexuality and submission through her forced slavery, she possesses an ability to fall in love with whoever enslaves her and seems, at least in my eyes, to fall more in love with each lash and torturous whim bestowed upon her. I can't imagine being able to do that. I am much more of a one-Master kind of girl. But then again, I don't just fall to my knees willingly either. I have always said, and will continue to do so, that it takes a strong man to get me to my knees and an even stronger one to keep me there. O, on the other hand, seems to stay on her knees for different reasons.

Admittedly, there are aspects to this book that appeal to me. I think, it its own way, forced slavery was a fictitious fantasy zone that draws one in. But being a slave, having to wait, forcing your hunger to feed but not being able to fill itself completely ... its exquisite torture to a girl's belly. Like all the times in the chateau when O was bound at night in her bed, her thighs left purposefully open in want ... that's deliberate in stoking a girl's fire, in feeding up the flames of her want to a delirious need and that, in itself, is delicious. Being displayed before men, even though I would be very shy and nervous about it as it actually happened, that too, in its way, is delicious; knowing you are being devoured in ravenous gazes and their appreciative looks drawing you deeper into the bondage which you have resigned yourself too.

But again, a lot of this hinges on fantasies. In reality, forced slavery is not only illegal it is, in my opinion, not ultimate slavery. Ultimate surrender has to be freely given by a girl to the man that she submits to ... but that, in itself, is another essay entirely.

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